Band You May Have Missed: Yellow Eyes

Monday, 24th March 2014

Yellow Eyes is a Brooklyn, NY-based black metal band that maintains the cold, raw aesthetic while drowning the listener in sorrow-filled atmosphere.  Their most recent offering, The Desert Mourns, majestically executes shifts from ambient sounding guitars to blasting, venomous black metal that ushers in just enough melody to keep things interesting. 

What truly separates Yellow Eyes from most of the primal black metal pack is that as dirty as it sounds, there is some real feeling and emotion going on here.

Successfully avoiding most genre tropes, the truly underground component does apply here.  No website, no Facebook (is it kvlt that they have a Myspace?), few live performances; the only avenue found was their Bandcamp site.  Make no mistake, Yellow Eyes could be one of the flag-bearers for black metal in the near future.

Yellow Eyes on Bandcamp

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