Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions (Weathermaker Music)

Pioneers in the 1990’s for a mix of alternative metal and stoner rock with bluesy, funk, and southern rock nuances, Clutch have been releasing music on their own label since 2008 – with Book of Bad Read more […]

Hyperdontia – Nexus of Teeth (Dark Descent)

Despite having a pretty good idea of what hyperdontia was (an excess of teeth), it did lead to a pretty disturbing Google image search of the term. The musicians of Hyperdontia hail from both the Turkish Read more […]

Pyrexia – Unholy Requiem (Unique Leader)

Underdog champions of the NYDM scene, Pyrexia has sometimes suffered from an uneven back catalog. Their early material channeled their peers Suffocation quite a bit, as the scene was just beginning to Read more […]

Cauldron – New Gods (The End Records)

Finishing out their fifth studio album New Gods, Cauldron have handled many literal bumps in the road quite well throughout their decade plus career. Even surviving a scary road accident in 2016 while Read more […]

Ethernity – The Human Race Extinction (AFM Records)

A band that has taken the time to truly develop before spreading their wings for global conquest, Ethernity have been plugging along for well over a decade. Over the course of two full-lengths (starting Read more […]

Empty – Vacío (Osmose Productions)

It’s a natural thing to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, an album cover and its associated band photography. Being wholly unfamiliar with the band before peeking into the material with Vacío Read more […]

Deicide – Overtures of Blasphemy (Century Media)

One of the biggest of the death metal veterans, Deicide is one that doesn’t require much introduction or fanfare. Much like fellow juggernauts like Cannibal Corpse or Obituary, you also know what you Read more […]

Rival – Prophecy (Dark Star Records)

Together since the 1990’s, Chicago’s Rival came onto this scribe’s aural radar through a self-released album in 2000 called Modern World – as well as a riveting performance at the initial Classic Read more […]

Churchburn – None Shall Live… The Hymns of Misery (Armageddon Shop)

Having lived in Rhode Island for a year, I can tell you that despite how attractive of a place it is for the fleeting months of semi-warmth it receives during summer, it makes up for it by crushing all Read more […]

Eigenlicht – Self-Annihilating Consciousness (I, Voidhanger Records)

Among the many boons and pitfalls of living in this musical era of plenty is exactly that: the sheer quantity of what is available can be paralyzing. This is especially true for black metal given the penchant Read more […]

Entierro – Entierro (Self-Released)

A collective four-piece from Connecticut, Entierro contains a couple of significant players with street credibility across the metal scene. Guitarist Victor Arduini made a name for himself in the early Read more […]

Skyharbor – Sunshine Dust (eOne)

Sometimes it takes some time for bands to get themselves centered after line-up changes shake things up. The last release from Skyharbor was 2014’s Guiding Light, and since that time the band lost vocalist Read more […]

With The End In Mind – Unraveling; Arising (Self-released/Temple Of Torturous)

My life since college has been one of consistent transition – between friends, places, and experiences as I’ve bounced from one coast to another and multiple stops in between. Through all of that is Read more […]

Pig Destroyer – Head Cage (Relapse)

Ever since the release of Prowler in the Yard and Phantom Limb, there’s been plenty of buzz backing Pig Destroyer when it comes album release time (probably doesn’t hurt that they don’t release albums Read more […]

Ancestor – Lords of Destiny (Awakening Records)

Proving the global scale of metal, Ancestor come from mainland China and deliver old school Teutonic-styled thrash for their first full-length Lords of Destiny. Not knowing much about their background, Read more […]

U.D.O. – Steelfactory (AFM Records)

Conducting a world retirement party to all his Accept catalog as Dirkschneider for the past couple of years, it only makes sense that the subsequent studio album for his current act U.D.O. would probably Read more […]

Metal Allegiance – Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty (Nuclear Blast)

Many suspected that the Metal Allegiance supergroup, spearheaded by Mike Portnoy, Alex Skolnick, David Ellefson, and Mark Menghi was going to be something of a one-off. After all, these sort of ‘metal Read more […]

Sōlborn – Dark Light of Delirium (Self-Released)

First exposed to this Canadian symphonic metal band two years ago with some excellent singles on Bandcamp, the band almost seemed to vanish a short time later. Due to some line-up changes, including a Read more […]

Monstrosity – The Passage of Existence (Metal Blade)

A long-running, veteran death metal act from Florida, Monstrosity never really managed to achieve the same legendary status as some of their peers at the time in the scene, despite a definitive dedication Read more […]

Vardan – Unholy Lightness Summer (Moribund)

We would be remiss if we did not mention the fact that the one-man Italian depressive black metal entity known as Vardan currently releases full-length albums at an alarming rate. For all the booing and Read more […]

Helion Prime – Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster (AFM Records)

If you are an early follower for this California-based power metal act, you probably know that changes have been afoot in the Helion Prime camp since their 2016 self-titled debut effort. Unexpectedly growing Read more […]

Bring Out Your Dead – Bring Out Your Dead (Self-Released)

Melodic thrash has been a sweet spot for this scribe since teenage years – growing up with the Bay Area movement, but also traditional metal before that. As such, acts like Flotsam & Jetsam, Heathen, Read more […]

Imperialist – Cipher (Transcending Obscurity Records)

There is a lot of majesty, chaos, and terror to be found in story telling when it is intertwined with the cosmos. Like Vektor with Terminal Redux or Between The Buried And Me’s The Parallax II (and from Read more […]

Lords of the Trident – Shadows from the Past (Self-Released)

Crowdfunding can be a gamechanger if executed properly. Take Wisconsin heavy metal act Lords of the Trident – together for a decade, after two solid full-lengths, they’ve been able to issue three EP’s Read more […]

The Vintage Caravan – Gateways (Nuclear Blast)

Here’s the best workaround for an Icelandic band: Don’t sound Icelandic. As Icelanders Kontinuum told us, being associated with their home country has almost become a burden, now superseding whatever Read more […]

Siege of Power – Warning Blast (Metal Blade)

No doubt the extreme metal legions will be heeding the call of Siege of Power’s Warning Blast, as the line-up for said explosion is nothing short of a veteran’s dream. Consisting of Chris Reifert Read more […]

Nothing – Dance on the Blacktop (Relapse Records)

In a small bar in San Diego a couple years ago I had the joy of seeing Nothing not long after Tired of Tomorrow came out. It was a good time and a learning experience in a couple of ways, chiefly in how Read more […]

Krisiun – Scourge of the Enthroned (Century Media)

Long-time purveyors of hellish speed and unrelenting death metal, Krisiun is a band that can be read like an open book. Scourge of the Enthroned is their eleventh studio effort to date, with said number Read more […]

Brood of Hatred – Identity Disorder (Crime Records)

Brood of Hatred’s debut swept in from out of nowhere back in 2014, with a feeling that was more Ulcerate than Suffocation. The one man band of Muhammed Mêlki of Tunisia had no problem implementing Read more […]

Omnium Gatherum – The Burning Cold (Century Media)

Seems as if things have been on the upswing for the melodic death underdogs Omnium Gatherum. After a string of solid releases, they jumped over to Century Media for their last effort, 2016’s Grey Heavens Read more […]