Illyrian – The Entity, Unknown (Self-Released)

Pronounced ‘ih-leer-ian’ for those curious, Canada once again reaches the metal landscape through this outfit Illyrian. A power trio from Calgary, Alberta, they’ve been together since 2015 – and Read more […]

False – Portent (Gilead Media)

2019 and if there is one thing that stands true above all possible falsities it is that the ability of bands to fuse familiar elements of the past into fresh form continues unabated. The argument can (and Read more […]

Riot V – Live in Japan 2018 (AFM Records)

Virtuosity never went away in the Far East when it comes to melodic hard rock or heavy/power metal. That market always appreciates intricacy and schooled musicianship – which makes it obvious where Riot Read more […]

Reptilium – Conspiranoic (Self-Released)

It’s always a plus in 2019 to hear a death metal band that isn’t directly subscribing to one of the two majority factions – that of modern tech death or old school worship. Both are fine in their Read more […]

Boiling Blood – Lost Inside a Morbid World (Self-Released)

An intro that includes a familiar iPhone cell phone ring tone, a woman answering, and a Beelzebub-like demon makes for an auspicious start to a record, that’s for sure. Welcome to Boiling Blood – a Read more […]

John 5 and The Creatures – Invasion (60 Cycle Hum)

John 5 is one of the most versatile guitar players out there, as evidenced by the roster of musicians he’s worked with and played with, including David Lee Roth, Rob Halford, k.d. lang, Marilyn Manson, Read more […]

Crossing Rubicon – Seeing Red (Imminence Records)

Nestled in the lower left quadrant of New England, Connecticut has a healthy heavy music scene – gaining attention in the 1980’s with acts like Fates Warning, Liege Lord, and Obsession, while also Read more […]

Kaleido – NO RLY…IM FINE (Self-Released)

Detroit-based Kaleido is one of those bands that seem to openly defy simple categorization. One can quickly look up their previous releases and discover a wealth of different songs that embody a large Read more […]

Hatriot – From Days unto Darkness (Massacre Records)

Five years removed from their last studio platter Dawn of the New Centurion changes are afoot in the Hatriot camp. Most notably, the absence of Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza on vocals – as his activities with Read more […]

Panopticon – The Crescendo of Dusk (Nordvis/Bindrune Recordings)

I’ve never had the pleasure of bearing witness to the Northern Lights. This is no surprise given the southerly flavor (on either coast) to my years of being alive (my year and change in Rhode Island Read more […]

Concilium – No Sanctuary (Self-Released)

New England has a vibrant energy that allows for a diverse metal scene to thrive – especially on an organic, grassroots level. Doom/epic metal has appeal here as a result, legions of followers loving Read more […]

Jesusegg – Second Coming (Seeing Red Records)

Going strong since 2003, Jesusegg specializes in grind. That special kind of grind where you can listen to, in this case, 15 songs in a span of 11-minutes. The spastic and somewhat nutty combination Read more […]

Guttural Slug – Plague of Filth (Brutal Mind)

After making some waves in the slam community with two back to back releases in the earlier half of the decade (Intercranial Purgatory and Megalodon) and a single in “Atrocities.” It’s been six Read more […]

Sabotage – The Order of Genocide (Self-Released)

Already making a fervent impression within the Indian metal scene as two-time finalists for the Wacken Metal Battle domestically, Sabotage exude a sharp understanding of thrash throughout this debut EP Read more […]

Lacrimas Profundere – Bleeding the Stars (SPV/Oblivion)

Lacrimas Profundere have been floating about in the gothic/doom world since the 1990s with eleven previous records. With the last bevy of them focusing more on gothic rock than doom, including the slightly Read more […]

Hellscream – Hate Machine (Pure Steel Records)

Squeezing in recording/songwriting when they can, Hellscream consists of vocalist Norman Skinner (Imagika, Niviane) and guitarist Dave Garcia (Cage, The Three Tremors) – releasing their second full-length Read more […]

Sabaton – The Great War (Nuclear Blast)

The Swedish pagans of military metal Sabaton return to tackle the subject of World War I for their ninth studio album The Great War. It’s obvious what to expect from this veteran band in terms of catchy Read more […]

Dream Void – Divinization (Self-Released)

We’ve previously kept up to speed with tech-death enthusiasts Dream Void with their two EPs (Deceptive Dreamscape and Sanctimonious) released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and Divinization is the recently Read more […]

FirstBourne – Pick Up the Torch (Self-Released)

Gaining international exposure through their debut album Riot in 2016, FirstBourne from Massachusetts are a four-piece melodic power metal band with hard rock/neoclassical influences. They have won international Read more […]

Thy Art is Murder – Human Target (Nuclear Blast)

Following up their last album, Dear Desolation, nearly two years later, the steamroller of Thy Art is Murder continues to march forward. Viewed as one of the biggest names in the deathcore genre, they’ve Read more […]

Nightrider – Rock Machine (Self-Released)

Hailing from Nashua, N.H., Nightrider was born in 1980 when four teenage friends got together to celebrate their love of hard rock and heavy metal. Beginning as a cover band but soon writing and performing Read more […]

Cwn Annwn – Patron Saint (Self-Released)

Admittedly, a bit of research was needed when coming across the name “Cwn Annwn.” White phantom hounds of Welsh mythology it turns out, and this Minnesota-based act has been around since the late Read more […]

Aphrodite – Lust and War (Fighter Records)

The Greek goddess of love and beauty in mythology, Aphrodite for the purposes of this review are a Canadian speed metal band who unleash quite the impressive debut full-length for Lust and War. The trio Read more […]

Rogga Johansson – Entrance to the Otherwhere (Transcending Obscurity)

We just can’t seem to escape the grasp of Swedish death metal legend Rogga Johansson (not that we’d really want to anyway). He’s always up to something in old school Swedeath land, and this latest Read more […]

Wormed – Metaportal (Season of Mist)

It does seem like the EP is beginning to be one of the most fitting attacks for those hyper-extreme metal bands. Thinking of EPs from bands like Cryptopsy, or even Vale of Pnath, the shortened approach Read more […]

Envenomed – The Walking Shred (El Puerto Records)

Australian metal continues to be a hotbed for musicians, many acts gaining international deals and worldwide touring acclaim. Already aware of this thrash band Envenomed from their previous Reckoning EP Read more […]

Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance (20 Buck Spin)

Rare is the band that can pull off three albums in three years. It certainly happens, and sometimes it’s best to strike while the iron is hot, but it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, Tomb Mold is Read more […]

Kobold – Masterpace (Iron, Blood, and Death Corporation)

Originally known as LethaliK from 2012-2015, this Serbian thrash act modified their namesake to Kobold and released an EP and live album before issuing their first studio album Death Parade in 2017. Their Read more […]

Metalian – Vortex (High Roller Records)

Metal tends to be a labor of love – the genre not for the weak of heart and mind, sacrifice and paying dues a part of the process on the journey to discovery. Grit and determination often separate the Read more […]

Civil Offence – Entrenched Warfare (Self-Released)

Always on a quest to feature metal bands in all locales, New Zealand is home to Civil Offence – a quartet that started in 2017 and have released their debut EP for Entrenched Warfare. Originating from Read more […]