Counting Hours – Carry the Will

When we first got in touch with Finland’s Counting Hours in 2017, the band was fresh off the release of their debut demo, a caressing display of dark metal in the vein of (classic) Katatonia, Paradise Read more […]

Dark Tranquillity – Moments in Time

It’s been a few years since Dark Tranquillity released a new album. 2016’s Atoma was an absolute powerhouse of a melodic death metal journey, and saw the band really delivering a potent and poignant Read more […]

DGM – All About the Songs

One of the premiere longstanding progressive metal acts from Italy, DGM continue to strive for a balance between virtuoso musicianship and memorable songwriting. Tragic Separation as the band’s latest Read more […]

Falset – Leading the Way

Merging hard rock and metal isn’t as easy a path to follow as some may think. The mixture of both sounds, pulling into two different directions can be tough to tame, and when bands end up going in one Read more […]

Surma – Lights Burning Bright

A fresh symphonic metal act with some familiar faces, such as Heri Joensen of Týr and Viktorie Surmøvá of Bohemian Metal Rhapsody, Surma is ready to ignite the scene with their soon to be released debut, Read more […]

Nightmare – Everlasting Evolution

Change can be hard for metal followers to accept – especially if the band has a history that dates back to the late 70’s. Although Nightmare may be originally known for their 1980’s output Waiting Read more […]

Pallbearer – Another Rite of Passage

Asserting themselves as difference makers in the doom genre through melodic and progressive dynamic aspects, Pallbearer have made a potent name for themselves in a relatively short period of time. Heavy Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – October 2020

Nearer and nearer to the end of the year we come! After this month, there’s just November and we’ll be wrapping up another year of Bandcamp coverage for 2020! Always nice to be able to sit down and take Read more […]

Jeremy Saffer – Beauty in Darkness

If you’ve been following metal for any period of time, you’ve undoubtedly came across Jeremy Saffer’s work within the scene. At this point, one of the more esteemed photographers within the scene, Read more […]

Isenmor – Raise Your Shield!

It’s not every day that a metal band has not just one violin, but two in the act. But Baltimore-based folk squad Isenmor has exactly that. Having multiple vocalists doesn’t hurt the band either – Read more […]

Scardust – Ambition and Creativity

Scardust’s debut, Sands of Time, was an out of nowhere delight. A partial concept release that tapped into symphonic, progressive, and most of all, epic vibes across its length. The band was picked Read more […]

Goldenhall – Ice and Fire

Four years removed from their self-titled debut EP, Rhode Island symphonic power metal quintet Goldenhall elevate their game with their first full-length Collide. Following triumphant acceptance in the Read more […]

Leaves’ Eyes – Vikings for Life

Always an act to deliver heavy metal on an epic scale, Leaves’ Eyes have been working to up their game of symphonic heavy metal with each new release. The Last Viking is their latest release, which Read more […]

October 2020 Rapid Fires

Edging closer and closer to the end of this year, much of the new release deluge is now behind us. It’s been a very busy few months though, especially considering the pandemic at hand. So we have our Read more […]

Synthetic – Time Carries On

Last we caught up with modern melodic death metal act Synthetic was 2016 after they released their debut, Here Lies the Truth. Since then, the band has signed with a label (Rock of Angels Records) and Read more […]

Saul – Rising Up

Iowa’s Saul is a story about being an underdog and working your way up the ranks. Parading around in the underground, but taking consistent steps forward in an attempt to reach that larger audience. Read more […]

Humavoid – Trapped Inside Aluminum Rain

Certain bands strike you at the right time. Take the four-piece Humavoid from Finland. Containing elements of progressive metal, aggressive djent accents, as well as jazz, fusion, and symphonic twists Read more […]

Devin Townsend – Reflection and Gratitude

The last time we spoke with Devin Townsend, it was around the time that Devin Townsend Project was calling it quits and Townsend was ready to move into greener pastures. Since then, he’s been doing Read more […]

Brother Firetribe – Burning with Passion

In the ever-chaotic times that we are in, sometimes it’s nice to check out an act that brings out some feel good notions that you can crank up loud and enjoy. Brother Firetribe has been delivering those Read more […]

Leaves’ Eyes – The Last Viking (AFM Records)

Having weathered quite a storm with line-up changes and then delivering one of their strongest releases in 2018 with Sign of the Dragonhead, the seas have been a bit calmer for Leaves’ Eyes in the past Read more […]

Amiensus – Friendly Convocations

With three full-lengths now under their belt, as well as ten years together as a band, Amiensus have been slowly making headway into greener pastures. The folk/black/death/etc sound that they have been Read more […]

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh – Taking Over!

Not too many bands out there can claim that they are composed solely of three teenage sisters. But Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh can even do one better and also state that they also came up with their Read more […]

Helion Prime – Everything In Question

A newer breed of North American power metal acts continues to make inroads in a scene that was previously dominated by more of the European bigwigs. Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Edguy, Read more […]

Armored Saint – Punching Ahead

When it comes to the heavy metal genre, a steady presence stateside that never achieved ‘breakthrough’ status despite an incredible discography would be the band Armored Saint. Receiving attention Read more […]

Manticora – The Will to Live

A band that has been a testament to putting in the work and pushing ever forward is that of Denmark’s Manticora. Their dark version of power/progressive metal has brought them through conceptual albums Read more […]

Devildriver – Surrounded by Demons

Coming off of an intriguing release where they retooled country songs and transformed them into heavy metal ones, Devildriver set the stage for more new things with the announcement of their double album, Read more […]

Mad Hatter – Powerful Satisfaction

Generating a power metal sound that aligns well with the heights of the movement during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Mad Hatter hail from Sweden and have developed a strong style through their two Read more […]

Ascension of the Watchers – Music as Therapy

While some may not be completely familiar with Ascension of the Watchers, as they haven’t released any new material since 2008’s Numinosum. But that’s about to change, as Apocrypha is set to release Read more […]


It’s Monday, and we could all use a little bit more pep in our step, so to speak. So we at DR have combined forces with Texas punk/metal act BÖNDBREAKR for an early look at their upcoming second self-titled Read more […]

The Unguided – Piercing Through Shadow

Fans of catchy, melodic death metal with an ear for big hooks should always been pleased at the sign of new material from The Unguided. With four previous albums under their belt, and a successful clean Read more […]

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