Review Face-off: Soilwork’s Verkligheten

[10/10] Veteran acts in heavy metal tend to go in one of two directions – the more common of which is to simply retread familiar waters with each album and give the fans exactly what they want. But Read more […]

In the Woods… – Cease the Day (Debemur Morti)

The 2016 return of Norwegian avant-garde innovators In the Woods… was embraced by those who were “in the know” during the 1990s when the band was nothing more than a cult entity as well as the hard-to-please Read more […]

Archangel A.D. – Warband (Self-Released)

Remembering the roots of thrash as a pissed off amalgam of the sophistication and spirit of NWOBHM and punk/speed, it’s great to see some new blood conjure up that early/mid 80’s spirit like Archangel Read more […]

Tytus – Rain After Drought (Fighter Records)

Previously garnering this scribe’s attention with their first full-length Rises from 2016 when on Sliptrick Records, the heavy metal/melodic hard rock act Tytus return for the follow-up second record Read more […]

Born of Osiris – The Simulation (Sumerian)

When it comes to the djent/metalcore act Born of Osiris, the band has had its fair of both admirers and critics due to their higher profile. With their sixth album, The Simulation, the band has decided Read more […]

Jinjer – Micro (Napalm)

The ever-nagging question for a band that succeeds with the arduous task of finding a sound that is uniquely theirs is, “Where do we go from here?” In the case of Jinjer, the exposure they gained Read more […]

SkyEye – Digital God (Self-Released)

In the quest to be a global source for all your metal needs, SkyEye hails from Slovenia and has been developing their brand of heavy music since 2014. Previously issuing a debut EP in Run for Your Life Read more […]

Dimlight – Kingdom of Horrors (Self-Released)

There’s bands that are ambitious in this day and age of ingenuity and marketing, and then there are bands that are Dimlight-level ambitious. For the band’s fourth album, not only did they release Read more […]

Nanowar of Steel – Stairway to Valhalla (Self-Released)

Happy metal from Italy with obvious humor and parody at hand, Nanowar of Steel have been at their craft since 2003 – releasing three studio albums, EP’s, singles, and a live effort before this fourth Read more […]

Brothers of Metal – Prophecy of Ragnarök (AFM Records)

Eight warriors from Falun, Sweden congregate in the name of all that is glorious about heavy/power metal – looks and all – welcome to the debut full-length from Brothers of Metal. Donning historical Read more […]

Feral – Flesh for Funerals Eternal (Transcending Obscurity)

Hard to believe it’s already been 3 years since Feral’s last full-length effort, Where Dead Dreams Dwell. Said album was a real bone-crusher in all senses, having nary a second for the listener to Read more […]

Legion of the Damned – Slaves of the Shadow Realm (Napalm)

This veteran Dutch death/thrash outfit Legion of the Damned have built a solid cult-following for their uncompromising outlook on the genre. Previously together from 1992-2005 as the blackened thrash act Read more […]

Veilburner – A Sire to the Ghouls of Lunacy (Transcending Obscurity)

A slowly rising force since their beginnings in 2014, Pennsylvania’s Veilburner have often needed to work harder than most. The price of originality is that sometimes the audience isn’t quite sure Read more […]

DiAmorte- The Red Opera (Dark Star Records)

A project from Canadian musician Drake Mefestta, DiAmorte with The Red Opera channels a vivid storyline and cinematic/ theatrical scope plus numerous guest vocalists and musicians to fill out the four-year Read more […]

Blue Midnight – Eternal Wish (Self-Released)

Taking a few not so subtle nods to some varied directions within the more modern side of the metal genre and combining it with some straight-ahead rock gusto and symphonic dreaminess leaves you with something Read more […]

Perpetual Fate – Cordis (Revalve Records)

Reaching off a hitting some high marks on a debut full-length isn’t something that is going to come naturally.  Italy’s Perpetual Fate have been laying their own groundwork since 2015 with a Read more […]

Blood Region – Tales of the Backwoods (Inverse Records)

Originating in 2002 and finally ramping up activities in 2011, Finnish act Blood Region have released a couple of EP’s and numerous singles while putting together this lineup. Originally developing more Read more […]

Bless the Dead – The Boars Nest (Sliptrick Records)

Together for five years and issuing two previous EP’s, Bless the Dead assembled as a result of mutual respect from other Atlanta bands, determined to fuse a sound that differed from what the quintet Read more […]

Toxic Ruin – Mortal Insolence (Self-Released)

After enjoying and reviewing for this site the first full-length Subterranean Terror in 2016 from Wisconsin’s Toxic Ruin, it’s been a patient wait for some follow-up material. Bassist Stephen Behrendt Read more […]

Arwen – The Soul’s Sentence (Self-Released)

The third album The Soul’s Sentence from Spain’s Arwen comes 13 years after their last release on Arise Records Illusions. In that interim, it’s not as if the members were idle – performing with Read more […]

Ferum – Vergence (Everlasting Spew)

Usually when one tends to think about death/doom bands, there’s more of a funeral processional vibe to them. Some death metal intensity stands out, but the lurching doom sticks out at the forefront. Read more […]

Conception – My Dark Symphony (Self-Released)

Back after a significant hiatus (although reuniting in 2005 for festival shows in the USA and Norway), the stature of Conception has only grown in those layoff years. Roy Khan of course going on to sing Read more […]

Fleshless – Doomed (Rotten Roll Rex)

With the volume of bands out there, it so happens that sometimes a band or two gets lost in the shuffle. Not having checked out Fleshless since their early days in the late ‘90s, Doomed served as a Read more […]

Finis Mentis – Longing for Clarity (Self-Released)

Preconceived notions can be a funny thing. Taking a quick look at the press pack for Finis Mentis, a 2-person act from Finland for some reason gave an impression that it was going to be a run of the mill Read more […]

Majestic Downfall – Waters of Fate (Solitude Productions)

Transplanting to Mexico from Dallas, Texas origins, Majestic Downfall since their inception in 2006 play an epic brand of death/doom. They’ve been featured on a couple of split releases beyond their Read more […]

Cerebrum – Iridium (Transcending Obscurity)

With so much tech coming out of the woodworks that simply swaps energy and passion for cold precision, it didn’t take much for Cerebrum to catch the ear. Doing some research after a blind listen, it’s Read more […]

Manam – Rebirth of Consciousness (Rockshots Records)

What happens when you cross old school Gothenburg-ian melodic death metal with some more modern metalcore elements? Something like Manam, one would imagine. The Italian band likes to keep things on both Read more […]

PurEnvY – Redemption (Self-Released)

Australia metal bristles with life once again in the form of PurEnvY. Originating from the steel city of Newcastle (not in the UK, another legendary metal hotbed decades prior) – the four-piece develop Read more […]

Surgery – Absorbing Roots (Self-Released)

Whenever the description of ‘old school’ death metal comes into play, it’s a tough line to draw. The usual meaning to this is ‘rip off Entombed/Dismember for the 1000th time,’ but there are Read more […]

Abstract Rapture – Hollow Motion (Black ‘N Purple Records)

Sometimes a trip back into the past can be an enjoyable one, but all that glitters is not always gold. Abstract Rapture have been removed seven years from their last album (Earthcrush), and Hollow Motion Read more […]