Bodyfarm – Dreadlord (No Dust Records)

Bodyfarm has been slugging it out for years at this point, bringing their version of raging old school death metal worship to the table with consistent success. Coupling with this release was the unfortunate Read more […]

Midnight Force – Gododdin (Iron Shield Records)

Continuing to embrace their classic metal stance, Midnight Force return quickly with their sophomore album Gododdin. Pairing this style with lyrical content from the crusades, Roman campaigns on through Read more […]

Chaos Motion – Psychological Spasms Cacophony (Transcending Obscurity)

Much akin to the artwork that adorns Psychological Spasms Cacophony, there’s a lot going on with Chaos Motion’s debut, and it’s going to take some time and patience for it all to sink in. It’s Read more […]

Enemynside – Chaos Machine (Rockshots Records)

Italian thrash band Enemynside has had a lengthy career – starting in 1994 as Scapegoat, changing names in 1999 and recording three albums between 2003-2012 before taking a four-year break starting in Read more […]

Konkhra – Alpha and the Omega (Hammerheart)

Building themselves up over the course of six albums in about a 20 year run from 1990 to 2009, Konkhra was all about the death metal and the groove. Though they were never really particularly purveyors Read more […]

Eclipse – Paradigm (Frontiers Music)

Growing up in an era of melodic hard rock/ AOR being staples of this scribe’s youth, it’s evident that finding newer artists up to the level of quality issued in the 70’s and 80’s for this style Read more […]

Alcest – Spiritual Instinct (Nuclear Blast)

More than ten years after the fact, the promotional picture of Alcest mainman Stéphane “Neige” Paut standing all singular and humble, head down and hands folded for the Souvenirs d’un autre monde Read more […]

Kobra and the Lotus – Evolution (Napalm)

Taking the slow burn route, Kobra and the Lotus have been cultivating a following for a number of years at this point. Along the way, they’ve also taken a turn further towards hard rock, something that Read more […]

Metalite – Biomechanicals (AFM Records)

Metalite’s first release, 2017’s Heroes of Our Time, was a thoroughly impressive debut. They managed to capture the best parts of the modern metal sound (complete with bouncy, raging synths) and pair Read more […]

Golgotha – Erasing the Past (Xtreem Music)

Together two previous times during the 90’s and early 2000’s, Golgotha returned to the scene a third time in 2014 and have been active again ever since. Spending their early years on Repulse Records, Read more […]

Fit for an Autopsy – The Sea of Tragic Beasts (Nuclear Blast)

It’s been almost a given as Fit for an Autopsy has aged that each album is going to evolve the band in some way. From the very deathcore beginnings to their last full-length, The Great Collapse, which Read more […]

Ray Alder – What the Water Wants (Inside Out Music)

Most ardent followers of the progressive metal scene are familiar with Ray Alder – his work in Fates Warning legendary since replacing John Arch with their fourth album No Exit in 1987, and he’s also Read more […]

Nebulae – Pulse (Time to Kill Records)

Evident in the heavy music landscape today are artists who fuse diverse influences into this atomic explosion of sonic groove, pushing limits of intensity and somehow corralling the proceedings into a Read more […]

Joseph Tholl – Devil’s Drum (High Roller Records)

Probably best known from his twelve years on bass and guitar for Enforcer, Joseph Tholl gained encouragement from Robert Pehrsson to develop a solo album. Gaining solid support from current and ex-members Read more […]

Spades and Blades – Beat the Odds (Self-Released)

Spades and Blades were an unknown entity to this scribe, until catching them on the Fear Factory 20th anniversary Demanufacture tour. There hadn’t been much music that had popped up since then, but Read more […]

Vanden Plas – The Ghost Xperiment – Awakening (Frontiers Music)

Maintaining the same five-piece lineup for the entire 33 year plus career, Vanden Plas have evolved from their more melodic heavy metal start for their debut album Colour Temple in 1994 on through to their Read more […]

Entrails – Rise of the Reaper (Metal Blade)

Continuing their pretty consistent run that began with Obliteration, Entrails is still raging in their Entombed/Dismember content. Their sixth album in fact, as the band has been righteously blazing away Read more […]

Kublai Khan – Absolute (Rise Records)

Given just a few seconds of describing what Kublai Khan sounds like, there’s an assumption that it’s a bit Neanderthal-ic in nature. The band’s hardcore-esque sound, after all, is built around stomping Read more […]

Ethereal Kingdoms – Hollow Mirror (Mighty Music)

Danish symphonic metal act Ethereal Kingdoms have been quite productive on the recording front since their 2017 inception. A self-titled EP came out that same year – and here they are again signing with Read more […]

Signs of the Swarm – Vital Deprivation (Unique Leader)

Admittedly, Sign of the Swarm’s last release, 2017’s The Disfigurement of Existence, felt a bit messy. 45-minutes of breakdown and ‘whoa that was brutal’ vocals just didn’t have enough variety Read more […]

Infected Rain – Endorphin (Napalm)

Effectively cultivating buzz for themselves for over a decade at this point, Infected Rain have found a home at Napalm Records for their latest album, Endorphin. A modern sound that is an amalgamation Read more […]

Screamer – Highway of Heroes (The Sign Records)

The lone European entry in the Screamer namesake (the other three over the years all American acts), this Swedish troop have been active for a decade now, gaining attention for their traditional heavy Read more […]

Municipal Waste – The Last Rager (Nuclear Blast)

Leaders of the current crossover thrash movement, Municipal Waste literally ‘waste’ no time in putting new material out there. Delivering songs that promote audience participation for the bevy of gang Read more […]

Toxic Holocaust – Primal Future: 2019 (eOne)

Joel Grind has built Toxic Holocaust from a one-man band in the studio to a touring entity with live musicians, traveling worldwide whenever and wherever they can. Collecting quite the discography between Read more […]

Singularity – Place of Chains (The Artisan Era)

Having made a step up for themselves from their 2014 self-titled debut to their 2016 Void Walker EP, where Singularity went from there would certainly have some extreme metal fans’ interest piqued. Read more […]

Infant Annihilator – The Battle of Yaldabaoth (Self-Released)

With Infant Annihilator’s last album, The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch, they established themselves as going for absurdity and over-the-top chaos. Being extreme just for the sake of doing it, so to Read more […]

Seven Kingdoms – Empty Eyes (Self-Released)

Continuing to use crowdfunding means to put out consistent work, Florida’s Seven Kingdoms return with their latest EP Empty Eyes. Featuring a very flashy image makeover that has a lot of video game/ Read more […]

Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr (Self-Released)

A well-rounded musician in her own right, Lindsay Schoolcraft’s abilities for singing, harp, and piano culminate into something dark yet beautiful in her solo effort Martyr. While the Cradle of Filth Read more […]

Algebra – Pulse? (Unspeakable Axe Records)

Beyond being a math subject this scribe didn’t dread in his youth, Algebra is also a Swiss thrash band willing to elevate their game through a wide array of obscure and technical influences since the Read more […]

Necrotted – Die for Something Worthwhile (Rising Nemesis Records)

With Worldwide Warfare, Necrotted proved they had a winning formula within the brutal death metal scene. It took a bit from the hardcore scene, kept some slamming brutality, and subtle melodies to keep Read more […]

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