Winds of Plague – Against the World (Century Media Records)

The bottom of the barrel has been scraped and broken through by Winds of Plague, who on their fourth album Against the World further accentuate the notion of just how pointless deathcore is. The band’s Read more […]

Volture – Shocking Its Prey (Heavy Artillery Records)

A record that’s totally indicative of the retro metal boom that still has legs, Shocking Its Prey, the debut album from Richmond’s Volture is as expected, a freewheeling, substance-less good time. Read more […]

Cypherseer – Origins (Nightmare Records)

Can’t fault us Yankees for chasing down the Euro sound – it’s quite easy to do, and it lends itself to more possibilities than the standard meat and potatoes American metal front. In the case of Read more […]

The Sign of the Southern Cross – I Carry the Fire EP (Season of Mist Records)

Name-lifting is tolerable in metal – everyone at some point will have to do it since all of the good names are taken, but blatant sound hi-jacking is simply not tolerable…and it never will be. Asheville, Read more […]

Before the Dawn – Deathstar Rising (Nuclear Blast Records)

Largely an unknown quantity outside of Finnish metal circles, Before the Dawn is poised to change that with the release of their sixth album, Deathstar Rising. Not unlike classic Amorphis, or Sentenced Read more […]

Pentagram – Last Rites (Metal Blade Records)

Always some type of hub-bub about how Pentagram singer Bobby Liebling is lucky to be alive, is finally clean, etc., and so on, so much so, that it nearly overshadows his music. Amazing how some people Read more […]

The Rods – Vengeance (Niji Entertainment)

We don’t come out of the womb loving the fastest, guaranteed to irritate your parents music on the planet. Steady progressions of raiding album collections and personal discovery lead us to our preferences. Read more […]

Believer – Transhuman (Metal Blade Records)

The dreaded follow-up to a comeback album. It’s a tough field to navigate through, that’s for sure, especially when you’re as cult as Believer. When the band came back in 2009 with Gabriel it was Read more […]

Xerath – II (Candlelight Records)

Once in a blue moon yours truly will take a virtual stroll through Blistering’s review archives just to see what has been posted. Such a task is usually performed when trying to rack one’s brain for Read more […]

Arkhum – Anno Universum (Vendlus Records)

A bit misled by the cover, as it appears this fall more under the spacey black metal realm than straight, brutal death metal, but Oregon’s Arkhum like to go the unconventional route. Plus, this is a Read more […]

Vintersorg – Jordpuls (Napalm Records)

In an effort to not come across as sounding nitpicky, but it’s a partial waste for Vintersorg (real name: Andreas Hedlund) to sing in all Swedish. Simply put, the man has too majestic of a voice to Read more […]

Wolf – Legions of Bastards (Century Media Records)

Wolf’s worst day is still better than a lot of other traditional metal band’s best day, but Legions of Bastards is the first album from the Swedes that falls below their normally stellar clip. The Read more […]

Vomitory – Opus Mortis VIII (Metal Blade Records)

Sweden’s Vomitory serve a purpose for the death metal monger who wants a certain, distinct sound to his or her favorite artist – and rarely strays from said formula. In the case of Opus Mortis VIII, Read more […]

Alcest – Le Secret EP (Prophecy Productions)

We’re not quite at the point where everything Alcest mainman Neige touches turns to gold, but he’s getting there. And bold moves like re-recording his debut 2005 Le Secret EP usually turns things Read more […]

Made of Hate – Pathogen (AFM Records)

A take on the still-overdone melodic death metal style by way of Poland, Made of Hate’s Pathogen plucks from the loins the usual melo-death constituents, and proceeds to ruin it with some lousy vocals. Read more […]

Leaves’ Eyes – Meredead (Napalm Records)

Symphonic metal isn’t merely flowery keyboard-laden passages and overblown theatrical choirs that kick into Rhapsody of Fire-like high gears. There are a few bands who also remember to throw down ear-pleasing Read more […]

Between the Buried And Me – The Best Of (Victory Records)

A bit of a no-brainer on Victory and BTBAM’s part to do something like this considering the two parties have recently moved on. And while there is the threat of over-saturation since the band’s forthcoming The Read more […]

Born of Osiris – The Discovery (Sumerian Records)

Disregarding the whole notion of how mammoth of a trend “Sumeriancore” is becoming, Born of Osiris can stand on their own two feet, something their sophomore effort The Discovery goes a long way Read more […]

Samael – Lux Mundi (Season of Mist Records)

Clearly one of Switzerland’s greatest exports, Samael has always been one of those bands that has always done things their way, for better or for worse. Whether it be in the form of their particular Read more […]

Kampfar – Mare (Napalm Records)

It might be a bit surprising that Kampfar has been around since 1994, seeing as though these Norwegian black/pagan metallers aren’t usually mentioned in the same breath as such old school brethren Emperor, Read more […]

Ruled By Reason – The Dawning of Dystopia (The Execution Kollective)

Such an early 90’s Swedish death metal album cover…we were totally duped by Ruled by Reason into thinking this was going to be an Edge of Sanity-meets-Morgana Lefay-type platter. ‘Tis not the case. Read more […]

Cavalera Conspiracy – Blunt Force Trauma (Roadrunner Records)

Wouldn’t it be nigh time for Max to just blend both of his bands? Like, “Cavalera Soul Conspiracy.” Would that work? The respective lineups of Cavalera Conspiracy and Soulfly have enough similarities at Read more […]

Vreid – V (Indie Recordings/The End)

About as significant as anything coming out of Norway this year, V is the album that at long last, establishes Vreid as a real mover and shaker on the Scandinavian BM front. Their early works including Read more […]

Mastodon – Live At the Aragon (Warner/Reprise Records)

Mastodon’s 2009 Crack the Skye was necessary step for the band to laterally move into new terrains. Not only did it keep their metal foundation intact, it grabbed the elusive prog rock crowd, who have Read more […]

Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement Reissue (Relapse Records)

A handful of bands do reissues the way they are supposed to be. Carcass’s reissued library with revamped production and full videos of the band explaining how the albums were created and Atheist’s Read more […]

Dodsferd – Spitting With Hatred the Insignificance of Life (Moribund Records)

Minus the poorly-worded title (we should have known – mainman Wrath answers all interview queries with an exclamation point), Greece’s Dodsferd have once again delivered on their sixth album, Spitting Read more […]

Baptists – Baptists EP (Southern Lord Records)

Quite easy to get a gauge on a band like Vancouver’s Baptists in the span of four songs. They’re frothy and dirty, just like Trap Them and labelmates Black Breath, just without any sort of real charm Read more […]

Trap Them – Darker Handcraft (Prosthetic Records)

A ringing endorsement from Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway goes a long way toward created a solid front in the underground, doesn’t it? Not like Trap Them needed one, they’ve tearing up dives for Read more […]

Across the Sun – Before the Night Takes Us (Metal Blade Records)

It’s rough terrain in the music business these days. Physical sales are down, online sales are up, and yet much of the current generation in this instantaneous marketplace clamor for new music and Read more […]

Blut Aus Nord – 777 – Sect(s) (Debermur Morti Productions)

A rather wide divide has always surrounded these Frenchmen, for they’re not as sideways as Deathspell Omega (who really is?) and they’re hardly straightforward, so that space in between is what has Read more […]