Exclusive Song Stream: Godless’ “Replicant”

A new death metal act to emerge out of India, Godless is set to bring forth their upcoming EP, Centuries of Decadence at the end of this coming week (May 7th) through Transcending Obscurity Distribution. Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Dominhate’s “Faith Delirius Imago”

Just in front of the April 22 release date, we at DR are showcasing a new track from Dominhate’s upcoming EP, Emissaries of Morning. Being released through Lavadome Productions, Emissaries is the band’s Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Germ’s “Escape”

We are now streaming “Escape,” a song from Germ’s forthcoming new album of the same name. The highly-anticipated fourth release from Germ is advanced as “the darkest yet” and builds on the self-described Read more […]

Zamboni’s Chris Butera: What I’m Listening To

Just as with our music, in general, my tastes in music are a little out there. Lately, I’ve been listening to Moon Tooth’s Chromaparagon a lot. They’re an unbelievable band to see live and the album is Read more […]

Ferium CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric.com and Clawhammer PR are stoked to be giving away one (1) copy of Ferium’s new Behind the Black Eyes CD. Behind the Black Eyes was produced and mixed by Elram Boxer. It was mastered at Read more […]

Zamboni “Stick ‘Em” Exclusive Song Stream

We are stoked to be exclusively streaming “Stick ‘Em,” a song from Zamboni’s forthcoming self-titled album. As so described as “the worst band ever to attempt any form of music,” the Brooklyn, NY/Wantage Read more […]

Hemotoxin’s Michael Chavez: What I’m Listening To

That changes a lot, I discover new bands almost every day (past and present). I’ve been getting into a band called Colosseum and their album War Dance. I’ve also been listening to Ron Jarzombek’s materiel Read more […]

Heretique “Sweet Stench of Rotting Human Flesh” Exclusive Song Stream

Poland’s blackened death trash squad Heretique is a few days away from the March 26th release of their sophomore effort De non existentia Dei through Via Nocturna and we at Dead Rhetoric have a sneak peak Read more […]

Atala’s Kyle Stratton: What I’m Listening To

Lately, my ear has been drawn to the sounds of heavy sonic vibrations. I am into bands that encompass heavy, thick tones, brutal, open drumming, and melodic vocals that flow weightless over thunderous Read more […]

Horrified (UK) “Dreamer of Ages” Exclusive Song Stream

In celebration of the upcoming release of Horrified’s Of Despair LP release on Infernal Devastation Records (May 2), Dead Rhetoric is pleased to give you a taste of what the band has to offer with “Dreamer Read more […]

Gracepoint “July 4” Exclusive Song Stream

We are now exclusively streaming Gracepoint’s “July 4,” a song from their forthcoming album, Echoes. The St. Paul, Minnesota progressive metal outfit draw on a wide array of influences from classic Read more […]

Exclusive Premiere: Slave One’s “For Shiva Whispered the Universe”

French death metal act Slave One has been hard at work with their upcoming full-length debut, Disclosed Dioptric Principles, set to release on March 25th through Dolorem Records. Sited with influences Read more […]

Illusions Dead CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and our good friends at Clawhammer PR are giving away a copy of Illusions Dead’s new Celestial Decadence CD to one (1) lucky winner. Driven by death and shrouded in darkness, Celestial Read more […]

Nucleus’s Dave Muntean: What I’m Listening To

There are always the old standards. I can’t remember a time where I’ve gone a week without listening to Convulse, Demigod, Adramelech, or Demilich, so let’s just skip over those. This past month Read more […]

Grimner Single Premier: “Res Er Mina Söner”

We are now streaming the surging, triumphant “Res Er Mina Söner,” by Swedish Viking metallers Grimner. The song comes from the band’s forthcoming new album, Frost mot eld, which is set for a March 26 Read more […]

Exclusive Stream: Megascavenger’s “Steel Through Flesh Extravaganza”

Tired of the same old shtick when it comes to old school death metal? Then we at DR have a great weekend pick-me-up for you with a new track from Megascavenger’s As Dystopia Beckons. The album is set Read more […]

Exclusive Album Stream: Frostbite’s Etching Obscurity

We at Dead Rhetoric have teamed up with Black Element Productions to host an exclusive stream of Frostbite’s Etching Obscurity, which has been released today through Tmina Records. The band’s first full-length Read more […]

Kaotoxin Records Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric and Kaotoxin Records are giving away a pair of the label’s new releases The Lumberjack Feedback – The Blackened Visions, and The Erkonauts – I Did Something Bad, to one (1) lucky winner. Read more […]

Khazaddum CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric.com and Khazaddum are giving away a copy of the band’s In Dwarven Halls EP to one (1) lucky winner. Khazaddum is a J.R.R. Tolkien based death metal band from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Established Read more […]

December 2015 Album of the Month: Exmortus’ Ride Forth

With much of the metal releases over and done by December, sometimes it’s best to look to the future. If Exmortus’ lastest release, Ride Forth, is any indicator of the quality that we will be seeing over Read more […]

Blliigghhtted CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric.com and Blliigghhtted are giving away a copy of the band’s new Kosmoskampf album to one (1) lucky winner. Blliigghhtted is a psychodrama for exploring the history and philosophy of dark Read more […]

November 2015 Album of the Month: Kauan’s Sorni Nai

Continuing the pattern of beauty over brutality from last month (So Hideous), this month’s winner is that of under-rated Russian/Ukrainian post-metal band Kauan. Just edging past the DR-approved Enforcer Read more […]

Song Premiere: Ashen Horde’s “Atra Mors”

Discovering Ashen Horde through exploits on Bandcamp, what was most captivating was the unique angles the music had. A mixture of black metal, thrash, death metal, and more, Ashen Horde takes the best Read more […]

Nuclear – Formula For Anarchy CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric.com and Candlelight Records are giving away a copy of Nuclear’s new Formula for Anarchy album to one (1) lucky winner. As so described on these very pages, “Nuclear manage to make an impact Read more […]

Necrocosm CD Giveaway

We are stoked to be giving a copy of Necrocosm’s new, self-released album, Damnation Doctrine. A diabolical blend of classic death metal and melodic death metal, the band states: “Positivism never being Read more […]

Dogbane – When Karma Comes Calling CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric.com, along with Heaven and Hell Records are giving away one (1) copy of Dogbane’s new When Karma Comes Calling CD. Hailing from Greensboro, NC, Dogbane plays an inspired brand of traditional/doom Read more […]

Survival Cassette Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and Survival have combined forces to give away two (2) CASSETTE copies of their latest album, Shayda, so you can enjoy it old-school. The album is the third release of the “hardcore-based, Read more […]

Witch of the Waste 7″ Vinyl Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and Witch of the Waste have teamed up to give away one (1) copy 7″ vinyl (with digital download code) of their latest release, Made of Teeth. Our review of the album states as follows, Read more […]

Bastardized Recordings 3CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and Bastardized Recordings have teamed up to giveaway one (1) copy of three of the label’s latest releases to one lucky winner. First up is Choking on Illusions’ Rest/Less. The album Read more […]

Ichor CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and Bastardized Recordings have teamed up to give away one (1) copy of Ichor’s latest release, Depths. As described in a review by Kyle McGinn, “Depths is full of promise for the band Read more […]