Blind Cross – Merciless Time (Pure Steel Records)

A new melodic power metal project with members from Germany and the United States, Blind Cross features vocalist Juan Ricardo of Sunless Sky and Wretch joining ex-Mind Odyssey guitarist Rocco Stellmacher, Read more […]

Immortal Bird – Thrive on Neglect (20 Buck Spin)

It seems it’s taken forever to get to this point – an Immortal Bird full-length! After two excellent EPs in the last six years (starting with 2013’s Akrasia), it seems the band was finally ready Read more […]

Imago Imperii- Fate of a King (Self-Released)

Born to forge metal based on stories and myths of the past, Imago Imperii hail from Bologna, Italy and have been a part of the power/epic scene since 2011. They’ve released a demo, EP and full-length Read more […]

Bullet – Live (Steamhammer/SPV)

Live albums aren’t necessarily in vogue like the 70’s and 80’s for heavy metal – but there are artists still intent on marking their career with them. We all have our favorites (Iron Maiden – Read more […]

Ecliptic Vision – Ecliptic Vision (Self-Released)

Coming back for a second full-length helping is Syracuse, New York-based Ecliptic Vision, following up on 2016’s Dissimilar Dimensions (they did also put out an EP the following year). What really stood Read more […]

Vulvodynia – Mob Justice (Lacerated Enemy)

Back in 2016, Vulvodynia went just about as far into slam/brutal death metal as one could go. Psychosadistic Design was a monstrous release – one that didn’t really advance the genre, but it did everything Read more […]

Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado (Everlasting Spew)

One of the more revered names in grind, it’s been a while since we’ve heard much from the Birdflesh camp. While they’ve been involved in a few recent splits, 2008’s The Farmer’s Wrath is the Read more […]

Burial Remains – Trinity of Deception (Transcending Obscurity)

One of those albums that you simply know what’s coming as soon as the chunky, HM-2 buzzsaw kicks in on the first second, Burial Remains has their work cut out for them on Trinity of Deception. It’s Read more […]

Putrified J – The Deep End of Horror (Comatose Music)

Let’s not kid ourselves – brutal death metal and slam exist for one sole purpose: to inundate the listener with sonic brutality. It’s barbaric and over-the-top and leaves little room for subtlety. Read more […]

Opacia – On Blackest Wings (Self-Released)

Genre melding has been a stock method to incorporate diverse influences – and hopefully attract a wider reach for a following. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Opacia since 2015 have been parading their Read more […]

Helenium – The Elements (Self-Released)

Perhaps recognizable to DR frequenters due to her being the lead singer of power/symphonic act Persona, Helenium is Jelena Dobric’s solo debut. A five-track EP based around the natural elements (Aether, Read more […]

Bloodred Hourglass – Godsend (Out of Line Music)

With a continued shift from more modern act into pure melodic death metal, Bloodred Hourglass’ fourth album is for those who enjoy the heavier side of the genre. Much like previous album, Heal, they Read more […]

Martyrium – Children Scream for Mercy (Australis Records)

Underground metal has many pockets of appeal, often due to the need to express oneself against the daily toil or social/political frustrations existent in a specific country/territory. Hailing from Chile Read more […]

Ketzer – Cloud Collider (Metal Blade)

Because of their Satanic black/thrash beginnings, Germany’s Ketzer took it on the chin for 2016’s change-in-direction Starless. Many accused the Germans of jumping on the Tribulation post-metal bandwagon, Read more […]

Aggravated Nuisance – Deadly Forces (Self-Released)

Crossover thrash hasn’t been relegated to an East Coast/West Coast impact stateside – it’s blossomed to Oklahoma as well, in part thanks to bands like Aggravated Nuisance. Starting in 2017, Deadly Read more […]

Howling Sycamore – Seven Pathways to Annihilation (Prosthetic Records)

An assembly of high caliber metal musicians of diverse genres, Howling Sycamore delivers intriguing progressive metal in relatively quick fashion since their 2016 inception. Their self-titled debut album Read more […]

Critical Mess – Man Made Machine Made Man (Metalville)

Just slightly over a year ago, Critical Mess made their debut with Human Præy, which was defined by its go for the throat approach to modern death metal. It was brutal and stuck to the usual marks, but Read more […]

Darkthrone – Old Star (Peaceville)

The way Fenriz talks sometimes, you’d think Darkthrone would go as far back as the stone age if they could, an indication of how backward-looking (not forward-thinking) the long-running Norwegians have Read more […]

Organectomy – Existential Disconnect (Unique Leader)

Organectomy managed to pull off a surprise upset with their utterly bludgeoning yet still memorable Domain of the Wretched debut. They were able to take the massive sound of slamming death metal and make Read more […]

Atlas Entity – Beneath the Cosmic Silence (Self-Released)

It’s a rare thing to get that ‘woodsy’ metal feeling from a progressive death metal band. The type of thing that makes you recall albums very early in the Opeth discography (say Morningrise), or Read more […]

Dreams in Fragments – Reflections of a Nightmare (Rockshots Records)

What’s most intriguing regarding the symphonic metal scene are the varied directional shift bands can achieve depending on their influences and output. For every Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Delain, Read more […]

Chaos Magic – Furyborn (Frontiers)

With a first album that was done in collaboration with Timo Tolkki four years ago, Chaos Magic returns for a second album that is meant to have vocalist Caterina Nix stand up on her own along with songwriter/guitarist Read more […]

Majesty – Legends (Napalm)

For decades considered Germany’s answer to Manowar, Majesty are up to their ninth album with Legends. Probably best known on European shores due to their long-term record deals with Massacre and NoiseArt, Read more […]

The Lord Weird Slough Feg – New Organon (Cruz Del Sur Music)

An American benchmark in the true metal scene, The Lord Weird Slough Feg aren’t content to release an album until its necessary and right in their world. So much so that for their tenth studio album Read more […]

Eternal Breath – World of Chaos (Sliptrick Records)

Natural evolution takes place in any band from its debut record to the follow-up. At least one hopes that you’ve learned, gained knowledge and experience while breaking free from your direct influences, Read more […]

Moonlight Haze – De Rerum Natura (Scarlet Records)

It’s always helpful to have a certain amount of street cred when developing a newer band these days. Forming in 2018, Moonlight Haze contains members and ex-members of Temperance, Elvenking, Sound Storm, Read more […]

Nitrogods – Rebel Dayz (Massacre Records)

There’s nothing quite like straightforward, hard rock ‘n’ roll. Especially when you have seasoned players in the mix like ex-Primal Fear members guitarist/vocalist Henny Wolter and drummer Klaus Read more […]

Andavald – Undir Skyggðarhaldi (Mystíkaos)

Sunspots. A fascinating phenomenon. Temporary moments of cool within the workings of the sun that appear dimmer than the remainder of the sun’s surface. Cool, of course, in comparison only to the rest Read more […]

Chronoform – From the Void (Inverse)

Full of modern grooves but an old school metal bite, Finland’s Chronoform fall into some territory that feels familiar yet different somehow. From the Void is the band’s debut full-length, and it Read more […]

This Gift is a Curse – A Throne of Ash (Season of Mist)

It’s been four years since This Gift is a Curse released their second album, All Hail the Swinelord. An album packed to the brim with malevolence and brutality, the swirling mix of different genres Read more […]