Triosphere – The Road Less Traveled (AFM Records)

What is this? Smart, savvy, free-of-pretense progressive metal? And it’s from Norway? Sweet Jebus, what is the world coming to? The Road Less Travelled is the band’s second album, demonstrating Read more […]

Kataklysm – Heaven’s Venom (Nuclear Blast Records)

The Canadian hyper-blast death machine rolls on as Heaven’s Venom careens against the public for Kataklysm’s 11th studio record. A testament to undying commitment to their style, the quartet know Read more […]

Pro-Pain – Absolute Power (AFM Records)

Is there a more workmanlike band than Pro-Pain? Gary Meskil and crew have long stuck to their metal-infused hardcore roots, rarely straying from the beaten path and along the way, producing some quality, Read more […]

36 Crazyfists – Collisions and Castaways (Ferret Music)

Always found these native Alaskans to offer more than the standard-variety metalcore, even going back to their halcyon Roadrunner Days, where they teetered dangerously on the nu metal side of the fence. Read more […]

Norma Jean – Meridonial (Razor & Tie Records)

The cream of the crop when it comes to discussing anything “Christian” and “metal”-related, Atlanta’s Norma Jean have managed to outclass their contemporaries via a slew of unconventional and obtuse albums, Read more […]

Silent Civilian – Ghost Stories (Century Media Records/Mediaskare)

No matter how hard one tries, you can’t outrun your nu metal past, just ask Devildriver’s Dez Farfara and Silent Civilian’s Johnny Santos. The stigma placed on both bands probably prevents them from Read more […]

Nox Aurea – Ascending In Triumph (Napalm Records)

How the word “triumph” ended up in an album title for a depressive doom metal band is puzzling. There’s nothing triumphant about doom metal unless your name is Messiah Marcolin and you’re doom Read more […]

Aaron Aites/Aubrey Ewell – Until the Light Takes Us DVD (Variance Films)

Black metal hasn’t been able to hide in its once-reclusive sphere in eons, so it was only a matter of time before it became the subject of a feature film, which Until the Light Takes Us is. Released Read more […]

Zoroaster – Matador (E1 Music)

If there’s an “Atlanta sound,” Zoroaster are doing their best to move away from it. Frankly, this distortion-laden, one-string, simplistic doom thing has gotten out of hand and is reaching epidemic Read more […]

Early Man – Death Potion (The End Records)

Early Man might be in the same discussion with bands like Enforcer, White Wizzard, and Holy Grail had they followed up 2005’s Closing In a tad more quickly. Like, much more quickly, especially in Read more […]

Aeon – Path of Fire (Metal Blade Records)

Virtually the Deicide of the modern era, Aeon haven’t quite turned God-bashing into the same sideshow that Glen Benton did, but they’re doing their best. Because of the advent of digital promos, we are Read more […]

ReVamp – ReVamp (Nuclear Blast Records)

Floor Jansen, often fairly mislabelled as a poor-woman’s Tarja Turunen during her run with After Forever, returns with the appropriately-named ReVamp. Jansen wisely stays close to her symphonic metal Read more […]

Kruger – For Death, Glory, and the End of the World (Listenable Records)

Not exactly a title we’d expect for someone hyping the occasionally-vaunted metalgaze brand, For Death, Glory, and the End of the World makes Kruger sound like one of those bands who feel the need Read more […]

City of Fire – City of Fire (Candelight Records)

The timing of this is a bit questionable, as Fear Factory’s Mechanize is still making the rounds, virtually steamrolling everything in its path. Then again, a Fear Factory-related project (which City Read more […]

Necronomicon – Return of the Witch (Napalm Records)

Primarily known by our neighbors up north in Canada (one of the numerous Canadian bands Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles championed), Necronomicon are bringing their brand of occult death metal to a Read more […]

This Or the Apocalypse – Haunt What’s Left (Good Fight Music)

This is 2010, right? Just checking. This Or the Apocalypse don’t seem to think so and that’s fine – there are hundreds of more worthy bands that are also stuck in a timewarp, but at least they have Read more […]

Istapp – Blekinge (Metal Blade Records)

“Icicle black metal.” Let’s run with it. Sweden’s Istapp (which stands for “icicle” in Swedish) may have one of the more unique names in black metal, yet they’re awfully adept at merging Read more […]

Serotonal – Monumental: Songs of Misery and Hope (Union Black)

Well, here’s a name we haven’t seen in a while: Darren White. The quasi-legendary first singer of Anathema has kept a low-profile since the demise of his post-Anathema The Blood Divine roughly a decade Read more […]

Helstar – Rising From the Grave (Metal Blade Records)

A compilation which essentially culls Helstar’s A Distant Thunder,Nosferatu, and their live album, Rising from the Grave proves why Texas has always been a hotbed for anything metal related from the Read more […]

Lamb of God – Hourglass (Epic Records)

Critically important to the American metal scene, Lamb of God are at the present time, the preeminent metal band in North America. They’ve done it the hard way, through relentless touring, raucous live Read more […]

Various Artists – ’96 – ’00: 20 Years of Century Media (Century Media Records)

The second installment in a series of four (Blistering also was way into the first go-round), ’96-’00: 20 Years of Century Media tackles the era that catapulted Century Media Records into the upper Read more […]

Sarah Jezebel Deva – A Sign of Sublime (Candlelight Records)

A Sign of Sublime…where to start. Deva clearly can’t carry an album herself, or she just was dealt some really bad material. It’s quasi Goth/symphonic metal at its most awkward, embellished with Read more […]

Fatal Embrace – The Empires of Inhumanity (Metal Blade Records)

A reach by anyone’s low standards, Germany’s Fatal Embrace may embody the raw feeling of mid-80’s thrash, but that doesn’t account for a sloppy, rather unmemorable display of Euro thrash metal. Read more […]

Grand Magus – Hammer of the North (Roadrunner Records)

In 2010, record labels are constantly reinventing themselves to keep up with consumer’s tastes. With the power more than ever at the pulse of your keyboard fingertips, the average fan isn’t blindly Read more […]

Lacrimas Profundere – The Grandiose Nowhere (Napalm Records)

Inexplicably, we skipped over Lacrimas Profundere’s 2008 effort, Songs For the Last View. Maybe it was because of our undivided attention toward the Summer Olympics of that year. Or not. Either way, Read more […]

Ozzy Osbourne – Scream (Sony Music)

Adding Firewind axe-slinger Gus G. to the ranks was probably the smartest thing Ozzy has done since…uh, yeah, scratch that. Ozzy hasn’t done anything smart in a long time, although getting the Greek Read more […]

Divinity – The Singularity (Candlelight Records)

Caught up in the swirl of Darkane, Meshuggah, and Strapping Young Lad, Canada’s Divinity are one of those bands with zero filter or clue when to lay off. When we say “lay off,” that means pulling Read more […]

Delain – Lucidity Reissue (Sensory)

Veritable big wheels on the commercial metal scene in their homeland of the Netherlands, Delain is gradually making inroads in North America, with the reissue of their 2006 debut Lucidity following up Read more […]

Soilwork – The Panic Broadcast (Nuclear Blast Records)

Soilwork doesn’t have to do much to appease people. Really, just load in some quasi-death metal riffs, make the verses brutal, and drop Speed Strid’s silky-smooth clean vocals into the mix and…there Read more […]

The Howling Wind – Into the Cryosphere (Profound Lore Records)

Black metal merged with sludge merged with To Mega Therion-era Celtic Frost…now that’s a concept we haven’t explored. The pair of Ryan Lipynksy (Unearthly Trance) and Tim Call (Aldebaran) do a dutiful, Read more […]