Sun Speaker – Ov Lustra (Subliminal Groove Records)

In digging through piles of bands that are content to churn out the same old song and dance while putting a minimal amount of personal spin on it, it’s always a treat to find that one band that wants Read more […]

Angerot – The Splendid Iniquity (Black Market Metal)

In skipping past the 1-minute instrumental “Black Epoch” and diving into “Eternal Unrest” it takes all of about 2 seconds to figure out what Angerot will be up to over the course of their debut Read more […]

Sense of Fear – As the Ages Passing By… (Rockshots Records)

Originally known as Holy Prophecy in their late 90’s stages, Sense of Fear are not spring chickens when it comes to seasoning and experience. Although As the Ages Passing By… is their first full-length, Read more […]

Bullet – Dust to Gold (SPV)

Certain bands subscribe to an early philosophy of ‘don’t rock the boat’ when it comes to establishing their style and continuing forward. In the case of Swedish band Bullet, their street level heavy Read more […]

Aeonian Sorrow – Into the Eternity, A Moment We Are (Self-Released)

Just a quick read of the title and it’s quite clear that Aeonian Sorrow are going to be playing some doomy music. The elegance of the title certainly forebodes what the listener will find inside – Read more […]

Whyzdom – As Time Turns to Dust (Scarlet Records)

French symphonic metal band Whyzdom has been at the game long enough to determine the complete direction that they wish to sail in. As Time Turns to Dust is the band’s fourth effort to date, and second Read more […]

Leather- II (Divebomb Records)

Long before metal advanced to the point where women joined forces with men in the studio and on stage in every conceivable genre, there existed a handful of females during the 1980’s that stood toe to Read more […]

Winterfylleth – The Harrowing of Heirdom (Candlelight/Spinefarm)

As it was alluded to in some interviews a few years back, the new Winterfylleth is a bit different than previous records. It’s entirely acoustic, and trades in the band’s occasionally ferocious black Read more […]

Mindwars – Do Unto Others (Dissonance Productions)

Ardent speed metal mavens may remember a Roadracer band in the 80’s that put out two cult albums called Holy Terror – of which the second Mind Wars is a serious barnburner for this scribe’s all-time Read more […]

Eliminator – Last Horizon (Dissonance Productions)

At one point containing former Skyclad guitarist Dave Pugh on vocals, Eliminator give hope to a British heavy metal scene clamoring for new blood to rival the NWOBHM veterans. Developing their sound over Read more […]

Desdemonia – Anguish (Mighty Music)

Active since 1994, Luxembourg’s Desdemonia has released three prior full-lengths on their own accord before signing with Danish label Mighty Music for the release of Anguish. Must be a persistence thing. Read more […]

Hazen – This House (Self-Released)

Arriving hot on the heels of their 2017 debut EP Undone, Arizona’s Hazen seem ready to make their mark up on the scene with another 5-song EP in This House. The alternative metal scene isn’t an easy Read more […]

Judicator – The Last Emperor (Self-Released)

Forming in 2012 out of a mutual admiration for Blind Guardian, vocalist John Yelland and guitarist Tony Cordisco started Judicator to keep the tradition of US/Teutonic power metal alive. They’ve garnered Read more […]

Depravity – Evil Upheaval (Transcending Obscurity)

The art of death metal is not one of subtlety. Australian newcomer Depravity are quite keen to this notion with their first full-length (following up on one previous 2016 EP). With plenty of brutality Read more […]

Cardiac Arrest – A Parallel Dimension of Despair (Momento Mori)

Chicago denizens of death Cardiac Arrest, in their unwavering, forever true-to-form approach to pure death metal, have amassed a pretty healthy discography when you swing back around to it. Their bi-annual Read more […]

Inferi – Revenant (The Artisan Era)

Arguably, it’s been a while since any new stuff turned up from the Inferi camp. 2014 to be exact, with the release of their third album, The Path of Apotheosis. There’s been a number of changes since Read more […]

Graveshadow – Ambition’s Price (M-Theory Audio)

Based out of Sacramento, California, Graveshadow embrace the diverse audio mindset that symphonic metal carries in today’s scene. Often to stand apart from being another Nightwish-inspired clone, these Read more […]

Necroexophilia – Intergalactic Armageddon (CDN Records)

Can’t help but grin a little bit with a band titled Necroexophilia. Yet at the same time, it seems to be a perfect fit to their obvious slam-dedication. But it also begs the question, if you are in Read more […]

Gozu – Equilibrium (Blacklight Media/Metal Blade)

At this point, the playbook for rock and metal is wide open for musicians. Pigeonholing a style may be left to critics who feel the need to categorize bands, but in the end – if a set of like-minded Read more […]

Long Distance Calling – Boundless (Inside Out)

One day, various instrumental metal bands should get together and do some kind of tell-all regarding the never-ending pressure they face in terms of adding a vocalist. Surely the stories of pushy label Read more […]

Abolishment of Flesh – The Inhuman Condition (Unholy Anarchy Records)

Phew, sometimes all it takes is a strong opening that knocks one backwards to convince the audience that the rest of the music is worth listening to. Abolishment of Flesh’s debut was ten years in the Read more […]

Shadowkeep – Shadowkeep (Pure Steel Records)

Originally developing their progressive power metal platform just as internet message boards took hold in the late 1990’s, Great Britain’s Shadowkeep quietly built a following through a steady stream Read more […]

Behemoth – Messe Noire (Metal Blade)

Without a doubt, Behemoth’s 2014 opus, The Satanist, was a landmark for the band. They’ve seemingly toured incessantly for it ever since its release, and many have been singing the album’s praises Read more […]

Nekrogoblikon – Welcome to Bonkers (Seek and Strike)

Admittedly, Nekrogoblikon’s last effort, Heavy Meta, didn’t seem to hit the same level of enjoyment and fun as their preceding records. Oddly enough, it seemed to need a little more of the zany stuff Read more […]

Kalmah – Palo (Spinefarm)

One of those “in a perfect world they’d be huge” bands, Finland’s Kalmah are as reliable and captivating as any outfit from their homeland, yet, mass underground acceptance continues to elude them. Read more […]

Killix – Far Cry from Reality (Self-Released)

These are fruitful times for all genres in metal. Usually the listener with a few keystrokes and research can discover a few new EP’s/albums either from trusty labels or the DIY route to suit their aural Read more […]

Crematory – Oblivion (SPV/Steamhammer)

What’s a veteran German Goth act to do when struggling to sell concert tickets and albums? Apparently, it’s to go on a Facebook tangent telling their fans to “get off their lazy asses” and start Read more […]

Bonfire – Temple of Lies (AFM Records)

To many North American readers, Bonfire may have appeared to be a slight blip on the melodic hard rock/metal landscape during the 1980’s – Don’t Touch the Light and the follow-up Fireworks receiving Read more […]

Ingested – The Level Above Human (Unique Leader)

If one thing can be said for Ingested, it’s that they have constantly tried to move forward with each new album. They’ve honed their craft, something that is not a guarantee given the often stagnant Read more […]

Sol de Sangre – Sol de Sangre (Black Market Metal)

If nothing else, Sol de Sangre did a great job at subverting expectations upon hitting play for the first time. One doesn’t look to a ‘death metal release’ to open with a beautiful Spanish guitar Read more […]