Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With (Relapse)

Having attained that legendary status in death metal long ago, there’s really not much needed to introduce a band like Dying Fetus. They’ve got an established sound, they’ve stuck with it, and only Read more […]

Mirrors of Obsidian – From One Form (Neohuman Records)

If you are going to go about doing extreme metal with plenty of chaos and vitriol, you may as well go to one of the ultimate sources for that sort of thing. Hence the Irish act Mirrors of Obsidian went Read more […]

Wrath of Belial – Bloodstained Rebellion (Self-Released)

Melodic death metal at the more extreme end isn’t as common as it used to be. Many go the modern route, and many take the nostalgic route back towards Gothenburg. But some bands stay the more brutal Read more […]

Broken Hope – Mutilated and Assimilated (Century Media)

Despite it being almost thirty years since the band’s inception, Broken Hope has somehow never really gotten the prestige nor acclaim of their veteran peers (Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Obituary). Seemingly Read more […]

Endon – Through the Mirror (Hydra Head)

Here’s a good one: The antics of Endon singer Taichi Nagura were so unruly and “dangerous,” that folks in Japan started avoiding their shows out of fear for their safety. It’s much like those crazed, Read more […]

Helslave – Divination (Black Market Metal)

It’s sometimes mentioned here at DR that an EP is an excellent way to consume more extreme material with its condensed length. It’s also a nice starter for some acts, or a way to keep eyes focused Read more […]

Necrot – Blood Offerings (Tankcrimes)

After marching through a few demos in recent years, California’s Necrot have unleashed a full-length offering. Forging a name for themselves in the worship of the old school of death metal, you can Read more […]

Hour of 13 – Salt the Dead: The Rare and Unreleased (Shadow Kingdom)

Hour of 13 finds itself in the terribly difficult position of having to replace an imitable lead singer. That person would be Phil Swanson, the leather-Ozzy-lunged vocalist who helped guide the band to Read more […]

Rhapsody of Fire – Legendary Years (AFM Records)

Coining the term ‘Hollywood Metal’ (or cinematic if you prefer), the current incarnation for Rhapsody of Fire felt the need to revisit their 1997-2002 material, using the latest recruits on vocals Read more […]

The Summoned – Sessions (Self-Released)

It’s no secret much of the staff on this site prefer bands proficient and forward thinking at their craft – propelling metal and its offshoots into mind-altering terrain. Hailing from northern Massachusetts, Read more […]

Eoront – Another Realm (Code666)

Score another for Russian black metal in 2017. The first was Grima, whose Tales of the Enchanted Woods is, for lack of a better term, “enchanting.” The same applies for their countrymen Eoront and Read more […]

Logic of Denial – Aftermath (Comatose Music)

Brutal, slamming death metal with a lofty concept? Always worth a shot – certainly a nice break from the usual subjects. Italian death metal squad Logic of Denial have brought forth a concept album Read more […]

Insatia – Phoenix Aflame (Pitch Black Records)

American/Canadian power metal act Insatia first dipped their toes in the water with 2013’s Asylum Denied. While it slipped below the radar of this scribe, it clearly made an impact – signing with Read more […]

Municipal Waste – Slime and Punishment (Nuclear Blast)

Municipal Waste and Tankard have the same problem: Both aren’t allowed to be serious. For Tankard, their otherwise brilliant invention of “alcohol metal” has enabled them a steady and long career, Read more […]

Schammasch – The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite (Prosthetic)

At this point in the game, there’s probably no person into the metal scene that doesn’t recognize Schammasch as an ever-changing force. Just their last triple-album (Triangle) alone saw them venture Read more […]

Jorn – Life on Death Road (Frontiers)

Always mixed sentiment on Jorn Lande, whether it’s because of his snarled David Coverdale-on-Ronnie James Dio vocals, his unabashed Dio worship (see his tribute album shortly after RJD’s passing), Read more […]

Apocalypse Orchestra – The End is Nigh (Despotz)

Something off the beaten path is already a step in the right direction for a newer act. All too often, bands aren’t willing to spread their wings until later on, once word has gotten around. Swedish Read more […]

Adrenaline Mob – We the People (Century Media)

Powering through the tragedy of drummer AJ Pero’s death, Adrenaline Mob felt enough time has passed to develop and release this third full-length We the People. The quartet features Symphony X singer Read more […]

Blind Revision – Of White and Grey (Self-Released)

Blind Revision’s first EP, Fight or Flight, seemed to hint at a band that could go on to do bigger and better things. An energetic mix of progressive material that teeter-tottered on the metal/rock Read more […]

Progenie Terrestre Pura – oltreLuna (Avantgarde Music)

Hitting it out of the park with their debut, U.M.A., the cosmic themed black metal group Progenie Terrestre Pura had no trouble coming up with a sci-fi vibe that perfectly suited the jaw-dropping artwork Read more […]

Divine Element – Thaurachs of Borsu (I, Voidhanger)

When one happens to think of I, Voidhanger Records, the first thought is that of more avant-garde and forward-thinking black metal. Therefore, it was initially odd to see a Viking-themed band hit the Read more […]

In the Presence of Wolves – Of Two Minds, Stage 1-2: The Ape and the Cage (Self-Released)

Lots and lots of progressive metal in the waters nowadays. The description sometimes leads to confusion, but relative newcomers In the Presence of Wolves easily fall under its ever-growing blanket. Following Read more […]

Entrails – World Inferno (Metal Blade)

One’s enjoyment of Entrails does often depend upon your ability to listen to Entombed cloning. After all, Entrails (and countless others) has made a career out of aping just about everything they could Read more […]

Danzig – Black Laden Crown (Nuclear Blast)

“It’s raw and natural-sounding,” he’ll say. “Just the way I like it.” That may become the running quote Mr. Glen Danzig will have to use when peppered with questions regarding the porous production Read more […]

Mutoid Man – War Moans (Sargent House)

Mutoid Man’s new War Moans is so good that it prompted this scribe to revisit their 2013 Helium Head offering, one that we were admittedly on the fence about. Perhaps it had more to do with the uneasiness Read more […]

Deus Ex Machina – A New World to Come (Self-Released)

Always pleasing to find yet another fresh melodic death metal band that’s happy to keep the tradition alive. Especially when they operate within the confines of the style but aren’t afraid to keep Read more […]

White Skull – Will of the Strong (Dragonheart Records)

Hitting the tenth studio album plateau, Italian power metal act White Skull have had chances to make their mark in the scene. After putting out two albums on Underground Symphony, their third effort in Read more […]

Panopticon – Kentucky Reissue (Nordvis Produktion / Bindrune Recordings)

Now through the glory days of the USBM movement (Leviathan, Xasthur, et al) and around the ill-begotten Cascadian/hipster push, the American black metal scene now belongs in the hands of Austin Lunn’s Read more […]

Gloom – Solaris (eOne)

It seems that the best path that one can take when it comes to direction is not to simply choose one. It may be hard at first to put the pieces together, and some bands continue to struggle with this, Read more […]

Valor – Arrogance: The Fall (Pitch Black Records)

Greece has been a steady supporter of heavy metal – giving rapturous response to Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, and Manilla Road among others through any ups, downs and twists of the genre. Shouldn’t Read more […]