Ross the Boss – By Blood Sworn (AFM Records)

Fresh off a global tour covering the first six albums of Manowar material, it’s time for Ross the Boss to release a set of new studio material with their current lineup: vocalist Marc Lopes (Let Us Prey), Read more […]

Lik – Carnage (Metal Blade)

Two options exist when paying homage to classic, Stockholm death metal: Dismember or Entombed. (What, no Grave or Unleashed you ask?) Dismember and Entombed are the undisputable pillars of the sound, purveyors Read more […]

Widow’s Peak – Graceless (Self-Released)

In the battering and bludgeoning world of modern death metal, it’s often a case of being able to make your material stand out while still employing the same level of violence and gusto to keep pace with Read more […]

Temperance – Of Jupiter and Moons (Scarlet Records)

Shock hits the system when member changes occur in our favorite bands. The vocal slot often gets the toughest critique – as people wonder if this will change the style, output, or even band chemistry Read more […]

Dimmu Borgir – Eonian (Nuclear Blast)

An album that is perhaps better suited for the red carpet than black, if you catch our drift, Eonian is Dimmu Borgir’s absolute slide away from black metal. The band’s inclusion or non-inclusion (however Read more […]

Within Destruction – Deathwish (Rising Nemesis Records)

Much like their previous effort, Deathwish catches the eye with its impressive Par Olofsson artwork. The beast that adorns the cover is a thing of wretched beauty. Unfortunately, much like Void, Deathwish Read more […]

Organectomy – Domain of the Wretched (Unique Leader)

Originally released independently last year, Organectomy signed with Unique Leader Records, who are doing everyone a solid and taking Domain of the Wretched to reach a larger market. No doubt a deserved Read more […]

Drakkar – Cold Winter’s Night (My Kingdom Music)

Active for 23 years, Italian epic power metal band Drakkar should be commended for their resolve to the cause. Only guitarist Dario Beretta remains from their inception in 1995, although vocalist Davide Read more […]

Deiquisitor – Downfall of the Apostates (Dark Descent)

Rooted in the glory of the cavernous death metal before them, Deiquisitor aim to set further into this grimy and unsettling world with their second full-length, Downfall of the Apostates. The Denmark-based Read more […]

Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland (Megaforce)

Legends of the big four thrash movement, Anthrax needs no introduction – steadfast in their commitment to the metal cause since the early 1980’s. Kings Among Scotland captures a live performance in Read more […]

Galactic Empire – Episode II (Rise Records)

With the ever-expanding wealth of Star Wars material behind them, it’s not surprising that the dark side of the force has quickly returned to Galactic Empire for a second round of heavy metal takes on Read more […]

Nox Aeterna – Aurora Borealis (Self-Released)

The third album is always hyped up to be make it or break it territory, but only in the essence that one can see if the band in question is going to really stick to their guns and deliver more of the same Read more […]

Kobra and the Lotus – Prevail II (Napalm)

The force is strong for a major breakthrough with Kobra and the Lotus. Honing their songwriting skills over the course of four previous albums, Prevail II is the second half of the Prevail series, recorded Read more […]

Chainbreäker – Wasteland City (Self-Released)

An umlaut carries street cred in heavy music – ever since the days when Motörhead made it legendary. Austria’s Chainbreäker beyond that cool factor also traverse speedy yet melodic thrash lines throughout Read more […]

Aura Noir – Aura Noire (Indie Recordings)

A band that has definitely been around the block a time or two, Norway’s Aura Noir are also one that have stayed true to their cause. Ugly, fuzzy, and gritty black/thrash made just the way that you Read more […]

TesseracT – Sonder (Kscope)

Lowering the tone since 2007, TesseracT represent the new breed on progressive, groove-oriented metal. Sonder as the fourth studio record accentuates the modern, diverse and experimental approach, continuing Read more […]

Shadow Kingdom – The Reflection (Self-Released)

Hailing from the Milford, CT area, Shadow Kingdom has been a part of the local metal scene off and on for quite a few years. Given the chance to open for acts like Fates Warning and Metal Church while Read more […]

God Is an Astronaut – Epitaph (Napalm)

Somewhat of an understated pillar of instrumental rock, Ireland’s God Is an Astronaut occupy the large environs of post-rock and instrumental rock. Stated to the obvious, the band relies on atmosphere, Read more […]

Stevie McLaughlin – Toy Empires (Limb Music)

Best known for his axe work in the Irish metal band Sandstone, guitarist Stevie McLaughlin feels the time is now to extend his horizons as a singer/songwriter through this solo album Toy Empires. Truly Read more […]

Wolf King – Loyal to the Soil (Prosthetic)

We are long past the idea of any d-beat, blackened hardcore band bringing something new to the table. The list of angry dudes hoping to seamlessly jostle between the metallic and ‘core has grown to the Read more […]

Black Salvation – Uncertainty is Bliss (Relapse)

Really catching the retro rock wave as it washes ashore, German power trio Black Salvation features former In Solitude/Grave Pleasures drummer Uno Bruniusson in the ranks, along with guitarist/vocalist Read more […]

Totalselfhatred – Solitude (Osmose)

Have at it with the name, “Totalselfhatred,” the Finns clearly of strong mind and intent on leaving nothing to the imagination here. As part of the depressive black metal crop, Totalselfhatred has Read more […]

Axia – Pulverizer (Selfmadegod Records)

As noted on Axia’s official website, Pulverizer was ‘tailored according to the drama of being alive.’ One has to imagine that the lives that this Portuguese act live are pretty frenetic (at least Read more […]

Gigantomachia – Atlas (Agoge Records)

Gigantomachia, a term relating to the Giants’ battle with the Olympian Gods, certainly seems to fall within the guidelines for some rather metal subject material. The epic scope is one that is fitting Read more […]

Gus G – Fearless (AFM Records)

Third albums for any artist can define direction to the good (or bad). Axe maven Gus G already has established a foothold on the scene through his main work in melodic power metal act Firewind – but Read more […]

Crocell – Relics (LongLife Records)

The first thing that will draw you into Crocell’s fifth release is that of the dreary and dark atmosphere. Despite not having checked out any of the band’s previous material, it is bound to leave Read more […]

Society’s Plague – Call to the Void (Eclipse Records)

If there’s one style of metal that this scribe always seems to gravitate towards, it’s that of melodic death metal. The room for aggression and melody side by side is one that can be a dominating Read more […]

Sun Speaker – Ov Lustra (Subliminal Groove Records)

In digging through piles of bands that are content to churn out the same old song and dance while putting a minimal amount of personal spin on it, it’s always a treat to find that one band that wants Read more […]

Angerot – The Splendid Iniquity (Black Market Metal)

In skipping past the 1-minute instrumental “Black Epoch” and diving into “Eternal Unrest” it takes all of about 2 seconds to figure out what Angerot will be up to over the course of their debut Read more […]

Sense of Fear – As the Ages Passing By… (Rockshots Records)

Originally known as Holy Prophecy in their late 90’s stages, Sense of Fear are not spring chickens when it comes to seasoning and experience. Although As the Ages Passing By… is their first full-length, Read more […]

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