August 2016 Album of the Month: Evergrey’s The Storm Within

The end of summer brings about a bevy of metal releases as labels and bands get excited about the impending change of seasons. Which makes this month’s pick Evergrey all the more appropriate – a Swedish Read more […]

Void King’s Tommy Miller: What I’m Listening To

Elder – Lore. I’m not even sure what to tell people that aren’t listening to Elder. If you even have the smallest inkling of enjoying metal or heavy music or….music really, then you owe it to Read more […]

Lord Almighty CD Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away a copy of Lord Almighty’s new album Paths to one (1) lucky winner. Following in the footsteps of 2013′ self-titled debut EP, Paths is the band’s first full-length album Read more […]

Lord Almighty’s Keenan Carroll: What I’ve Been Listening To

I find myself always in search of something real and tangible. In this flooded music scene where bedroom recordings (I’m hypocritical) are coming forth like waves crashing trying to sweep up anyone it Read more […]

July 2016 Album of the Month: Black Crown Initiate’s Selves We Cannot Forgive

Talk about hitting it out of the park on the first shot and trying to measure up each successive time…Black Crown Initiate has the daunting task of having to one-up themselves with each new release, Read more […]

Dark Forest CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric and the fine folks at Cruz Del Sur Music are giving away a copy of Dark Forest’s excellent new Beyond the Veil album to one (1) lucky winner. Beyond the Veil represents Dark Forest’s Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Carnage Inc.’s “Ungod”

In celebration of Carnage Inc.’s recently released Fury Incarnate EP (it was released August 1st through Transcending Obscurity ), we are happy to be streaming the song “Ungod.” Says the label, “After Read more […]

Countless Skies’ Ross King: What I’m Listening To

After a recent chat with Countless Skies guitarist/vocalist Ross King, we approached him to share with us what he has been listening to as of late, check it out below. Wilderun – Proggy folk metal, Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: King’s “One World One King”

Not wanting to evoke the spirit of supergroups once again, but the band King is pretty super. Featuring drummer Dave Haley (Pyscroptic), Tony Forde (Blood Duster), and David Hill (Fuck…I’m Dead), it’s Read more […]

Third Ion CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and Glasstone Records are giving away a copy of Third Ion’s new Biolith to one (1) lucky winner. Featuring former members of Devin Townsend Project, Into Eternity, along with ex-Annihilator Read more […]

Skeleton Wolf CD Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away a copy of Skeleton Wolf’s new self-titled album to one (1) lucky winner. Self described as an “extreme metal band that will have you headbanging until you tear your neck Read more […]

Exclusive Album Stream: Monsterworks’ Black Swan Annihilation

UK Heavy metal masters Monsterworks are no stranger to the scene, nor are they strangers from mixing up their sound to make it into something that feels invigorating and fresh. The band’s latest offering, Read more […]

May 2016 Album of the Month: Katatonia’s The Fall of Hearts

In what probably seems like no surprise to any of the staff here at Dead Rhetoric, Katatonia’s latest full-length was the clear victor at the end of May, despite some solid competition. The Fall of Hearts Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Skin Drone’s “Darkness Within”

Looking for an album that stays far away from the extreme metal norms? Look no further than web-based duo Skin Drone to fill your need to hear something expansive and completely genre-defying. Death Read more […]

Exclusive Song Premiere: Wired Anxiety’s “Test Subject: Human”

Being fans of brutal and groovy death metal, we at DR have teamed up to give you a taste of Mumbai, India’s Wired Anxiety and their upcoming EP, The Delirium of Negation. Due to be released on July 1st Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Minarchist’s “Threat of a Terrible Storm”

An album that will not be below the radar for much longer, Minarchist’s debut, In Absence, is ready to be released at the end of the month (May 27th). In preparation for this, DR has partnered with the Read more […]

Solanum CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are giving away a copy of Solanum’s I.T.S.C. CD to one (1) lucky winner! A crossover thrash troupe from Winnipeg, Solanum released I.T.S.C. Read more […]

Exclusive Album Premiere: Subliminal Fear’s Escape from Leviathan

A few days ago, we at DR reviewed a top-shelf modern melodic death metal album by Subliminal Fear called Escape from Leviathan. Today we bring to you a full-album stream a week before it’s scheduled release Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Nominon’s “In the Name of Gomorrah”

Swedish death metallers Nominon have set a release date of May 13 for their live album, Chaos in the Flesh…Live, through both Morbid Skull Records and Deathgasm Records. The old school Swedish death Read more […]

Deathkings CD Giveaway!

We are giving away copies of Deathkings’ All That is Beautiful CD to two (2) lucky winners! Deathkings is a four-piece band from Los Angeles, California combining elements of doom, sludge, post-rock Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Godless’ “Replicant”

A new death metal act to emerge out of India, Godless is set to bring forth their upcoming EP, Centuries of Decadence at the end of this coming week (May 7th) through Transcending Obscurity Distribution. Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Dominhate’s “Faith Delirius Imago”

Just in front of the April 22 release date, we at DR are showcasing a new track from Dominhate’s upcoming EP, Emissaries of Morning. Being released through Lavadome Productions, Emissaries is the band’s Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Germ’s “Escape”

We are now streaming “Escape,” a song from Germ’s forthcoming new album of the same name. The highly-anticipated fourth release from Germ is advanced as “the darkest yet” and builds on the self-described Read more […]

Zamboni’s Chris Butera: What I’m Listening To

Just as with our music, in general, my tastes in music are a little out there. Lately, I’ve been listening to Moon Tooth’s Chromaparagon a lot. They’re an unbelievable band to see live and the album is Read more […]

Ferium CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric.com and Clawhammer PR are stoked to be giving away one (1) copy of Ferium’s new Behind the Black Eyes CD. Behind the Black Eyes was produced and mixed by Elram Boxer. It was mastered at Read more […]

Zamboni “Stick ‘Em” Exclusive Song Stream

We are stoked to be exclusively streaming “Stick ‘Em,” a song from Zamboni’s forthcoming self-titled album. As so described as “the worst band ever to attempt any form of music,” the Brooklyn, NY/Wantage Read more […]

Hemotoxin’s Michael Chavez: What I’m Listening To

That changes a lot, I discover new bands almost every day (past and present). I’ve been getting into a band called Colosseum and their album War Dance. I’ve also been listening to Ron Jarzombek’s materiel Read more […]

Heretique “Sweet Stench of Rotting Human Flesh” Exclusive Song Stream

Poland’s blackened death trash squad Heretique is a few days away from the March 26th release of their sophomore effort De non existentia Dei through Via Nocturna and we at Dead Rhetoric have a sneak peak Read more […]

Atala’s Kyle Stratton: What I’m Listening To

Lately, my ear has been drawn to the sounds of heavy sonic vibrations. I am into bands that encompass heavy, thick tones, brutal, open drumming, and melodic vocals that flow weightless over thunderous Read more […]

Horrified (UK) “Dreamer of Ages” Exclusive Song Stream

In celebration of the upcoming release of Horrified’s Of Despair LP release on Infernal Devastation Records (May 2), Dead Rhetoric is pleased to give you a taste of what the band has to offer with “Dreamer Read more […]