January 2021 Rapid Fires

A new year and a fresh start as always, we at Dead Rhetoric look forward to what 2021 will deliver us in terms of new metal music to enjoy. The bar has been set quite high, but we’re sure this year will Read more […]

Phantom Elite – Titanium (Frontiers)

A few years back, Phantom Elite was a band that came out of nowhere and totally impressed with their modern metal debut, Wasteland. Despite some symphonic metal undercurrents, the sound they aimed for Read more […]

Conviction – Conviction (Argonauta Records)

Originating as a one-man outfit and expanding into a full band, French act Conviction live for the old school doom metal movement on this self-titled debut album. Olivier Verron handled all the duties Read more […]

FireForce – Rage of War (Rock of Angels Records)

Touring does wonders for certain musicians. While on tour with Nightmare a few years back, Belgian power metal act FireForce made quite the impression for Nightmare guitarist Matt Asselberghs – enough Read more […]

Asphyx – Necroceros (Century Media)

Not exactly an act in need of an introduction, Asphyx have been championing death metal for over 30 years to date. With some certified classics in their back catalog, as well as their combination of hard-hitting Read more […]

Coldun – Grand Sun Ritual (Self-Released)

Initiating in 2006 as a solo project, Coldun has grown into a full group with long-time musicians who are top-notch in their field. Releasing two previous full-lengths with 2007’s Necessariis? Dubiis? Read more […]

Dark Zodiak – Ophiuchus: The Thirteenth Sign of Zodiac (Self-Released)

With a ten year history behind them at this point, Germany’s Dark Zodiak has released two previous full-length efforts to their name. Ophiuchus: The Thirteenth Sign of Zodiac is their third release, Read more […]

Spellmaster – Unearthed Arcana (Self-Released)

Mystery and fantasy collide for this unknown trio of musicians coming together as Spellmaster. Inspiration coming from the original role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, Gwydion the Bearded, Molasar of Read more […]

Be the Wolf – Torino (Scarlet Records)

Most bands follow a specific creative arc – slowly shedding their cocoon of influences to capture their own style or sense of direction. Ten years in, Italian power trio Be the Wolf arrive at their fourth Read more […]

Alta Reign – Mother’s Day (Rat Pak Records)

Featuring ex-Savatage/current Trans-Siberian Orchestra drummer Jeff Plate and fellow TSO keyboardist Jane Mangini, Alta Reign is the culmination of an initial genesis thirty years ago finally coming to Read more […]

Airborn – Lizard Secrets: Part Two – Age of Wonder (Fighter Records)

Continuing the second of a three-part trilogy of albums that started in 2018 with Lizard Secrets Part One: Land of the Living, Airborn have returned with Part Two: Age of Wonder. Beginning 2020 in one Read more […]

Antropofago – A Propensity for Violence…Cruelty Enslavement (Self-Released)

French brutal death metal act Antropofago have released two previous full-length albums and a few smaller releases in their career, which spans back close to 15 years at this point. For this third full Read more […]

Dragony – Viribus Unitis (Napalm)

Austria’s Dragony have been a member of the power metal community for over a decade at this point. Some may recognize vocalist Siegfried Samer from his short-lived stint in Visions of Atlantis, but Read more […]

Asphyx – Still Raging, Still Rolling

With over 30 years in existence, wreathing many a line-up change (and even a band name change along the way), Asphyx has been a foundation in the death metal community. For good reason too – with their Read more […]

STASS – Songs of Flesh and Decay (Emanzipation Productions)

Have we reached the point where we need a metal archive site just for Rogga Johansson? Rogga Archives, perhaps? Regardless, he’s not the entire picture of STASS, but his influence is undeniable, even Read more […]

Lipshok – Shadows of a Dark Heart (Sliptrick Records)

Combining influences from symphonic metal to gothic hard rock, California band Lipshok arrive at their fourth full-length Shadows of a Dark Heart confident and established in where they want to go stylistically. Read more […]

March In Arms – Pulse of the Daring (Self-Released)

Worry sets in when it can take a little time to pool all the proper resources together to complete a record. Especially if the material takes two years from completion to finally hit the streets – as Read more […]

Ingested – Stinking Cesspool of Liquefied Human Remnants (Unique Leader)

In celebration of fifteen years together as a band, Ingested are starting off 2021 by re-releasing their entry point as a band, their first demo. Available as part of a 3-way split with Crepitation and Read more […]

Phantom Elite – The Race to the Top

A few years back, Phantom Elite emerged with a powerful debut in the form of Wasteland. While it tended to be associated with symphonic metal, it was a far heavier beast and managed to walk its own unique Read more […]

Devils Reef – Chosen by the Sea (Self-Released)

Who doesn’t love a good sea-inspired cover? The blues of Devils Reef’s first full-length album are rich and stunning, as are the HP Lovecraftian creatures that inhabit it. It’s a dazzling display, Read more […]

Sufism – Republik Rakyat Jelata (Brutal Mind)

Serving up some more brutal Indonesia death metal, the latest from Brutal Mind doesn’t exactly look the part when you glance at its brighter artwork. In fact the brutal logo stands out as a stark contrast Read more […]

Deathblow – Insect Politics CD + Vinyl Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away a CD copy to one lucky winner, and, a vinyl copy to a separate winner, of Deathblow’s new Insect Politics full-length. The band’s second full length since 2014’s Prognosis Read more […]

I Legion – Overcome the Tides (Self-Released)

In total transparency, this scribe usually makes every effort to bring up I Legion when chatting with any member involved, so to say that it’s been a while since 2015’s Pleiona would be an understatement. Read more […]

Skinning – Homicidal Experimentations (Larvae Records)

Do you like death metal at its fastest and most brutal? Skinning have just the thing if you do. The Portuguese band’s third full-length is nothing if not a real ripper of an album. The type of frantic Read more […]

Frozen Soul – Feel the Cold

Frigid death metal that cakes the soul in ice. A brutal description, but one that’s fitting for recent upstarts Frozen Soul. Taking the groovy and bludgeoning old school approach that emphasizes songwriting Read more […]

Averted – Silenced (Wormholedeath)

Popping from out of nowhere, the UK’s Averted dropped their first EP Silenced in the first half of 2020. An intriguing blend of modern metal with some prog/tech aspects to it, they have already caught Read more […]

Beyond the Black – W.O.A. Acoustic Clash: The Lockdown Session (Napalm)

Keeping in line with the whole ‘keeping busy during quarantine’ piece, Beyond the Black brings us a non-traditional acoustic EP. Instead of doing their own tracks with this (an easy, logical choice Read more […]

Daughter Chaos – Daughter Chaos (Abrams Records)

Born out of the ending of Armageddon, Daughter Chaos is an East Coast three-piece outfit featuring quite the talented roster of musicians. Drummer Yanni Sofianos has worked with End-Time Illusion, Obsession Read more […]

Oracle Sun – Machine Man (Volcano Records)

Although it’s been fifteen years between albums, there are natural events (and one tragic) that led to the delay of the second full-length Machine Man from Italian power/progressive metal band Oracle Read more […]

Accept – Relevant Past, Present, and Future

The Accept train keeps on moving. Five albums deep into their resurrection starting with Blood of the Nations back in 2010, these gentlemen keep the pedal to the metal, never stopping in their quest to Read more […]

Stellar Death – Fragments of Light (Self-Released)

We started scoping out Washington D.C. instrumental act Stellar Death in the early part of 2020 with their steady release of singles. Those singles have now made their way into this first full-length Read more […]