Torrefy – The Infinity Complex CD Giveaway

We are stoked to be giving away a copy of Torrefy’s The Infinity Complex CD to one (1) lucky winner! Originating in 2011 and hailing from western Canada, Torrefy take many elements outside the thrash Read more […]

Nightrage – “The Venomous” Video Premiere

We are now streaming the video for Nightrage’s “The Venomous,” the title track from the band’s forthcoming album due March 31 via Despotz Records. “The Venomous” tells a tale of extinction: dealing Read more […]

Exclusive Song Premiere: Henry Kane’s “Lögnens svarta ögon”

Looking for the perfect song to get you out of bed and ready to start the day with an energetic charge? Well, we at DR have the pleasure of tossing this premiere of Henry Kane’s “Lögnens svarta ögon” Read more […]

Killing Addiction – Shores of Oblivion CD Giveaway

Xtreem Music and Dead Rhetoric.com are giving away a copy of Killing Addiction’s new Shores of Oblivion EP to one (1) lucky winner. On Shores Of Oblivion, Killing Addiction exemplifies a style that Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Invasion’s “The Divine Wind”

We are stoked to be streaming “The Divine Wind,” a song from war metal brigade Invasion’s forthcoming new album, Destroyer of Mankind. “The topic and song title essentially deals with the thoughts and Read more […]

2016 Album of the Year: Dark Tranquillity’s Atoma

As we begin yet another revolution around the sun, we at DR would like to take a moment to thank all of our supporters for this site, who continue to allow us to grow and expand. May 2017 continue in Read more […]

The Workhorse III CD Giveaway

We are stoked to be giving away a copy of The Workhorse III’s Closer to Relevance CD to one (1) lucky winner. A power trio from Philadelphia, PA, The Workhorse III kick out the jams like an ’80s metal-inspired Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: The Replicate’s “The Saline”

We at Dead Rhetoric are happy to be premiering a new track, “The Saline,” from the upcoming EP of technical death metal band The Replicate. A US-based act – the sole member being that of Sandesh Nagaraj, Read more […]

November 2016 Album of the Month: Watchtower’s Concepts of Math: Book One

While it may have taken 27 years to get a new album from Watchtower, it appears that time has not lessened the band’s ability to provide spectacular and impressive progressive material. Concepts of Math: Read more […]

Nightrage – “The Venomous” Exclusive Song Stream

We are currently streaming “The Venomous,” the first single from multi-national melodic death metal force Nightrage. The song comes from the band’s forthcoming album of the same name, which is due for Read more […]

Hammer King + Quicksand Dream CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric.com and the fine folks at Cruz Del Sur Music are giving away a copy of Hammer King’s King is Rising and Quicksand Dream’s Beheading Tyrants to one (1) lucky winner. As so told by the band, Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Stench Price’s “The Vitality Slip”

Grind often finds itself coming up short due to the self-imposed limitations of the genre. Not the case with the International supergroup, Stench Price, whose staggering line-up appears below. A new Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Rudra’s “Root of Misapprehension”

Singapore’s Rudra have been crafting their form of “Vedic Metal” since 1992 and their upcoming effort, Enemy of Duality, marks their eighth full-length album. With the release date of December 17 coming Read more […]

Serpentine Dominion CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric and the fine folks at Metal Blade Records are giving away a copy of Serpentine Dominion’s self-titled debut to one (1) lucky winner. As so noted on these very pages, Serpentine Dominion Read more […]

October 2016 Album of the Month: Dark Tranquilllity’s Atoma

One of Gothenburg’s flagbearers, Dark Tranquillity has managed to come up with consistently strong material through much of their days, all while still keeping some level of melodic death metal integrity. Read more […]

Sarcofago CD + Vinyl Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and Greyhaze Records are giving away a CD and Zbignew Bielak slipcase yellow vinyl copy of Sarcofago’s legendary Die…Hard! album to one (1) lucky winner. Die…Hard is the only Read more […]

September 2016 Album of the Month: Allegaeon’s Proponent for Sentience

It’s not often that we give 10/10’s at Dead Rhetoric. So it’s without much surprise or fanfare that Allegaeon’s latest opus, Proponent for Sentience was chosen as our album of the month (though admittedly Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Grossty’s “Corporate Gigolo”

21 cuts in about 21 minutes – that should give a good indication of the style of music you are looking at with Indian band Grossty’s debut, Crocopter. You guessed it (hopefully); this is some good old Read more […]

Crator CD Giveaway

We are stoked to be giving away a signed copy of Crator’s The Ones Who Create: The Ones Who Destroy debut to one (1) lucky winner. Featuring members of Origin, Krallice, Mucopus, and Tentacles, Crator Read more […]

Exclusive Video Premiere: Colosso’s “A Noxious Reflection”

Earlier this month, Colosso released their second full-length album, Obnoxious, upon the world. If you, like us at DR, have been letting this slip under the rug, consider this a wake-up call. We are Read more […]

The Reticent’s Chris Hathcock: What I’m Listening To

Borknagar – Winter Thrice Being a fan of this nature-focused Norwegian black/folk/progressive metal band for almost two decades, I have always love the tranquil and philosophical aspects of their lyrics Read more […]

Exclusive Album Stream: Carnophage’s Monument

Care to check out some death metal that adds some technical flavor without sacrificing the brutality or the song itself? Feast your ears upon the sophomore effort from Turkey’s Carnophage, entitled Monument. Read more […]

Allegaeon – Proponent for Sentience CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric.com and the fine folks at Metal Blade Records are giving away a copy of Allegaeon’s fantastic new Proponent for Sentience album to one (1) lucky winner. As one of the few albums to receive Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Source’s “The Essence”

With a little more than a week to go before release, we bring you a new track to check out from Boulder, Colorado’s Source. “The Essence” comes from their soon to be released (September 23) album entitled Read more […]

Exclusive Stream: The Reticent’s “The Confrontation”

As the time for The Reticent’s fourth album draws near, we at DR are proud to provide a sneak peek into On The Eve Of A Goodbye with the track “The Confrontation.” Set to be released on Heaven & Hell Read more […]

August 2016 Album of the Month: Evergrey’s The Storm Within

The end of summer brings about a bevy of metal releases as labels and bands get excited about the impending change of seasons. Which makes this month’s pick Evergrey all the more appropriate – a Swedish Read more […]

Void King’s Tommy Miller: What I’m Listening To

Elder – Lore. I’m not even sure what to tell people that aren’t listening to Elder. If you even have the smallest inkling of enjoying metal or heavy music or….music really, then you owe it to Read more […]

Lord Almighty CD Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away a copy of Lord Almighty’s new album Paths to one (1) lucky winner. Following in the footsteps of 2013′ self-titled debut EP, Paths is the band’s first full-length album Read more […]

Lord Almighty’s Keenan Carroll: What I’ve Been Listening To

I find myself always in search of something real and tangible. In this flooded music scene where bedroom recordings (I’m hypocritical) are coming forth like waves crashing trying to sweep up anyone it Read more […]

July 2016 Album of the Month: Black Crown Initiate’s Selves We Cannot Forgive

Talk about hitting it out of the park on the first shot and trying to measure up each successive time…Black Crown Initiate has the daunting task of having to one-up themselves with each new release, Read more […]