Vermithrax – Imperium Draconis (Divebomb Records)

Privy to much of this material at various stages over the past five years or so, it’s finally nice to see Pittsburgh act Vermithrax get the chance to unleash their melodic power/progressive thrash sound Read more […]

Godless – Swarm (Self-Released)

Jumping head-first into the scene two years ago with their first EP, Centuries of Decadence, India’s Godless return with their follow-up EP Swarm. Centuries of Decadence was notable for it’s aggression Read more […]

Kraanium – Slamchosis (Comatose Music)

It’s not been an easy time for Kraanium in the years following 2015’s Chronicles of Perversion. Vocalist Martin Funderud committed suicide last year (his twin brother Mats is also Kraanium’s guitarist). Read more […]

Impellitteri – The Nature of the Beast (Frontiers Records)

There comes a point in time where your instrument skills should be about self-expression, not necessarily showing off through intricacy and advanced techniques. Since the late 1980’s guitarist Chris Read more […]

Shining – Animal (Spinefarm)

Never a band to standstill from a musical standpoint, Norway’s Shining continue to change, quite drastically, with Animal. Quite obviously from the bright, ‘80s artwork to Jørgen Munkeby’s release Read more […]

Beyond Creation – The Algorythm (Season of Mist)

Beyond Creation have been a go-to act for the tech-side of death metal for the better part of this decade, starting out with The Aura in 2011 and enhancing the formula in 2014 with Earthborn Evolution. Read more […]

Cognitive – Matricide (Unique Leader)

Continuing to up the ante with each successive release, Cognitive return from their already strong 2016 release in Deformity with style. Matricide is noticeably another step up for the band, as they continue Read more […]

Gorod – Aethra (Overpowered Records)

Long revered at this point for their ability to bring some jazzy, tech-inspired death metal in ways that are frequently unexpected, there’s always a question of where the next Gorod album will go. While Read more […]

Serpents Kiss – Dragon Lord (Self-Released)

Active since 1995, Serpents Kiss from the UK may be sporadic with output (this their second full-length and first in 13 years), but it’s clear through Dragon Lord that they embrace a traditional, NWOBHM Read more […]

Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering: Tome II (Self-Released)

Always perceived as legends within the extreme death metal circles, despite a few ups and downs over the years, Cryptopsy continues to stand tall for good reason. 2015’s first chapter in The Book of Read more […]

Gama Bomb – Speed Between the Lines (AFM Records)

Irish crossover thrash act Gama Bomb show no signs of stopping the rampage on their latest album Speed Between the Lines. Which is ideal in an era where experimentation and multiple sub-genre bending takes Read more […]

Northward – Northward (Nuclear Blast)

Those involved with Nightwish have to be some equally creative and passionate folks. The band finally takes a little bit of a break last year, and suddenly a number of new releases that they have been Read more […]

Soulfly – Ritual (Nuclear Blast)

Ubiquitous in unleashing new material consistently from any number of bands/projects, Soulfly has been Max Cavalera’s main creative outlet since leaving Sepultura in 1996. Ritual is the 11th studio album Read more […]

Bloodtruth – Martyrium (Unique Leader)

Hard to believe it’s already been four years since Bloodtruth first arrived (with plenty of force) with their debut, Obedience. In that time span, we’ve only seen a 2016 single, “Peste Noire,” Read more […]

Thrawsunblat – Great Brunswick Forest (Ignifera Records)

The folky, woodsy Canadian black metal act Thrawsunblat have returned with the follow-up to their 2016 effort Metachthonia. But those looking for a repeat of last time will definitely be in for a shock, Read more […]

Amaranthe – Helix (Spinefarm)

No matter what one has thought about Amaranthe and their metallic approach, it’s easy to say that they’ve always forged ahead with their own path and done exactly what they wanted to do, sometimes Read more […]

Helsott – Slaves and Gods (M-Theory Audio)

American folk metal act Helsott have been working their particular brand for close to a decade at this point. Able to be distinguished from the mostly European bands within this style for their almost Read more […]

Holy Shire – The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest (Heavy Metal Records)

Symphonic metal stylistically can lean one way or the other – the prism running the spectrum from artists who venture towards atmosphere, bombast, and orchestration, or using those tools to expand the Read more […]

As I Destruct – From Fear to Oblivion (Firestarter Music)

In the grand tradition of making death metal more accessible by packing in some groove, As I Destruct bring forth their full-length debut with plenty of style. Keeping a melodic edge that falls outside Read more […]

Hammer King – Poseidon Will Carry Us Home (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Continuing in the true metal tradition of their first two albums, German act Hammer King doesn’t feel the need to really change the formula much for Poseidon Will Carry Us Home. It’s all about the Read more […]

The Projectionist – Visits From The Nighthag Part I (Appalachian Noise Records)

It is a miserable place to be latched to something mediocre. Something that can’t sway you to fury because of how awful it is or thrill you because of how fucking spectacular it is. Nope. Something that Read more […]

Hangman’s Chair – Banlieue triste (Spinefarm)

With its curious grip on the English language drawn together by the desolate howl of Cédric Toufouti, France’s Hangman’s Chair serve up a rather unique and heady body of doom by way of their fifth Read more […]

Paths – In Lands Thought Lost (Bindrune Recordings)

Earth below, stars above, and with woods surrounding us we depart, to seek wisdom, beauty, or things unknown. Or so the story might open in other places but here it means a new journey in the ever-widening Read more […]

Dead Soul Communion – MMXVIII (Self-Released/Def2Music Records)

Ambitious and cognizant of the finish line (the final album already announced for a mid-2020 release on their website), UK act Dead Soul Communion steadily plan to unleash recordings multiple times a year. Read more […]

Outer Heaven – Realms of Eternal Decay (Relapse)

Just when you start to think that death metal is starting to get a bit ‘stuck in the mud,’ due to recent shifts with more retro-flavored and extreme tech releases, there’s a newer act willing to Read more […]

Feel No Pain – Into the Chaos (Self-Released)

Using my bilingual abilities to wrap my head around their bio, Spanish metal quartet Feel No Pain began in 2006, although it took many years to develop the songs and style – really ramping things up Read more […]

Hatesphere – Reduced to Flesh (Scarlet)

It wasn’t on the radar of many in these parts, but Hatesphere’s 2015 New Hell was an unbridled Euro thrash gem, spiteful, vertical and partially melodic, really just running the gamut of what the Danes Read more […]

Nyktophobia – Fate of Atlantis (Self-Released)

Germany’s Nyktophobia really jumped out the gate with some exceptional old school melodic death metal with last year’s Fallen Empire (having a line-up of experienced players certainly helped give it Read more […]

Deathtura – Division (WormHoleDeath)

Starting out of friendship in 2011, this Belgian act Deathtura evolved from a music project into a full-fledged band, recording an EP and full-length independently prior to signing with WormHoleDeath for Read more […]

Lifeblood – The Air in My Lungs (Self-Released)

While many still look to the term ‘metalcore’ with some disdain from the slew of American acts after bands like Killswitch Engage and All that Remains saw some commercial success. But there’s also Read more […]

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