Hacride – Lazarus (Listenable Records)

Lots to wrestle and grapple with on this one…Hacride, as described by their bio as a mix of Gojira, Meshuggah, and Neurosis (nice one) have found themselves in that transient cyber-metal void that not Read more […]

Isis – Wavering Radiant (Ipecac Records)

Crucial, vital, explosive Isis…that’s what we’re getting with Wavering Radiant. Sure, there was a bit of letdown with 2006’s In the Absence of Truth, but fact of the matter is the band could Read more […]

Cauldron – Chained to the Nite (Earache Records)

Formed after the demise of Goat Horn (one of Toronto’s most revered metal bands), Cauldron slides ever-so-nicely into the classic metal pantheon.Chained to the Nite takes a nice little side-swipe at Read more […]

Nadja – When I See the Sun Always Shines On TV (The End Records)

Having put out numerous albums, splits and EPs since their inception in 2003, along with touring, this Canadian duo don’t deserve to take any harsh criticism for putting out a covers record. The thing Read more […]

Old Man’s Child – Slaves of the World (Century Media Records)

With Dimmu Borgir in the throes of yet another lengthy break (talk about your momentum killers…) lead guitarist Galder returns with the seventh Old Man’s Child album in the form of Slaves of the Read more […]

Daath – The Concealers (Roadrunner/Century Media Records)

Very interesting, this union between metal label heavyweights Roadrunner and Century Media. Has the industry really shrunk this much? God help us all if it has… Anyway, this label partnership should Read more […]

Candlemass – Death Magic Doom (Nuclear Blast Records)

By all accounts, this is not the best Candlemass album since Nightfall, contrary to what Leif Edling says, but it’s still a marvel, jam-packed with classic doom goodies that go on and on. The second Read more […]

Arise – The Reckoning (Regain Records)

Ah, melodic death metal done right. We’re quickly running out of bands like Arise, who while following the melo-death playbook play-for-play, are equally as competent, if not jarringly memorable. In Read more […]

General Surgery – Corpus In Extremis (Listenable Records)

Carcass worship at its finest, it’s most “exhumed,” so to speak. Veteran Swedish death metallers General Surgery have made a career out of aping Carcass circa 1991 and considering how well the recently Read more […]

Amesoeurs – Amesoeurs (Profound Lore Records)

Anyone bowled over by the blissful serenity of Alcest’s Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde will no doubt be charmed by Amesoeurs. The “other” project for Alcest mainman Niege, Amesoeurs are a revealing Read more […]

Despised Icon – Montreal Assault DVD (Century Media Records)

Notoriously delayed, Montreal Assault suffered from a litany of problems on the manufacturing side of things, causing its released to be pushed back from a proposed fall of 2008 release to now. Nevertheless, Read more […]

Burning Human – Resurrection Through Fire (E1 Music)

The new/old/but now side-project band of Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner, Burning Human takes a couple pages and then some from the creative wasteland that was mid-90’s American death metal. Bittner Read more […]

Hellsaw – Cold (Napalm Records)

The name “Hellsaw” won’t strike fear into anyone and with song titles like “Psycho Pastor” and “I Saw Hell,” one could almost write this off as slap-stick black metal. Yet it’s not and Cold is Read more […]

Sirenia – The 13th Floor (Nuclear Blast Records)

Methinks Sirenia will take quite the tomato tossing for The 13th Floor from some less-than forgiving members of the metal press, but you gotta hand it to these Nords: the bulk of these songs are sticky-sweet, Read more […]

Mono – Hymn To the Immortal Wind (Conspiracy Records)

The first thing you’ll notice about the latest Mono album, their fifth, is the packaging – the booklet and artwork tying into the story of the music, giving a further dimension to this stunning piece Read more […]

The Boy Will Drown – Fetish (Earache Records)

Earache Records have a brand new fetish and it comes in the form of The Boy Will Drown. Get beyond the clunky name and you’ll soon find yourself elbow deep in dirty, filthy, jazzy grindcore that’ll Read more […]

Lord Mantis – Spawning the Nephilim (Seventh Rule Recordings)

Featuring ex members of Nachtmystium and current members of Indian, one approached Spawning the Nephilim with a degree of hopeful trepidation, if that makes sense. You see, Nachtmystium are great and Read more […]

Mastodon – Crack the Skye (Reprise/Sire)

Lots of derision around this one; Crack the Skye is not the bruiser people were expecting to it be, but if it’s anything, it’s more rich, wide, and built-out than 2006’s Blood Mountain. Those Read more […]

Wolf – Ravenous (Century Media Records)

Wolf is not the first band mentioned when discussion opens on retro metal, but by golly, they’re probably the best throwback metal band going. Starting with 2002’s signpost Black Wings, the Swedes Read more […]

Heaven and Hell – The Devil You Know (Rhino Records)

Heaven And Hell, Black Sabbath, Dio and the boys. Whatever you want to call it, there’s been high anticipation for this release – a tour which absolutely blew away everyone who caught them live, some Read more […]

Altar of Plagues – White Tomb (Profound Lore Records)

At times, White Tomb just floors you. Just like Isis did circa Panopticon or Cult of Luna when they’re not fucking around. Yeah, it drifts into metalgaze territory more than once and that’s fine, Read more […]

October Tide – Rain Without End (Reissue) (Vic Records/Candlelight)

The final missing piece in the vaunted Katatonia-related side project catalog, the reissue of October Tide’s Rain Without End is an absolute must-have. Recorded in 1995 when singer/drummer Jonas Renske Read more […]

Hatesphere – To the Nines (Napalm Records)

Some major turnover going on in the Hatesphere camp, with longtime throat Jacob Bredahl leaving the Danish thrashers in late 2007. Hardly a death-knell, the band has regrouped with razor-lunged Jonathan Read more […]

Saros – Acrid Plains (Profound Lore Records)

We’ll forego any silly metaphors in regards to Acrid Plains and how unbelievably awesome its opening title track is and how the rest of the album pales in comparison. Guess that’s what an opening Read more […]

Therapy? – Crooked Timber (DR2 Records)

Twelve albums in (if you include EP’s Babyteeth and Pleasure Death) and Northern Ireland rockers Therapy? are still going strong. Better than ever actually when you get down to it and really start Read more […]

Wolves In the Throne Room – Black Cascade (Southern Lord Records)

Their stance as nature-worshiping, old-fashioned heathens (the kind, civilized ones) now fully exposed and understood, WITTR proves they are of equal substance and style with Black Cascade. Not like they weren’t before, Read more […]

Khors – Mysticism (Paragon Records)

Hard to peg this one down, something we’ve grown accustomed to when tackling the wide assortment of bands on Paragon Records. Khors call the Ukraine home and claim black metal is their forte, but that Read more […]

My Dying Bride – For Lies I Sire (Peaceville Records)

The violin is back and almost instantly, you can’t help but surrender to its enormous weight and depth. No band has made better use of the instrument (sorry Kansas), so its return from an 11-year absence Read more […]

God Is An Astronaut – God Is An Astronaut (Revive Records)

Okay, so they might not be a metal band in the strictest sense but metal can be a rather malleable substance. If you’ve yet to discover this Irish trio but are a fan of Isis, Red Sparowes, Grails, 65daysofstatic Read more […]

Crimfall – As the Path Unfolds… (Napalm Records)

Good lord, another Pagan/epic metal band. They’re coming out of the woodwork and fast, almost too fast. This stuff is going to burn out pretty quickly, something we mused about last year, but hey, can’t Read more […]