Knife the Glitter – Closing the Chapter

People always talk about music as having a timeless quality to it. The instrumental act of Knife the Glitter is one that can be used as evidence for said point. An album that was written over 8 years Read more […]

Purest of Pain – Approaching Solipsis

Despite an existence that is a about a decade old, Dutch act Purest of Pain are now on the way towards releasing their first full length. There’s plenty of reasons for this of course, as main songwriter Read more […]

Visions of Atlantis – Setting Sail on a New Voyage

Following Vision of Atlantis’ 2013 release Ethera, there were a number of changes that altered the persona of the band. In the end, only drummer and founder Thomas Caser remained, and Visions was given Read more […]

Saxon – Launching Thunderbolts

Active since 1978 as Saxon, this UK band show no signs of stopping on their metal crusade. Thunderbolt is the group’s 22nd studio record – and in the annals of the genre, there aren’t very many bands Read more […]

Kaoteon – Transcending Hate

Yet more enduring proof that metal is a universal language, Lebanon’s Kaoteon (who have since moved out of the country to Amsterdam) deliver fiendishly heavy blackened death metal that’s right on par Read more […]

Into the Great Divide – A (Guitar) Hero’s Journey

One of the most frequent complaints leveled against instrumental music is how it ends up being directionless and self-indulgent. Nothing more than a musical showboating display. While some live for that Read more […]

Hyvmine – Shaking Things Up

No doubt some are already familiar with the rising guitar shredder Al Joseph, who has been releasing instrumental records for a few years on his own and building up his name within the community. With Read more […]

Vexes – New Beginnings

Comprised of members from a few east coast bands (most notably the metalcore/groove act A Life Once Lost), Vexes represents a fresh start. Originally put together by vocalist Charlie Berezansky and guitarist Read more […]

Audrey Horne – Rock and Roll Forever

Despite the fact that the term ‘classic’ tends to sit in front of ‘rock,’ there’s still bands out there making a go for it. While many may look to the heyday of the ‘70s and ‘80s for that Read more […]

We Sell the Dead – Over and Around

Whatever you think of the supergroup concept, it no longer is unique nor all that enticing, frankly. Advances in technology have made such unions possible to the point where some bands don’t even meet Read more […]

Cruentator – Lightning Fast Through the Minefield

Remember when thrash in its infancy wasn’t about smoothness or catchiness – but purely unadulterated energy and intensity, taking outside influence from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, punk, and Read more […]

White Wizzard – Locked in Overdrive

Purveyors of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal since 2007, California’s White Wizzard have been well aware of the uphill climb to establish themselves in a scene where it’s not easy to gain proper Read more […]

Rumahoy – An Epic Quest Begins

Despite being around since 2011, Rumahoy has just started to make some waves within the metal world, with their upcoming debut The Triumph of Piracy. The mysterious band of pirates from North Carolina Read more […]

January 2018 Rapid Fires

The first Rapid Fires of the year, our short review column that helps us stay on top of the flood of releases that grace the metal scene, features all early 2018 releases, meaning, we’re now past 2017…at Read more […]

Leecher – Symphony of Cellos

What defines something as being ‘metal?’ Is it the guitars, the vocals, drumming? Or is it something more? If you ask most aficionados about it, they are likely to view it as the later – there’s Read more […]

Letters from the Colony – Counting Down to Terminus

Many bands dream of hitting the metal ‘big time’ – signing with a major metal label and getting to go out and tour the world. But the number of new bands that get snagged quickly by the larger labels Read more […]

Epicenter – Undermining Power Part II

Read Part I HERE Dead Rhetoric: How do you handle the lead parts between Jared and Ryan? Towne: It doesn’t need to be a competition – even if he has one, and I don’t- we try to make it as musically Read more […]

Epicenter – Undermining Power Part I

How many bands in heavy metal can say they’ve stayed the course as teenagers a decade later in that same outfit? Of course, there’s Death Angel (who had a drummer starting pre-adolescence), but rare Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – January 2018

Even in the quieter months of the year, the video streams are still rolling out regularly. It’s a chance to refresh memories on some recent releases (perhaps in regards to a tour) or promote an upcoming Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – January 2018

The first time diving into this column for the year is always easiest. Pooling more than 2 months of content into one feature makes for a plethora of possibilities. Not to mention it being the dead of Read more […]

Frost Giant – Metal for the Common Folk

Pennsylvania probably isn’t your first guess when you hear a sound that’s folk influenced, with a European sense of grandeur. Yet a rising crop of these bands are slowly popping up across North America, Read more […]

Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins – Classic Prophecy

Best known for his work as the bassist for the neoclassical-oriented progressive metal band Symphony X, Mike Lepond has spread his wings into numerous bands and projects over the years. It would be difficult Read more […]

Bloodhunter – The End is Just the Beginning

With two albums now under their belt, including last year’s excellent The End of Faith, Bloodhunter have started to make a name for themselves as an act within the extreme metal scene worth paying attention Read more […]

Harms Way – Posthuman Evolution

Those with their ears to the ground within the extreme music scene have no doubt already witnessed the heaviness and expansive nature of Harms Way. Hard to truly pigeon-hole, they take a massive piece Read more […]

Organized Chaos – Growth and Development

Fortunate to establish numerous relationships with passionate music followers across the globe led me to discovering Organized Chaos. Otherwise, how would one normally find that a progressive metal outfit Read more […]

Bob Nalbandian on The Rise of L.A. Thrash Metal Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: As you mentioned, there were a ton of people interviewed for this film, but was there anyone that you wanted to get involved that it just didn’t work out with? Bob Read more […]

Bob Nalbandian on The Rise of L.A. Thrash Metal Part I

In a sea of flashy, ‘go for the drama’ documentaries sits the ever-growing collection of Inside Metal. Soon to encompass six releases (3 two-part DVDs) that go for an in-depth look at the beginnings Read more […]

Perennial Quest – Timeless Warriors Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: What is the band’s stance on intricacy and technicality versus hooks and feel when it comes to Perennial Quest and songwriting? Are there times where you dial things Read more […]

Perennial Quest – Timeless Warriors Part I

Injecting the power/progressive metal community with fiery harmonies and explosive melodies, Perennial Quest are another welcome newcomer band to not only a thriving New England scene, but also necessary Read more […]

Lady Beast – Vicious Sincerity

The best heavy metal to these ears has that essence of purity and sincerity. For many discovering the style, the roots of the movement with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal from the late 70’s through Read more […]