Temple of Dread – World Sacrifice (Testimony Records)

The resurgence of old school death metal should not be surprising given the reissue mania certain acts gained from those early years – plus new bands putting their stamp on the movement. Add German trio Read more […]

Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin – Stygian Bough Vol. I (Profound Lore)

This one stings. That sentiment carries on a couple different levels – as a work of funeral doom Stygian Bough I is quite literally towering, a work built on the foundation laid by previous Bell Read more […]

Dee Snider – For the Love of Metal Live (Napalm)

An amalgamation of Dee’s career in hard rock and metal, this DVD/Blu-Ray and audio/visual experience encapsulates a mix of performances from Dee’s solo band all across the world, and narrative components/ Read more […]

Katalepsy – Terra Mortuus Est (Unique Leader)

If the more brutal bands of the genre can do one thing better than most, it’s eye-catching cover art. Terra Mortuus Est is a beautifully grim cover, with bloody red and a terrifying figure front and Read more […]

Thundermother – Heat Wave (AFM Records)

Sometimes you just need a straight-ahead rocker of an album that you can crank loud and lose yourself in. Thundermother have been honing their brand of ‘classic’ rock, inspired by acts like AC/DC Read more […]

Æpoch – The Scryer (Self-Released)

Having impressed in the past with their previous full-length and debut EP, it was pleasing to see that Æpoch was back into the thick of it with a brand new EP in the form of The Scryer. A release that Read more […]

Blazing Rust – Line of Danger (Pure Underground Records)

The next line of traditional heavy metallers hail from all parts of the globe. Although it seems Europe and North America are leading the parade of acts garnering attention, there are also groups coming Read more […]

Derhead – Irrational I (Brucia Records)

Derhead is a one-man atmospheric/avant garde black metal band of one Giorgio Barroccu. Irrational I is the latest in the line of a few EPs, and the first bit of new music from Derhead since 2016. With Read more […]

Gotcha – Which God (TM Records)

Professing a nothing off the table approach to heavy music, Gotcha hail from Lexington, Kentucky – releasing their new album Which God containing eleven tracks of material that melds together everything Read more […]

Primal Fear – Metal Commando (Nuclear Blast)

Returning to their original label Nuclear Blast who first gave these Germans a chance to launch on a traditional /power scene that was in need of a jolt during the late 90’s, Primal Fear are a story Read more […]

Angband – IV (Pure Underground Records)

Iranian power/progressive metal act Angband have been a stable part of the Pure Steel/Pure Underground roster since their 2008 debut album Rising from Apadana. Injecting elements of Persian traditional Read more […]

Defeated Sanity – The Sanguinary Impetus (Willowtip)

There’s nothing quite as musically devastating as brutal death metal when it’s done well. The sound is explosive, and can be the equivalent of a wrecking ball that is wildly swinging and smashing Read more […]

Domination Black – Judgement IV (Pride & Joy Music)

Finnish act Domination Black have had periods of activity and long bouts of inactivity in their seventeen- year existence as a group. Releasing two albums between 2005-06 on Poison Arrow Records, they Read more […]

The Ghost Inside – The Ghost Inside (Epitaph Records)

For a genre that many have claimed to be long deceased, metalcore has proven itself pretty viable in 2020. With bands improving upon and adding different elements to the formula to exciting results, to Read more […]

Shining Black ft. Boals & Thorsen – Shining Black (Frontiers Music)

Originally coming together when vocalist Mark Boals was working with Labyrinth on a new album in 2014 following the departure of Roberto Tiranti, schedule conflicts made this lineup unmanageable and after Read more […]

Jet Jaguar – Endless Nights (Pride & Joy Music)

Forming in 2014, Mexican heavy metal band Jet Jaguar have made modest inroads in a fertile scene in their relatively short time together. Touring Mexico and Europe in support of their debut Zero Hour EP Read more […]

Ahtme – Mephitic (Unique Leader)

Grooving right along into their third release (if you count The Demonization), Ahtme continue to flex the same death metal muscles, and they’ve been working out. The major issue with their last effort, Read more […]

Ensiferum – Thalassic (Metal Blade)

The Finnish folk/ melodic death metal veterans traverse along to album eight for Thalassic – a first for the group in terms of creating a ‘theme’ album (relating to the seashores and water stories Read more […]

On Hollow Ground – Blood is Blood (Self-Released)

With three previous EPs in their history, Blood is Blood represents the first full-length from the UK’s On Hollow Ground. A band with a thoroughly modern approach to their brand of metalcore. Also Read more […]

Carthagods – The Monster in Me (FDA)

Pioneers in Tunasia for their heavy metal ways during the 1990’s, Carthagods have shared the stage with acts like Blind Guardian, Judas Priest, Slayer, and Epica among others. Following the release of Read more […]

Dark Sarah – Grim (Napalm)

While Dark Sarah’s first efforts felt a bit on the plain side, glimmers of something stronger seemed to peek through 2018’s The Golden Moth. It was the final piece of a story that spanned three albums, Read more […]

With The End In Mind – Tides of Fire (Avantgarde Music)

“May we make war on fear!” An apt call to arms if one exists across 2020. Quietly released in May, Tides of Fire is the sophomore outing from With The End of Mind, whose debut I was very taken with Read more […]

Drops of Heart – Stargazers (Self-Released)

Melodic death metal from Russia and guest appearances from Richard Sjunnesson (The Unguided) and Bjorn Strid (Soilwork) – what’s not to love? Stargazers is Drops of Heart’s second full-length, and Read more […]

Skeleton – Skeleton (20 Buck Spin)

“Revisit the past, foresee the future” I don’t remember who mentioned that axiom to me, but it sure seems applicable to Austin upstarts Skeleton. Their eponymous debut from 20 Buck Spin sounds anything Read more […]

U.D.O. – We Are One (AFM Records)

Collaborating with the German Armed Forces Concert Band (Musikkorps der Bundeswehr), We Are One represents a union of orchestra and metal through 15 original tracks, an outing of grand proportions on all Read more […]

Rumahoy – Time II: Party (Napalm)

Sometimes, it’s nice to sit back and put something on that is a blast to listen to. There’s no really deep meaning behind it, but it’s fun and it takes you out of whatever stresses happen to be Read more […]

Osyron – Foundations (SAOL / The Orchard)

Forming in 2012, Canadian act Osyron is a progressive metal quintet with a mixture of North American and European influences who have released two previous full-lengths with Harbringer in 2013 and Kingsbane Read more […]

Poltergeist – Feather of Truth (Massacre Records)

Back in the 1980’s, another Swiss thrash troop making a minor mark on the scene would be Poltergeist. Their first two albums Depression and Behind My Mask came out during the early days of Century Media Read more […]

Lantern – Dimensions (Dark Descent)

After a little bit of a quiet period in the last three years (though they did put out a 2 song EP in 2019), Lantern is back for their third full-length with Dimensions. Having established themselves for Read more […]

Nomvdic – Euphoria (Forerunner Recordings)

While some associate metalcore with being a genre that’s stagnant and complacent (one that would easily be stretched to much of the musical landscape), there’s some impressive bands that have popped Read more […]