Dead Best-of 2013 Staff Lists

Sunday, 22nd December 2013

Over the last two weeks, we’ve posting features from the staff that detail their choices for what we like to deem as our “best-ofs” the year. Being that the site posts quite a bit of content on a daily basis, it makes sense to pull together everyone’s feature into one nice, tidy article. Therefore, everyone’s Best-of 2013 features can be found in the links below, so have a gander.

Also, one final tally of everyone’s list will be produced by next week, of which the Dead “Album of the Year” will be revealed. (How prestigious!) But really, it’s only appropriate…everyone likes a winner, right?

Dead Best-of 2013 features:

David E. Gehlke
Matt Coe
Matthew Bowling
Daniel Keating
Kyle McGinn
Bridget Erickson
Raymond VanRiette
Joshua Overbey
Dan Barkasi

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