Red Cain – A Progressive Juxtaposition

Hundreds of submissions hit our in-boxes for Dead Rhetoric – so it takes a lot to impress us when you feel like everything in terms of instrumentation and songwriting has already been done. Even in a Read more […]

Carcass – A Carneous Quandary

The album cycle for 2013’s marvelous Surgical Steel has taken Carcass to nearly every nook and cranny in the earth and back. Deserved rewards for arguably one of the best comeback records in recent memory. Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – November 2016

Before we start entering into that dormant period between holidays and the start of the new year, among all of the top lists (of which one will replace next month’s Bandcamp), here’s one more grouping Read more […]

Omnium Gatherum – Constant Movement, Always

In 2004, Omnium Gatherum signed with Nuclear Blast for the release of its Years in Waste album. The deal was meant to capitalize on the exploding melodic death metal movement, to which the Finns were very Read more […]

Warning Sign – Beware of Sharks

Photo credit: Annick Langelier Arising in a city and part of Canada more well known for its extreme metal scene from Voivod to Kataklysm and Cryptopsy, Quebec is home to a strong traditional oriented Read more […]

Aether Realm – Keep Your Metal Hands Tiny

Being a smaller, folky melodic death metal band from North Carolina (NOT Finland) hasn’t stopped Aether Realm from finding their way into Dead Rhetoric’s web-space repeated over the last few years, Read more […]

Herman Frank – Metal for the Team

Even though it’s Herman Frank at the center of this conversation, he is well aware of the fact that he needs a complimentary set of killer musicians around him to execute high quality records. As one Read more […]

Leaves’ Eyes – Beginning a New Era

Earlier this year, the split between Leaves’ Eyes and former female vocalist Liv Kristine was at the very forefront of the scene. Given the age of the Internet and how fast information/disinformation Read more […]

Theocracy – All About Gratitude

Athens, Georgia isn’t exactly a hotbed in the power/progressive metal ranks. More well known as a college town that put the B-52’s and R.E.M. on the musical map, it’s not surprising that Theocracy Read more […]

Now You Know: Northern Crown

Formation: 2013 Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Style: Classic, epic doom with bouts of experimentation Personnel: Frank Serafine (vocals, guitars); Zachary Randall (guitars, bass, keyboards); Leona Read more […]

Sirenia – Beauty and the Beast

Change is constant in every aspect of life. Life decisions crop up, expectations and priorities shift, making it very difficult for even one person to stay on an original path over the course of decades. Read more […]

Starkill – Emerging from Shadow

Never one to rest on their laurels, Starkill always seems to be working on something. They quickly released two albums on Century Media and hit a number of high profile tours both in the States and abroad. Read more […]

Hammerfall – Standing Tall Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: Are there plans down the road for the Swedish biography you penned Legenden Em Hammerfall to possibly gain more of an international release? Oscar Dronjak: I wish. Read more […]

Hammerfall – Standing Tall Part I

After the metal heydays of the 1980’s when major media coverage boomed and audiences filled arena-level venues, the plummet the following decade would be swift and severe – at least for the United Read more […]

Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – Evil Walks Again

Gaining a second chance to make a first impression thanks to the historical value of the metal genre, vocalist Steve Grimmett is quite content to take advantage of global touring demand for Grim Reaper Read more […]

October 2016 Rapid Fires

The year is inching to the finish line (let’s get this election out of the way, too), which means the release schedule will be less voluminous than before. However, independent metal labels are often immune Read more […]

Trees of Eternity – Ones of Sorrow

“This is the most important music and album I have written and released,” says Trees of Eternity’s Juha Raivio, who in his full-time gig, is the primary songwriter for melodic death/doom beacons Read more […]

OncetheSun – Among the Ghosts

At the risk of being redundant, there’s a certain rush that comes with finding bands out of the blue on Bandcamp. Particularly when they are as striking in nature as that of Wisconsin’s OncetheSun. Read more […]

Wyruz – Beware the Executioner

Many musicians feel very comfortable taking two sub-genres of the underground metal movement and developing a fresh nuance to an established sound. For Norway’s Wyruz, thrash is certainly the foundation Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – October 2016

After accidentally missing out last month (oh, where does the time go?), this month we are primed once more to deliver all of the Bandcamp goodies. Plenty of gems to choose from, as it seems to be the Read more […]

Now You Know: Olÿphant

Formation: 2009 Location: Salem, MA Style: Traditional heavy metal with aspects of stoner, progressive, and thrash influences. Personnel: Andy Small (vocals, keyboards); Scott Randall (guitar); Brett Read more […]

Destrage – The Importance of Challenge

All too often, bands settle into a comfortable place and stay there. They’ve identified their sound and their niche, and don’t come out from it except for a rare occurrence. And for some bands, it Read more […]

Kryptos – Wield the Iron Fist

One of the pluses with the internet explosion has been the proliferation of musicians now coming from unlikely locales around the globe. Those attune to the work of Sam Dunn/ Banger Productions may remember Read more […]

Aftermoon – The Next Phase

One of the best aspects of heavy metal is that bands can take a core sound and then go anywhere they want with it. Some purists may not always approve of the more drastic changes a band may employ, particularly Read more […]

Beyond Fallen – The Power of Continuity

Many musicians possess a natural calling to channel their affinity for a particular set of bands into their own creative outlet – regardless of what’s in fashion. Pennsylvania’s Beyond Fallen started Read more […]

The Reticent – Return to the Eve

In July, The Reticent mainman Chris Hathcock received some surprising news: He was nominated for The Grammy’s Music Educator Award. Hathcock’s day job as a music teacher has brought him in front of Read more […]

Amaranthe – Limitless Potential

On the verge of breaking through the underground, Amaranthe has come a long way since the release of their first album back in 2011. Their hybridization of power metal, melodic death metal, pop, EDM, Read more […]

In the Woods… – Let There Be Pure Light

To proclaim one selves as different yet truly be are two different things. The world of black metal often encourages such claims, where bands can either go to the end of the earth or succeed while doing Read more […]

Now You Know: Goldenhall

Formation: September 2014 Location: Providence, RI Style: Symphonic metal with power, classic, and extreme touches. Personnel: Jason Shealy (vocals); Ryan Spahr (guitar); Greg Rosche (guitar); Nico Read more […]

Aephanemer – Knowing Thyself

Bands may come and go, but melodic death metal (much like the rest of the genre) stands forever tall. In fact, it’s the bringing in of new talent and bands trying to improve upon the classic sounds Read more […]