Suffering Hour – In Passing Ascension (Blood Harvest)

Death metal, or subterranean death metal for that matter, is without a real guitar hero. Obviously, the style doesn’t call for it, having become the murky, ugly stepbrother to a sound that was already Read more […]

Accept – The Rise of Chaos (Nuclear Blast)

The resurrection of Accept passed the point of validity once Blood of the Nations and Stalingrad received rapturous response on a fan level – beyond the critics that have been clamoring the veteran band’s Read more […]

Ye Banished Privateers – First Night Back in Port (Napalm)

Rewind two decades ago and the whole “pirate” thing was a joke. Founded and subsequently cornered by Hamburg metal outfit Running Wild, “pirate metal” was a one-band pursuit for such a significant Read more […]

Hero’s Last Rite – Wasted Prayer (Self-Released)

The Canadian thrash attack continues with Hero’s Last Rite – active for almost a decade with two previous albums under their belt (this scribe privy to the second The Mirror’s Face back in 2014), Read more […]

Jeopardy – You’re Doing It Wrong (Self-Released)

Coming on my aural landscape due to guitarist John ‘Boozer’ Short and his work at Promotorhead Enterainment for Vermont shows, it’s exciting to hear a crossover thrash quartet embody a sense of fun Read more […]

Vaiya – Remnant Light Reissue (Nordvis Produktion / Bindrune Recordings)

Bust out your stopwatches, for here’s a band who is coy enough to release an album with three songs that are exactly 13 minutes long apiece. You could almost see the chopping, editing, alterations and Read more […]

Protean Collective – Collapse (Self-Released)

Melding together and eclectic progressive metal environment influence-wise, Boston’s Protean Collective make an immediate impression – they certainly mesmerized this scribe when watching the band open Read more […]

NYN – Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt (Vmbrella)

One could probably just call the latest NYN album “Chaos” and be done with it. Of all the albums in recent memory, this one is just about as chaotic you can get with technical death metal and still Read more […]

Flynn Effect – Obsidian (Self-Released)

The Flynn Effect states that since the 1930s, the IQ of the world has increased to this date. While one might scratch their head at this given some of the state of the world affairs, we aren’t here Read more […]

End of the Dream – Until You Break (Painted Bass Records)

Ever wondered what would happen if Evanescence decided to channel their more metallic and symphonic aspects to move into a slightly heavier direction? While the Dutch quintet are certainly more than that Read more […]

Loviatar – Loviatar (Prosthetic)

The success of Beastmilk opened up a lot of doors for any band even remotely resembling “post-” metal or punk. The simple idea of “post” means going beyond whatever the convention is, so if it Read more […]

Aeverium – Time (Out of Line Music)

Always a treat to find an album that defies a quick and easy classification. There’s a lot of attributes that can be pinned to Aeverium’s second album, Time, but none really give enough of a solid Read more […]

Soul Remnants – Ouroboros (eOne)

Any band’s third studio album represents a pinnacle moment in their career. Especially in metal – mere mention of The Number of the Beast, Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood, or for death metal maniacs, Read more […]

The Shadeless Emperor – Ashbled Shores (WormHoleDeath)

Epic, guitar-driven melodic death metal. A phrase that will definitely beckon the call for many of us on the DR staff. Not the modern, more poppy take, but the good ole melodic death metal that harkens Read more […]

From the Hellmouth/Mutilatred – Split (Redefining Darkness Records/Seeing Red Records)

Sometimes there’s nothing better than hitting up a split release and discovering two worthy bands. While this is neither band’s first release, it’s the first time this scribe has encountered this Read more […]

Tau Cross – Pillar of Fire (Relapse)

Standing next to this scribe during Voivod’s early 2016 appearance in Pittsburgh, ace drummer Jon Rice (Behemoth, Scorpion Child, Job for a Cowboy, et al) made the comment on how distinctive Michel “Away” Read more […]

Afterbirth – The Time Traveler’s Dilemma (Unique Leader)

Afterbirth is a perfect example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ or in this case, don’t judge the album by the first few notes. The there and back again act (who dissolved in the early ‘90s Read more […]

Integral – Resilience (Ghastly Music)

Thinking of Italian death metal squads usually calls to mind the fastest of the fast-type material. Blistering technicality and speed all rolled into one. In the case of Integral, they don’t really Read more […]

Abhorrent Decimation – The Pardoner (Prosthetic)

Already building some buzz after a strong debut in Miasmic Mutation, Abhorrent Decimation then signed with Prosthetic Records to continue moving forward with their brand of modern death metal. For their Read more […]

Accelerator – Anthropophagy Outbreak (Self-Released)

Often long-winded descriptions when it comes to metal bands in their background information need to be taken very lightly. When it reaches four/five sub-genre level, it borders on ridiculous. In the case Read more […]

Rage – Seasons of the Black (Nuclear Blast/Metalville)

Quick: Name the band who had their name changed without their knowledge prior to their debut album hitting record store racks? That would be Rage, who suffered such an indignity at the hands of Noise Records Read more […]

Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi (Nuclear Blast)

Despite a seven year wait since their last album, Polarity, there never seemed to be a decrease in the hype for a new album from the revered act. Due to some touring here and there, nor was there a thought Read more […]

Beyond Grace – Seekers (Self-Released)

Who says death metal can’t coincide with intelligence? With more progressive and technical elements entering the genre on a regular basis, just because the genre can bludgeon the listener with pure Read more […]

Katana Cartel – War Part 1 (Self-Released)

Formed in 2012 over a mutual love of classic heavy/power metal and blues based hard rock by guitarists Rob Georgievski and Aidan Le Gassick, natural lineup shuffles and growing pains took place over a Read more […]

Byzantine – The Cicada Tree (Metal Blade)

Everyone’s favorite metallic underdog, West Virginia’s Byzantine, are back with their sixth offering with the fittingly titled The Cicada Tree. Some growing legions have shown their ardent support Read more […]

Integrity – Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume (Relapse)

Incendiary metallic hardcore legends Integrity have never been ones to play it straight. While other hardcore acts entrenched themselves with the tough-guy bravados and breakdown central, Integrity have Read more […]

Rings of Saturn – Ultu Ulla (Nuclear Blast)

By the time one reaches a fourth album, most bands have locked in what they are going to do. They are either going to put out more of the same with subsequent offerings, or dip their toes and show they Read more […]

Sanctifyre – Immortal Champions (Self-Released)

The Pacific Northwest contains a swirl of younger heavy metal musicians ready to put that territory back on the map – remember the first go around with Queensrÿche, Metal Church, Sanctuary and the like? Read more […]

From Eden to Exile – Modern Disdain (Attic Records)

Avoiding the allure and/or songwriting fail-safe that is the beatdown has proven a difficult task for many a young band. You can pull up just about any XYZ band formed after 2012 and find the usual formula: Read more […]

The Acacia Strain – Gravebloom (Rise)

To stay pissed…or not to stay pissed, that is the long-running question regarding The Acacia Strain. The band has built a career out of being arguably one of the most vitriolic metalcore bands around, Read more […]