Monsterworks – Scaling the Summit

Existential questions abound with U.K. progressive metal outfit Monsterworks, but, perhaps none more pressing is this: How do they continually release an album every year of quality prog metal? Since 2011, Read more […]

Devildriver – Driven to Succeed

Certainly one of the largest of the American metal bands of today, Devildriver has been doing their thing for over 15 years now. That doesn’t even count the time that band leader/vocalist Dez Fafara Read more […]

Krosis – Reaching the Melting Point

It’s fun as a writer to be able to explore new bands and hear what could be the next big thing. Even if it increasingly becomes more work to find said ‘diamonds in the rough,’ that genuine feeling Read more […]

Eufory – Never Give Up

Although heavy/power metal has traditionally been more of a Western European and Scandinvian movement as far as the musicians and groups that have made in roads in the scene – Helloween, Stratovarius, Read more […]

Meka Nism – Honoring the Tribe

One of the great things about metal is that doesn’t have to be this superficial, ‘appeal to the broadest category of people’ type of music. Bands can use the format to craft deeper meanings and Read more […]

Wolvhammer – Long Live the Grime

Two months separate the release of Wolvhammer’s The Monuments of Ash & Bone and Skeletonwitch’s Devouring Radiant Line. The one common denominator? Vocalist Adam Clemans. While Wolvhammer is the Read more […]

Monument – Aces High

Proudly British and waving the banner for heavy metal high, Monument seem destined for glory based on their brief output to date. Their third album Hellhound reminds us of the days when Iron Maiden, Judas Read more […]

May 2018 Rapid Fires

The May 2018 installment of Rapid Fires –our short review column– gets us closer to putting an end-cap on the first half of the year. The metal world moves pretty quickly, so we do our best to keep up, Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – May 2018

More and more, YouTube is growing as a talking point and viewed as a way for bands to get their music heard. While it may still sit as a travesty for audiophiles everywhere, there’s no denying its impact, Read more […]

Invictra – Winning the World Game

Embracing a movement where thrash, heavy metal, and groove/modern strains can be acceptable within a band’s outlook, Rochester, New York is the home base for Invictra – a four-piece outfit aiming to Read more […]

Light this City – In Bloom

Many things can change in a decade. The entire musical landscape in this case, when it comes to metal. Light this City, a Californian band that tended to play a very European form of metal in melodic Read more […]

Lords of Black – Icons for Today

There’s no doubt, upon first listen to Spain’s Lords of Black, that they are a band that wants to carry the torch from the classic heavy metal acts before them. But instead of digging through the Read more […]

Lizzy Borden – Abstract Commercial

Bringing the best of his 70’s hard rock influences into a metal landscape of the 1980’s, Lizzy Borden was one of the important bands on Metal Blade to get the label off the ground and running. Their Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – May 2018

Crazy to think how time flies sometimes. For fun, this scribe took a look back to see how long this column has been running for, and it’s nice to say that it’s been a part of the site for over 4 years Read more […]

Nervosa – Beware the Downfall

When it comes to one of the hardest working bands of recent memory, especially in the thrash genre, there’s no one quite like Nervosa for today’s younger generation to emulate. Their tenacity to tour Read more […]

Voices – Dead Emotion (and Feelings)

Akercocke’s well-received reunion last year would appear to put Voices — the band featuring Akercocke members David Gray (drums), Sam Loynes (guitar) and Peter Benjamin (vocals, guitar) with Dan Abela Read more […]

Sumo Cyco – Moving Mountains

In a music scene that’s becoming increasingly homogenous, it’s rare to find a band that is off the beaten path and doing their own thing. Canadian act Sumo Cyco does fit the billing though, with a Read more […]

Boon – Go with the Flow

Authenticity matters, even in heavy rock and metal. Once you gain a follower, that person can sense when a musician isn’t being true to themselves or true to the music they play. Which matters in a world Read more […]

Skinless – A New Age of Savagery

Veteran upstate New York death metal act Skinless put out their first album since the reformation of their ‘classic’ line-up in 2011 with Only the Ruthless Remains. A punishing reminder of the band’s Read more […]

Espionage – Dictating the Future

Power metal with speed and traditional values may not be in vogue in the current scene, but when you hear a quality band like Espionage producing material that rivals that early movement of the 80’s Read more […]

Witch Casket – A New Dawn

New bands sprout up all the time in our digital-friendly world. But not all new bands are starting from scratch. Take Witch Casket, which is mostly made up of members from the symphonic black metal band Read more […]

Bleeding Through – Set Free

Without question, one of the more unique bands to come out of the metalcore/New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement was that of Orange County’s Bleeding Through. Their blend of metalcore was infused Read more […]

Nils Patrik Johansson – Sacred Metalhead

Legendary voices in heavy metal don’t come down the pike too often. Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio- probably the trio most associated with premiere status in the classic/power mold for Read more […]

Kataklysm – Death Metal Outsiders

One of the extreme metal scene’s more unsung heroes, Kataklysm have long been putting their unique touch on things. Whether it was the “Northern Hyperblast” of their beginnings, or the concoction Read more […]

Stevie McLaughlin – Tasteful Empires

Songwriters often write an abundance of material when inspiration strikes. In the case of Sandstone guitarist Stevie McLaughlin, he didn’t want to see the fruits of his labor go to waste – thus in Read more […]

Thundermother – Bringing Out the Rock

Proof that a strong enough band can emerge out of what could have a catastrophe and come out stronger, Thundermother recently returned to deliver their latest self-titled album after losing 4 members in Read more […]

Æpoch – The Inception of Awakening

A band that we at DR have been keeping tabs on since their Æpochalypse EP, Æpoch recently went to the next level and delivered their first full-length album in the form of Awakening Inception. Being Read more […]

Chainbreäker – Merciless Wasteland

Another Bandcamp discovery, Austria’s Chainbreäker mince no words or lose focus at their thrash attack. Their affinity for the US and German bands of the 1980’s makes for a speedy, ferocious cocktail Read more […]

Temperance – The Color of Jupiter

After three studio albums and a quality live DVD release, Italian modern melodic metal band Temperance parted ways with three members in a two-year period – including singer Chiara Tricarico and keyboardist/drummer Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – April 2018

Despite the ups and downs of today’s society, there’s always a guarantee that there will be some new music, and new videos by that same measure, to keep everyone’s sanity (relatively) intact. So with Read more […]