Revocation – Existence Is Futile (Relapse Records)

A more realized and healthy proposition over retro thrash, Boston’s Revocation display a virtual riff-o-rama on their Relapse debut, Existence Is Futile. Not only is this 11-song platter technically Read more […]

Suffocation – The Close of a Chapter: Live In Quebec (Relapse Records)

Here’s a shaky proposition: a death metal live album. Just about all of the big names have done one and they’ve all failed in their own right. Methinks no one is reaching for When Satan Lives over Legion or Entangled Read more […]

Otargos – Fuck God-Disease Process (Season of Mist/Underground Activists)

Not only is Fuck God-Disease Process the black metal album title of the year, it’s the black metal album title of the decade. We’ve waited nine long years for a title like this, so Otargos better Read more […]

Vetus Obscurum – Blood Revelations (Debemur Morti)

USBM of the Northwestern variety, meaning it’s not Wolves of the Throne Room, but yeah, there’s some parallels. Essentially the project of one Numinas (who also does time as drummer in American death Read more […]

Austrian Death Machine – Double Brootal (Metal Blade Records)

This is dumb, but “funny dumb,” if you will. The second album from this Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying) side-project, Double Brootal is a 2-CD tribute to actor/current California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Read more […]

Bone Gnawer – Feast on Flesh (Pulverised Records)

At its core, death metal is at its most dominating when the onus is on simplicity and brutality. There’s no real trick to it – some bands have it (i.e. Jungle Rot, the subject of our review, Bone Read more […]

Pestilential Shadows – In Memoriam, Ill Omen (Pulverised Records)

Leave it up to a black metal band to give itself yet another outlandish tag. This time, it’s “Anti-human plague black metal” from Australian primitive black metallers Pestilential Shadows and yeah, Read more […]

Bleeding Fist – Bestial Kruzifix666ion (Moribund Records)

Credit Moribund with this: they always seem to find the most deranged and off-the-grid extreme metal bands. From Ayat to Dodsferd to Brown Jenkins and pretty much anyone else on the roster, the label has Read more […]

Aetherius Obscuritas – Black Medicine (Paragon Records)

The infusion of melody into black metal is forever a source of debate. In its glory years, melody was a huge (for lack of a better term) no-no, thus preserving the sanctity and “trueness” of its craft. Read more […]

Armed for Apocalypse – Defeat (Ironclad Recordings/Metal Blade)

In its applicable form, heaviness is applied on Defeat. We often make conjectures as to how Band A is “heavy as this” and Band B is “heavy as that,” but Armed for Apocalypse spare no concessions Read more […]

Bibleblack – The Black Swan Epilogue (Vic Records/Candelight)

With Mercyful Fate on hold for what seems like an eternity (1999’s 9 needs to be followed-up in a serious way), its members continue to pop up in new bands. No different than when guitarist Hank Shermann Read more […]

The Destro – Harmony of Discord (Ironclad Recordings/Metal Blade)

The Pantera ship has sailed long ago, unless you’re Throwdown or the band in question, The Destro. On one hand, the band’s simplistic and punch-in-the-gut tactics are a welcome respite from most of Read more […]

The Red Chord – Fed Through the Teeth Machine (Metal Blade Records)

A band that often finds itself in the crosshairs of the modern death and grindcore scenes, The Red Chord continue to adapt their well-honed blend of DM into new territory with Fed Through the Teeth Machine. Read more […]

Drudkh – Forgotten Legends (Season of Mist/Underground Legends)

Wisely getting the reissue treatment from Season of Mist subsidiary Underground Activists, Forgotten Legends is the 2003 debut album from Ukrainian black metallers Drudkh. In the span of six years, this Read more […]

Swallow the Sun – New Moon (Spinefarm Records)

The Finns are gradually becoming less and less of a well-kept secret, which should only heighten the impact of New Moon, an album that eclipses the underwhelming Hope from two years ago. Swallow the Read more […]

Dark Tranquillity – Where Death Is Most Alive (Century Media Records)

[7.5/10] Now the lone, sole flag-bearer of the Gothenburg melodic death metal sound, Dark Tranquillity gets reflective and retrospective on Where Death Is Most Alive. Comprised of a 2-CD live show and Read more […]

Krallice – Dimensional Bleedthrough (Profound Lore Records)

A quick turnaround from the face-melter that was last year’s self-titled effort, New York-based USBM merchants Krallice return with Dimensional Bleedthrough, a marginal advancement of their hyper, frenetic Read more […]

Nocturnal Fear – Metal of Honor (Moribund Records)

Michigan death-thrash act comprising two official members in Rev. Chris Slavehunter Ph.D on guitars and bass with Aggressor on drums as session screamer Doomy G. Blackthrash handles the vocals. They’ve Read more […]

Expulsion – Wasteworld (Deepsend Records)

Those well-entrenched in the underground may think this Explusion means a resurrection of the Swedish death troop who released two albums in the mid-90’s before dissolving in 1999. However, you would Read more […]

Mr. Death – Detached For Life (Agonia Records)

Dig the name actually, sorta like a “Mr. Big” of death metal, one has to think, although Mr. Death is mostly comprised of cast-offs from Treblinka and Tiamat, so super group this is not. Anyhow, it’s Read more […]

Emmure – Felony (Victory Records)

Perhaps it was inevitable that all of these garbage deathcore bands started to revisit their nu metal roots. Did anyone believe any of these bands (i.e. Suicide Silence, The Acacia Strain, et al, and the Read more […]

Pelican – What We All Come To Need (Southern Lord Records)

Really, there is no way for Pelican to top 2005’s The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw. Its follow-up, 2007’s City of Echoes has been resolute, even if it doesn’t contain the striking Read more […]

Between the Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect (Victory Records)

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, revelatory moments atconcerts are a thing of the past. With every band so accessible, chances are, there is some degree of familiarity with each and every act. Blistering Read more […]

Dismember – Under Bloodred Skies DVD (Regain Records)

There’s never been any room for fucking around in the Dismember camp – Swedish death metal they are, through and through, so it’s no surprise that the band’s second DVD release, Under Bloodred Read more […]

Three (3) – Revisions (Metal Blade Records)

The trend of re-recording one’s old recordings is getting annoying and the results are never anything to go nuts about (see: Exodus, Arch Enemy, etc.), but for a band like 3, it’s a wise move. Criminally Read more […]

Crucifist – Demon Haunted World (Profound Lore Records)

The fraction of the underground that enjoys sloppy death metal (read: Autopsy, Abcess, early Venom, et al) will no doubt fall prey to Crucifist. It’s loose and jagged, featuring Danny Lilker of Brutal Read more […]

Defiance – The Prophecy (Candlelight Records)

More retro thrash, but this stuff is actually authentic. As part of the third or fourth tier of Bay Area thrash bands, Defiance made only a slight dent with 1988’s Product of Society, an album that Read more […]

Gorgoroth – Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt (Regain Records)

Truth be told, the last two Gorgoroth albums (2003’s Twilight of the Idols and ‘06’s Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam) weren’t all that great. Sure, the drumming of Satyricon’s Frost on Ad Majorem… was Read more […]

Arch Enemy – The Root of All Evil (Century Media Records)

Many still hold Johan Liiva-era Arch Enemy near and dear, not budging from the stance that the lanky Swede is the definitive voice for Arch Enemy. This scribe has always been in both camps – Liiva’s Read more […]

The 11th Hour – Burden of Grief (Napalm Records)

Lots of luminaries from the Dutch metal scene here, but 11th Hour isn’t worth going bananas about – it’s a bit here and there, but nowhere really important. It’s slow doom, not funeral doom, but Read more […]