Vintage Video: Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues”

Thursday, 13th February 2014

The band is a total mess right now, having split off into two factions: Plain ‘ole “Entombed,” featuring Alex Hellid, Uffe Cenderlund, and Nicke Andersson, and “Entombed A.D.,” who are fronted by vocalist L.G. Petrov. When word of this broke, it effectively took the sails out of the band’s long-awaited Back to the Front album, which will be their first in seven years, which in some way, is standard operating procedure for a band derided for its laziness. More on this to come.

For now, it’s worth reveling in the title track of their 1993 album, Wolverine Blues. Arguably the first death ‘n’ roll album, Wolverine Blues is the band’s finest hour, notwithstanding Stockholm death metal staples Left Hand Path, and Clandestine. Wolverine Blues has loads of swagger, and beefy, unflinchingly catchy riffs, with rolls of sharp-tongued vocals from Petrov, with the below video serving as the album’s most-recognized moment. (Note: The album has nothing to do with X-Men; the comic was forced on the band from then-label, Earache.) Can’t believe the album was released over 20 years ago…

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