Kyle McGinn Best-of 2019

Narrowing down hundreds of albums that end up getting checked out over the course of a year down to twelve of the best is never an easy thing to do. In fact, 2019 ranks as one of the hardest in recent Read more […]

David E. Gehlke Best-of 2019

Metal has a way of keeping us young. Even look at our veteran bands — they certainly don’t look their age. (Well, some of them do, but you get the idea.) This year — like so many of this decade — Read more […]

Moonspell – Legacy of Sin

Moonspell hit it big when they first began, releasing Wolfheart and Irreligious to a very receptive crowd and erupting themselves into the ‘90s metal scene. As the ‘90s progressed, many bands sought Read more […]

Satyricon – 20 Years of Rebellion

It was 20 years ago now that Satyricon released their fourth full-length album, Rebel Extravaganza. It was a rather stark change to what the band had been putting out in the past and had built their black Read more […]

Avatarium: Use Your Ears

Developing a bluesy brand of psychedelic hard rock with prominent doom metal influences, Avatarium have quickly become a fan-favorite since arising in 2012. It also helps when you have a known musician Read more […]

Strigoi – Dread and Despair

With Greg Mackintosh’s Vallenfyre having served it’s intended musical purpose, it wasn’t long after it’s demise that he announced the formation of Strigoi. The next step up from that of Vallenfyre, Read more […]

Noveria – Maintaining Equilibrium

Challenging conventional norms within power/progressive metal, Noveria since 2014 embody a versatile skill set when it comes to writing and performance through their discography. Incorporating a heaviness Read more […]

Dawn of Disease – Reaching for the Clouds

Dawn of Disease has made some big jumps in the last few years, but their recently released Procession of Ghosts is easily their most impressive to date. While still retaining their more brutal death metal Read more […]

Skyblood – An Alter Ego Voice

Vocalist Mats Levén has been fortunate to establish himself since the 1990’s for his stellar voice in a multitude of projects or bands across the hard rock/metal spectrum. He’s done work that is well Read more […]

Cattle Decapitation – End of the Anthropocene

Over the course of this decade, few have managed to impress within the death metal scene more than Cattle Decapitation. As they moved further from straight grind and upped the ‘death’ quotient, more Read more […]

Eclipse – Shifting the Paradigm

Beyond an obvious passion for heavy metal, many writers at Dead Rhetoric also appreciate diverse tastes that come from the older days of melodic hard rock/ AOR-style music – acts like Europe, Def Leppard, Read more […]

Cortége – Tolling the Bells

“If Earth and Pink Floyd teamed up and did a soundtrack for David Lynch” is how Austin duo Cortége describes themselves. You could see why: Their cinematic sound is stretched across a variety of genres, Read more […]

Blind Guardian – Basking in Twilight

Given the high quality and nature of the material that Blind Guardian has been delivering to fans across the globe for over 30 years now, to have had a project in the works for over 20 years means it has Read more […]

Project Renegade – The New Order

Project Renegade initially impressed DR with their first outing, Cerebra, in terms of their clear vision and presentation of their take on the modern metal template. They have now released their first Read more […]

Edenbridge – Hunting the Mind

Attentive to satisfying the creative beast within ten albums deep into their career, Austrian symphonic metal band Edenbridge feel the need to stretch in a natural way record to record. You wouldn’t Read more […]

Mimesis – (Re)start

There’s been a steady stream of content and information divulged from New England’s Mimesis since the announcement of their band last year. But we are only now hearing the first completed notes of the Read more […]

Abigail Williams – Veil of Darkness

An ever-present force in US black metal for over a decade, Abigail Williams has also not been without its trials and tribulations. A few band shake-ups along the way, and lots of turnover among the ranks Read more […]

October 2019 Rapid Fires

Arguably the sweet spot of the release schedule, October has presented the metal community with a surplus of new releases in which to consume. Now, of course, if you had unlimited time and the capability Read more […]

Novembers Doom – Traversing the Grove

Celebrating thirty years as a band, Novembers Doom has been one of those acts that slip under the radar for certain metal audiences or become a cult-classic favorite for others. Their love of the genre Read more […]

Ex Libris – Wrapping Up the ‘Ann’ Trilogy

Over the course of the last year and a half, Ex Libris have been releasing EPs with a distinctive theme. That being a particular “Ann” from the history books and setting it to life within a progressive Read more […]

Eternal Storm – Ebb and Flow

One band that we’ve kept a close eye on over the last few years is that of Eternal Storm. We heard their first demo back in the early days of the site, and have been chomping at the bit to hear some more Read more […]

Despised Icon – Embracing the Chaos

Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon returned after initially putting the band back to bed in 2010 with 2016’s Beast. It proved to be a successful one, with the band returning to their unique stomping grounds Read more […]

Turbokill – Churning Firepower

Soaring melodies, catchy riffs, pounding tempos, anthems that can stand the test of time – these are the elements that keep people aligned with the traditional, classic metal movement. We all have our Read more […]

Nile – Capturing the Elusive Feeling of Doom

Since their inception, Nile has made waves within the death metal community. Their Egyptian-themed material was both a blunt force of destruction and a more nuanced yet cinematic experience. While they’ve Read more […]

Une Misère – Celebrating Misery

It’s always impressive to see a young act get quickly scooped up by some of the larger metal labels in the scene. There’s a bit of surprise, but there’s quite often a reason why they are rapidly Read more […]

Wilderun – Beyond the Veil

It’s been four years since Wilderun made quite a splash with their second album, Sleep at the Edge of the Earth. US-based folk metal often doesn’t seem to get the credit of their across-the-seas kinsmen, Read more […]

Infected Rain – Delivering Honest Emotions

Slowly building themselves up as a band over the course of three independent releases, Infected Rain was beginning to see the fruits of their hard labor pay off on their own. All the more reason that Read more […]

Netherbird – Freedom in Darkness

When it comes to capturing the essence of that older school of melodic black and death metal, there’s not exactly a large number of go-to acts in 2019. But one band that has been consistent in their Read more […]

Lacuna Coil – Into the Black

With over 20 years in the scene, Lacuna Coil have been having a bit of a celebration as of late. To mark the occasion, they went back and wrote a book [Nothing Stands in Our Way], as well as performing Read more […]

Jinjer – No Limits, No Boundaries

Without a doubt, one of the rising stars of the current metal community is that of Jinjer. They all but exploded following the release of King of Everything back in 2016, in no small part due to the band’s Read more […]

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