Voices’ Samuel Loynes: What I’m Listening To

Thursday, 12th September 2013

Periodically, we’re going to solicit the current listening tastes of the bands we cover (and like). As opposed to the standard playlist template, we’ll shoot for something more in-depth, thus shedding light on what’s on the turntables, iPods, CD players, etc. of the bands so important to our scene. Up first: Guitarist Samuel Loynes of emerging U.K. extreme metal brigade, Voices:

For some time listening to metal has been a few and far between for most of the members of Voices and myself. We still love our choice cuts but for most part we listen to a wide and varied collection of artist from the strange and unheard to the most iconic pop icons.

savagesCurrently the band that comes to mind having blown me away with their debut record Silence Yourself is a London based post-punk band Savages. I remember seeing them for the first time on some late night music show on BBC of all things. Jehnny Beth, the androgynous front woman was scowling the words “Husbands! Husbands! Husbands!”, over and over with a primal and urgent crescendo echoing a ‘The Birthday Party’ vibe. It was love at first sight. Think The Birthday Party meets Joy Division meets Bauhaus. Essential listening.

Altar-of-Plagues-Teethed-Glory-InjuryIn terms of metal and extreme music, Altar of Plagues recent album Teethed Glory and Injury is a masterpiece in my mind. Rare do you listen to an album that is genuinely unique within black metal yet they more than achieved this through the sonic atmospherics, unconventional song writing and somehow pagonistic (without being obvious about it) tone of the songs themselves.

Other recent albums I’d say are special have to include Silicone Veil by Susanne Sundfor and L’Enfant Sauvage by Gojira and anything by the band Converge!

The new album from Voices, From the Human Forest Create a Fugue of Imaginary Rain, was released in March via Candlelight Records. For more info on Voices, head over to their Facebook page.

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