September 2020 Rapid Fires

And so brings in the fall. Despite all of the COVID concerns, there’s a wealth of releases hitting the market as of now. Which means there’s never a lack of things to cover within the DR pages. This month we cover Aborted Fetus, Angelic Desolation, Cranial Contamination, Desource, Dreams of Avalon, Grumpynators, In Mourning, The Last Reign (pictured above), Rising Steel, Sadistic Embodiment, Silentium, Soulwound, Teratolith, and Tomorrow’s Rain. Angelic Desolation – Quorum of Unspeakable Crimes (Self-Released) Combining elements of death metal, thrash, and a few bits of grind, Angelic Desolation’s latest 3-song EP Quorum of Unspeakable Crimes is every bit the ball of energy you’d expect it to be. Just enough melody to keep things interesting but not enough to bog things down, the only thing holding this back is that there are two original songs and a Decapitated cover. Not much to chew on, though the cover is solid, for an introductory sampler of the band, it holds up. Just expect to be left wanting just a song or two more. Not always a bad way to leave things though. – Kyle McGinn (Angelic Desolation on Facebook) Aborted Fetus – Pyramids of Damnation (Comatose) Veteran brutal death metal … Continue reading September 2020 Rapid Fires