Hannes Grossmann – Apophenia (Self-Released)

Without question, one of the most renown drummers in extreme metal circles today is Hannes Grossmann. One could list his achievements but it would leave little room for the actual review of the material, Read more […]

Parting Gift – Ensom (Fearless Records)

Just as bleak and cold as the cover art would lead you to believe, Parting Gift are able to bring in darkness by the truckload. A gloomy coating of fog surrounds the 20-minute runtime, establishing the Read more […]

Vetrar Draugurinn – Hinterlands (Painted Bass Records)

First releasing a 3-track EP back in 2017, Vetrar Draugurinn are back with their debut full-length, this time with label Painted Bass Records backing them. Comprised of ex-Stream of Passion guitarist Read more […]

Eluveitie – Ategnatos (Nuclear Blast)

It’s worth acknowledging that it’s been a long time since there’s been a tried-and-true Eluveitie release. One of folk metal’s biggest names have been mostly absent since 2014’s Origins. Sure, Read more […]

Three Dead Fingers – Breed of the Devil (Bleeding Music Records)

It’s a faster world thanks to technology – allowing younger musicians to gain proficiency at their instruments quicker because of the unlimited resources within the right connections and keystrokes. Read more […]

NONE – Damp Chill of Life (Hypnotic Dirge Records)

Another April is upon us and with it comes a new NONE release. Maybe it’s tied to a date of meaning for one of the anonymous members of the band and maybe it’s a reflection of the fact that at this Read more […]

Exumer – Hostile Defiance (Metal Blade)

Originating on the cusp of the first Teutonic thrash wave, Exumer released two revered albums in the underground for Possessed by Fire (1986) and its follow-up Rising from the Sea in 1987. The band would Read more […]

Brymir – Wings of Fire (Out of Line Music)

It seems Brymir seems to go dormant for a bit, blast up from out of nowhere and deliver an epic piece of melodic death metal and disappear once more. It took 5 years to follow up 2011’s debut Breathe Read more […]

Once Awake – Inside the Storm (Reaper Entertainment)

Norway may be best revered in metal circles for its blackened contributions during the 1990’s explosion, but there has always been a healthy domestic output in other sub-genres. Once Awake from Bergen Read more […]

Arrival of Autumn – Harbinger (Nuclear Blast)

Time to hop in the ole time machine once again! But instead of zipping back to the seemingly usual timezone of Swedish death metal, we are setting the course for the USA back in the mid 2000s. If your Read more […]

Orpheus Omega – Wear Your Sins (EVP Recordings)

Despite the ‘near and dear’ nature of melodic death metal to the scribes of this site, it’s also a genre that has had its fair share of underwhelming releases as bands continue to solder on. It Read more […]

Aether Void – Curse of Life (Revalve Records)

Forming from the dissolved No Way Out, Aether Void began in the fall of 2017, going into more of a classic meets modern heavy metal platform on this debut full-length Curse of Life. Gaining two members Read more […]

Devil Master – Satan Spits on Children of Light (Relapse)

An intriguing act for a variety of reasons, if primarily for the vacuum they are filling, Philadelphia’s Devil Master is, at the present time, one of the scene’s most heaped-upon newbies. Formed in Read more […]

Enterprise Earth – Luciferous (eOne)

When it comes to deathcore, there is an acknowledgement that the music is going to go down one direction, and ignore some other ones. With a pile of bands gravitating towards the heaviest, most brutal Read more […]

Brutus – Nest (Sargent House)

Examples of bands with the drummer as frontman/woman are few and far between unless we want to dial up early Deceased and Exciter and surely a handful of others that are eluding this scribe’s brain. Read more […]

Parallel Minds – Every Hour Wounds…The Last One Kills (Pitch Black Records)

France may have sat in the shadows of metal landmark bands – but it’s obvious that the success of Gojira changed that mindset over the past decade. Parallel Minds aim to carve their own niche in the Read more […]

Chrome Waves – A Grief Observed (Disorder Recordings)

A lot happens in seven years in any facet of the world: societal interests, cultural inclinations, political traumas. On a personal level those changes can manifest many times fold in comparison. Seven Read more […]

Magic Circle – Departed Souls (20 Buck Spin)

Witnessing the band live opening for Attacker at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA, Magic Circle have been building a cult-like following since their inception in 2011. They’ve released a single, two Read more […]

Silver Bullet – Mooncult (Reaper Entertainment)

Originating as Dirge Eternal in 2008, this symphonic heavy metal band developed inspiration from horror movies to base their lyrical content around. Certain member changes dramatically increased the stage Read more […]

Drowning Ares – Nocturna (Self-Released)

Coming to this scribe’s attention due to guitarist/vocalist Navid Rashid, who may be best known to our readers for his work with the progressive metal act Iris Divine, Drowning Ares consists of four Read more […]

West of Hell – Blood of the Infidel (Self-Released)

Quite the journey for this quintet West of Hell – originally developing in New Zealand in the early 2000’s, they transplanted themselves in Vancouver, BC Canada in 2009 due to struggles finding the Read more […]

Truth Corroded – Bloodlands (Unique Leader)

It’s been a while since Australian act Truth Corroded has delivered some new material. Six years in fact, since they bulldozed through with 2013’s The Saviors Slain. Said release didn’t really Read more […]

Rage of Light – Imploder (Napalm)

No stranger to these pages at DR, Rage of Light have been harnessing the power of melodic death metal and trance over the course of several singles and 2016’s Chasing a Reflection. While other acts Read more […]

Anthem – Nucleus (Golden Robot Records)

Anthem hail from Japan, and probably will gain only a cursory glance from our North American readers as far as name recognition even though they’re on the cusp of celebrating their 35th anniversary together Read more […]

Red Handed Denial – Redeemer (Self-Released)

Executing a follow-up concept to their previous EP, 2016’s Wanderer, Red Handed Denial take a more unique approach to progressive metal with their latest effort Redeemer. The seeming culmination of Read more […]

Mosh-Pit Justice – Fighting the Poison (Punishment 18 Records)

Upholding thrash ethics on moniker alone, Bulgaria’s Mosh-Pit Justice subscribe to a steady ascending in the underground through their recordings. Three full-lengths on three different labels since their Read more […]

Frozen Crown – Crowned in Frost (Scarlet Records)

Returning for a second full-length after last year’s debut The Fallen King, Italian power metal band Frozen Crown subscribe to many benchmarks of the Euro-sound that put Sonata Arctica on the map and Read more […]

Whitechapel – The Valley (Metal Blade)

Whitechapel’s 2016 release Mark of the Blade caused some controversy for adding some clean vocals into the mix and a mild attempt to change some formatting, though much of the album still catered to Read more […]

Accursed Spawn – The Virulent Host (PRC Music)

In the age of death metal bands generally swerving in two directions – hyper-tech wizardry or old school imitation/worship, Accursed Spawn bows to neither of these on their full-length debut. While Read more […]

Bloodbound – Rise of the Dragon Empire (AFM Records)

Ever-evolving from a traditional/classic power stance during their beginnings and now incorporating some bombastic, symphonic, and orchestral flourishes, Bloodbound have steadily ascended to the heads Read more […]

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