ABORYM Post Video For “Dirty”

Wednesday, 19th June 2013

Italian/Norwegian extreme/industrial metal act ABORYM, featuring musicians of EMPEROR and HOUR OF PENANCE fame, have released a video-clip for the title-track of their new album, Dirty, which can be viewed below.

Ironic in its outcome, the video deals with a “distressing and confusing situation, blurring the borderline between nightmares, memories and drug inducted hallucinations” (Alberto Falcone, director). Featuring all three band members as well as actors, the clip was filmed in Italy.

Dirty was recorded at the Fear No One Studios in Italy with Emiliano Natali, reprising his sound engineer role from the band’s “Psychogrotesque” album, and was helmed by Marc Urselli of New York’s Eastside Sound Studio, who previously worked with the likes of Mike Patton and Lou Reed. The electronic part of the album was engineered by D. Loop (KEBABTRAUME, LIMBO). R.G. Narchost (STORMCROW, DEMON’S SHADE, DROWNING ASHES) created “The Spiral Shaped Chamber” custom sounds library for the band. Artwork for the album is by ABORYM’s Fabban.

The first CD of the album features new material, while the second CD features two tracks from previous albums, which have been completely re-arranged and re-recorded, covers of tracks by IRON MAIDEN, PINK FLOYD and NINE INCH NAILS, and a previously unreleased track performed by both musicians such as Agonia BV, Tamara Picardo, Samuel Heru Ra Ha MK, Hostis, Ulven, Mike Bizzini, David Cholasta, Tobias Dünnebacke, Jonathan Butcher, Jessy Lavallee, Thomas Hochstetler, Mary J. Rooks, Amanda Neilson and Mark Llewellyn, as well as several fans. The song was written by Alberto Penzin (CO2, ex-SCHIZO) and was spliced together from all the different sources.

Dirty track listing:

CD 1

1. Irreversible Crisis
2. Across The Universe
3. Dirty
4. Bleedthrough
5. Raped By Daddy
6. I Don’t Know
7. The Factory Of Death
8. Helter Skelter Youth
9. Face The Reptile
10. The Day The Sun Stopped Shining


1. Fire Walk With Us (new version originally released on “Fire Walk With Us”)
2. Roma Divina Urbs (new version originally released on “Kali Yuga Bizarre”)
3. Hallowed Be Thy Name (IRON MAIDEN Cover)
4. Comfortably Numb (PINK FLOYD Cover)
5. Hurt (NINE INCH NAILS Cover)
6. Need For Limited Loss (new track)


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