DC4 – Atomic Highway (Highvol Music)

Consisting of three brothers (including Armored Saint axe man Jeff Duncan) plus ex-Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson, DC4 on their fifth album Atomic Highway keep a back to basics bluesy hard rock template Read more […]

Reinfection – Breeding Hate (Deformeathing Productions)

When it comes to over the top and a completely engulfing sense of aggression, sometimes a little brutal death metal is good for whatever ails you in the world. The simplistic and straight-forward kind Read more […]

Last Pharaoh – The Mantle of Spiders (Pure Steel Records)

Witness to numerous live performances of Last Pharaoh prior to the release of this album, it’s obvious the quartet’s very talented in their specific niche of progressive, neoclassical-oriented power Read more […]

Chthonic – Battlefields of Asura (Ciong Zo)

Certainly the most well-known of the Taiwanese scene (and arguably all of Asia), Chthonic have been laying low for a few years since 2013’s Bú-Tik (though a few smaller releases and a film did surface Read more […]

Leah – The Quest (Inner Wound Recordings)

Going outside the traditional metal walls and boundaries has allowed Leah to build up a reputation in the scene without much outside help. Using a DIY ethos, her discography has built itself up even without Read more […]

Dynazty – Firesign (AFM Records)

Exciting times in modern music – where engaging in multiple bands can prove fruitful for making a career without having to hold down a side gig/day job. For Dynazty vocalist Nils Molin, he recently took Read more […]

The Odious Construct – Shrine of the Obscene (The Artisan Era)

First hearing The Odious Construct a few years back with their self-titled EP, the band was scooped up by growing extreme label The Artisan Era for their latest EP, Shrine of the Obscene. As a young band Read more […]

MaYan – Dhyana (Nuclear Blast)

The age old question that seems to trouble the symphonic metal is, “In a world where more is more is the mentality, when does something become an overindulgence?” In other words, can there be too Read more […]

North of South – New Latitudes (Rockshots Records)

Let’s face it – although many bands claim to be unique, the idea of developing an original take in any genre is an uphill climb given the decades of bands and releases on the market already. Skepticism Read more […]

Behemoth – I Loved You At Your Darkest (Metal Blade)

Long story short: this isn’t The Satanist 2. What I Loved You At Your Darkest does happen to be is an always polished, sometimes unfocused, work that follows in the footsteps of something enormous. Read more […]

Revocation – The Outer Ones (Metal Blade)

Fortunate to enjoy the ascension of this Boston-based band from youth to current times (yes, this scribe remembers the early Cryptic Warning days opening for other locals at all-ages venues around New Read more […]

Brainstorm – Midnight Ghost (AFM Records)

Quintessential power metal act Brainstorm have put themselves in an enviable position in the scene. Reliable to a fault, any time they’ve stretched themselves into possibly ‘greener’ or commercial/modern Read more […]

Internal Bleeding – Corrupting Influence (Unique Leader)

One of the perpetual underdogs within the extreme metal scene, Internal Bleeding have followed in the footsteps of other New York brutal death metal bands for over 20 years. 2014’s Imperium served as Read more […]

Terrorizer – Caustic Attack (The End Records)

Terrorizer has never had it easy. The classic World Downfall was released back in 1989, before which the band broke up. They reformed in the mid-2000s and released a new album, but again broke up after Read more […]

An Autumn for Crippled Children – The Light of September (ConSouling Sounds)

While it seems that the ascent of atmospheric black metal and blackgaze may be in the rearview, one band that has consistently been one of its greatest treasures is that of An Autumn for Crippled Children. Read more […]

Foaming at the Mouth – Writhing (Self-Released)

There’s much to be said about one-man extreme acts within the scene currently, but two-man acts? It’s a bit more unusual, strangely enough. Foaming at the Mouth brings together drummer/vocalist Kyle Read more […]

So Be It – The Graves of Empires (Self-Released)

When facing a lack of talent or capable musicians to execute your vision, there’s always the option of going it alone. Such is the case for So Be It, a thrash-based act with death inflections from the Read more […]

Jeremy Wagner – Rabid Heart (Riverdale Avenue Books)

Jeremy Wagner, more known within these pages as the guitarist for death metal act Broken Hope, has also done more than his fair share of horror writing over the years. In addition to a number of short Read more […]

Lethal Injury – Melancholia (WormHoleDeath)

This scribe’s affinities for European thrash started in the teen years after discovering Bay Area bands and expanding horizons to Germany and the UK. Belgium became another early entry in that mix thanks Read more […]

Psychotomy – Aphotik (Everlasting Spew)

With wave after wave of murky death metal coming through the inbox on a daily basis, it’s tough for bands to really stick out within said field. The altars of Morbid Angel, Incantation, and Immolation Read more […]

Serpent Lord (GR) – Towards the Damned (Alcyone Music)

Intriguing background information regarding Serpent Lord (GR) – a Greek heavy metal band who formed in 2016 and present their debut full-length Towards the Damned. Behind the quintet the philosophy illustrates Read more […]

Wild – Sin Piedad (Fighter Records)

Metal may be predominantly an English-led genre, but we all know the international impact of bands who sing in their native tongue. Active for three years as Majesty Night before becoming Wild since 2004, Read more […]

Absolution – Confessions of the Iniquitous (CDN Records)

Yet another one of those ‘buried in time’ type of bands that are coming out of the woodwork, Absolution originally came to be back in 1992 in Birmingham, England. No doubt inspired by the then-burgeoning Read more […]

Horrendous – Idol (Season of Mist)

While the trends of who can play the most technical and who can sound the most like Entombed/Incantation/Bolt Thrower rage on, Horrendous have been ever so carefully evolving and becoming something of Read more […]

Immortal Guardian – Age of Revolution (M-Theory Audio)

The type of power metal that seems to attract fans outside the ‘usual’ power metal spectrum, Immortal Guardian have been building up their repertoire with some smaller releases leading up to this full-length Read more […]

The Unity – Rise (SPV/Steamhammer)

As Kai Hansen continues to skip merrily across the globe in the reunited Helloween, his Gamma Ray bandmates Henjo Richter (guitar) and Michael Ehré (drums) are at least doing something with their extended Read more […]

Anaal Nathrakh – A New Kind of Horror (Metal Blade)

There’s only one expectation that has to be met with a new album from Anaal Nathrakh, and that’s its measure of pure violence. The simultaneously epic and caustic approach of the band is one that Read more […]

Downpour – Downpour (Noize in the Attic)

Brian Fair, he of infinite dreads and one-time frontman for Shadows Fall, occupies a curious spot in modern metal annals, identifiable to the naked eye because of said dreads, but also a hair (no pun intended) Read more […]

Livekill – Turned to Grey (SWOL Records)

Coming straight out of the gates with a conceptual release isn’t something you see with many metal groups. Livekill, on the other hand, took inspiration from a story of a 3-year old who died in the Read more […]

Mourning by Morning – Mourning by Morning (Wolfspell Records)

There is a palpable magic in tracing the lineage of a band’s sound. To hear it and have a feel of the sort of ends it pulls together for its sound. Sometimes its derivative, sometimes there’s just Read more […]