Krosis – April 4, 2018 – Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

Saturday, 7th April 2018

With the rather horrendous winter/spring weather here in the northeast, it’s been spotty for this scribe to be able to get out to many shows (particularly living in the middle of nowhere). So when a show comes along with some moderate weather, it’s time to get in the car and take a drive. Krosis‘ recent release Solem Vatem left a very solid impression, so it seemed a perfect reason to check them out in the live setting, at the always enjoyable Dingbatz.

Unfortunately arriving just after the first local act, World Gone Silent, had finished their set, there were still two local acts to take in. First up was The Inversion Circus, an instrumental jazz fusion 3-piece. The music was playful, with a nice balance of groove and technical material to keep the interest high while showcasing some rather proficient musicianship. A very pleasant surprise to walk into, and surely worth another return visit. They would be the first showcase of how enjoyable the diversity of bands could be. Next up was SubVerse, a more standard metalcore act but that’s not to take away from their sound. Nestling into the heavier end of the genre, some meatier riffs and a lack of reliance on the usual breakdown formula was quite an advantage for the band. Catchy melodies and a solid stage presence made the band’s set an enjoyable one. Another act to investigate further down the line.

Reaching the nationals, Terraform was first to hit the stage, and they did it quite massively. An explosive combination of djenty polyrhythms and brutal riffs, it was quite easy to get drawn into their sound (particularly with no previous exposure). Lots of groove, atmosphere, and sheer heaviness highlighted their set, with a bit of fresh take on the djent movement due to the mixture of it all. A solid set, including their recently released “Ego Death,” definitely made an impression, especially with a live presence to match. Deathcore act Silent on Fifth Street was the final opening band, which hit the ground running with brutality. Deathcore isn’t this scribe’s genre of choice, but the band clearly had a solid grasp on what makes it work (and thankfully what doesn’t). The breakdowns delivered (due to a solid build-up to them), the riffs were frantic, and the vocals were varied and punishing. It’s what one would expect to hear, but played with plenty of proficiency and sold with a plethora of live intensity to boot.

Last up was Krosis, and admittedly there was some slight trepidation as it would be an instrumental set (vocalist Tyler Jacob Brown was unable to attend). But it turned out to a fascinating way to catch the band live for the first time. The instrumental set provided a unique take on the band’s material and allowed an increased focus on the rest of the act. Instead of seething brutality, the additional atmosphere gave some tracks an entirely different take and emphasis (the band focused on their recently released Solem Vatem for their set). Watching the four members on stage fire off their technical material showed how well the music was put together, as one could imagine that removing the vocals from a lesser act could indeed prove to be disastrous. But Krosis was an engaging force, weaving intricate riffs around grooves and bursts of energy into a rich tapestry that was full of dynamic and thoroughly captivating. It’s clear the band has a unique voice, and this night solidified Krosis as a promising new force within the extreme music scene. Don’t sleep on this tour if you are seeking a diverse bill with lots of fresh talent.

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