Mourning by Morning – Mourning by Morning (Wolfspell Records)

There is a palpable magic in tracing the lineage of a band’s sound. To hear it and have a feel of the sort of ends it pulls together for its sound. Sometimes its derivative, sometimes there’s just Read more […]

Hitten -Twist of Fate (High Roller Records)

Reaching that third studio album juncture of a discography, Hitten face a critical stage in terms of longevity. Might be a weird time to face a singer change, but enter Alex Panza to the fold as this Spanish Read more […]

Once Human – Stage of Evolution (earMUSIC)

With two albums under their belt, a live album wouldn’t have been the move that many expected Once Human to make. Their second album, Evolution, was quite successful though, and aided in rallying many Read more […]

Voivod – The Wake (Century Media)

Admired for blazing their own trails when it came to disparate, oddly shaped chord combinations that could pulsate, progress, and conjure up dynamic atmosphere in light and dark textures – Voivod run Read more […]

Dragonlord – Dominion (Spinefarm)

Going back to the turn of the new millennium, Dragonlord was Testament guitarist Eric Peterson’s black metal side project. The band completed two albums and was seemingly put to bed a few years after Read more […]

Scorched – Ecliptic Butchery (20 Buck Spin)

Scorched has been making the rounds as a newer US death metal act worth getting to know. Through a few well-received demos and 2016’s Echoes of Dismemberment, there’s been buzz building in their direction. Read more […]

Elyose – Reconnexion (Self-Released)

Before much of the metal world became hip to implementing more modern electronic elements, France’s Elyose began perfecting their industrial/electronic/metallic art in 2009. For their third album, the Read more […]

Hell City – Flesh & Bones (Painted Bass Records)

Sometimes it does boggle the mind how some bands build themselves up for years with little notice to the outside world. Hell City is a Belgian act that has a backlog of two full-lengths and an EP before Read more […]

SoulHealer – Up from the Ashes (Rockshots Records)

Returning for their fourth studio album, SoulHealer hail from Finland and perform in an old school melodic heavy metal platform through Up from the Ashes. It’s been four years since their last effort Read more […]

Hessian – Mercenary Retrograde (Urtod Void)

Regular rotating in this scribe’s playlist has been the discography of Hessian – a Maine band that penetrate the heavy music scene through their blend of infectious guitar harmonies, evil melodies, Read more […]

Korpiklaani – Kulkija (Nuclear Blast)

Well-established within the folk metal scene as a band that likes to have some fun with their music, Korpiklaani have built up a large discography. Kulkija is the band’s tenth album to date (in a span Read more […]

156/Silence – Undercover Scumbag (Innerstrength Records)

In the hardcore and metalcore scene, there’s not often a lot of room for experimentation. The straight and direct formula usually finding itself to be the easiest way of expression within music that Read more […]

Dream Child – Until Death Do We Meet Again (Frontiers)

When a record label president asks you to rise to a challenge, musicians often accept. That’s the case for guitarist Craig Goldy – best known in the metal world for his time in Dio, where releases Read more […]

Terror – Total Retaliation (Pure Noise Records)

For all of the evolution of hardcore and its spin-offs and blurring with other genres, sometimes it’s nice to just appreciate ‘the good ole days.’ The times when hardcore was ripe with attitude Read more […]

Dark Sarah – The Golden Moth (Inner Wound Recordings)

An ambitious planned trilogy is finally coming to conclusion with Dark Sarah’s The Golden Moth. The story which started with the title character making their way through The Middle World with Behind Read more […]

Satan – Cruel Magic (Metal Blade)

Sometimes fate sweeps in and deals a better hand the second go-around for certain bands. Case in point: the NWOBHM band Satan. Together since 1979, they released a couple of demos and 7” single before Read more […]

Cultural Warfare – Warmageddon (M-Theory Audio)

Active since 2010, California act Cultural Warfare obviously deliver some form of metal based on moniker alone – and if you would place them in the melodic power/thrash mold, you’d hit the bullseye. Read more […]

Circles – The Last One (Season of Mist)

The djent movement has been producing a large chunk of bands, even if the major wave has seemingly subsided. Circles was actually towards the forefront of this movement if you rewind the clock a ways, Read more […]

Bosse-de-nage – Further Still (The Flenser)

I’ve had a very hot and cold relationship with Bosse-de-Nage over the years. The first two albums didn’t really resonate with me (in truth they still don’t), then after being okay with III, I was Read more […]

Abhorrence – Megalohydrothalassophobic EP (Svart)

A now-familiar refrain: Early death metal band releases a handful of seminal splits and EPs, breaks up in 1990, reforms over two decades later, then, suddenly, they’re interesting and vital. Obviously, Read more […]

Elias Black – Reclamation (Self-Released)

In early high school I found that the world of music was far larger than life up until that point had led me to believe. With the internet (dial-up as it was) I explored with abandon, new things would Read more […]

Windfaerer – Alma (Avantgarde)

Making one obvious left-turn on the black/folk metal sound, New Jersey’s Windfaerer previously make inroads with 2015’s Tenebrosum, a sterling display of breathy extreme metal illuminated by spans Read more […]

Kingcrow- The Persistence (Sensory Records)

Purveyors of progressive metal/rock, Kingcrow hail from Italy and straddle the lines of impressive musicianship while retaining hooks and melodies in a cohesive, structured songwriting format for their Read more […]

Irreversible Mechanism – Immersion (Blood Music)

Coming out of the gates with a much-lauded debut can sometimes work against you. Couple that with being in a two-piece band in which one member leaves, and you have a recipe for some challenging new beginnings. Read more […]

Aborted – TerrorVision (Century Media)

With a string of consistent releases to their credit, along with an embrace of the B-horror movie themes in greater propensity, Aborted have been riding a creative high for some time. While many of past Read more […]

Manimal – Purgatorio (AFM Records)

The third album for Swedish metal band Manimal, Purgatorio aims at the heart of traditional power metal once again providing sturdy riffs, plenty of double kick tempo grooves and soaring melodies. While Read more […]

Heads for the Dead – Serpent’s Curse (Transcending Obscurity)

No matter how many times that this scribe has sat down to listen to Serpent’s Curse, there’s one tag line that seems to come to mind immediately each time: death metal for fans who love death metal. Read more […]

Infera Bruo – Cerement (Prosthetic Records)

I’m never surprised when I encounter well done black metal from New England. The winter season is a marathon experience that seems to never want to let go along the coast (April and its mid 30s was agonizing Read more […]

Thwart – Once Human (Self-Released)

In the thrash game, sometimes it’s difficult to stand out. There are certain approaches that one can take, such as pushing towards the more modern realm or digging in with some meaty grooves once in Read more […]

Fatal Agent – Innocent Victims (Self-Released)

Zeroing in a specific era of energetic thrash from the late 80’s and writing new material cut from that cloth, Fatal Agent call Pennsylvania home and recently released their third demo with Innocent Read more […]