Void Meditation Cult – Sulfurous Prayers of Blight and Darkness (Hell’s Headbangers)

The production on Void Meditation Cult’s Sulfurous Prayers of Blight and Darkness is horrendous. Okay? Certain members of the metal journalism community sometimes have difficulty overlooking such a fact, Read more […]

I Killed Everyone – Necrospire (Pavement Entertainment)

Quite hard to dig this band and their name, maybe because it makes DR think of the short-lived metalcore supergroup I Killed the Prom Queen, who came and went in a New York minute (they were from Australia). Read more […]

Autopsy – The Headless Ritual (Peaceville)

The second album back from a post-reformation act is definitely the hardest. Without the buzz and/or excitement that predicted the initial comeback platter, veteran bands that actually do make it to this Read more […]

Erimha – Reign Through Immortality (Victory)

Black metal. The new frontier for Victory, who once housed chart-toppers Hawthorne Heights and Thursday, allowing the label to establish itself as one of the top independents in America. The label has Read more […]

Church of Misery – Thy Kingdom Scum (Metal Blade/Rise Above)

Like Macabre, Japan’s Church of Misery know of only one subject: serial killers. Whereas Macabre make you feel like you’re watching one of those specials on E! that chronicle some sadistic freak’s life, Read more […]

Unkind – Pelon Juuret (Relapse Records)

If Finland’s Unkind were smart in the marketing department, they’d come up with a shirt that says “Unkind Mind Grind.” For starters, rhyming is fun and easy, and then you throw in the grind aspect Read more […]

Pest – The Crowning Horror (Agonia Records)

Scoffing at any notion of progression (see Darkthrone too), Sweden’s Pest are one of those hardened black metal bands who seemingly can’t get past the first few Venom and Bathory albums for inspiration. Read more […]

The Meads of Asphodel – Sonderkommando (Candlelight)

Prone to conceptual albums that detail very early Christian writings paired with a medieval image that at first glance, comes across as a gimmickry, England’s The Meads of Asphodel have jumped several Read more […]

De Arma – Lost, Alien & Forlorn (Trollmusic)

Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Dead Can Dance…bands that functioned outside of the metal periphery, but haven proven to be crucial in the makeup of what we have come to identify as depressive/atmospheric Read more […]

Witches Mark – Witching Metal Ritual (Heaven and Hell Records)

Texas four-piece Witches Mark carry on the fine tradition and spirit of early 80’s U.S. metal with their debut album Witching Metal Ritual. Remember the days when you could see the album cover, put Read more […]

Carrier Flux – Objection (Code666)

It has been beaten into our skulls that a one-man black metal band from America must sound like crap, must be sinister, and must have his mother deliver waffles during recording sessions for proper sustenance. Read more […]

Ocellus – Departure (Pavement Entertainment)

Here’s Ocellus’s Departure,  a slab of good ole’ American metalcore if I’ve ever seen one. We’ve reached a sad spot here in 2013 – the proverbial gamut of criticisms aimed at this polarizing subgenre Read more […]

Darkane – The Sinister Supremacy (Prosthetic)

Lawrence Mackrory is back in the Darkane fold, bringing back all sorts of fond memories when the band’s Rusted Angel debut was a thorn in the side of melodic death metal circa 1999. Since vocalists are Read more […]

Sister Sin – Dance of the Wicked Reissue (Victory Records)

Arguably the best of the nasty, gritty female-fronted rock/metal bands, Sister Sin have hung around long enough to have their first album get the reissue treatment. The album in question is Dance of the Read more […]

Warfect – Exoneration Denied (Cyclone Empire)

Utterly hilarious cover art aside (possibly the worst in recent memory), Sweden’s Warfect are a cut from the old German thrash chopping block, showcasing a rather obvious Sodom influence on their sophomore Read more […]

Your Chance to Die – The American Dream (Red Cord Records)

Having a female front a death metal band isn’t presented the same way as those dime-a-dozen symphonic/Goth outfits…downplaying the fact is definitely the priority. You can’t really hide these type Read more […]

Vanhelga – Höst (Art of Propaganda)

A two-man outfit comprised of multi-instrumentalist 145188 and former Lifelover vocalist 1853, Vanhelga plays a brand of suicidal/depressive metal that wretches the soul much like the aforementioned Lifelover, Read more […]

Septicflesh – Esoptron Reissue (Season of Mist)

The real find in the Septicflesh reissue series, 1995’s Esoptron was the album that took the Greeks out of the black metal underground and placed them into their own exclusive space. Enchanting, haunting, Read more […]

Kylesa –Ultraviolet (Season of Mist)

Listening to Kylesa’s Ultraviolet in a bus would be a mistake. The big engine revs and rumbles much like Kylesa’s bottom-heavy brand of sludge-metal and the music is lost. The diesel fumes certainly Read more […]

Noumena – Death Walks with Me (Haunted Zoo Productions)

An utter shame Finland’s Noumena couldn’t capitalize on the dreary melodic death metal salvos on 2006’s Anatomy of Life. Said album combined the soul-splitting melodies of early Katatonia with the Read more […]

Infera Bruo – Desolate Unknown (Self-Released)

A northeastern band trying to fit into what is now, a very niche but expanding American black metal scene, Infera Bruo are able to match some wits on their debut full-length Desolate Unknown. The problem Read more […]

Graveyard of Souls – Shadows of Life (FDA Rekotz)

Hey…isn’t that Yoda’s lair on the album cover? Sorry, that should read: “Lair Yoda cover album on the?” See, this is what happens when your significant other really likes Star Wars – you start Read more […]

The Ocean – Pelagial (Metal Blade)

The Ocean doesn’t make albums these days. They make lateral, conceptually, pieces of craft. They’re craftsmen, basically. And any band that takes the measure of mixing, then re-mixing, then re-mixing Read more […]

Ramming Speed – Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die (Prosthetic Records)

By now it’s no secret – we’re in the midst of a thrash revival, people. And if the steadily rising trajectories of groups like Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Sylosis, Revocation and hordes of like-minded Read more […]

Necronomicon – Rise of the Elder Ones (Season of Mist)

Canadian bands get all sorts of praise for being out of their collective gourds, but when one of their own isn’t all that wacky, it’s like the band in question forgot to wear their deodorant or something. Read more […]

Stone Magnum – From Time…To Eternity (R.I.P. Records)

Midwest doom metal from Michigan City, Indiana Stone Magnum returns for their second album, From Time… To Eternity. A couple of lineup changes took place following their self-titled debut from last Read more […]

The Vein – Scouring the Wreckage of Time (Shadow Kingdom Records)

The side project of two current members of emerging Danish doom crew Altars of Oblivion, The Vein does the ‘ole sonic switcheroo by replacing the traditional, melodic doom sound of Altars of Oblivion, Read more […]

Battlecross – War of Will (Metal Blade)

Coming off a successful debut album, Michigan’s Battlecross proverbially could coast into their second studio platter for Metal Blade creatively and be rest assured their fans would be satisfied. But Read more […]

Voices – From the Human Forest Create a Fugue of Imaginary Rain (Candlelight)

British extremists Akercocke gained a vast amount of respect not only for their diabolic blend of death and black metal, but also their fondness of suits and acting gentlemanly. They’d tell you it was Read more […]

Eldkraft – Shaman (Metal Blade Records)

Veterans of the Swedish metal scene hook up for an exercise in epic-tinged metal…that never happens! Alas, it does, this time with Eldkraft, the product of Horde of Hel/ex-In Battle members H. Karlsson Read more […]