White Ward – Futility Report (Debemur Morti)

Emerging French label Debemur Morti Productions can already lay claim to releasing one of the year’s best albums thus far in Au Champ Des Morts’ Dans la joie. They have another absolute gem on their Read more […]

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze (Metal Blade)

Not playing it straight when it came to death metal always kept God Dethroned in the game. Which is why it was unfortunate when the band hung up their hats a few years ago. Thankfully, they got back Read more […]

Sigil – Kingdom of the Grave (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Death ‘n roll with some d-beat/crust. Certainly more palatable than the latest Swe-death wannabe right? Texas-based Sigil sees the cards are stacked against the traditional old school death worship Read more […]

Enslaved – Roadburn Live (By Norse Music)

Roadburn Live is somewhat of a bittersweet release considering this is the last time keyboardist/clean vocalist Herbrand Larsen will appear on an Enslaved album. A member of the band since 2004, Larsen’s Read more […]

Helker- Firesoul (AFM Records)

What are the chances that Argentinian heavy/power metal band Helker would be unaware that a fellow German group, on the same record label, released a record with the same album title three years prior? Read more […]

Hate – Tremendum (Napalm)

Perpetual death/black proprietors Hate have been doing their thing for many years at this point. In fact, Tremendum sits as the band’s trek into the double-digits in terms of albums (that would be 10). Read more […]

Mountaineer – Sirens & Slumber (Lifeforce)

It was quite the bummer when California atmospheric metal outfit Secrets of the Sky unexpectedly called it quits last year. The band’s 2015 Pathway was a certifiable triumph of atmospheric splendor and Read more […]

Antropofagus – Methods of Resurrection through Evisceration (Comatose Music)

Utter savagery. Some albums need no more than a few words to really get the entire point across. It’s not a negative thing, if the band is doing that one thing well of course. And that gets us to Read more […]

Agresiva – Decibel Ritual (Minotauro Records)

Seems like everywhere you go, thrash not only never went away – in today’s metal market, it’s more active than ever. Package tours hitting small arenas, festival audiences gaining exposure to newcomers Read more […]

Liv Sin – Follow Me (Despotz Records)

With the sudden loss of Sister Sin back in 2015, many wondered what would happen to the rising act – particularly that of frontwoman Liv Jagrell. Thankfully, she has returned with a new band behind Read more […]

Scars of Dust – Just Dust (Sliptrick Records)

There’s always something to be said for ambition in metal. With many content to simply follow the usual trends or relegate themselves to one style, a more blended approach is always one that easier Read more […]

Aeon Prime – Future into Dust (Self-Released)

Starting in 2009, Brazilian quintet Aeon Prime aim to blend a classic metal foundation with originality and vibrancy for the current marketplace. Following up The Poet and the Wind EP release from 2010, Read more […]

Until Rain – Inure (Sensory Records)

Transforming under three different monikers from 2004-2009 to finally settle on Until Rain, this Greek progressive metal sextet has two previous albums and an EP in terms of career work. Although for Read more […]

Cult of Luna – Years in a Day DVD (Indie Recordings)

Realizing that a ceaseless touring schedule would lead to burnout, Swedish post-metal demigods Cult of Luna decided to scale down their live workload. Touring may be one of the few legitimate ways a band Read more […]

Wear Your Wounds – WYW (Deathwish Inc.)

Arguably the best frontman in metallic hardcore, Converge’s Jacob Bannon has made a career out of whiplashing audiences with his caustic, yet thoughtful bark. Really, you could spot the man’s voice Read more […]

Saule – Saule (Avantgarde Music)

If there was a detector that helped compartmentalize lesser post-metal bands into the dustbin, then it would have been discovered by now. It has become convenient for bands to tag themselves as such, employ Read more […]

Assaulter – Meat Grinder (EBM Records)

The long-term appeal of speedy thrash resides in the intensity of riffs, tempos, and vocals that combine for vicious songs. A rabid animal that can be tenacious, a tad unpredictable, yet cause massive Read more […]

Disincarnation – By the Old Gods and the New (Self-Released)

By 2017, most metal scribes undoubtedly grab their pitchforks when yet another band identifies themselves as old school death metal. Perhaps that’s part of the motivation behind Disincarnation’s self-description Read more […]

Les Discrets – Prédateurs (Prophecy Productions)

If a playbook was ever needed on how to handle the dreaded “directional change” album, then Fursy Teyssier of France’s Les Discrets should be the author. Firmly embedded in the post-rock and metal Read more […]

Cerebral Extinction – Necro Parasite Anomaly (Amputated Vein Records)

It’s been a good year for Italian death metal. We’ve gotten new Hour of Penance and Hideous Divinity and albums from Bloodtruth and Devangelic await in the future to come. Cerebral Extinction’s Read more […]

Gravil – No More Forgiveness (Self-Released)

Thrashy melodic death metal with groove is what you’ll get with English act Gravil’s second release, No More Forgiveness. Coming four years removed from their last album, it delivers about what you’d Read more […]

Ancient Ascendant – Raise the Torch (Candlelight/Spinefarm)

Entombed’s 1993 Wolverine Blues was the approximate moment when rock and roll became comfy bedfellows with death metal. Before, death metal lacked swagger or even humor. It was (deathly) serious and Read more […]

Crypt Rot – Embryonic Devils (Southern Lord)

Running across an extreme metal act that doesn’t immediately label itself as one thing or another is becoming more and more rare in these times. Many bands see fit to copy what’s directly in front Read more […]

Tehom – The Merciless Light (Blood Harvest)

This probably matters to weak-of-brain journalists like yours truly, but Sweden’s Tehom only have a Myspace page to their online presence. Really, it’s a commendable approach; a veritable middle-finger Read more […]

Pyramaze – Contingent (Inner Wound Recordings)

Back on a regular every other year recording schedule, things are indeed on the upswing in the Pyramaze camp. Hot off their impressive 2015 Disciples of the Sun album and a Progpower USA appearance last Read more […]

Vandroya – Beyond the Human Mind (Inner Wound Recordings)

Always a pleasant treat to find a band that comes from out of nowhere and impresses you. Though certainly not for some, as Vandroya released their first full-length (One) in 2013 after a number of years Read more […]

Adamantine – Heroes & Villains (Allegiance Recordings)

Adamantine – a term meaning rigid or unyielding, yet this scribe can’t see it without thinking instead of Wolverine’s claws. Though technically that would still work in terms of the claws. Regardless, Read more […]

Life of Agony – A Place Where There’s No More Pain (Napalm)

Life of Agony came through the gates hard with their unique debut River Runs Red back in 1993. Taking hardcore, sludge, and punk influences with knack for melodies – many have sung the album’s praises Read more […]

Heart Attack – The Resilience (Apathia Records)

When needing more groove or modern thump to a tried and true sub-genre such as thrash comes into play, many European acts get it. Meaning – they know how to create strong melodic hooks and penetrating Read more […]

Fjoergyn – Lvcifer es (Lifeforce)

The point of avant-garde black metal is to not make things easy. “Difficult” wouldn’t be the right word, for that insinuates the music is subpar; “not easy” is perhaps the way to go. If bands Read more […]