The Unguided – Emerging Victorious from Battle

With the unceremonious split with Sonic Syndicate further and further in the rear-view mirror, The Unguided has had little difficulty making their own name for themselves. Essentially a modern melodic Read more […]

Annihilator – The Demented Check In Part 2

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: Do you believe Canadian metal has gained more respect and admiration over the decades, and what qualities do you see as distinctive in comparison to say Europe, the Read more […]

Annihilator – The Demented Check In Part 1

Jeff Waters is an ambassador and connoisseur of heavy metal. His guitar playing electrified the thrash community right out of the gate back in 1989 on Annihilator’s debut album Alice in Hell – precise, Read more […]

Nullingroots – Grey Skies Approaching

If the beauty of post-black metal material is a bit too much for some (read: not ‘metal enough’), then Nullingroots should be the band to change your mind. Taking the grace that blackgaze can provide, Read more […]

Naeramarth – Looking to the Stars

Sometimes you just have to marvel at the melting pot that is today’s metal scene. You can get some of the craziest concoctions of material, blending together genres that you wouldn’t think of putting Read more […]

Framework – Ascending the Divide

When it comes to melodic death/thrash, the prevalent scene may still reside on European shores, but there is a fair amount of action bubbling around the United States. Framework represent one of the new Read more […]

October 2017 Rapid Fires

Halloween and its various tricks and treats are now behind us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any “treats” with this month’s short review Rapid Fires column. Okay, so perhaps not all of these reviews Read more […]

Death Rattle – Of Their Own Volition

Things are never easy for bands that are just starting out. When it comes to metal, things are often never easy, even for the veterans. Such is the life of a niche market, where passion has to reign Read more […]

Serenity – Straight to Lionheart

Since the early 2000’s, Austrian act Serenity have been carving their own path up the symphonic, power/progressive metal ranks. One of the mainstays on the Napalm Records roster for over a decade, they’ve Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric: October 2017

With cooler temperatures approaching, there’s plenty of time to sit down at the computer and check the latest videos on Youtube (surely, we aren’t the only ones sitting at computers anymore right?). No Read more […]

Space Vacation – Emotional Reengagement

Caught between the edges of melodic hard rock and traditional metal, Space Vacation from California carve their own niche audience. One listen to their body of work and you’ll understand that catchy Read more […]

Beast in Black – Elegant Perseverance

The taste of success often can have bittersweet ramifications. Especially when as the main songwriter of a group, you find that personal and business difficulties come into focus, soon ousting you from Read more […]

Old Night – A Sorrowful Hello

Doom, in its proper form, cannot succeed without a top-notch vocalist. If a doom band doesn’t have one, then it’s off to sludge-ville, or, obscurity, we go. Croatian ensemble Old Night hardly have Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – October 2017

Ever the forward march towards the end of 2017 at this point. Close your eyes for too long now and you’ll be seeing the snow fall (at least here in the northeast). But it’s primetime for Bandcamp Read more […]

Threat Signal – Reconnecting

Proof that you can’t keep a good band down, Threat Signal has finally returned with their long-awaited fourth album, Disconnect. Six years past their self-titled third release, and while it seemed at Read more […]

Thanatotic Desire – Murder on the Brain

Developing a sound that has one foot in classic thrash while also stepping into groove and melodic pastures for tempos and harmonies, New Jersey’s Thanatotic Desire are a hard-working bunch that have Read more […]

Cannibal Corpse – Masters of Brutality

There is only one Cannibal Corpse. The granddaddies of death metal. No matter what happens within the genre, no matter the changes to direction and style through the years, Cannibal Corpse will always Read more […]

Pänzer – The Tank Charges On

Professional musicians in the modern era place no limitations on their creative output. It’s all a matter of hard work and time management to accomplish more than ever, especially given the studio technology Read more […]

GWAR – The People Want Blood

The Scumdogs of the Universe themselves, GWAR, have been doing there own thing for over 30 years. Going all out in their quest to conquer humanity through heavy metal music, over-the-top violence, and Read more […]

Soulfly – Max Cavalera on Nailbomb’s Point Blank

Taking a trip back in time to 1993, Max Cavalera partnered up with Fudge Tunnel’s Alex Newport to create Nailbomb, and they released their only studio album, Point Blank, the following year. A fusion Read more […]

CyHra – Friendship & Dedication

Not every band can form, write, record a debut album, and sign with a label all in the same year. But CyHra isn’t any ordinary band. For starters, they’ve got a line-up that veteran metal nerds could Read more […]

Death the Leveller – Casting Aura

If one sub-genre of metal captures emotions of darkness and despair better than any, doom certainly befits its title. Bouldering, titanic riffs ring out as the slower drumming hits at plodding paces – Read more […]

Eagleheart – Aiming High

Power metal conveys unification through sterling riffs bristling with melody and harmony, engaging tempos often using speedy fills and double kick emphasis, as well as magnificent vocals that feature lower Read more […]

Hallatar – Broken Mirrors

Noticeably absent from Swallow the Sun’s recent run of touring in support of their triple Songs from the North album, guitarist/primary songwriter Juha Raivio has poured his creative heart and soul into Read more […]

Buried Realm – Uncompromising Melodies

When one thinks of solo projects or one-man bands, they tend to think of something that doesn’t match up to the same level as a “full band.” Some lower their expectations or ignore them entirely. Read more […]

Samael – Ruling the Industrial Metal Landscape

Really hitting a winning combination all the way back in 1994 with Ceremony of Opposites, Samael veered off into their own path early. But they’ve never been content to simply stick with the same formula Read more […]

Metalite – The Metal Elite

Modern metal can be a sound that is ripe with experimentation. While some may view it as going too far outside the boundaries of metal, bands that can handle the balancing act properly can often reap Read more […]

Insomnium – The Sound of Sorrow

A band that has seen plenty of love and attention within these pages, Insomnium have been and continue to be one of the leaders when it comes to melodic death metal. Their sorrow-fueled melodies provide Read more […]

My Hamartia – Rolling Raw and Real

Discovering this New England band with ties to western MA and northern CT at a local show, My Hamartia manage to captivate because of their infectious blend of groove metal with traditional, thrash, and Read more […]

Angel Nation – Aeons to Come

Angel Nation began their introduction to the world with their first release, Tears of Lust, in 2014. Of course, it wasn’t ‘Angel Nation’ but EnkeliNation at that point. The band has come a long Read more […]