The Contortionist – Clairvoyant (eOne)

Never being a band to rest on their laurels, The Contortionist have embodied the term progressive before they would have even been lumped into it. They are a band that seemingly always challenges their Read more […]

Sannhet – So Numb (Profound Lore)

“Go forth toward the –post.” That’s the direction we’d give formidable Brooklyn instrumental trio Sannhet, who, in entering their third full-length So Numb, had yet to climb over the difficult Read more […]

Midnite Hellion – Condemned to Hell (Witches Brew)

Commitment to one’s principles is admirable – even if there are many forks in the road. New Jersey act Midnite Hellion came into being in 2011, releasing a demo, EP, single, and live album in the first Read more […]

Heathenspawn – Heathenspawn (Self-Released)

If Australia’s Heathenspawn had a slogan, it’d surely be something like, ‘bringing the death back to melodic death metal.’ The band went all out for their debut EP, enlisting the mighty Dan Swano Read more […]

Temple of Void – Lords of Death (Shadow Kingdom)

Whatever the ultimate effect of doom-stricken death metal (or is it “death-stricken doom metal?”), it has been proven bands can retreat to the glory death days of yore without maximum redundancy. It Read more […]

Vattnet – Vattnet (New Damage Records)

Undoubtedly, post-black metal fans remember Vattnet Viskar, the band that did a remarkable job of straddling the line of gloomy melodies while keeping some aggression behind them. Settler was an excellent Read more […]

Old Night – Pale Cold Irrelevance (Rain Without End)

The amount of quality, bona fide singers has dissipated over the years, much to the chagrin of old-school purists or those who simply enjoy a good vocal melody, like the author of this review. The advent Read more […]

Binary Creed – A Battle Won (Rockshots Records)

Per capita, you ever get the feeling that the metal gene courses through most Scandinavian musicians during childhood, festering until the adrenaline and excitement can no longer contain itself? Hailing Read more […]

Morphosys – The Saw is Family (Witches Brew)

Just when you thought Exhumed had done all that could be done with the saw, comes Germany’s Morphosys. Starting things up back in the early 2000s, this is the band’s third full-length album, following Read more […]

Ensiferum – Two Paths (Metal Blade)

Those hip to the folk metal scene surely don’t need much of an introduction when it comes to Ensiferum. Two Paths being their seventh album (and second for Metal Blade), they are viewed as one of the Read more […]

I, Forlorn – My Kingdom Eclipsed (Self-Released)

From the mind of Jurre Timmer, the man who brought the band Algos to life as well, comes a new melancholic doom act by the name I, Forlorn. Whereas Algos had some more melodic death character to it, consider Read more […]

Process of Guilt – Black Earth (Bleak Recordings/Division Records)

“Portuguese post-metal” sure rolls off the tongue, something we’d type more often if Process of Guilt released albums on a more frequent basis. The band was last heard from via 2012’s Fæmin, an Read more […]

Daydream XI – The Circus of the Tattered and Torn (Sensory Records)

Embracing a no-holds barred sound in the progressive/power metal realm, Brazilian group Daydream XI formed in 2008 and released an EP and single prior to The Grand Disguise debut album in 2014 for now Read more […]

Distress of Ruin – Insights (Self-Released)

A probable checklist for a successful melodic death metal act: Scandinavian, harsh/clean vocals, combines melody with heaviness with a sprinkling of gloom. There’s more to add, but that covers the basics. Read more […]

Syn Ze Sase Tri – Zăul moș (Code666)

Translated as “I am with triple-six,” Romania’s Syn Ze Sase Tri is led by former Negură Bunget guitarist Corb, who was only in the band for a hot-minute from 2009 to 2010. The man’s stint in Transylvania’s Read more […]

Force Majeure – The Rise of Starlit Fires (Mighty Music)

Although active since 2001, chances are you’ve probably not heard much of this Finnish power metal quintet’s discography. Previously releasing a series of demos and two albums in 2008’s Frozen Chambers Read more […]

Skein – Deadweight (Inverse Records)

The all-important power of gloom. A feeling that more metal bands are approaching, instead of the aggressive and caustic. Think of bands like Katatonia or Ghost Brigade. Bands that have transcended Read more […]

Botanist – Collective: The Shape of He to Come (Avantgarde)

Self-proclaimed ‘green metal’ one-man act Botanist has done something interesting and out of the norm for the usually odd entity – he formed a full-fledged band (or collective, we should say). In Read more […]

Threshold – Legends of the Shires (Nuclear Blast)

Well revered yet not necessarily in upper echelon discussion like Dream Theater or Leprous when it comes to progressive metal, Threshold churn along quietly and steadily release their addictive mix of Read more […]

Cannabis Corpse – Left Hand Pass (Season of Mist)

Continuing on in their pot-loving tribute to death metal, Landphil’s (Municipal Waste) Cannabis Corpse output has reached their fifth album to date with Left Hand Pass. Their previous effort, 2014’s Read more […]

The Ditch and the Delta – Hives in Decline (Prosthetic Records)

You have to figure that you are onto something if you release an album earlier in the year and you are approached by a larger label that wants to re-issue it and sign you. Such is the case for the sludge-rockers Read more […]

Epigram – Shadows (Self-Released)

Another new entry into the symphonic death metal world, Epigram is a fresh act out of Los Angeles, California. Shadows is the band’s first release – a 6-song cut that stays on the shorter side of Read more […]

Raptore – Rage ‘N Fever (Witches Brew)

The South American metal scene has been described by domestic and international acts as quite hot, passionate, and explosive. Raptore as one of the domestic hopefuls to make an impact hail from Argentina, Read more […]

Atriarch – Dead as Truth (Relapse)

You look at a band like Portland, OR’s Atriarch, a droning, through-and-through dark, minimalistic troupe, and figure that okay, let’s hunker down for the next 60 minutes and see if we can withstand Read more […]

Soror Dolorosa – Apollo (Prophecy)

Perhaps the best representation of the blossoming “coldwave” sound circa 2017, France’s Soror Dolorosa have been here all along, having formed in 2001. The catch is that the band is made up of a Read more […]

Alpha Tiger – Alpha Tiger (SPV)

Breaking the self-titled debut credo like some other veterans in the metal realm as of late (Diamond Head, Obituary, Striker), the fourth album from German power metal group Alpha Tiger signals significant Read more […]

The Convalescence – This is Hell (Unique Leader)

Not really appearing on this scribe’s radar prior to the recent controversy surrounding Otep giving them the boot from a tour run, The Convalescence have built themselves up with a few prior releases Read more […]

Troldhaugen – Idio+syncrasies (Bird’s Robe Records)

Sometimes you hear music that’s so out there and strange that the only logical response is to scratch your head and say, “What the fuck?” It’s not a bad reaction (for some at least), and it’s Read more […]

Nyss – Princesse Terre (Three Studies of Silence and Death) (Avantgarde)

Productivity, it seems, is not much of an issue for French black metal duo Nyss. Since their 2015 formation, the pair of Þórir (all instruments) and L.C. Bullock (vocals/keyboards) have rolled out four Read more […]

National Suicide – Massacre Elite (Scarlet Records)

Things must be happening in threes for Italian thrash band National Suicide. Massacre Elite is the group’s third studio album – also putting former drummer Ema Revello back on his percussion throne Read more […]