Silencer – The Great Bear (Vanity Music Group)

Concept albums can be a mixed bag sometimes. I guess it all depends on the theme and or subject matter to truly make a conceptual piece work as a whole. It worked for Rush on 2112, Iron Maiden’s Seventh Read more […]

The Faceless – Autotheism (Sumerian Records)

As George “Mr. Scary” Lynch once put it, the musical definition of compromise is “doing the music other people want you to do, rather than the music you want to do.” Lynch and his Dokken pals of course, Read more […]

UDO – Celebrator (AFM Records)

It’s been 25 years since Udo Dirkschneider left Accept and started a new musical chapter under his namesake as just UDO. In that amount of years the dynamo singer from Germany has carved out an impressive Read more […]

Ninth Moon Black – Chronophage (Self-Released)

The initial listen of a new piece of music can have a profound impact on how it affects the listener from that point forward. Something is captured in that series of moments and simply lingers with the Read more […]

Grave Digger – Home at Last MCD (Napalm Records)

If the Mayans are correct, then cockroaches, Twinkies, and Grave Digger will be the only things left standing when the apocalypse comes this December. The Germans are virtually indestructible and like Read more […]

Ensiferum – Unsung Heroes (Spinefarm Records)

Ensiferum weren’t necessarily the first band out of the epic/folk gate, but they’re probably the best, or at least the most consistent. One jaunt through 2009’s thoroughly captivating From Afar supports Read more […]

Scott Kelly & The Road Home – The Forgiven Ghost In Me (Neurot Recordings)

For Scott Kelly the last 30 years (or so) have no doubt been dumbfounding in the sheer gravity of the scope and depth they’ve covered. Neurosis’ early hardcore beginnings and transformation over time Read more […]

Reverence – When Darkness Calls (Razar Ice Records)

The obvious sonic limitations and ceiling that vintage melodic metal presents itself with usually spells mediocrity. The bands who fancy this still are often too wrapped up in the time capsule they’re Read more […]

Drone – For Torch and Crown (Metalville Records)

Have you seen the cover to this new release? It’s quite horrific looking and there’s a frantic feeling found in the striking images of an army of insect warriors charging forward in a swarm. I’m Read more […]

The Forsaken – Beyond Redemption (Massacre Records)

There are few things in life more inspiring than redemption stories. One such tale is that of Sweden’s The Forsaken, returning from a nine-year hiatus this month with their aptly-titled release Beyond Read more […]

Attika 7 – Blood of My Enemies (Rocket Science Ventures)

Always dug Evan Seinfeld, especially during Biohazard’s prime years when Urban Discipline and State of the World Address were rap metal staples. Dude can definitely kick a rhyme when he has to…and Read more […]

Kirk Blows – Hammered: Heavy Tales From the Hard Rock Highway (Plexus Press)

In the States, Metal Hammer doesn’t quite have the same impact as now-defunct rags like Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Metal Magazines, and even Pit. Because it started to drift into alternative Read more […]

Bilocate – Summoning the Bygones (Code666 Records)

The Middle East isn’t a geographical area that metal seems to bleeding from. Quality bands are few and far in between but when they hit, they hit hard. Case in point, this stunning release from Jordan Read more […]

A Forest of Stars – A Shadowplay for Yesterdays (Prophecy Productions/Lupus Lounge)

We don’t hand out very many awards on Blistering, probably because various awards and faux internet trophies cheapens the only category that matters, i.e. Album of the Year. Yet if yours truly had to Read more […]

Cultfinder – Black Thrashing Terror (Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records)

Sometimes really fantastic things come in painfully small amounts. The box of Apple-Cinnamon Chex I bought last week, episodes of Squidbillies, and in the case of British blackened thrash act Cultfinder, Read more […]

Dew-Scented – Icarus (Prosthetic Records)

If Dew-Scented had a dollar or a Euro (they’re German after all) for every time some hack inquired about their name, then they probably wouldn’t have to worry about releasing safe and predictable albums Read more […]

Mutilation Rites – Empyrean (Prosthetic Records)

The deluge of quality USBM releases that have been so prevalent this year had to lose steam eventually, and unfortunately for the grimy looking fellows that make up Mutilation Rites, their equally grimy Read more […]

Mekong Delta – Intersections (SPV/Steamhammer)

More and more bands seem to be going back in time and re-recording past songs in an effort to “update” them. Whether this is to re-make some songs with more current production standards, seeing what Read more […]

Coven – Worship New Gods (Shadow Kingdom Records)

In 1987, thrash metal was the music of choice for those who worshipped the frantic rush of sounds set to a leather studded fist. A whole a slew of new metal gods were thriving for metallic supremacy, proclaiming Read more […]

Evoken – Atra Mors (Profound Lore Records)

Baleful clouds consume the sky and choke out the sun, a frigid wind emaciating flora and fauna alike – the world left behind a lifeless husk. Though apt for an end of the world scenario, such is not Read more […]

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder – Ghostmaker (Candlelight Records)

The retro thrash movement has inundated us with both quality and fluff. Rumpelstiltskin Grinder has always done a more than serviceable job in providing some speedy, riff-driven thrash tunes to whet the Read more […]

Morbid Saint – Spectrum of Death (Relapse Records)

Even though Morbid Saint only had one full-length release, the band is a definite classic in the thrash genre. Spectrum of Death is a pristine example of how to tear a person limb from limb in a musical sense. Read more […]

Earthen Grave – Earthen Grave (Claude & Elmo Music)

Seeing a bunch of doom vets put together something more than a run-of-the-mill Sabbath affair can warm one’s heart. Going said route would be too easy, for apparently, everyone and their mother thinks Read more […]

Conan – Monnos (Gravedancer Records)

Tom G. Warrior would be the first to admit that the early (and lone) works of Hellhammer were basically beginner-level metal. Hellhammer and halcyon years Celtic Frost lucked out because they were ahead Read more […]

Testament – Dark Roots of the Earth (Nuclear Blast Records)

The fact Testament didn’t follow up 2008’s Formation of Damnationright away has served them well, for by all indications, demand for the Bay Area thrashers hasn’t been this high since Practice Read more […]

Black Majesty – Stargazer (Limb Music)

Home to koala bears, kangaroos, and vegemite sandwiches (thank you Men At Work for that reference), Australia also maintains a very healthy metal scene, especially in the power/progressive and extreme Read more […]

Eye of Solitude – Sui Caedere (Kaotoxin Records)

It’s only fitting that now with summer in full swing with its warmth and light and other makings that something this hopeless, suffocating, and absolutely would be released. No says Eye of Solitude, you Read more […]

Enabler – All Hail the Void (Southern Lord Records)

The obvious thing to do would be to imagine this as a Fall Out Boy-meets-Trap Them composite, which frankly, could be one of their weirdest combos one’s infantile brain could think of. Reason being, former Read more […]

Holy Knights – Beyond Daylight and Pain (Scarlet Records)

I’m not sure I understand the logic behind the reformation of this band, given the glut of power metal bands already in existence, but Holy Knights has returned after 10-year absence. Their new full Read more […]

Devilish Impressions – Simulacra (Lifeforce Records)

“Alucard” is “Dracula” spelled backwards. Blistering knows this thanks the legendary 8-bit Nintendo game Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, of which a character by the name of Alucard appears to Read more […]