Benthic Realm – Open the Vessel

Nothing sounds quite as emotionally liberating as well-crafted doom metal. The right combination of hefty riffs bolstered by pounding bass and crushing drums – allowing the vocals to tantalize or mesmerize to a deeper level of being. Benthic Realm from Massachusetts are a power trio content on keeping this movement alive and kicking – their first full-length album Vessel an hour-long odyssey into the cavernous spaces that the genre can take you, overflowing with creative power to be executed in stellar, capable hands. We were able to speak with all three members of the band – guitarist/vocalist Krista Van Guilder, bassist/keyboardist Maureen Murphy, and drummer Dan Blomquist – about the stop/start process in making Vessel, working at Sonic Titan Studios with Anthony Medaglia, lyrical themes, the pivotal moments that came in childhood for each member when it came to their respective instruments, what life will be like post-pandemic for shows, and future plans. Dead Rhetoric: Vessel is the first full-length for Benthic Realm – five years after the last EP We Will Not Bow. How do you feel the songwriting and recording sessions went for this set of material – and where do you see the differences in this record … Continue reading Benthic Realm – Open the Vessel