Death Angel – Relentless Retribution (Nuclear Blast Records)

Many have gotten in the habit of stacking all of the old-school, Bay Area thrash bands up against one another, which isn’t all that surprising – it’s probably what happened during the 80’s too. Read more […]

Rattlehead – Tales From the Gutter (Self-Released)

The second generation of thrash seems to have as much impact on audiences worldwide as the first one I grew up savoring. As long as the passion and talent focus on the songwriting and less about writing Read more […]

System Divide – The Conscious Sedation (Metal Blade Records)

A multi-national act that dips into Israel (of all places) thanks to singer Miri Milman’s (ex-Distorted) involvement, System Divide is decidedly American-sounding, rife with pummelling deathcore chugs Read more […]

The Crown – Doomsday King (Century Media Records)

Hard to fuck with The Crown, you know? They ended things a bit too early in 2004 after years of slugging it away on the death metal club circuit, broke, destitute, and oft-overlooked. ‘Tis a crime, actually, Read more […]

Otargos – No God, No Satan (Season of Mist Records)


Raunchy – A Discord Electric (Lifeforce Records)

It’s easy to forget just how poppy and utterly non-metal Raunchy can be. After making significant headway with 2004’ s excellent Confusion Bay, the Danes have gradually settled into a niche few want Read more […]

King of Asgard – Fi’mbulvintr (Metal Blade Records)

All has been relatively quiet this year on the epic/Pagan metal front (thank you, sweet Odin), which could be why King of Asgard’s relatively by-the-book take on said style works in spades. It’s the Read more […]

Shadowgarden – Ashen (Napalm Records)

It could be the case that within every black-shrouded Goth metal dude/chick, there’s a commercial, radio-friendly side waiting to burst out. For Draconian’s Andreas Hindenas and Johan Ericsson, Shadowgarden Read more […]

Accept – Blood of the Nations (Nuclear Blast Records)

Let’s be honest – when you decide to replace a well known vocalist such as Udo Dirkschneider, the public and critical knives will be sharp and ready to strike if anything less comes out from a classic Read more […]

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier (EMI Records)

Boy, Maiden sure is making a lot of people wonder with this album title. If this truly is the “final frontier,” then let’s forget the last several legs, ’cause The Final Frontier is another skirtish, Read more […]

Korzus – Discipline of Hate (AFM Records)

This Brazilian thrash act has been a part of the scene since 1983 as one of the pioneers of the movement along with Sepultura and Sarcofago. Attempting to break in the US market like some of their peers, Read more […]

October Tide – A Thin Shell (Candlelight Records)

Leaving Katatonia. It’s not like leaving Las Vegas or leaving Metallica to play for Voivod (ref. Jason Newsted), but in these circles, it’s quite the leap. Yet with those leaps, comes opportunity, Read more […]

Tristania – Rubicon (Napalm Records)

Once at the forefront of the female-fronted Goth metal scene, Norway’s Tristania have gradually descended into the pits of mediocrity. Their 2000 release, Beyond the Veil is still a stylistic milestone, Read more […]

Drudkh – Handful of Stars (Season of Mist Records)

Perhaps best known for their unabashed Burzum worship, Ukrainian black metal ensemble Drudkh have made the next logical career step with Handful of Stars and in turn, have popped out one of the year’s Read more […]

Lantlôs – Neon (Prophecy Productions/Lupus Lounge)

Can someone come up with a name for Neige (Alcest) and his French art-metal comrades? Blistering is at a loss, primarily because we’re overtaken once again by a project involving the Alcest mainman and Read more […]

Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth (Evillive/The End Records)

Sheesh Glenn, can your vocals get any higher in the mix? Not like this is a surprise or anything – there are few acts as egocentric as Danzig, which probably has a lot do with the man’s longevity. It’s Read more […]

Blind Guardian – At the Edge of Time (Nuclear Blast Records)

Blind Guardian peaked with Nightfall in Middle Earth. Let’s not kid ourselves or even try to deem A Night at the Opera or A Twist in the Myth as comparable, ’cause they’re not. Such a conundrum is Read more […]

October File – Our Souls To You (Candlelight Records)

Someone’s been following CNN…or the BBC. Or any news outlet, reputable or not. On October File’s third full length, Our Souls To You, the steaming social and political commentary serves to highlight Read more […]

The Acacia Strain – Wormwood (Prosthetic Records)

The Acacia Strain have made a career out of sprouting negativity from every orifice of their beatdown-loving asses, and naturally, Wormwood is no exception. The band have all but given up trying to create Read more […]

Triosphere – The Road Less Traveled (AFM Records)

What is this? Smart, savvy, free-of-pretense progressive metal? And it’s from Norway? Sweet Jebus, what is the world coming to? The Road Less Travelled is the band’s second album, demonstrating Read more […]

Kataklysm – Heaven’s Venom (Nuclear Blast Records)

The Canadian hyper-blast death machine rolls on as Heaven’s Venom careens against the public for Kataklysm’s 11th studio record. A testament to undying commitment to their style, the quartet know Read more […]

Pro-Pain – Absolute Power (AFM Records)

Is there a more workmanlike band than Pro-Pain? Gary Meskil and crew have long stuck to their metal-infused hardcore roots, rarely straying from the beaten path and along the way, producing some quality, Read more […]

36 Crazyfists – Collisions and Castaways (Ferret Music)

Always found these native Alaskans to offer more than the standard-variety metalcore, even going back to their halcyon Roadrunner Days, where they teetered dangerously on the nu metal side of the fence. Read more […]

Norma Jean – Meridonial (Razor & Tie Records)

The cream of the crop when it comes to discussing anything “Christian” and “metal”-related, Atlanta’s Norma Jean have managed to outclass their contemporaries via a slew of unconventional and obtuse albums, Read more […]

Silent Civilian – Ghost Stories (Century Media Records/Mediaskare)

No matter how hard one tries, you can’t outrun your nu metal past, just ask Devildriver’s Dez Farfara and Silent Civilian’s Johnny Santos. The stigma placed on both bands probably prevents them from Read more […]

Nox Aurea – Ascending In Triumph (Napalm Records)

How the word “triumph” ended up in an album title for a depressive doom metal band is puzzling. There’s nothing triumphant about doom metal unless your name is Messiah Marcolin and you’re doom Read more […]

Aaron Aites/Aubrey Ewell – Until the Light Takes Us DVD (Variance Films)

Black metal hasn’t been able to hide in its once-reclusive sphere in eons, so it was only a matter of time before it became the subject of a feature film, which Until the Light Takes Us is. Released Read more […]

Zoroaster – Matador (E1 Music)

If there’s an “Atlanta sound,” Zoroaster are doing their best to move away from it. Frankly, this distortion-laden, one-string, simplistic doom thing has gotten out of hand and is reaching epidemic Read more […]

Early Man – Death Potion (The End Records)

Early Man might be in the same discussion with bands like Enforcer, White Wizzard, and Holy Grail had they followed up 2005’s Closing In a tad more quickly. Like, much more quickly, especially in Read more […]

Aeon – Path of Fire (Metal Blade Records)

Virtually the Deicide of the modern era, Aeon haven’t quite turned God-bashing into the same sideshow that Glen Benton did, but they’re doing their best. Because of the advent of digital promos, we are Read more […]