Mastodon – The Hunter (Warner/Reprise Records)

If things were the way they’re supposed to be (as in, people still bought physical product and the industry wasn’t in the toilet), Mastodon would arguably be the scene’s commercial representative. Read more […]

Today Is the Day – Pain Is A Warning (Blackmarket Activities)

Lots of fight in left in Steve Austin, even after nine albums and several decades into Today Is the Day’s existence. Not even counting the band’s numerous lineup changes, of which for Pain Is A Warning enlists Read more […]

Single Bullet Theory – IV (Goomba Music)

The brainchild of former Pissing Razors guitarist Matt DiFabio, Single Bullet Theory is remarkably still afloat after 11 years in the American metal underground. Such a period of time is a death knell Read more […]

White Arms of Athena – Astrodrama (Prosthetic Records)

“Amalgam metal” should be the tag applied to everyone these days. Forget us somewhat-intelligent metal journalists coming up tags like, “Frost-bitten folk metal with a urban twist” or “Concrete-addled Read more […]

Opeth – Heritage (Roadrunner Records)

Mikael Akerfeldt lives in the 70’s…everyone who follows Opeth knows that. Aside from the man’s very-public affinity for it, Opeth’s flirtations with 70’s prog has been an accessory to most of their studio Read more […]

Sabaton – World War Live: Battle of the Baltic Sea (Nuclear Blast Records)

Camouflage pants. Sabaton wears ‘em and wears ‘em well. Being that their profile has shot through the stratosphere in the last 18 months, a lot of people are getting used to seeing the Swedes and their Read more […]

Anterior – Echoes of the Fallen (Metal Blade Records)

You know, if this were 2003, people would be all over Anterior. They’re everything that stoked the fires of the new American metal movement (the band is British, though), possessing flashy leads, scream/shouted Read more […]

Textures – Dualism (Nuclear Blast Records)

Dualism is the right album for Textures to make at this point, as another album of None-era Meshuggah mimicking wouldn’t suffice. Instead, the band’s new singer (Daniel de Jongh) brings a drastically Read more […]

Falloch – Where Distant Spirits Remain (Candlelight Records)

Scotland’s Falloch is not to be confused with Agalloch, but it’s not bad company to be in. Perhaps it’s no strange coincidence that both bands hold up the atmospheric end of the metal bargain quite Read more […]

Saviours – Death’s Procession (Kemado Records)

Look at Saviours…getting down and rocking. It’s really not that hard, you know? And there’s no shortage of bands like the Oakland, CA-based crew, it’s just a matter of execution and not coming Read more […]

Arch/Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance (Metal Blade Records)

Always nice to hear John Arch’s voice. It’s as helium-induced as ever, that’s for sure, something that’s immediately evident on Sympathetic Resonance, which sees the singer pair with former Fates Warning Read more […]

Century – Red Giant (Prosthetic Records)

We get it, Century – you’re pissed-off. Blistering gets PO’d too when things go wrong, like when there’s no Mt. Dew in the fridge or the Cleveland Browns decide it’s a good idea to lose teams Read more […]

Pathology – Awaken to the Suffering (Victory Records)

Blistering doesn’t envy any new death metal band trying to make it in the “game.” It’s not easy out there; rather it’s impossible out there. And when you’re stacked up against hundreds of Read more […]

Wolves In the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage (Southern Lord Records)

The last in a trilogy that started with 2007’s really-awesome Two Hunters, Celestial Lineage sees Wolves In the Throne room take a decidedly-obvious step forward in the production department (read: Read more […]

Hatesphere – The Great Bludgeoning (Napalm Records)

Nothing like a trial by fire for this Danish thrash/death quintet, having to replace your vocalist before your biggest North American tour to date opening for the Black Dahlia Murder in the winter of 2010. Read more […]

Anubis Gate – Anubis Gate (Nightmare Records)

Prog metal has this unfortunate way of regurgitating itself. In fact, it’s more frustrating than anything considering most of these yokels can outplay just about anyone, it seems like no one wants to Read more […]

Anthrax – Worship Music (Megaforce Records)

If you just did a double-take in regard to the rating to the left, we don’t blame you. Anthrax was essentially dead in the water as little as two years ago (something we noted in this not-so kind editorial) Read more […]

Minushuman – Bloodthrone (Season of Mist Records)

A touch away from falling into the blossoming line of Gojira soundalikes, France’s Minushuman have a pretty good thing going for themselves on their second album (and first for Season of Mist), Bloodthrone. Read more […]

Mournful Congregation – The Unspoken Hymns (20 Buck Spin)

Comprised of five hard-to-find songs from limited-edition vinyl runs,The Unspoken Hymns is being released to set up Mournful Congregation’s forthcoming The Book of Kings, which is due this November. Read more […]

Untimely Demise – City of Steel (Sonic Unyon Records)

There should be some type of “Thrash Starter Kit” so bands that want to latch themselves to the teat of 80’s thrash don’t have to put in too much work. There’s still such a deluge of bands aping Read more […]

Saxon – Call To Arms (EMI)

Like clockwork, here comes another Saxon album. They’re not that much different than Motorhead in this approach, being that both bands are of practically the same age, have iconic frontmen, are from Read more […]

Van Canto – Break the Silence (Napalm Records)

Metal’s own version of The Sing-Off, Germany’s Van Canto return with their five-part vocal originality, once again handling all the melodies and instrumentation outside of Bastian Emig’s natural Read more […]

Pro-Pain – 20 Years of Hardcore (Regain Records)

“Dogged” would be an apt term for Pro-Pain bassist/founding member Gary Meskill. The New Yorker has seen numerous lineup changes, trends, and everything else come and go since the band formed 20 years Read more […]

Hail! Hornet – Disperse the Curse (Relapse Records)

Already tired of this annoying “beard metal” thing. It’s hard to get behind band’s who immerse themselves in crust and noise, thinking there’s going to be some semblance of originality or better Read more […]

Moonsorrow – Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa (Spinefarm Records)

If there’s a bigger travesty for the calendar year than the lack of a domestic release for Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa, then please tell us. Blistering had to use alternative means to track Read more […]

Desalmado – Hereditas (Greyhaze Records)

Get in and get out. Not a very difficult concept and Desalmado have it down pat on their Hereditas EP. The precursor to the band’s full-length (which is being produced by current Sepultura drummer Read more […]

Chimaira – The Age of Hell (eOne Music)

Always behind these guys, not just because they’re from Cleveland, but because they’ve always been the heaviest of the modern American metalbands. Granted, being the heaviest doesn’t always translate Read more […]

Moon – Caduceus Chalice (Moribund Records)

Australian black metal virtually has no identity. Well, of course it doesn’t since there’s like, no black metal bands of note from the Land Down Under. Not counting Destroyer 666 or the sorely-missed Read more […]

Nightrage – Insidious (Lifeforce Records)

Perhaps the only band in the melodic death metal scene that could give Omnium Gatherum a real nudge, Nightrage continue their dominance over the style with their fifth album, Insidious. While it can be Read more […]

Brainoil – Death of This Dry Season (20 Buck Spin)

Not too often we stumble across a sludge band that is actually concerned with putting together good songs, but such is the case for Oakland’s Brainoil. On their second full-length Death of This Dry Read more […]