RandomnessExclusive Stream: The Reticent's "The Confrontation"

Exclusive Stream: The Reticent’s “The Confrontation”

As the time for The Reticent’s fourth album draws near, we at DR are proud to provide a sneak peek into On The Eve Of A Goodbye with the track “The Confrontation.” Set to be released on Heaven & Hell Records on October 5, 2016, this autobiographical concept album chronicles “the day before, day of, and day after the suicide of The Reticent’s mastermind Chris Hathcock’s childhood friend, Eve. The songs chronicle his concern for her, her deterioration into self-hatred, and culminates with the tragic act and its aftermath. Not only a stylistic contrast to previous releases, this album is also intensely more personal than past Reticent albums (which were already emotional purges). The album is intended to be heard as a single entity rather than a collection of tracks.”

That being said, “The Confrontation,” on its own will make you yearn for October 5. As the title implies, “The Confrontation” tackles some heavier moments within the more progressive landscape. Some chunky grooves lead the way along with some great Akerfeldt/Keenan-styled cleans, which contrast effectively with a few growls/screams as well. On the other hand, it’s an expansive track that in it’s quieter moments includes some jazzy saxophone without feeling out of place. Erupting towards the finish line, it’s hard not to get lost within the groove. All in all, a diverse track that shows all of it’s emotions on its sleeve. Check it out for yourself below.

If you like what you hear, click to pre-order the album HERE.

On the Eve of a Goodbye tracklisting:
1. 24 Hours Left
2. The Girl Broken
3. The Hypocrite
4. 19 Hours Left
5. The Comprehension
6. The Confrontation
7. The Apology
8. 10 Hours Left
9. The Mirror’s Reply
10. The Postscript
11. 2 Hours Left
12. The Decision
13. Funeral For A Firefly
14. The Day After
15. For Eve

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