Brainstorm – On the Spur of the Moment (AFM Records)

Perhaps realizing that last year’s Memorial Roots wasn’t up to snuff, German metallers Brainstorm quickly bounced back into the studio to record On the Spur of the Moment, an album that is less Read more […]

Acherontas – Vamachara (Agonia Records)

As an indication of Acherontas and Vamachara’s all-around blasé nature, it took Blistering roughly a month and over a dozen listens to type this review. Sure, other things have gotten in the way, most Read more […]

Rue – Thorns (Shifty Records)

Last heard from in 2003 (which frankly, seems like eons ago), Midwestern sludge metallers Rue return with Thorns, their second full-length. While their extended absence might have provided them with ample Read more […]

Ptahil – For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory (Wraith Productions)

Sometimes, atmosphere is everything. Granted, it’s not more important than actual songs (counting bands that you know, can actually write), but certain styles of metal lend to it sounding a certain Read more […]

Cormorant – Dwellings (Self-Released)

Considering the propensity for most labels to sign everything that breathes, it’s a tad surprising no one has picked up San Francisco’s Cormorant yet. Perhaps they don’t want to be signed…or they’re Read more […]

Holy – Holy EP (Hell, Yes! Records)

Brutish, fast-paced and intense. If that sounds like your idea of a good time then get on board for Holy. This bunch of Italian grind-punks are here to flay the skin from your bones across eight tracks Read more […]

Morbus Chron – Sleepers in the Rift (Pulverised Records)

Outside of copying Left Hand Path note-for-note, there probably isn’t a better way to create the vaunted Stockholm death metal sound than having former Entombed mastermind Nicke Andersson produce one’s Read more […]

The Man-Eating Tree – Harvest (Century Media Records)

Doubtful this one is going to get a North American release, prompting Blistering to again, use alternate means of tracking down the album. Not like it totally matters – you can probably find the coordinates Read more […]

Vektor – Outer Isolation (Heavy Artillery)

The gap between technical thrash and not-so technical thrash is noticeable, especially if you’ve been hit over the head repeatedly with denim-sporting mongrels who are barely old enough to drink. To Read more […]

Blood Mortized – Bestial EP (Chaos Records)

The regurgitation of Stockholm death metal that has been going down of late is close to careening out of control. Such a shame, for it could minimize the masterworks of Dismember, Entombed, and Grave, Read more […]

Wolvhammer – The Obsidian Plains (Profound Lore Records)

Yet another good pickup for Profound Lore, Minneapolis/Chicago-based blackened sludge metallers Wolvhammer prove to be an ideal fit for the increasingly discordant and varied USBM sound. With the root Read more […]

Illnath – The Third Act in the Theatre of Madness (Pitch Black Records)

A less flashy, “poor woman’s” version of Arch Enemy, Danish melodic death metallers Illnath make good use of raspy, practically androgynous female vocals on their third album, The Third Act in the Read more […]

Infernal Legion – The Spear of Longinus (Moribund Records)

A card-carrying member of the old-school North American death metal club since 1999, Washington’s Infernal Legion make due with a simplistic, yet churning brand of death metal on The Spear of Longinus, Read more […]

Encoffination – O’ Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres (Selfmadegod Records)

On more than a few occasions this calendar year, we’ve blabbed incessantly about the pros and cons of funeral doom, or bands that at least have ingredients of funeral doom in their sound. Since 2011 Read more […]

Arckanum – Helvítismyrkr (Season of Mist Records)

Quite the back story around Sweden’s Arckanum, most of which we didn’t know about until our internet sleuthing abilities kicked into gear. Main (and only) dude Johan “Shamaatae” Lahger initially spent Read more […]

Sarah Jezebel Deva – The Corruption of Mercy (Listenable Records)

Rare when an artist owns up to one of their works being a dud. Most metal blowhards push the regular taglines of greatness, and frankly, it gets old after a while. Perhaps if everyone was a little more Read more […]

Chasma – Declarations of the Grand Artificer (Moribund Records)

Spawned by Agalloch and popularized more recently by Wolves In the Throne Room, the Cascadian black metal scene is gradually swelling. Limited to the Northwest part of the United States (specifically the Read more […]

Svarttjern – Towards the Ultimate (Agonia Records)

If we were to have a checklist for “troo” Norwegian black metal, then Svarttjern would meet the criteria (and get a lot of checkmarks). From the band’s corpse-painted image, to the indecipherable logo, Read more […]

The Fallen Divine – The Binding Cycle (Self-Released)

Being signed doesn’t always lend credence to a band, and vice-versa: some unsigned bands are infinitely better than signed bands. And for someone that was once in an unsigned band before getting signed, Read more […]

Czar – Vertical Mass Grave (Crack Nation)

Maybe we should all set up shop in Chicago and just watch bands appear before our eyes. The city probably has more metal bands per capita at this point than any other city in North America (note: They Read more […]

Riot – Immortal Soul (SPV Records)

Long a well-respected name inside American metal circles, Riot has reunited with their classic Thundersteel-era lineup for the release of Immortal Soul, their 14th studio album. Playing faster than any Read more […]

Lonely Kamel – Dust Devil (Napalm Records)

Pepper Keenan-fronted Corrosion of Conformity never got its just due, you know? Subtracting 2000’s pedestrian America’s Volume Dealer, the Southern-bred metallers were at one point considered the Read more […]

Abnormal Thought Patterns – Abnormal Thought Patterns (CynNormal Lab Recordings)

As identifiable-sounding as anyone in the progressive metal scene, the brothers Tipton (Jasun and Troy of Cynthesis) are capping off an already successful 2011 with the release of their instrumental project, Read more […]

Eternal Gray – Your Gods, My Enemies (Season of Mist Records)

Few reference points exist for Israeli metal outside of Orphaned Land, who operate entirely on their own exotic plane. The rest of the bands that have come from this area have failed to make a dent, Read more […]

Ecnephias – Inferno (Scarlet Records)

Not terribly distant from the early grandiose works of Rotting Christ (circa the mesmerizing Triarchy of the Lost Lovers) and Crematory (who are getting more and more nods of late), Italy’s Ecnephias Read more […]

Tsjuder – Legion Helvete (Season of Mist Records)

Assuredly the last terrific album of 2011, Legion Helvete, the fourth full length from Norwegian black metal contenders Tsjuder is a breath of fresh air. Not that 2011 was lousy or lackluster (it was Read more […]

Nachtblut – Antik (Napalm Records)

Formed in 2005 and ineffectively dubbed as “dark metal,” Germany’s Nachtblut snagged a deal with the venerable Napalm Records, who decided to re-release the band’s 2009’s Antik. As German-sounding as Read more […]

Screaming Shadows – Night Keeper (Jolly Roger Records)

Strange to see a guitar virtuoso take a backset in his own band. As history has shown us, these type of gents will find every reason to meander off into a pointless guitar pyro section, oftentimes forsaking Read more […]

Giant Squid – Cenotes EP (Translation Loss Records)

One of the major players in the artsy San Francisco metal scene, Giant Squid to this point, have made a career out of being left-field without being tooleft-field, if that makes any sense. 2009’s The Read more […]

East of the Wall – The Apologist (Translation Loss Records)

Running the power sweep right through progressive metal’s tonal and gentle underbelly, East of the Wall are essentially how post-metal would sound if the style’s bands had more of a musical pedigree. Read more […]