Dodsferd – Spitting With Hatred the Insignificance of Life (Moribund Records)

Minus the poorly-worded title (we should have known – mainman Wrath answers all interview queries with an exclamation point), Greece’s Dodsferd have once again delivered on their sixth album, Spitting Read more […]

Baptists – Baptists EP (Southern Lord Records)

Quite easy to get a gauge on a band like Vancouver’s Baptists in the span of four songs. They’re frothy and dirty, just like Trap Them and labelmates Black Breath, just without any sort of real charm Read more […]

Trap Them – Darker Handcraft (Prosthetic Records)

A ringing endorsement from Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway goes a long way toward created a solid front in the underground, doesn’t it? Not like Trap Them needed one, they’ve tearing up dives for Read more […]

Across the Sun – Before the Night Takes Us (Metal Blade Records)

It’s rough terrain in the music business these days. Physical sales are down, online sales are up, and yet much of the current generation in this instantaneous marketplace clamor for new music and Read more […]

Blut Aus Nord – 777 – Sect(s) (Debermur Morti Productions)

A rather wide divide has always surrounded these Frenchmen, for they’re not as sideways as Deathspell Omega (who really is?) and they’re hardly straightforward, so that space in between is what has Read more […]

Septicflesh – The Great Mass (Season of Mist Records)

Had a feeling this wouldn’t be as monolithic and graceful as 2008’s Communion, but that’s not a big deal – few albums of recent memory are. With The Great Mass, Septicflesh are not a victim Read more […]

SubRosa – No Help For the Mighty Ones (Profound Lore Records)

How Profound Lore stumbles across bands like Salt Lake City’s SubRosa is anyone’s guess, and it’s getting to the point where a “Profound Lore” sound could be in order. That is, unless label Read more […]

Creation’s Tears – Methods To End It All (Cure For Poison Records)

Impossible to knock something like this. Methods To End It All is self-released (on their own Cure For Poison Records) and is as good, or better than a lot of the Goth metal going around now. The brainchild Read more […]

Windfaerer – Tribus (Noirre Perpetua)

Windfaerer has successfully “Jersey turnpiked” epic/folk metal onTribus. Such an utterance is made because not only is the band from New Jersey (land of Bon Jovi and Tony Soprano), but their effective, Read more […]

Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising (Metal Blade Records)

Take the 7/10 rating for what it’s worth – Amon Amarth are about as likely to deviate from the course as Charlie Sheen is to make a coherent statement (no more social commentary from us). No surprise Read more […]

Dying Fetus – Purification Through Violence Reissue (Relapse Records)

Now that their back catalog is getting the much-needed reissue treatment from Relapse, it’s more apparent than ever where the kiddie death metal pool has been swiping their ideas from – Dying Fetus. Read more […]

Symfonia – In Paradisum (Armoury/Eagle Rock Entertainment)

If this were 1997, Symfonia would be the biggest since like…ever. But it’s not, rather, a dreaded “supergroup” consisting of once-viable power metal cast-offs, most notably ex-Stratovarius guitarist Read more […]

Wino – Adrift (Exile On Mainstream)

Wino and an acoustic guitar. Should work just fine, thank you very much. The long-revered doom legend has totally stripped things down on Adrift, with a collection of personal and heartfelt songs that Read more […]

Sylosis – Edge of the Earth (Nuclear Blast Records)

The UK thrash scene has been just as active in this second resurrection as the American scene this go-around. Taking cues from all sources past and present, no one can deny the impact of Sabbat, Onslaught, Read more […]

Vicious Rumors – Razorback Killers (SPV Records)

Another one of those fabled “heritage” bands that have been able to stick around, Vicious Rumors have long been beset with lineup alterations and label squabbles. Main dude Geoff Thorpe has managed Read more […]

Total Fucking Destruction – Hater (Translation Loss Records)

When it wants to be, grind can be good times across the board. When it doesn’t want to be (read: when it opts to be crusty and dirty), then it’s some of the most worthless music metal can offer. In Read more […]

Children of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever (Universal/Spinefarm Records)

Riffs, man. They’re everywhere here, and it’s a bit of a surprise considering how bland Blooddrunk was. Alexi Laiho and the boys have totally righted the ship on Relentless Reckless Forever, an album Read more […]

Obscura – Omnivium (Relapse Records)

Widely considered to be the strongest new force on the European technical death metal scene, Obscura now must live it up the lofty expectations created after the overwhelming success of 2009’s Cosmogenesis. Read more […]

Betzefer – Freedom to the Slave Makers (AFM Records)

Hard to picture a band from Israel not channeling the sounds of its homeland, but give credit to Betzefer for this: they don’t sound a thing like Orphaned Land. On their third album Freedom To the Slave Read more […]

The Haunted – Unseen (Century Media Records)

On North American shores, excitement for a new Haunted album has drawn to a whimper, thanks in part to the Swedes’ gradual evolution into a non-thrash, non-melodic death, non-anything band. Really, who Read more […]

Dornenreich – Flammentriebe (Prophecy Productions)

Any band that can successfully volley between all-acoustic and avant-garde metal without a skipping a beat is one to take note of. Such is the case for Austria’s Dornenreich, who aren’t the first name Read more […]

Srodek – Förfall (A Sad Sadness Song)

Right in the wheelhouse of classic Burzum (yes, please), Sweden’s Srodek offer up the usual one-man BM production tactics on Förfall , albeit with a much higher grade of success than its contemporaries. Read more […]

Mindflow – With Bare Hands (Nightmare Records)

If there’s one continent that passionately comes up from touring bands in the embracing metal music landscape, it would have to be South America. Iron Maiden’s 1985 Rock In Rio performance set off Read more […]

Burzum – Fallen (Candlelight Records)

Man, Belus is barely a year old and here comes a new one in the form of Fallen. ‘Ole Varg is certainly making up for that span of inactivity related to his stint in jail, isn’t he? Essentially a continuation Read more […]

Neurosis – Souls At Zero Reissue (Neurot Recordings)

Long considered an unheralded classic, Souls At Zero is the set-up album for Neurosis’ ascent into underground darlings. Originally released in 1992,Souls saw the Californians move away from their Read more […]

Benighted – Asylum Cave (Season of Mist Records)

If you really want to ruffle the feathers of your audience, then start your album with the sound of an alarm clock going off…that’s real horror for some people. Frankly, the morning is the best Read more […]

My Inner Burning – Eleven Scars (SPV Records)

Surely My Inner Burning had all the right intentions when coming up with their moniker, but surely there’s a segment of assholes out there who will poke and prod at the band’s name, comparing it to Read more […]

Mercenary – Metamorphosis (Prosthetic Records)

This Danish act epitomize the “underrated” moniker in the metal world. Their sound has enough rambunctious hooks and fierceness to achieve a broad cross-section of appeal, and yet in the United States Read more […]

Darkest Hour – The Human Romance (EOne Music)

Stolen Swedish riffs be damned, Darkest Hour are still around, remarkably, and back with an album in the form of The Human Romance that may (or may not) be their most effective in years. Their weak spots Read more […]

Goes Cube – In Tides and Drifts (The End Records)

Imagine a filthy three-way pile-up between Kylesa, These Arms Are Snakes and Torche jamming Floor songs. If that’s getting you aroused in the downtown, trouser area and setting your ears a tingle you’re Read more […]