At Dawn’s Edge – Through Glass Eyes (Self-Released)

Randomly coming across At Dawn’s Edge while perusing for some video content for our Visual Rhetoric column, their video for “Evil Flamingo” offered a taste that was well worth looking further into. Read more […]

Spirit Adrift – Curse of Conception (20 Buck Spin)

Spirit Adrift’s 2016 Chained to Oblivion was marked by its unabashed use of twin guitar harmonies and stoic brand of doom. The product of Gatecreeper live member Nate Garrett, Spirit Adrift emerged as Read more […]

Damnation Defaced – Invader from Beyond (Apostasy Records)

Death metal that is melodic doesn’t have to be lacking in intensity. Nor does it have to be “melodic death metal.” If you can grasp those two concepts, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect Read more […]

Ne Obliviscaris – Urn (Season of Mist)

It’s one thing to be able to have the chops and skill set to play technical material, but it’s another thing entirely to craft some genuine emotion and feeling into the music. Particularly when you Read more […]

Iron Monkey – 9-13 (Relapse)

Oftentimes labeled as the U.K. counterpart to Eyehategod, Iron Monkey were off and running by the time the previous century was coming to a close. Their 1997 self-titled and ensuing 1999 Our Problem efforts Read more […]

Ice War – Ice War (Shadow Kingdom)

On the surface, Canada’s Ice War’s self-titled debut full-length is somewhat juvenile. Take a crack at the cover, the production and the rough, ragged vocals of sole dude Jo Capitalicide and you’ll Read more […]

Framework – Where We Divide (Self-Released)

As a melodic death/thrash metal band from New Jersey, Framework has been making headway in the scene through a strong debut album A World Distorted released in 2014, plus subsequent touring spots including Read more […]

Tantal – Ruin (Sleaszy Rider Records)

Despite just recently hitting this scribe’s radar (on Bandcamp), Russian act Tantal already had two releases under their belts before Ruin. Interestingly, both albums have a more straight-ahead melodic Read more […]

Naeramarth – The Innumerable Stars (Self-Released)

It seems that 2017 has been the year of the one-man project. There’s been a few outstanding releases of solo efforts this year (particularly in the Bandcamp quadrant) that feel more put together and Read more […]

Sutrah – Dunes (Self-Released)

2017 hasn’t been the strongest year for tech death. With the exception of a few standout releases, it seems much of what the year has offered has been either trying too hard to pack in the notes, or Read more […]

Dragonhammer – Obscurity (My Kingdom Music)

Admiration for sticking to one’s guns, Italian power metal quintet Dragonhammer return for a fourth album Obscurity in a crowded scene that lacks a standout like decades back (wherefore art thou Lost Read more […]

Winds of Plague – Blood of My Enemy (eOne)

Seemingly against the odds, Winds of Plague have managed to persevere for over 10 years at this point, with their blend of symphonic elements, metalcore chugs, and deathly influences. But it was not Read more […]

Night Viper – Exterminator (Listenable)

Much like the resurrection of thrash, it shouldn’t really be shocking to the world that the roots of heavy metal rev up now and again. Flying V’s, galloping riffs, soaring vocals, and that electric Read more […]

CrimSun – The Sun Will Rise in Me (Self-Released)

Modern melodic death metal never fails to catch this scribe’s ear. Just when you think there’s no new bands to discover in the genre, you can hop onto Bandcamp and find a good half-dozen more. Russia’s Read more […]

Incertain – Rats in Palaces (Pride & Joy Music)

The next band stepping through the gates of the death/thrash world is that of Germany’s Incertain. A fresh act with only an EP to their name before this, Rats in Palaces sounds much more polished than Read more […]

The Kennedy Veil – Imperium (Unique Leader)

The Kennedy Veil made a big splash (in these pages at least) with their 2014 full-length, Trinity of Falsehood. A fantastically high-octane run of no-frills death metal that kept it technical enough to Read more […]

Ice Age – Breaking the Ice (GMR Music Group)

During the 1980’s, tape traders began scouring the globe to unearth underground gold beyond label product – hoping to be on the ground floor of something monumental. That’s how this scribe came to Read more […]

Sunwalter – Alien Hazard (Sliptrick Records)

Adding onto the subgenre pile is that of Sunwalter’s Sci-Fi metal. Probably not the first band to tout themselves as such, it’s pretty clear early on (from the cover in fact) that you’re going to Read more […]

Enslaved – E (Nuclear Blast)

The impact keyboardist/clean vocalist Herbrand Larsen had on Enslaved’s 2004-and-up output cannot be underestimated. Already a band willing to undergo sonic shifts on a per-album basis, Larsen was tasked Read more […]

Mason – Impervious (Self-Released)

While thrash may have waned in the mid-1990’s as the underground transitioned to death/blackened pastures, it’s certainly come back with a vengeance. Plenty of records to pick up from the old guard Read more […]

A Hill to Die Upon – Via Artis Via Mortis (Luxor Records)

Three years removed from the excellent Holy Despair, A Hill to Die Upon return with their fourth album. While the band has long been compared to Behemoth in their sonic approach, it’s really with Via Read more […]

Xanthochroid – Of Erthe and Axen Act I & II (Erthe and Axen Records)

While we at DR already gave a proper review to Act I, we felt it in the best interest of the music to go back and listen to them as one complete experience, as intended by the band. That being said, we Read more […]

Lyzzärd – Savage (Fighter Records)

Hailing from Portugal and together since 2013, Lyzzärd (because umlauts are uber-cool) arrive on the scene with their debut full-length record in Savage. Going in blind without preconceived notions allows Read more […]

Mork – Eremittens dal (Peaceville)

Really, the whole purpose of Mork releasing their third album, Eremittens dal, on Peaceville is to conjure up feelings of nostalgia when Darkthrone was the label’s prized black metal band. Once Fenriz Read more […]

Metalite – Heroes in Time (Inner Wound Recordings)

It’s rare in our information age to come across a band from out of nowhere that simply blows you away. Usually the hype train tends to arrive early and often, but Sweden’s Metalite arrived in this Read more […]

Then Comes Silence – Blood (Nuclear Blast)

Nuclear Blast’s entry into the soon-to-be-overstocked post-punk/death rock scene, Sweden’s Then Comes Silence are like the cool, hip band that can hang with us metal folk but also set up shop at any Read more […]

Left Behind – Blessed by the Burn (Unbeaten Records)

While there’s always a place for pure hardcore bands, there’s also a place for bands that take a hardcore ethos and give it an extra metallic coat of paint. Easy for hardcore to gel with many different Read more […]

Angel Nation – Aeon (Inner Wound Recordings)

Some tend to think that the symphonic power metal road is one that doesn’t branch much. The charge led by bands like Nightwish, Xandria, and Within Temptation is one that is frequently followed quite Read more […]

Forgotten Tomb – We Owe You Nothing (Agonia)

Always have a soft spot for these guys, probably because they were one of the first true “depressive” black metal bands, or, they simply write gut-churning songs. Forgotten Tomb has remained one of Read more […]

Tales of Gaia – Hypernova (Fighter Records)

In certain genres of heavy music, there’s a level of standards and practices acceptable for the ardent consumers. When it comes to power metal, especially of the uplifting/bombastic variety (which put Read more […]

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