Kataklysm – Still Conquering

Incredible to think that Kataklysm has been forging ahead for almost 30 years at this point. The band is approaching their 14th full-length in Unconquered at the end of this month, and it’s a suitable Read more […]

Winter’s End – Align with the Sea

Boston-based symphonic metal band Winter’s End have been away for four years between releases – but there has been no shortage of activity. Three of the five members have changed – and work took Read more […]

Primitive Man – Waging Sonic Warfare Against Life’s Injustices

Primitive Man. A band dead-set on leveling venues and shattering ear drums. A group with a singular focus: to be as heavy as sonically possible and to communicate the ills of the world since time immemorial. Read more […]

Kill the Lights – All About the Song

Capturing a sound and bringing it into the future is no easy task. But you wouldn’t think that’s the case after hearing Kill the Lights’ debut, The Sinner. The act has successfully brought all Read more […]

Rumahoy – Party Time!

After making a splash with their debut full-length, The Triumph of Piracy, the pirates of Rumahoy are back with their second full-length, Time II: Party, and reunited with Napalm Records. The band has Read more […]

Heathen – Hypnotize the Empire

When it comes to Bay Area thrash, we all have our favorites. Commanding attention through an intermingling of classic metal, speed, and thrash influences and putting their own melodic, semi-technical spin Read more […]

AfterTime – The Shore Ahead

Minnesota-based symphonic/cinematic metal band AfterTime have released two EPs in their past, which showcased an act on the rise within the genre. Their sense of melody and epic scope caught the ear, Read more […]

Pain of Salvation – Creating the Interface

Arriving on the scene in the 1990’s, Swedish band Pain of Salvation have always strived to expand the horizons and creative vision of progressive rock and metal. The eleventh studio record Panther is Read more […]

Skeletal Remains – Chaos Incoming

One band within the old school death metal scene that has had no problems with sticking out is that of Skeletal Remains. With a focus more on injecting some complexity and technical stuff (without being Read more […]

Vanishing Point – Driven with Compassion

Veterans of the melodic/progressive metal scene, Australian act Vanishing Point have proven that quality albums full of stirring songs can win over consumers, no matter what the size of the audience domestically Read more […]

Cult of Lilith – Praise Lilith

Cult of Lilith left a favorable impression with their first EP a few years ago, but they are sure to blow away many listeners as Mara hits the streets. Using high-speed tech death as a base and cultivating Read more […]

Oceans of Slumber – From Catharsis to Validation

Transferring numerous aspects of doom, atmosphere, extremity, and darkness into the realms of progressive metal isn’t as easy as it sounds – and yet Oceans of Slumber have achieved critical acclaim Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – August 2020

Looking to get away from the late summer heat? Bandcamp continues to pour out plenty of metallic options (not to mention the continued Bandcamp Fridays the first of each month) for those seeking something Read more […]

Necrot – Journey through Death Metal

There’s a lot of old school flavored death metal for avid fans to take in, but Necrot has been able to make a rise towards the top of that pile with their particular sound. Why? For one thing, the Read more […]

Unleash the Archers – Enter the Abyss

Over the last decade, power and traditional metal followers worldwide have gotten to know the work of Unleash the Archers. Aligning well with the genre tenets of soaring melodies, catchy twin guitar rhythms Read more […]

Incantation – True to Themselves

An act that has held up the metal flag for three decades within the underground, Incantation have been a pillar of the death metal community. Their particular brand of death metal, often accompanied by Read more […]

August 2020 Rapid Fires

Summer is rapidly coming to an end, as the fall looks to pick up once again – with or without concerts, unfortunately. At least there’s still plenty of new music to be released to satisfy the urge for Read more […]

Vicious Rumors – Celebrate the Passion

Many think metal as a genre has a lifespan that appeals to youthful aggression or needs for safe expression – but will be something you ‘grow out of’ as you mature into adulthood. However, most will Read more […]

Black Rose Maze – Joyful Collaborations

Vocalist Rosa Laricchiuta got her big push through the door when she appeared on La Voix [The Voice]. It provided a launching pad for her, with eventually included being a part of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Read more […]

Judicator – …And There Was Nothing

Establishing themselves through a series of self-released efforts and a fervent following willing to aid the cause through crowdfunding, Judicator are proof that hard work can still gain respect and rewards Read more […]

The Metalhead Box – June 2020

Here in the DC area, it has turned unsurprisingly very toasty. I’m somewhat unusual in that I welcome both the heat and the humidity – living in Rhode Island for awhile set me for life on that. Bring Read more […]

Maelstrom – Destiny Unleashed

Originally developing from Long Island as an underground sensation in the late 80’s, Maelstrom released two demos that gained major critical acclaim including high praise from vital UK metal magazine Read more […]

Winter Nights – Darkness Closing In

A continued presence within the NYC metal scene for well over a decade at this point, Winter Nights recently released their third full-length album. The eponymous release ushers in a dark take on melodic Read more […]

Jet Jaguar – Riding Those Endless Nights

Hailing from Mexico, Jet Jaguar have accomplished a fair amount of buzz relating to their traditional/classic metal platform since their start in 2014. They’ve recorded a demo and EP – toured across Read more […]

Buried Realm – Revel in the Divine

Buried Realm, the one-man band of Josh Dummer, is back for a second serving of melodic death metal with the recently released Embodiment of the Divine. With a slew of high-profile guests, and equally Read more […]

Let Us Prey – Attention Deficit Disorder Metal

Fueling the desire to throw a host of influences from thrash and melodic death to extreme, industrial, and even traditional lines, Let Us Prey comes bursting through the scene at a time when US metal needs Read more […]

My Missing Half – Revel in Decay

It’s been an uphill battle establishing themselves as a potent melodic death metal force beyond the confines of the New England scene – but My Missing Half are a band with multiple DIY tours under Read more […]

Onslaught – Feel the Force

One of the early purveyors in the UK thrash scene, Onslaught have received solid support for their steady discography and current offerings that keep the aggression, energy, and spirit of their roots at Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – July 2020

Already that time again – we now sit in the warmer part of the year (for us Northern Hemisphere folk at least), and even as the world continues to slowly reopen and ‘normalize,’ Bandcamp is as busy as Read more […]

Aeternam – Traversing Celestial Plains

Concocting a style that incorporates symphonic, folk, and melodic death metal elements as well as ethnic Middle Eastern/Oriental textures, Aeternam have been establishing their style since 2007. Releasing Read more […]