SnakeyeS – Metal Monster (Self-Released)

Although Spanish heavy metal act SnakeyeS appears to be a relative newcomer (starting in 2013) – three of the members have decades of seasoning through Sphinx, who released five full-lengths during their Read more […]

Dropzone – Rape Killing Murder (Osmose Productions)

21 years in limbo. Not often does an album surface that lingered for so long. Originally recorded live on tape back in 1996 (sans lead guitars and vocal overdubs), Dropzone’s full-length Rape Killing Read more […]

Dead Meat – Preachers of Gore (Vomit Your Shirt)

As if the cover art doesn’t imply it already, only the most brutal of brutal need apply for Dead Meat’s Preachers of Gore. This Portuguese brutal death metal act has been around since 1993, and have Read more […]

Hazzerd – Misleading Evil (World War Now Records)

Hailing from Calgary, Canada and going through a couple of name changes since their 2012 inception (Forsaken and Hazard X previously), Hazzerd live to create a thrash/speed metal style that reflects a Read more […]

Feared – Svart (Self-Released)

Sweden’s Feared are nothing if not consistent. Keeping up with the tradition, the band has saw fit to release an album almost every year of their existence (going as far as releasing two back in 2013). Read more […]

Luna – Swallow Me Leaden Sky (Solitude Productions)

Gauging by the album title alone, you can tell that Luna is not going to provide an overly pretty and happy ride. Though there’s still always a more touching and beautiful side to doom and gloom in Read more […]

Worhol – The Awakening (Imminence Records/Wormholedeath)

Not often in metal do you see a classically trained father/daughter combination. But such is the case with Worhol, as father Larry Worhol provides the guitar and orchestral arrangements and daughter Ashley Read more […]

Juggernaut – Out of the Ashes (Art Gates Records)

Ardent metal followers probably associate Juggernaut as one of the 80’s Texas guard that put that scene on the map – signed to Metal Blade with their brand of technical speed laden thrash for Baptism Read more […]

Amplified Memory – Vas Hermeticum (Sliptrick Records)

When one happens upon an act with the ‘melodic death metal’ tag, there is an assumption of how they will sound before hearing it. Many times, it’s up to the band in question to prove they are more Read more […]

Atrocity – Masters of Darkness (Massacre)

It’s been four years since Atrocity came back with Okkult, the first part of a proposed trilogy. Due to the busy nature of Leaves’ Eyes (of which all members also participate in), it’s taken more Read more […]

Graceless – Shadowlands (Raw Skull Recordz)

Old school death metal with a side of doom? It’s a combo that’s far more refreshing than a mere old school death romp, that’s for sure. Dutch act Graceless attempt to make a name for themselves Read more […]

Shadowmaster – Shadowmaster (Seeing Red)

All sorts of obfuscation here, from the album cover that appears better suited for an occult rock LP, to even the “Shadowmaster” name itself, which comes across like a sword-wielding power metal outfit, Read more […]

Tides of Kharon – Coins Upon Our Eyes (Self-Released)

Active since 2014, Tides of Kharon from Edmonton, Canada are another representative of the latest crop of melodic death metal bands that embrace the old with the new. Coins Upon Our Eyes as the quintet’s Read more […]

Lord Shades – The Uprising of Namwell (Dooweet)

Not to be mistaken as a band prone to wearing Ray Bans like nobody’s business, French unit Lord Shades is an epic extreme metal band, proffering their own storyline revolving around three worlds: Firë-Enmek, Read more […]

Rebaelliun -Bringer of War (The Last Stand) (Hammerheart)

Like their countrymen Krisiun, Rebaelliun play a style of “falling off a cliff; let’s meet at the bottom” death metal. As in, their chaos is somehow controlled by competing riffs and drum action Read more […]

Horror God/Techne – Split (Lavadome Productions)

Lavadome Productions isn’t an incredibly prolific label, but it’s certainly a winner in the case of quality over quantity. The latest release from the label is a split release from two death metal Read more […]

Odax – Odax (Inverted Kite)

A hereby sword-wielding, melody-tinged metal body of work, Odax is the product of former Dead Rhetoric scribe and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Keating, who, along with Nick Raykovich (vocals) and Chris Read more […]

Thousand Arrows – Exiles (Self-Released)

Going down the social media rabbit hole, Thousand Arrows from Vancouver, Canada came to this writer’s attention through a Facebook community group that supports power metal. Although after a few spins Read more […]

The Obsessed – The Obsessed Reissue (Relapse)

When the 1990s rolled around, doom was in a state of flux. With Sabbath spinning its wheels, Trouble ready to focus on more basic song structures and Saint Vitus, Revelation and Pentagram either sweating Read more […]

Viledriver – Primary (CDN Records)

For the extreme metal enthusiast, it doesn’t take more than simply saying, “Canadian Tech Death” to have their attention. A pedigree for the genre has established since the days of Cryptopsy and Read more […]

Sign of Cain – To Be Drawn and to Drown (Apostasy)

Tomas Lindberg’s year can already be considered a success based upon the glowing reception to The Lurking Fear’s Out of the Voiceless Grave debut. Lindberg, routinely cited as one of the best vocalists Read more […]

The Faceless – In Becoming a Ghost (Sumerian)

The Faceless has taken a beating over the past few years for dropping off tours (or recently dropping other bands off of their tour) and for not releasing a new album. But it doesn’t really stop there. Read more […]

The Spruce Moose – The Moose Is Loose (Self-Released)

A sense of humor is front and center with this Canadian power metal act. From the superman figure riding the moose on the cover, to song titles, and even reference points in the lineup as ‘unwitting Read more […]

Mystifier – Profanus Reissue (Vic Records)

For ’80s Brazilian metal, there was Sepultura and everyone after. The Seps had the good fortune of proper label backing (Roadrunner), an unrelenting work ethic and above all else, killer songs, which Read more […]

Midnight – Sweet Death and Ecstasy (Hell’s Headbangers)

The crass, but controlled cross-breeding of Bathory and Venom, Cleveland’s Midnight, in their black masked, leather-jacketed glory, have become a cult go-to, the product of no-frills, but punchy death/thrash. Read more […]

Mindpatrol – Vulture City (Self-Released)

Lots of bands take other inspirational sources, such as books and movies, as their source for crafting conceptual albums. But there aren’t a lot of bands that can claim that they wrote a book that is Read more […]

Invisible Enemy – Diversity (Self-Released)

Born out of two members leaving X-Pulssion, Finnish band Invisible Enemy would take a few years of member shuffles the assemble the current lineup and record a debut full-length in the aptly named Diversity. Read more […]

Monolith Cult – Gospel of Despair (Transcending Records)

Arriving to save your soul from this life of hell, Monolith Cult add another epic doom metal record that transcends any space/time continuum with their second album Gospel of Despair. The quartet contains Read more […]

Autopsy – Puncturing the Grotesque EP (Peaceville)

And so continues Autopsy’s productivity after their ballyhooed 2009 reunion, one that didn’t necessarily pave the way for other retro death metal reformations, but it sure has set an awfully high bar. Read more […]

Absalem – Chaosvolution (Art Gates Records)

With more and more bands coming right out of the woodwork with a first album that takes you aback with how strong it is, sometimes it’s also easy to forget that the first album is also simply that…a Read more […]

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