Kobra and the Lotus – Continual Transformation

The second chapter of the ambitious Prevail series II for Canada’s Kobra and the Lotus continues to push the band into expansive directions of where they want to go, in turn transforming who they are Read more […]

Defecto – Progressive Nemesis

Any leg up you can get in the industry to establish credibility, artists are wise to use those tools given the limitless options for entertainment within the ears and eyes of the consumers. For Danish Read more […]

Sentient Horror – Ungodly Death Resurgence

Metal musicians evolve just as their varied interests they possess in the field. For guitarist/vocalist Matt Moliti, he felt the need to expand from his power/progressive metal roots that he developed Read more […]

Operus – Silver Meets Steel

An album that took over a year to complete, Operus’s Cenotaph debut full-length does not approach epic metal lightly. If we were to tap a band to score a big-budget, summer blockbuster, then look no Read more […]

The Absence – Long Live Melodic Death Metal

Jumping into the fray back in the mid-2000s, a time when the American metal scene was fixated on the metalcore movement, The Absence unveiled their first slab of clearly European-inspired melodic death Read more […]

Nekrogoblikon – Goblins, Spiders, and Dragons, Oh My!

A band name like Nekrogoblikon is going to get you thrust into a certain light. But they also wouldn’t have it any other way. Where metal bands often struggle with becoming too absurd, Nekrogoblikon Read more […]

Gus G. – Last of His Kind

Where have all the axe heroes in metal gone? Remember the days when everyone wanted to emulate everyone from Randy Rhoads to Yngwie Malmsteen? The height of popularity for instrumental records took place Read more […]

New Horizons – Evolving Through Dislocation

Progressive metal has peaks and valleys in popularity. Such is the circular nature of an ever-changing musical landscape – as well as listeners who need to invest time, energy, effort, and finances into Read more […]

Scardust – Timeless Prog

Many young bands have grand ambitions, but Israel’s Scardust comes across on the short list of bands that have already been able to deliver on their promises. The progressive metal act has only last Read more […]

Kalmah – Black Marsh Reign

A brief, minor factoid about this scribe: He’s owned a Kalmah shirt since 2010; it’s the one issued en masse after The Black Waltz with the band’s logo big and bold on the front, and their ever-faithful Read more […]

Gozu – Achieving Balance

One of those examples of hard work eventually paying off, Gozu had been slowly working their way around in the metal underground for the last ten years (and three albums). But fortune finally struck for Read more […]

March 2018 Rapid Fires

In this month’s Rapid Fires, our short review column that helps us keep up with the onslaught of underground releases, we have a Freedom Hawk, Troll, and Zeke, sort of the “What’s in a name” edition of Read more […]

Kamelot – Embrace the Shadow

Perseverance comes in many forms – in the metal industry, the rewards occur when musicians refuse to chase trends and stick to their own vision, in the hopes that they’ll build a faithful following Read more […]

Recode the Subliminal – Reconnecting

After coming out strong with their The Cost of Every Man debut, multinational act Recode the Subliminal have returned with their second release, Disconnected. Again going the conceptual route, this time Read more […]

Gonoreas – Power of the Minotaur

Swiss metal has a specific quality to it in all genres – elevating the impact small and large through the works of Celtic Frost to Coroner to Samael. Although Gonoreas isn’t necessarily cut from that Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – March 2018

A quarter of the way through the year already, it seems 2018 is showing signs only of speeding up and becoming more expansive. Things on the video end look just as good, with lots of promising new releases Read more […]

Valhalla Lights – Volcanic Highway

Australian heavy rockers Valhalla Lights, despite having only two albums under their belt, have undergone more than many bands. Their first vocalist, Phoebe Black committed suicide before the band had Read more […]

Crowbar – All About Longevity

Pioneers of a sound critics term ‘sludge metal’, Crowbar are an entity onto themselves. A rare breed if you will in a heavy music scene where it’s difficult to distinguish originality, once you hear Read more […]

Godthrymm – Upon Sacred Soil

Despite all appearances to the contrary, Godthrymm doesn’t pit introductory violins against forlorn melodies. No Gothic tapestries abound. No solemn reflections of love lost, either. Instead, the freshly-minted Read more […]

Borealis – Conceptual Offering

Canada has a rich appreciation for all things metal – including the power/progressive genres where many European bands made their first foray into North America by playing key shows in Toronto or Montreal. Read more […]

Kino – Back in the Prog Business

When you assemble a group of people that are as busy as those in Kino, there’s bound to be some gaps in time between albums. After a critically successful debut back in 2005, Kino had all but disappeared. Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – March 2018

2018 is already off to an excellent start, and things are just about to pick up with the first moments of spring and the massive amounts of tours to come later in the spring or the fall. So as the last Read more […]

Axel Rudi Pell – Purple Knights

For heavy metal in the United States, the 1990’s was a turbulent time where different forms of music commanded the commercial landscape – and what was once popular in terms of strong, in-tune vocals Read more […]

Auri – The Sound of Friendship

When it comes to the metal landscape, for better or for worse, there’s a lot of times where the music contains a certain level of homogeneity. We sit in less adventurous times, but every once in a while Read more […]

Knaaves – Amanda Daniels Returns to Metal

Chances are that those entrenched in the metal scene remember Amanda Pearl Daniels’ exit from Enabler a few years ago. If not you can catch up on that information HERE. To sum it up, after she had Read more […]

Screaming Beast – A Groovy New Narrative

What kind of music do you think a band named screaming beast is going to play? One can make a pretty good bet that it’s going to be something on the heavier side of things. Once again proving the universal Read more […]

Michael Schenker – Journey to Resurrection

Premiere guitarists in the hard rock/metal realm don’t just fall out of the sky. Legendary through his unique single-string attack and tasteful riffing / lead play, Michael Schenker established his abilities Read more […]

Kantica – Symphonies Reborn

It’s not always easy to start up a band. That doubles for heavy metal, where it becomes quite clear that one isn’t going to make a glorious living off of it. A large number of change-ups can make Read more […]

Eyes of the Sun – The First Chapter Unfolds

Destruction and doom. Two things that always seem to go hand in hand with heavy metal. The sound of dark heavy riffs just pair well with topics of chaos. The latest proof of this lies in Eyes of the Read more […]

Will Haven – The Science of Noise

One of metal’s more perpetually underrated bands, Will Haven has had to prove their worth repeatedly over the years. Sure, they had some help in the beginning due to some friendship with the Deftones, Read more […]