Folian – Blue Mirror (Anima Recordings)

David Fylstra, the prolific genius behind Folian and countless other collaborations, is releasing his first LP after a steady stream of live splits and EPs. Blue Mirror comes out on the 31st of January Read more […]

Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga (AFM Records)

Returning for their second record, Brothers of Metal sit in that dramatic power/heavy metal template for Emblas Saga. Embracing that historical context in lyrical content as well as personal imagery, the Read more […]

Aesmah – Walking Off the Horizon (Apostasy)

Melodic death metal has sustained itself largely because its bands became more progressive instead of the opposite, which, if you really ponder it, is metalcore or modern-day In Flames territory. Where Read more […]

Deathwhite – Grave Image (Season of Mist)

Just as mysterious as their dark, hooded figure that has adorned much of their discography to date, Deathwhite operate in the shadows. But anonymity hasn’t stopped them from catching a bit of underground Read more […]

Death.Void.Terror – To the Great Monolith II (Repose Records)

It seems there’s a lot of moody music for folks eager to dive into some of the post- genres to kind of sit down and relax with. But there’s also bands that play in the opposite direction – those Read more […]

Lord Mantis – Universal Death Church (Profound Lore)

We are now several years beyond the peak of the blackened-sludge scene of Chicago which Lord Mantis sat atop like a putrescent jewel. Death Mask was a decade defining release (though admittedly, missed Read more […]

Novelists – C’est la Vie (Arising Empire)

An amalgamation of metalcore, djent, and modern prog, France’s Novelists fall directly into that Periphery and Tesseract crowd. The type of thing that you can tell is metal, but it’s thoroughly modern Read more […]

Dead End Finland – Inter Vivos (Inverse)

A band that has been floating through the melodic death metal annals for the past decade, the unfortunate part is that the band has never really been able to find their own ground to stand on. With their Read more […]

Xenos – Filthgrinder (Club Inferno Ent.)

A trio from Italy that contains Eversin bassist Ignazio Nicastro among others, Xenos began in 2019 and quickly gained interest from Club Inferno Ent. for their debut full-length Filthgrinder. Recording Read more […]

Kirk Windstein – Dream in Motion (eOne)

Crowbar leader Kirk Windstein spent two years recording this solo album Dream in Motion between tours and over the holidays. As one would expect, these ten songs showcase different angles to the man’s Read more […]

Blasphemer – The Sixth Hour (Candlelight)

You can usually count on death metal of the Italian variety to give you a good knock in the teeth. Blasphemer is an act that has been a part of the scene for quite some time (1998 to be specific), even Read more […]

Amberian Dawn – Looking for You (Napalm)

Amberian Dawn have become a force over the last decade within the symphonic metal genre, previously releasing no less than 8 albums in a span of 10 years. All competent releases for sure, but it wasn’t Read more […]

Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond The Dark (Blood Music)

As with any year there will unfortunately be releases that slip through the cracks relative to their release, particularly with those released after the September/October ‘season of plenty’. Walk Beyond Read more […]

Temperance – Viridian (Napalm)

Firmly entrenched in the melodic modern metal scene, Temperance made a bold impression expanding as a vocal triad for their fourth studio album Of Jupiter and Moons. Now having the time to assimilate their Read more […]

svrm – Занепад (Vigor Deconstruct)

New year, old joys. Case in point, this joyous EP release by Ukrainian solo act svrm. Firmly entrenched in the Drudkh take on black metal, this is straight forward, melodic, and often melancholic. Занепад Read more […]

Elegy of Madness – Invisible World (Pride & Joy Music)

Moving onto Pride & Joy Music for their fourth studio album Invisible World, Italian symphonic metal sextet Elegy of Madness appear confident that their commercial-oriented style is catching a buzz through Read more […]

Konvent – Puritan Masochism (Napalm)

Sometimes, it feels that the sluggish pace of death/doom is completely at odds with our increasingly fast-paced, modern world. But that’s also what gives it a particular charm. With the doom genre, Read more […]

Defiled – Infinite Regress (Season of Mist)

Japanese extreme act have made it a habit of setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack. Many bands like to use a blitzkrieg of speed to impress the listener, with their ability to simply finesse Read more […]

Invictus – Eden (Iron Shield Records)

Germany continues to be a thriving marketplace for homegrown talent in heavy metal – Invictus another act from Bavaria that focuses on developing powerful music based on their 80’s influences for this Read more […]

Sylvaine/Unreqvited – Time Without End (Prophecy)

Sometimes the job of a split EP is simply to introduce the listener to a band that maybe they heard before. Or to drop off a few tracks that didn’t quite make it to the last full-length. But in the Read more […]

Veritates – Killing Time (Pure Steel Records)

Delivering power metal without the clichés, German act Veritates issue a debut album for Killing Time that should cement the quartet in a scene desperate for more ‘meat and potatoes’ bands. Because Read more […]

Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic (Silver Lining Music)

In high times and low times, Annihilator has been pushing out new studio albums since the late 80’s – churning along a steady following that appreciates their metal style. Jeff Waters is always good Read more […]

Blackguard – Storm (Self-Released)

There was a time around the turn of the 2010s when it seemed like Blackguard was going to take the world by storm (pun intended). Firefight was a solid sophomore effort, they were touring like crazy, Read more […]

Mystic Prophecy – Metal Division (Rock of Angels Records)

Steady as ever, Mystic Prophecy has been a part of the metal scene for almost twenty years, releasing nine studio albums plus a special covers tribute record in the process. Metal Division follows suit Read more […]

Mark Morton – Ether (Rise Records/BMG)

Last year, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton released his first solo effort, Anesthetic. It was interesting, particularly when he moved further from what could have been Lamb of God-esque material, even Read more […]

Bonded – Rest in Violence (Century Media)

Leaving a prominent German thrash act such as Sodom already gives you a head start when developing a new act – and such is the case for Bonded. Former members guitarist Bernd Kost and drummer Markus Read more […]

Victorius – Space Ninjas from Hell (Napalm)

Easily the most blatant case of ‘you know exactly what you are getting into’ so far in 2020, no one is going to walk into Victorius’ latest release and scratch their heads at the absurdity of it Read more […]

Hyperia – Insanitorium (Sliptrick Records)

Establishing themselves quickly with last year’s Fish Creek Frenzy debut EP (previously reviewed on this site), Hyperia waste no time getting a full-length follow-up for Insanitorium to the public. Gaining Read more […]

Odious Mortem – Synesthesia (Willowtip)

As the death metal community continues to rage on further into the depths of extremity, going in more tech-riddled or old school worshipping forms, it’s nice to have those bands that have been ‘away’ Read more […]

Midnight – Rebirth by Blasphemy (Metal Blade)

Ascending to a well-regarded label like Metal Blade thanks to the underground push and support of Hells Headbangers for the previous three full-lengths, it’s evident Midnight climb the metal path on Read more […]

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