Album Premiere: Zealotry’s At the Nexus of All Stillborn Worlds

Anyone in the mood for some complex, angular death metal of the highest order should be pleased to see that we have partnered up with Unspeakable Axe Records to premiere Zealotry’s newest effort one week Read more […]

Cruz Del Sur Music 4-CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric and Cruz Del Sur Music are teaming up to give away four of the label’s recent releases. Since its 2003 inception, Cruz Del Sur has consistently delivered some of the best metal the underground Read more […]

October 2018 Album of the Month – Bloodbath’s The Arrow of Satan is Drawn

There’s something to be said for having a bit of fun with your heavy metal. The entire attitude of Bloodbath, from its humble beginnings, was that of the esteemed members getting a chance to cut loose Read more […]

Album Stream: Malphas’ The 39th Spirit

We at DR are happy to be hosting a stream for melodic black metal act Malphas’ full-length debut, The 39th Spirit. An adventurous journey of symphonic black metal, the band hits just the right spots between Read more […]

Album Stream: Realm of Wolves’ Oblivion

We at DR have sung the praises of Realm of Wolves for their Shores of Nothingness EP earlier this year, and the band has already returned with their first full-length album, Oblivion. So naturally we Read more […]

September 2018 Album of the Month – Voivod’s The Wake

Normally veteran bands like Voivod peak creatively by albums three-five. In the case of The Wake, it’s as if time has stood still as these avant-garde progressive thrashers use their own musical language Read more […]

August 2018 Album of the Month – Omnium Gatherum’s The Burning Cold

A perennial favorite among the Dead Rhetoric staff (and for good reason), it’s always exciting to see that Finland’s Omnium Gatherum are putting together a new album. As they continue to now soar higher Read more […]

July 2018 Album of the Month – Powerwolf’s The Sacrament of Sin

In a relatively scant 15 years, German act Powerwolf have taken the power metal world by storm. Be it through darker imagery that may be more King Diamond meets black metal than your average crew – they Read more […]

June 2018 Album of the Month – The Night Flight Orchestra’s Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough

At Dead Rhetoric, we don’t exactly give out perfect scores every day. It takes a certain type of album to really make the cut, hence only a few 10/10’s are doled out each year. The Night Flight Orchestra Read more […]

Lyric Video Premiere: Lycanthro’s “Plague the Land/King of Decay”

Hungry for some epic metal to get you through the midpoint of your week? We’ve partnered with Ottawa’s Lycanthro to host their latest lyric video for that of “Plague the Land/King of Decay,” which is Read more […]

Song Premiere: Mos Generator’s “Sword of the Sea” from The Planet of Doom

Starting off the week on a strong note, we at DR are happy to be hosting the premiere of Mos Generator’s track “Sword of the Sea,” which appears on the now released album, First Contact: Music From The Read more […]

May 2018 Album of the Month – Amorphis’ Queen of Time

Ever a band capable of changing and evolving their sound, Amorphis has made many shifts within their lengthy career. While it does seem that the band has finally settled in, with a streak of consistency Read more […]

Song Premiere: Down Among the Dead Men’s “Axis of Insanity”

Is there ever a time when metal fans don’t crave a little bit of fresh death metal to absorb? We at DR are happy to oblige, and have teamed up with Transcending Obscurity Records to bring forth a track Read more […]

Album Stream: Soliloquium’s Contemplations

Proof that even the warming temperatures here in the Northeast can’t shake the grip of some cold, downtrodden doom, we at DR bring you an early stream of Soliloquium’s upcoming album, Contemplations. Read more […]

April 2018 Album of the Month – Kobra and the Lotus’ Prevail II

The second half of the Prevail releases from Kobra and the Lotus show them finishing strong. The thoroughly engrossing effort is the pinnacle of what Kobra has provided thus far, with the blend of metal Read more […]

Song Premiere: Aurora Borealis’ “Phlegethon”

We at Dead Rhetoric are pleased to share a new track from the upcoming Aurora Borealis album, Apokalupsis, which releases on May 15 on CD and digital, with a vinyl release on June 15, all through Casus Read more […]

March 2018 Album of the Month – Rivers of Nihil’s Where Owls Know My Name

Not being afraid to go outside of the tested death metal waters and truly push some boundaries, there’s not many albums that can stand toe to toe with Rivers of Nihil’s recently released Where Owls Know Read more […]

Album Stream: Expulser’s The Unholy One

Dead Rhetoric has partnered up with Greyhaze Records to offer a stream of Expulser’s The Unholy One. Originally released over twenty five years ago, it has been unearthed with expanded liner notes, bonus Read more […]

February 2018 Album of the Month – Visigoth’s Conqueror’s Oath

Visigoth since their inception in 2010 embody the spirit of classic, traditional/epic heavy metal. From strong iron-forged lyrical content to musical hooks, riffs, and melodies that carry followers of Read more […]

Video Stream: Heidra’s “The Blackening Tide”

We at DR have teamed up with Time to Kill Records to bring you the first glimpse of a new Heidra track. Four years after their debut full-length Awaiting Dawn, via Mighty Records, and touring across Europe Read more […]

Exclusive Song Stream: Nigredo’s “Raging Tides of Time”

Looking for something new to crank as you make it through the middle of the week? We at Dead Rhetoric have partnered with Transcending Obscurity Records to bring you an exclusive stream of Greek black Read more […]

January 2018 Album of the Month – Leaves’ Eyes’ Sign of the Dragonhead

Perhaps fueled by the energy of having a new vocalist in Elina Siirala, Leaves’ Eyes have returned with their seventh and strongest release to date with Sign of the Dragonhead. Continuing the path that Read more […]

Song Premiere: Killibrium’s “Denominator”

Always in search of yet another death metal rush, we at Dead Rhetoric have paired up with India’s Killibrium to give you a taste of their upcoming release, Purge, out independently on March 5, 2018. Below Read more […]

Video Premiere: Revenger’s “Hex”

Looking for some heavy riffs to tide you over for the remainder of the workweek? We at Dead Rhetoric have been tasked with premiering the video for Vancouver death/thrash act Revenger’s “Hex.” The song Read more […]

Video Premiere: Grimner’s “En Fallen Jätte”

Start your weekend off in the right frame of mind with some catchy folk metal from Sweden’s Grimner. We at DR are happy to bring you a video premiere for the song “En Fallen Jätte,” which comes from Read more […]

2017 Album of the Year: Night Demon’s Darkness Remains

Before we completely dive into the new year that is 2018, it’s always nice to look back at what we collectively thought were the strongest efforts from last year. We’d also like to take a few moments Read more […]

November 2017 Album of the Month – Morbid Angel’s Kingdoms Disdained

Everybody loves a comeback, right? After Morbid Angel’s last studio album, Illud Divinum Insanus, a large chunk of the fanbase was not pleased with the band’s musical direction. But it did prime things Read more […]

Video Premiere: Arallu’s “Oiled Machine of Hate”

Are you a fan of outside the box metal? Something that isn’t content to play within the defined boundaries? If so, you are in luck, as we are premiering a new video from Israel’s Arallu for the song Read more […]

Song Premiere: Valdur’s “Breath of the Beast”

In the mood for some metal that’s raw, unfiltered, and nasty? We’ve got you covered with a premiere of the lead-off cut from Valdur’s upcoming release, entitled “Breath of the Beast.” Due out on December Read more […]

October 2017 Album of the Month – Sorcerer’s The Crowning of the Fire King

Conjuring up the best that epic doom has to offer, Sorcerer seem to be taking advantage of their second chance at making a metal impact. Their latest album The Crowning of the Fire King embraces larger Read more […]