Exist – Playing on Vanity

What is prog anymore? A label that at one point held a defined meaning now adorns itself on everything from power metal to death/black and even metalcore. A tag more willing to show that you are willing Read more […]

White Ward – Formlessness

We’ve yet to experience full saxophone inundation. Sure, Ihsahn has used it hardcore on a trio of his studio albums and Sweden’s Shining have made a career out of it, but the brass instrument remains Read more […]

Dead Rhetoric Halfway Through 2017 Best-of

Crazy to think that we’ve already managed to rack up the first half of 2017. But as such, it’s the perfect time to look back at what’s been hitting our speakers the most so far, while we anticipate the Read more […]

The Summoned – Revel in Controlled Chaos Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: Tell us about the cover art for Sessions – how did the idea start and develop? Murphy: We talked about how we wanted to come up with an idea that would encapsulate Read more […]

The Summoned – Revel in Controlled Chaos Part I

Strides and momentum shifts occur in bands as they gain more confidence, more ability, and more comfort in where they are going stylistically. Considering three of the members of northern Massachusetts Read more […]

Drug Honkey – A Heavy Cloak of Death

Outlasting the trends and staying true to their craft, Drug Honkey have released 5 albums since their inception back in 1999. Playing a style of music that’s both heavy in terms of the actual death/doom Read more […]

Apocalypse Orchestra – Bringing Doom Back to the Dark Ages

In a time where speed and rushing to get things done are becoming more and more of a priority, it’s nice to see a new band emerge that embraces a slower pace. Sweden’s Apocalypse Orchestra combine Read more […]

Iced Earth – Incorruptible Warriors

One of the perks for being a part of the heavy metal scene for decades is the opportunity to develop relationships with some of your favorite bands. Especially when following the discography, peaks and Read more […]

Broken Hope – Still For Only the Sick Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: I’m a pretty big fan of your first novel, The Armageddon Chord. Do you have any plans to write another full-length novel at any point? Wagner: Thank you. I’m Read more […]

Broken Hope – Still For Only the Sick Part I

While they may not have garnered all the accolades of their veteran peers, Broken Hope has nonetheless stuck around in the death metal circles for quite some time. Yes, there was a period when the band Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – June 2017

Approaching the traditional quiet period for label releases before the upcoming fall onslaught, the Bandcamp market is still rather productive. As per the usual, there’s plenty to rifle through for Read more […]

Insatia – Rising from the Flames

Many bands struggle with finding an identity that fits and further enriching it. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for US/Canadian act Insatia, who have already seemed to find their essence with their Read more […]

Ravage – Awaken the Spectral Rider

Evolving as a traditional-oriented metal act with power/thrash nuances during the mid-1990’s in New England, Ravage developed their craft at a time when the genre certainly went from the height of popularity Read more […]

Cellar Darling – Dancing Beneath a Black Moon

A world of endless possibilities. Not restricted by any of their previous work in Eluveitie, the trio of musicians that make up Cellar Darling are just about to take off with their upcoming debut, This Read more […]

Anathema – They (Will Always) Evolve

Clearly up for some chit-chat, Anathema guitarist Danny Cavanagh starts the interview you’re about to read by asking where this scribe currently resides. When the answer is “Pittsburgh,” Cavanagh Read more […]

Evergrey – Savor the Moment

For many musicians, the rewards for your output come in various forms. Critical praise and personal audience accounts of your recordings, plus the travel and people interaction when playing on stages far Read more […]

Antropofagus – Savagely Memorable

Though there may be many who raise the flag high for brutal death metal, it’s not always an easy task. People demand a ‘pure strain’ so to speak, keeping things brutal and visceral from beginning Read more […]

Dying Fetus – Keeping the Spirit of Death Metal Alive

When you ask people about death metal, one of the names sure to come up (among others, of course) is that of Dying Fetus. They’ve had a patented sound that combines the brutality of death metal with Read more […]

Product of Hate – Aggression and Progression

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Product of Hate is a band that has worked their way up through the ranks based on hard-work and effort alone. Having a presence for over ten years at this point, Read more […]

Walpyrgus – Night Crawlers

The merger of unsung bastions of American metal Twisted Tower Dire and Widow, deathly dark doom Daylight Dies and gallant, beyond-epic metal While Heaven Wept, Walpyrgus is just as much of an all-star Read more […]

Vandroya – Beyond Power Metal

There’s something to be said for bands that can pull off power metal at the heavier end of the genre. They can take what works best with it, but also inject a bit more aggression in without spoiling the Read more […]

Atlas Pain – Striking Pagan Scores

Encouraging sub-genre melding in a wide open metal landscape, Italian quartet Atlas Pain wish to promote their love for not only symphonic/pagan metal but also a love for cinematic film scores. Forming Read more […]

May 2017 Rapid Fires

A wide array of bands greets us for this month’s installment of Rapid Fires, including riff-rock, ultra-sloppy death metal, brutal death metal, and of course, everything else in between. All in a month’s Read more […]

Eruption – Devotion to Oblivion Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: How would you describe the Slovenian metal scene in general? Do you believe you have great opportunities for shows locally, in addition to the awesome Metal Days festival? Read more […]

Eruption – Devotion to Oblivion Part I

Breaking though in the metal scene remains a constant uphill battle. Thousands of bands vying for limited attention spans, and tighter economic constraints to boot. What can these newer acts of the digital Read more […]

Sentient Ignition – Esoteric Aggression

The tough part about death metal is knowing how to balance the myriad of influences that can come into the material. So many different subgenres of death at this point that it’s a juggling act at best. Read more […]

Karkaos – Toppling the Colossus

It takes a lot of time and effort to get a band off the ground. So many options these days, and so much instant gratification demanded by consumers in seeking out new material that one can quickly lose Read more […]

Decrepit Throne – The Sound of Retribution

Dave Mustaine perhaps said it best: “You’re only as good as your weakest member.” The Megadeth leader knows a thing or two about assembling a high-class lineup, let alone member changes. He’s right, Read more […]

Unleash the Archers – Reach for Apex Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: Being a part of a family business coordinating light sales for small mom and pop stores when not on tour, do you believe there have been specific skills that have also Read more […]

Unleash the Archers – Reach for Apex Part I

Attaining and maintaining attention in the metal scene today can be a tough combination to maneuver. Let’s face it – possibilities seem limitless to grab everyone’s interest, and soon you are down Read more […]