Blackslash – Lightning Strikes Again (Iron Shield Records)

Playing the music ‘your parents used to listen to’, German act Blackslash live for old-school heavy metal ethics on this third studio album Lightning Strikes Again. You know the type – NWOBHM influences Read more […]

Wistful – Metempsychosis (Pest Productions)

For every headscratcher of a band name or an album title, there’s always some others that really drive the point home with their decisions. Take Wistful, who play an instrumental, ambient form of black Read more […]

Meka Nism – The War Inside (Self-Released)

Sometimes it’s all about the presentation and way things are put together when it comes to finding a new act to enjoy. Florida’s Meka Nism have released a few EPs over the past five years, with The Read more […]

Riot V – Armor of Light (Nuclear Blast)

If ever putting together a list of bands that should be huge when it comes to their output and discography, Riot fits that bill of groups that in a just world, would be arena headliners globally. Depending Read more […]

Aurora Borealis – Apokalupsis (Casus Belli Musica/Beverina)

When prepping to listen to the latest album (their seventh overall) from Aurora Borealis, it’s important to strap yourself in before hitting the play button. The band has always been about putting the Read more […]

Skinned – Shadow Syndicate (XenoKorp)

It’s not often that one heavily steeped in the death metal realm can stumble across an act within the genre that has been relatively unknown to them with such an impeccable vibe. But then again, Colorado-based Read more […]

Voices – Frightened (Candlelight/Spinefarm)

Already giving the impression that they aren’t out to repeat themselves after the excellent London, Voices have returned for their third album, Frightened. As London was a complex and gritty, film-noir Read more […]

Mos Generator – Shadowlands (Listenable Records)

Sturdy standbys when it comes to heavy genres provide that kick in the rear to fuel your day, week, month, or even year. For this scribe, as much as traditional, power, progressive, and thrash become go Read more […]

Witch Casket – Hatred Index (Self-Released)

Containing several members from the symphonic black metal band Sothis, Witch Casket is a new offering that still contains some blackened vibes to it, yet the bombast and symphonic elements are long by Read more […]

Amorphis – Queen of Time (Nuclear Blast)

When it comes to metal music, Amorphis should be noted as one of the bands that can consistently deliver something that simply sounds magical. There’s no other way to describe the first time that you Read more […]

Collapse of Light – Each Failing Step (Rain Without End)

The fact Each Failing Step runs at 43 minutes with just four songs shouldn’t be a warning to those with a stopwatch armed to their listening device. The often meandering and ponderous nature of dark, Read more […]

AxMinister – The Crucible of Sin (Self-Released)

Embracing a theatrical thrash metal concept through medieval characterization, stage names like Bas Von Bismark (drums), Liam Maguire (guitar) and Nicholas Klaus (bass/vocals), and human sacrifices /blood Read more […]

Skinless – Savagery (Relapse)

In thinking about it more deeply than what was probably required, the title to the most recent Skinless effort, Savagery, is one that is quite deserved. Savage is one of the first terms that comes to Read more […]

Gatekeeper – East of Sun (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Seeking to sustain street cred for their ability to spot talent on the heavy/power/doom front globally, Cruz Del Sur Music have quietly grown quite an impressive roster for fifteen years with Pharaoh, Read more […]

Foredawn – Foredawn (The Jack Music Records)

No doubt at least partially influenced by their Italian brethren in Lacuna Coil, Foredawn arrive with their self-titled debut. Steeped in a modern/alternative metal approach with no shortage of melodic Read more […]

Wolvhammer – The Monuments of Ash & Bone (Blood Music)

Lots of Adam Clemans to be heard in the next few months, starting with Wolvhammer’s new The Monuments of Ash & Bone and now Skeletonwitch’s forthcoming Devouring Radiant Light. The man has received Read more […]

De Profundis – The Blinding Light of Faith (Transcending Obscurity)

Proof that sometimes a slow and gradual build is better than an explosive beginning that fades as quick as it arrived, De Profundis has been doing their thing for over 10 years. The Blinding Light of Read more […]

Obliterate – Impending Death (Unique Leader)

Honestly, with the track record that Unique Leader has had for signing more deathcore-ish bands over the last few years, the expectations facing Obliterate were quite low. Given the stagnant nature of Read more […]

Voight Kampff – Substance Rêve (Sliptrick Records)

Considering the band name is a fictional polygraph-like device reference from the Blade Runner movie, and the band take inspiration lyrically from Philip K. Dick novels like Do Androids Dream of Electric Read more […]

Thunderwar – Wolfpack EP (Lifeforce)

It’s not terribly often we string together “old-school melodic death metal” while leaving out nods to Gothenburg. But, that’s what we have with Poland’s Thunderwar, who were formed in 2012 and Read more […]

Voidthrone – Kur (Self-Released)

Voidthrone’s last effort, Spiritual War Tactics, was a release that offered some potential but it was bogged down by some rather lengthy tracks that seemed to get in the way of what they wanted to accomplish. Read more […]

Ross the Boss – By Blood Sworn (AFM Records)

Fresh off a global tour covering the first six albums of Manowar material, it’s time for Ross the Boss to release a set of new studio material with their current lineup: vocalist Marc Lopes (Let Us Prey), Read more […]

Lik – Carnage (Metal Blade)

Two options exist when paying homage to classic, Stockholm death metal: Dismember or Entombed. (What, no Grave or Unleashed you ask?) Dismember and Entombed are the undisputable pillars of the sound, purveyors Read more […]

Widow’s Peak – Graceless (Self-Released)

In the battering and bludgeoning world of modern death metal, it’s often a case of being able to make your material stand out while still employing the same level of violence and gusto to keep pace with Read more […]

Temperance – Of Jupiter and Moons (Scarlet Records)

Shock hits the system when member changes occur in our favorite bands. The vocal slot often gets the toughest critique – as people wonder if this will change the style, output, or even band chemistry Read more […]

Dimmu Borgir – Eonian (Nuclear Blast)

An album that is perhaps better suited for the red carpet than black, if you catch our drift, Eonian is Dimmu Borgir’s absolute slide away from black metal. The band’s inclusion or non-inclusion (however Read more […]

Within Destruction – Deathwish (Rising Nemesis Records)

Much like their previous effort, Deathwish catches the eye with its impressive Par Olofsson artwork. The beast that adorns the cover is a thing of wretched beauty. Unfortunately, much like Void, Deathwish Read more […]

Organectomy – Domain of the Wretched (Unique Leader)

Originally released independently last year, Organectomy signed with Unique Leader Records, who are doing everyone a solid and taking Domain of the Wretched to reach a larger market. No doubt a deserved Read more […]

Drakkar – Cold Winter’s Night (My Kingdom Music)

Active for 23 years, Italian epic power metal band Drakkar should be commended for their resolve to the cause. Only guitarist Dario Beretta remains from their inception in 1995, although vocalist Davide Read more […]

Deiquisitor – Downfall of the Apostates (Dark Descent)

Rooted in the glory of the cavernous death metal before them, Deiquisitor aim to set further into this grimy and unsettling world with their second full-length, Downfall of the Apostates. The Denmark-based Read more […]