Shrapnel – Raised on Decay (Spinefarm/Candlelight Records)

While the Bay Area and German markets ruled the thrash roost in the 1980’s, this scribe found solace and substance in a few UK acts such as Xentrix, Onslaught, and Sabbat that could meet the criteria Read more […]

Ancient VVisdom – 33 (Magic Bullet)

Four albums in and still operating without a real drummer, it may be nigh time for Ancient VVisdom to consider adding a real sticksman. Reason being, they’re staring at greatness from across the street. Read more […]

Nephren-Ka – La Grande Guerre de L’Epice (Dolorem Records)

France’s Nephren-Ka made a name for themselves by coming out of the gate and diving headfirst into Frank Herbert’s Dune as their underlying concept for 2013’s The Fall of Omnius. Continuing said Read more […]

CyHra – Letters to Myself (Spinefarm)

Sometimes bands with established members coming together from well-known metal acts have a difficult time meeting the high expectations that listeners put on them. There’s so much anticipation for the Read more […]

Samael – Hegemony (Napalm)

The second name in Swiss extreme metal (the first being, of course Hellhammer/Celtic Frost), Samael have managed to remain in favor even as their industrial proclivities increase. What Samael started in Read more […]

The Walking Dead Orchestra – Resurrect (Unique Leader)

Following up 2013’s debut, Architects of Destruction, The Walking Dead Orchestra have jumped to a new label, finding a slot on Unique Leader’s seemingly expanding modern death metal list. While they Read more […]

Exhumed – Death Revenge (Relapse)

Has it really been four years since we got a genuinely new slab of death metal from Exhumed? 2013’s Necrocracy was possibly the band’s best work to date and raised the bar to a new level for the act. Read more […]

Angel Vivaldi – Synapse (Self-Released)

While this scribe’s first introduction to Angel Vivaldi’s playing was through his guest solos with I Legion, he has been building up a profile as a guitar virtuoso for quite some time (starting back Read more […]

Primitive Man – Caustic (Relapse)

Deathcore and its supposed “ultra-brutality” never quite had its intended effect. Taking two heavy styles (uh, death metal and hardcore) and blending them together had the designs of becoming, as Strapping Read more […]

The Black Dahlia Murder – Nightbringers (Metal Blade)

The Black Dahlia have been serving up some very consistently high quality death metal releases ever since Ritual came about. Not to demote their earlier material (particularly Unhallowed), but the sound Read more […]

Monarch – Go Forth… Slaughter (Self-Released)

Often as we traverse down the rabbit hole of heavy metal, we find ourselves committing fully to musicians and their other endeavors if we already admire, follow, or respect the original band we got into Read more […]

With the Dead – Love From With the Dead (Rise Above)

So dour and dark is With the Dead, you start to reflect back on Cathedral’s “boogie doom” days when they were more about mind-altering substances than grim, ashen sounds. The Cathedral reference Read more […]

Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence (Napalm)

Establishing themselves as one of the strongest speed metal outfits in the current era, Evil Invaders align to their blitzkrieg offerings with this second album Feed Me Violence. Hot on the heels of a Read more […]

Symetria – Symetria (Tripsquad Records)

Aiming to bring old school metal back where it belongs, New Jersey band Symetria developed out of the ashes of cover bands, yearning to unleash original material from a love of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Read more […]

Battle Dagorath – II – Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness (Avantgarde)

Obviously, it’s 2017 and Battle Dagorath’s fifth full-length II – Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness is being released this year. (Don’t be fooled by the album title.) But, it got us to thinking how Read more […]

Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep (Napalm)

Satyricon’s 2013 self-titled effort was polarizing, to say the least. Boasting a stripped-down version of their already stripped-down sound, the album, in some circles, was lambasted for its lack of Read more […]

Zaius – Of Adoration (Prosthetic)

Chill metal? In our genre-naming culture, Zaius would do well to jump in front of that one in terms of colorful self-description. In all seriousness though, it does seem to pretty accurately describe Read more […]

Gutslit – Amputheatre (Transcending Obscurity)

There will be some who look at the cover art and name here and simply say, “eh, brutal death metal.” While Amputheatre is rather brutal in nature, it’s more than a one-trick pony. This Indian act’s Read more […]

Nocturnal Rites – Phoenix (AFM Records)

Mainstays on the Century Media roster since the late 1990’s, Nocturnal Rites vanished from the scene following their eighth album The 8th Sin- which for many long-timers seemed a disappointment as their Read more […]

Narcotic Wasteland – Delirium Tremens (MegaForce Records)

Formed by now ex-Nile member Dallas Toler-Wade, it makes complete sense if one was to wager a guess and think that Narcotic Wasteland was going to be a full-out death metal assault. But you’d also be Read more […]

Devilish Impressions – The I (Lifeforce)

On their fourth full-length foray The I, Poland blackened death outfit Devilish Impressions only further muddle the idea that Polish extreme metal bands are boundary-jumpers. Considering that we had to Read more […]

Dreadnought – A Wake in Sacred Waves (Sailor Records)

With their previous two releases, Dreadnought had already made a name for themselves with their ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ approach to metal. So many different styles, yet somehow it always Read more […]

Pänzer – Fatal Command (Nuclear Blast)

A shame former Accept guitarist Herman Frank is no longer a part of Pänzer; you know, the guy who wasn’t allowed anywhere near the songwriting process for the long-running German metal troupe. It was Read more […]

Through the Eyes of the Dead – Disomus (eOne)

Through the Eyes of the Dead was dabbling into deathcore before it was even named (much like Despised Icon). The act began with 2004’s The Scars of Ages, with flirted equally with death metal and melodeath Read more […]

Grave Pleasures – Motherblood (Century Media)

A common practice this grizzled metal journalist employs while reviewing albums is to listen to them several times in a given week, then come back days later to finish said review. It’s done to avoid Read more […]

Spectrum of Delusion – Esoteric Entity (Self-Released)

When it comes to the tech-death department, some of the best bands are the ones that are popping out directly onto Bandcamp and doing the independent thing. Labels have some of the leaders, sure, but Read more […]

Crypitus – Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World (Self-Released)

Vermont itself probably is best known for its mountains and snow-related events in the winter, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and lots of woods – but there is a bubbling interest in heavy music growing due Read more […]

Thanatotic Desire – With Murder in Mind (Dock Watch Hollow Entertainment)

A derivation of the Greek term for executing the primal urge of death, decay and destruction, Thanatotic Desire embrace a potent death/thrash metal blend on their second full-length With Murder in Mind. Read more […]

Bloodhunter – The End of Faith (Xtreem Music)

Some may think that the days of hard-hitting, brutal melodic death may be something more relegated to the past. After all, most think of the music and immediately move towards more modern (clean/harsh) Read more […]

Haemorrhage – We Are the Gore (Relapse)

The Spanish goregrind veterans of Haemorrhage are already up to their seventh album with We Are the Gore. Their first since 2011’s Hospital Carnage, the band has keep themselves busy with plenty of Read more […]

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