Stallion – Slaves of Time (High Roller Records)

The critical third studio album is what we have here from German speed/heavy metal act Stallion for Slaves of Time. Intertwining a love of European, Canadian, and US metal throughout their sound – their Read more […]

Sicarius – God of Dead Roots (M-Theory Audio)

When one thinks of black metal, Southern California isn’t exactly the first locale to pop into the mind. In fact, it’s probably near the bottom of the list. But that hasn’t stopped Sicarius from Read more […]

The Spirit – The Cosmic Terror (AOP Records)

I love the sound of blackened death metal in the morning. Germany’s infernal inquisitors The Spirit unleashed The Cosmic Terror on the unsuspecting masses and laid everything to waste. Comprised of MT Read more […]

Infirmum – Walls of Sorrow (Inverse Records)

A fertile breeding ground for doom/death, Finland probably has a high international impact thanks to the success of acts like Swallow the Sun and early Amorphis who cut their teeth on the style through Read more […]

Audrey Horne – Waiting for the Night (Napalm)

A band’s first live album always seems to mean that they’ve reached a certain point in their career. While they may not be as popular in present day due to things like YouTube and the like, there’s Read more […]

SOLD – Empty Words (Self-Released)

Estonian act SOLD carries with them some lofty expectations. Mostly due to the fact that this scribe frequently engages in bands that manage to blur the melodic death/modern metal line and looks for things Read more […]

Shakra – Mad World (AFM Records)

When done well, there’s nothing quite like addictive melodic heavy metal / hard rock. Sharp musical hooks, solid rhythm section mechanics, and addictive choruses are three aspects that catch the ears, Read more […]

Runescarred – The Distant Infinite (Self-Released)

Fortunate to be in a position watching the progress as bands gain seasoning and experience, anticipation has been high since checking out this Texas act from their brief 2018 We Are EP release. Runescarred Read more […]

Gorevent – Fate (Comatose Music)

Usually, when one thinks of brutal, slamming death metal, it comes in the form of hyper-brutal vocals (gurgles), tin-can sounding blastbeats, and riffs buried under a sloppy production or the band’s Read more […]

TerrifianT – TerrifianT (Gates of Hell Records)

Uniting forces converge at a festival, birthing a new Belgian heavy metal act in TerrifianT. Solidifying their lineup in 2018 while taking ideas of what they wanted to execute from their raw NWOBHM and Read more […]

Neaera – Neaera (Metal Blade)

After six full-length efforts and a decade together, Neaera disbanded in 2015. But it was short-lived, and they jumped back into the live scene back in 2018. As a result, the modern metal act is now Read more […]

Psychotic Waltz – The God-Shaped Void (InsideOut Music)

During the band’s original incarnation of the 1980’s/1990’s, Psychotic Waltz gained acclaim overseas for their innovative take in the progressive metal genre, but struggled to attain a foothold in Read more […]

Chronicles of Hate – The Birth of Hate (Extreme Metal Music)

Italian death metal newcomers Chronicles of Hate attempt to merge the old and the new on their debut full-length. Though in this case, new is more ‘newer’ as much of the contrast comes from a take Read more […]

The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic (Nuclear Blast)

How often can one experience musical euphoria? Lately, it seems to be about once every year or two, as The Night Flight Orchestra releases a new album that somehow manages to surpass the gargantuan expectations Read more […]

Seven Spires – Emerald Seas (Frontiers Music)

The latest full-length from Boston’s Seven Spires sees the quartet moving up the ranks to Frontiers Music – a prequel conceptual album to 2017’s Solveig. These talented musicians armed with training Read more […]

Demon Chrome – Burned By Love (Self-Released)

Demos, singles and EPs play a pivotal role in heavy metal. Fans often give them just as much attention and respect as full-length albums. No matter the number of songs or the quality of the production, Read more […]

Intronaut – Fluid Existential Inversions (Metal Blade)

“2019 We Ride Again”, so goes the prophetic message posted on Intronaut’s facebook last year. Ever since Danny Walker’s dismissal from the band back in May 2018, speculations have been rife about who will Read more […]

Angel Grinder – Confessions of the Damned (Self-Released)

With old school death metal being all the rage within the last few years, many have come to make it feel almost synonymous with old school Swedish death metal. However, more bands are growing hip to the Read more […]

Loathe – I Let it in and it Took Everything (Sharptone)

A modern band that has been catching more and more buzz, Liverpool’s Loathe make for an interesting listen. It’s one of those bands that you can hear a large number of different influences, yet in Read more […]

Simplefast – Eternal (Sliptrick Records)

Part of a thriving metal scene in Greece, Simplefast started in 2011 and to date have released the Cursed EP in 2014 plus a full-length follow-up Apocalypse in 2017. They signed to Sliptrick shortly thereafter, Read more […]

Beneath the Massacre – Fearmonger (Century Media)

What is it that drives people into extreme music? Inevitably, one could argue that many dig into the genre for the adrenaline rush and nuanced musicianship. While some bands attempt to bring in different Read more […]

Age of Fire – Shades of Shadow (Sliptrick Records)

Resurrecting Age of Fire from the original incarnation of the late 80’s/early 90’s act in 2018, guitarist/bassist/vocalist Greg Brown has released a full-length Obsidian Dreams in 2019 and quickly Read more […]

Holycide – Fist to Face (Xtreem Music)

Starting back in 2004 when Xtreem Music founder Dave Rotten felt the need to develop a thrash band, Holycide expressed the intensity of the movement while leaving commercial aspirations to the side. Going Read more […]

Xenobiotic – Mordrake (Unique Leader)

After being snagged by Unique Leader following their first full-length, Prometheus (of which they reissued later that year), Xenobiotic returns with their sophomore effort. With a few line-up changes Read more […]

Serious Black – Suite 226 (AFM Records)

Establishing themselves quickly through three studio albums in three years, Serious Black as veteran musicians know that quality and productivity can aid the cause in credibility, especially given the Read more […]

Suicide Silence – Become the Hunter (Nuclear Blast)

Suicide Silence certainly had their work cut out for them after the very critical reception to 2017’s self-titled release. It was ambitious, and saw the band wanting to step out of their deathcore roots. Read more […]

Colosso – Apocalypse (Transcending Obscurity)

Max Tomé is a man with a plan. Name your 4-song EP Apocalypse? Check. Each track alludes to a Horseman from the Book of Revelations a.k.a. the World’s Longest Acid Trip? Check. Utilize different vocalists Read more […]

God Dethroned – Illuminati (Metal Blade)

With their last album, The World Ablaze, God Dethroned officially wrapped up their impressive trilogy of WWI-themed albums. So what’s a band called God Dethroned to do? Jump back into the flames of Read more […]

Anvil – Legal at Last (AFM Records)

Those familiar with these Canadian legends are well aware of their stance on marijuana – a song like “Smokin’ Green” from 1996’s Absolutely No Alternative made that clear. So when you look at Read more […]

Diabulus in Musica – Euphonic Entropy (Napalm)

Continuing ever-onwards in their journey to carve out their own niche within the symphonic metal crowd, Diabulus in Musica seem to always be eager to try to change things up and add more variety to the Read more […]

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