Crawl – Rituals (Transcending Obscurity)

You can’t keep a good dog down, but sometimes you can teach them a few new tricks from time to time. Crawl is the latest batch of Swedes to hit up what their elders accomplished so well about 30 years Read more […]

Insignium – Infamie und Urgewalt – Wenn Altes sich erhebt (Apostasy Records)

Out the gate I suppose an administrative note is in order: Infamie und Urgewalt – Wenn Altes sich erhebt is a mouthful and hereafter shall be referred to as Infamie. That being said, if no-frills black Read more […]

Night Demon – Live Darkness (Century Media/ Shadow Kingdom Records)

Arguably the hardest touring band in traditional metal, Night Demon live for putting on mesmerizing performances of both the small club and large festival variety. Building a faithful core of followers Read more […]

Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers (Transcending Obscurity)

It is a failure on my part that I do not know more about Portugal beyond its once legendary status as colonial power. Throughout 2018 so far I’ve taken a few steps to rectify that failure: I began the Read more […]

Crossfaith – Ex Machina (UNFD Records)

While it hasn’t really come across this scribe’s email box before, Crossfaith have been a growing act in the modern metal scene, with Ex Machina being the band’s fifth release to date. Taking the Read more […]

Rithiya Henry Khiev – Eviscerated Realm (Self-Released)

Returning quickly after his debut EP offering The Finite Cycle, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Rithiya Henry Khiev took his head and heart into a pure instrumental outing for the follow up Eviscerated Read more […]

Murdered – Killed to Death (CDN Records)

When it comes to slam, many often cite the absurdity of it all as a reason to dismiss it. The big, massive riffs and indecipherable gurgles and burps that constitute the vocal range are indeed a roadblock Read more […]

Descent – Towers of Grandiosity (Redefining Darkness Records)

Falling directly in line with the growing mass that are taking the Entombed/Dismember crunch of the early ‘90s and applying it in a more punk/hardcore direction (a la Nails), Descent is the latest band Read more […]

Witchfyre – Grimorium Verum (Fighter Records)

With a name that screams metal, Witchfyre from Spain reside in that speed/heavy platform for their first full-length Grimorium Verum. Together since 2011, the quintet has released a single and Legends, Read more […]

Doro – Forever Warriors Forever United (Nuclear Blast)

Ever a persistent force in the metal world, Doro has been metal’s queen for over three decades. A title that she has more than lived up to with quality releases over the years, even if there is still Read more […]

Nuclear Rampage – The Last Prophecy (Self-Released)

Giving the listeners aggressive riffs full of rage, Nuclear Rampage obviously live for thrash metal. The Last Prophecy is their latest EP and third effort since 2017 – proving that the quartet from Mexico Read more […]

Mindwalker – Burning Past (Blackdown Music)

One of modern metal’s unsung heroes, Chris Clancy (most famously of Mutiny Within) has been getting around with doing some vocal work for other bands in the scene. This brings us to the topic of Mindwalker, Read more […]

Infuriate – Infuriate (Everlasting Spew)

Certainly one of those cases where the cover art is strong enough to warrant a closer examination, the Alien-esque piece here is rather captivating. The grim tone carries itself completely over into the Read more […]

Galvanized – Galvanized (Self-Released)

Recently discovering this quartet opening for Havok in Providence, Galvanized are a local outfit from Rhode Island. Based on a brief conversation with bassist/back up vocalist Armando Yambao, the core Read more […]

Redemption – Long Night’s Journey into Day (Metal Blade)

Trepidation sets in for metal followers when favored musicians make major changes to upset the proverbial apple cart. In the case of Redemption, it’s another vocalist change. Out of the gate Rick Mythiasin Read more […]

Soreption – Monument of the End (Sumerian)

Never one to shy away from some massive grooves, Soreption have been catapulting themselves forward in the metal public’s eye since their debut Deterioration of Minds. While it has been 4 years since Read more […]

Etherius – Thread of Life (Self-Released)

When it comes to instrumental metal music, there’s a certain part of the scene that tends to flat out ignore it due to the lack of vocals and/or catchy hooks. Despite the complexity of metal, many find Read more […]

Idle Hands – Don’t Waste Your Time (Lone Fir Records)

Ever wondered what traditional metal or NWOBHM would sound like through a gothic lens? Perhaps throw in a little bit of ‘80s new wave and occult rock to go along with it? Portland’s Idle Hands are Read more […]

Shadowborn – End of an Age (Self-Released)

Forming in 2016 after the dissolution of Age of Shadows (whom this scribe reviewed their Maiden Voyage full-length back in 2015 for this site), vocalist Jesse Tyler Hellsteed and bassist Patches O’Brayer Read more […]

Parasite Inc. – Dead and Alive (Reaper Entertainment)

Those with their nose to the ground within the melodic death metal genre undoubtedly still remember Parasite Inc.’s debut, Time Tears Down, from 2013. It’s raging riffs and CoB-inspired synth lines Read more […]

Exocrine – Molten Giant (Unique Leader)

When it comes to concept albums, there’s always a wide array of choices depending on your particular flavor of metal. Some are historical and grandiose, where others dive further into fantasy and/or Read more […]

Kikis A. Apostolou – Phases of Time (Self-Released)

A guitarist for over 30 years, Kikis A. Apostolou has been a part of Greek metal bands like Armageddon Rev 16:16, Arrayan Path, and Chainsheart during his career. For his first solo album Phases of Time, Read more […]

Carnation – Chapel of Abhorrence (Season of Mist)

With the number of ‘old school death metal’ promos that come through the ranks, one would think at some point it would get stale. While that’s not an incorrect assumption, there’s always some Read more […]

Ex Libris – ANN – Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn (Self-Released)

Eschewing the traditional release model, Ex Libris have returned after 2014’s Medea (vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen’s stint in Xandria no doubt slowed the gears for a bit) with a unique approach. Read more […]

Supremate – Uniting Flaw (Self-Released)

Featuring twins in the lineup with Temmu Leskinen (vocals, guitars) and Timo (drums), Supremate have a long history in the underground. Forming in 1999, they released three EP’s and two demos until 2008, Read more […]

Aspired Infliction – The Undying (Self-Released)

You know the old saying, “You can’t keep a good album down.” Well, perhaps that’s not quite the way that it goes, but Buffalo, NY’s Aspired Infliction began conjuring up what would become The Read more […]

Barreleye – Insidious Siren (Self-Released)

Originally together from 2012-14 as Barreleyes, they decided to become singular versus plural as Barreleye – since putting out an EP and full-length before this latest Insidious Siren EP. Lineup changes Read more […]

Khôrada – Salt (Prophecy Productions)

Based on Khôrada’s album title Salt, let’s break this down on a scientific level: salt (sodium chloride) being the product of sodium (in this case Agalloch) and chlorine (Giant Squid). Both bands Read more […]

Secret Cutter – Quantum Eraser (Holy Roar Records/Deathwish Inc)

Where is the line between metal and noise sometimes? For some, it’s a matter of taste, but for Bethlehem, PA’s Secret Cutter, it’s a fine art. They seem to be able to just skirt the line into the Read more […]

Nonexist – In Praise of Death (Mighty Music)

Vintage death metal holds a special place in the heart of Swedish guitarist virtuoso Johan Reinholdz. Reinholdz, who, of late, has been manning one of the live guitar slots for Dark Tranquillity, initially Read more […]