Inverloch – Dusk…Subside (Relapse Records)

With two former members of legendary funeral doom metallers Disembowelment (we refuse to bow to its half lower-case/half upper-case spelling) in its ranks, Australia’s Inverloch figure to carry the funeral Read more […]

At Vance – Facing the Enemy (AFM Records)

German melodic power metal outfit At Vance continue their steadfast belief in all things conventional regarding their songwriting and performances on their ninth studio album, Facing the Enemy. Guitarist Read more […]

Huntress – Spell Eater (Napalm Records)

If Huntress were competing against other like-minded female-fronted metal bands in the promotional picture department, they’d probably win. Like, how could any red-blooded metal dude not be pleased with Read more […]

7 Horns, 7 Eyes – Throes of Absolution (Century Media Records)

On one hand, it’s nice to see a new American metal band not go down the dreaded deathcore/djent/lame-o route. Had about enough of that. On the other, Seattle’s 7 Horns, 7 Eyes are not quite at the Read more […]

Motorhead – The World Is Ours Vol. 1 CD/DVD (EMI/Motorhead Music)

Lemmy sure likes to pop out live albums, doesn’t he? The World Is Ours Vol. 1 is the band’s sixth official live release since their glorious inception in the 70’s. Obviously, it’s not as crucial Read more […]

Frames – In Via (SPV Records)

Rather odd to see an all-instrumental band on SPV’s roster like Germany’s Frames. For a while, the German-based record company made a really bad habit out of signing aging bands who demanded obscene Read more […]

Soen – Cognitive (Spinefarm Records)

A lot of people have “gotten” Tool. As in, they can find some general thread of understanding which allows them to make sense of songs that are generally unmemorable. Sure, there are a handful of Tool Read more […]

Primitive Weapons – The Shadow Gallery (Prosthetic Records)

The ho-hum nature of sludge metal and its various offshoots is becoming quite the thorn in one’s side, specifically Blistering’s. The fundamental elements of this style predicates that song structure, Read more […]

Job For A Cowboy – Demonocracy (Metal Blade Records)

When Job For A Cowboy broke a few years ago, some of the primary complaints hurled at the band related to the obtuse and convoluted nature of their songs. While there was no questioning the band’s technical Read more […]

Dog Shredder – Brass Tactics EP (Good to Die Records)

Big ‘ole minus points for the name, a moniker only a pre-incarceration Michael Vick would be down with. Nevertheless, Dog Shredder is a power trio from Portland, Oregon, purveying a brand of messy punk Read more […]

High On Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis (eOne Music)

Responsible for the creation of a lot of crappy bands, High on Fire have at least the good sense to retain their relevancy after breakout albums like Blessed Black Wings and Death Is This Communion. Read more […]

Moonspell – Alpha Noir (Napalm Records)

Able to sustain their career based primarily off the twin success of ‘95’s Wolfheart and its Irreligious successor, Portugal’s Moonspell remain not only their country’s biggest metal export, Read more […]

Prong – Carved Into Stone (SPV Records)

During my college years, this New York act steadily took a hold of the crossover scene because of their genre bleeding tendencies. Drum beats equally hardcore and metal, guitar parts that veer from thrash Read more […]

Lonewolf – Army of the Damned (Napalm Records)

There should be some type of moratorium on bands not only having “Wolf” in their name, but also having to start their album with the sound of thunder crackling in the sky. It’s as if there’s some Read more […]

Jeff Loomis – Plains of Oblivion (Century Media Records)

Something about typing “ex-Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis” doesn’t feel right. And it shouldn’t, to be honest. Loomis’s stronghold on the Nevermore sound help make the Seattle metallers one Read more […]

OSI – Fire Make Thunder (Metal Blade Records)

First impressions can be harsh and so it was with “Cold Call,” the opening track on this, OSI’s fourth album. It seemed as if Kevin Moore and Jim Matheos’ low-key, industrial prog project (with Read more […]

A Sound of Thunder – Out of the Darkness (Nightmare Records)

The first three thoughts that came to mind upon listening to A Sound of Thunder’s Out of the Darkness album: 1. Female-fronted metal. Thank heavens there’s no Goth here; 2. The flight goggles Read more […]

God Forbid – Equilibrium (Victory Records)

A bit odd not seeing the Century Media name associated with God Forbid. The two parties were rather synonymous with each other for most of the 00’s thanks to the label’s emphasis on new wave American Read more […]

Ministry – Relapse (AFM Records)

Surprised Ministry is still functioning, and probably so is mainman Al Jourgensen. The frontman’s tales of drugs and debauchery are nothing new; same bodes for his total disgust for the Republican Party Read more […]

Outcast – Awaken the Reason (Listenable Records)

Hilarious how quickly the word “djent” has become anathema to the metal press. Blistering notwithstanding, a lot of our cohorts are dogging the style just as much as we and rightfully so – it’s Read more […]

Scorpions – Comeblack (Legacy/Sony)

Forget about “Rock You Like A Hurricane” for a second and think about what the best Scorpions song is. It’s not found on Comeblack, an assemblage of re-recorded songs and covers that span the Germans’ Read more […]

Evenoire – Vitriol (Scarlet Records)

Scary to think, but we might be reaching the rung on the Goth metal ladder where Epica, not Nightwish are the primary point of comparison. Not like we have any beef with Simone Simons and team, yet they’re Read more […]

Desultor – Masters of Hate (Abyss Records)

A beacon of light that shines through in the foggy haze that is the current retro death metal movement, Stockholm’s Desultor (go figure) have created a cacophonous maelstrom of DM madness on their Masters Read more […]

Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast (Nuclear Blast Records)

Municipal Waste has the market cornered. No, not on “party metal,” but the crossover market is essentially all theirs. When Blistering uses its finite brain power to think of other worthy crossover Read more […]

Angel Witch – As Above, So Below (Metal Blade Records)

The back story of Angel Witch is one about a British metal classic (1980’s self-titled debut) and of being the NWOBM bridesmaid to Iron Maiden. You see, Angel Witch were supposed to be every bit as big Read more […]

Secrets of the Moon – Seven Bells (Prophecy Productions)

Always found these guys to be a bit too clean and pristine to be a melodic black metal band. Then again, it would be counterproductive if they sounded like they recorded their albums in a shoebox, Read more […]

Klone – Eye of Needle EP (Klonosphere/Season of Mist Records)

When a band has so many influences as France’s Klone, it’s normally causes one to call a bluff. You see, most bands do look to styles of music outside of metal for inspiration, they just don’t Read more […]

Overkill – The Electric Age (eOne Music)

Listening to Bobby Blitz on The Electric Age…feels like a sniping dog coming at you. And it’s not like Overkill hasn’t been nipping at everyone’s heels the last few decades, it just feels like Read more […]

Ancient VVisdom – A Godlike Inferno (Prosthetic Records)

Those who aren’t well-versed in the metal underground or even the top rung bands probably still think the acoustic guitar is reserved solely for power ballads. You know, dim the lights, pull out your Read more […]

Dark Empire – From Refuge to Ruin (Nightmare Records)

Walking a fine line between power metal, progressive metal and the more melodic elements of thrash, New Jersey’s Dark Empire have crafted a fine album for their third outing and their first with new Read more […]