Gruesome – Twisted Prayers (Relapse)

With a well-received full-length and EP behind them, Gruesome’s journey to revel in the mastery of Death continues with Twisted Prayers. The next stepping point along the way is that of Spiritual Healing Read more […]

Warkill – World of Lies (Self-Released)

Another stumble upon Bandcamp discovery, Warkill are a trio of musicians from Mexico that have been together since 2014 and finally released their debut EP World of Lies. It’s comforting to know that Read more […]

Espionage – Digital Dystopia (Self-Released)

Friends of this scribe often referred to bands like Australia’s Espionage as sitting in that ‘Armored Saint/Metal Church’ syndrome where they were too heavy for melodic metal/hard rock followers, Read more […]

Eternal Lies – Burning the Nest (Chaos Records)

Talk about tapping directly from the Gothenburg vein, Eternal Lies has the quintessence of it in their sound circa 2018. Of course, it helps that they initially formed in Sweden back in 1998. Their first Read more […]

Beneath the Silence – Phoenix (Self-Released)

If there’s one takeaway from the current metal scene, its that you have to be willing to combine different elements in order to truly standout. It’s not enough to simply replicate the past for most Read more […]

Hoth – Astral Necromancy (Epicurus Records)

Slowly working away in the shadows, Hoth has finally returned to bring their third album – four years removed from their conceptual piece Oathbreaker. Said album moved the band significantly further Read more […]

Midnattsol – The Aftermath (Napalm)

Lots to be excited about for Midnattsol fans. For one thing, The Aftermath marks the first new release from the band since 2011. To further up the ante, the band announced last year that revered vocalist Read more […]

Valyria – Into the Dying of Time (Self-Released)

The blurring of power/progressive and melodic death metal is one that has been going on for quite some time now. It’s one that makes perfect sense, as it gives a heavier platform to ease some of the Read more […]

Burial in the Sky – Creatio et Hominus (Self-Released)

With atmospheric death metal really coming into its own in the last few years in particular (thanks to bands such as Fallujah and Rivers of Nihil), the time seems right for Pennsylvania’s Burial in the Read more […]

Order of the Dead – The Jackals Hold Us Captive (Self-Released)

It’s inevitable that bands run their course due to creative differences or life priorities – so it’s cool to see Order of the Dead put a cap on their decade long career with this final full-length Read more […]

Age of Taurus – The Colony Slain (Rise Above)

A shift in sound coupled with lineup changes…not exactly a good recipe for a sophomore album, eh? For English quartet Age of Taurus, their 2013 Desperate Souls of Tortured Times was, apparently, just Read more […]

Follow the Cipher – Follow the Cipher (Nuclear Blast)

Developing as a solo project from guitarist Ken Kängström into a full band, Swedish group Follow the Cipher has ties to another blockbuster act from their hometown of Falun you may be familiar with called Read more […]

YOB – Our Raw Heart (Relapse)

From a near-death experience to creating what should be, for many, an Album of the Year candidate, YOB’s Mike Scheidt has probably experienced enough highs and lows to last a lifetime. A severe scare Read more […]

Elvellon – Until Dawn (Reaper Entertainment)

A dangerous trend can happen in any sub-genre when leaders vault to superstar status – especially as younger musicians aim to establish their presence in the scene but fall prey to emulating those heroes. Read more […]

Dyecrest – Are You Not Entertained? (Inverse Records)

With a history that for three of the members goes back to 1993, Finnish act Dyecrest possess that requisite seasoning and experience to make their mark even after a prolonged break. Competing in 2003 for Read more […]

Madball – For the Cause (Nuclear Blast)

Bands often speak of doing it “since they were kids.” Madball’s Freddy Cricien literally has been doing it since he was a kid — 12, in fact, when he would join his half-brother Roger Miret during Read more […]

Trautonist – Ember (Wolves and Vibrancy Records)

No real “shade” coming from German black/shoegaze duo Trautonist, if you catch our drift. The pair’s brand of post-black metal (a style that’s still at it, remarkably) doesn’t exactly possess Read more […]

Mask of Judas – The Mesmerist (Self-Released)

There’s always something to be said for a band that can put out a debut full-length and generate a more unique feel to their music. Such is the case with the UK’s Mask of Judas, who fall within the Read more […]

Dead City Crown – Apex of Fury (Self-Released)

New Jersey’s Dead City Crown may not have an extensive back catalog since their beginning (which includes a few years under the name Ashes of Amber from 2010-2013), but they have made their releases Read more […]

Aggression – Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash (Dissonance Productions)

Canadian thrashers Aggression are one of the early pioneers from the Great White North – recording their first demo in 1985 and releasing their debut album The Full Treatment in 1987. They would break Read more […]

Nils Patrik Johansson – Evil Deluxe (Metalville Records)

Unless you’ve been locked in a dungeon for a couple of decades, if you are familiar with power/ progressive metal worldwide, especially of the Scandinavian variety, you’ll know of vocalist Nils Patrik Read more […]

Kataklysm – Meditations (Nuclear Blast)

From their chaotic and dizzying beginnings to their melodic/heavy combo that has kept them going over the past decade or so, Kataklysm has remained a force within the extreme music scene. For their thirteenth Read more […]

Candlemass – House of Doom EP (Napalm)

Candlemass creating a soundtrack for a video game…not quite the sign of the apocalypse (or total doom), but you get the idea main dude Leif Edling is looking for ways to keep the band interesting rather Read more […]

Fractal Gates – The Light That Shines (Rain Without End)

A hot commodity within the melodic death metal community, France’s Fractal Gates was last heard from via 2013’s sterling Beyond the Self, a space-faring, astral shower of lively melodies and blunt, Read more […]

Eufory – Higher and Higher (Sliptrick Records)

It’s very interesting to see the origins and development of new groups today. Take for instance Eufory – who started in 2008 as a Def Leppard tribute act, developing through the years into more of Read more […]

Callidice – Anthem for Resistance (Inverse Records)

Callidice happen to fall in an interesting position. While their music is something that could be tucked into the modern melodic death metal grouping, they don’t do it in the same way that their peers Read more […]

Intensity Rising – The Mind Palace Gateway (Self-Released)

The instrumental project of comic book aficionado Mick Mayer, he is also a part of the Massachusetts party/progressive thrash band Sonic Pulse. The follow-up to last year’s From the Beyond effort, The Read more […]

Pentarium – Zwischenwelt (Boersma Records)

Nothing wrong with adding a little bit more melodic death metal to the daily playlist. Pentarium certainly fit the billing for a band looking to make a bigger mark for themselves in this area. After Read more […]

Ahtme – Sewerborn (Unique Leader)

Missouri-based death metal act Ahtme brought forth their first release (technically known as The Roman Holiday upon initial release in 2013), The Demonization, back in 2016. We fast-forward to the present, Read more […]

Monument – Hellhound (Rock of Angels Records)

UK traditional heavy metal resonates as a foundational genre. It’s hard to argue about the impact of it’s biggest benefactor Iron Maiden, as well as a subset that have influenced hundreds to thousands Read more […]