August 2013 Rapid Fires

Saturday, 31st August 2013

Fyrnask – Eldir Nott

Fyrnask – Eldir Nott (Temple of Torturous)
Yet another name in the hat for one-man black metal: Germany’s Fyrnask. Lone wolf (because that’s probably how he’d like to be called) Frynd has taken upon himself to handle all instrumentation for both of his albums, the newest being Eldir Nott. While not an incredible feat by any stretch (be done, and will be done again), the mélange of ambient, buzzing riffs make for a listen beyond the norm, although the production is predictably standard. It’s certainly black metal for those who like to think and wear glasses…probably sipping expensive tea in the process too. – David E. Gehlke (Fyrnask on Facebook)


Liar in Wait – Translations of the Lost (Profound Lore)
The product of Wolvhammer band mates Adam Clemons (vocals) and Jeff Wilson (guitars), Liar in Wait is a decidedly large step away from the pair’s extreme metal comfort zone. Going for a Goth/dark/new wave sound, the band’s four-song Translations of the Lost EP revels in the woe-is-me, murky terrain the likes of Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim made popular. And given there’s always crossover potential with bands of this ilk, the painstakingly measured dreariness of Translations has its standout moments, like the pauses in “Conversations of Violet” and a cover of Field’s “And There Will Be Your Heart Also.” Not quite as good as De Arma’s Lost, Alien, and Forlorn, but message well-received. – David E. Gehlke (Liar in Wait on Facebook)


Lucid Dreaming – The Chronicles Part 1 (Limb Music)
Elevenpath guitarist Till OberboBel sets off on his own concept album, filling out his vision with 11 male and female vocalists on this 11 song/ 76 minute effort. Power metal musically and fantasy based lyrically, “The Quest for the White Pig” contains a lot of synchronized guitar/ double bass movements along with high pitch vocals that are classic Helloween meets Riot-era Thundersteel. An emphasis on electric instrumentation over keyboard bombast allows for maximum cranial impact. Next time though, Till should cut the time frame by 25% because The Chronicles Part 1 can be tedious to get through in one full sitting. – Matt Coe (Lucid Dreaming on Facebook)


Speedtrap – Powerdose (Svart)
We’re unsure how Finnish speed traps work, but man, they’re a real pain here in the States. Like on I-480, just outside of the fine city of Cleveland, where patrol cars wait under overpasses to nab speeding drivers…like this scribe in his teens. DR has managed to stay clean since those incidents (just two, but expensive!), and the initial bias that existed going into the listening session of Finland’s Speedtrap went away once the loose, fast-as-a-shark, proto-speed metal got to business. Like a more ballsy White Wizzard, combined with the grit of Saxon, and the songwriting flair of Riot, the band’s Powerdose debut is a rocker, and a roller, especially “Out of Time, Out of Line.” Now there’s a song you’d want to speed to. – David E. Gehlke (Speedtrap on Bandcamp)


Tarja – Colours In The Dark (Armoury)
Ex-Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen continues her quest to establish her solo persona on this hour long, third full length studio record. Incorporating her previous operatic roots with gothic, metal, and heavy rock inflections, material such as the 80’s synth-influenced “Victim of Ritual” and “Neverlight” appears to take Tarja into a more modern direction- while her melodies possess more control. Ambivalence prevails as the songwriting is lackluster. – Matt Coe (Tarja official site)

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