The Agony Scene – Damned and Tormented

Coming up amid the metalcore movement of the early 2000s, The Agony Scene was not a band to stand around and offer the same album each time around. The three they released all offered some different takes Read more […]

Rithiya Henry Khiev – The Realm of Execution

Shifting priorities from a more band-oriented situation with Alterius into a solo driven venture that inherently focuses on his instrumental skills, guitarist Rithiya Henry Khiev has a lot to say in the Read more […]

Lucifer – Reimagining Doom

Coming in hot from The Oath, Johanna Sadonis took to Lucifer as the next logical jumping point and teamed up with Gaz Jennings (ex-Cathedral) to pen the band’s first offering. After the release of I, Read more […]

Between the Buried and Me – Fully Conceptualized

When it comes to the progressive metal scene, one of the first bands that people tend to think about has to include Between the Buried and Me. Though it wasn’t always that way, with the band rising Read more […]

Vanhelga – Deeper into the Void

“Psykotisk självinsikt,” the second cut on Vanhelga’s new Fredagsmys full-length, moans and drones alone, suffocating the atmosphere with a rather pervasive feeling of pure black metal melancholy. Read more […]

Violent Life Violent Death – Seething Aggression

One has to admire the directness of a band name like Violent Life Violent Death. It’s direct, it’s pointed, and it tells you exactly what to expect. There’s a reason why the subject of aggression Read more […]

Pink to the Black: A Deafheaven Retrospective

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is much less of a review of Ordinary Corrupt Human Love and instead an autobiographical retrospective for myself and a kind of shared path of development with Deafheaven Read more […]

Otep – Courage and Hope

Otep has never been one to shy away from controversy. If you look at any of the band’s releases, you’ll find a common factor that vocalist Otep Shamaya is going to call it the way that it is. No Read more […]

Diamante – Black Hearts and Blue Diamonds

An artist that seems destined to be crossing over into the larger realms outside rock/metal in the very near future, Diamante has an intriguing blend of sounds on her debut album, Coming in Hot. There’s Read more […]

Powerwolf – Iron-Willed Sacrament

Across mainland Europe, it’s safe to say that two bands that have transformed the power metal market in one shape or another have been Sweden’s Sabaton, and the following German act Powerwolf. Between Read more […]

Atrocity – Diving Back into the Okkult

Forever pulling double-duty with Leaves’ Eyes, Atrocity frontman Alexander Krull is a busy man (as is the rest of the band). With the buzz that Leaves’ Eyes has generated over the years, sometimes Read more […]

Amanda Somerville’s Trillium – All about Family

While it’s been about 7 years since Trillium released a new album, Amanda Somerville has been far from resting on her laurels. She’s continued to build-up a name for herself, in both collaborations Read more […]

Kontinuum – Shivers the Spine

The problem with being from an exotic, much-queried upon country is that the fascination may never run out. Geographic location is often used as a sonic measuring stick in metal — it’s a time-honored Read more […]

June 2018 Rapid Fires

We will be past the half-year point by the time you’re reading this and surely you’ve made up your mind as to what has been hot in 2018, as have we. Since there are so many releases that are “hot” (saying Read more […]

Kissin’ Dynamite – Explosive Ecstasy

Yearning to bring stadium rock back, German act Kissin’ Dynamite are a rare breed in today’s melodic hard rock/metal landscape. Releasing five studio albums and a live double album/DVD set over the Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – June 2018

Halfway through the year at this point, and almost to the one year anniversary of this particular column. With that said, let’s just focus on the videos for this month. We check out Among Gods, Blitzkrieg, Read more […]

Hoth – Entering Bleak Dimensions

The duo of Hoth is one that has been in constant evolution. From their very blatant Star Wars inspirations that led their debut album, to a more adventurous and dark sophomore effort, the band has continued Read more […]

Waelmist – Buried in Blood

New England has had a wide array of heavy music appeal across all genres for decades. From classic/traditional offshoots to symphonic acts, and everything from doom to thrash, power, progressive, death, Read more […]

Mask of Judas – Soul-infused Tech

It’s still a nice feeling to find a band that’s firing on all cylinders through random discovery. The UK’s Mask of Judas are a band that’s hard to describe in a one-sentence blurb, but they are Read more […]

Dead Rhetoric Halfway Through 2018 Best-of

With the onset of summer comes the yearly tradition – time to get out our lists and see what has made the first half of 2018 enjoyable (from a musical perspective at least). Being that all of our staff Read more […]

Devin Townsend – Following Compulsions

One of the select few in heavy metal culture that truly needs no introduction, Devin Townsend has had a long, storied history with the genre. Most recently, his journey has involved a group of musicians Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – June 2018

With summer festival season ramping up in Europe, all of us in North America can take solace in knowing we have a few more months to pinch pennies before the fall touring season commences. With that in Read more […]

Mourn the Light – Lament and Despair

While stoner hard rock/metal and its subsets garner a larger piece of the underground heavy attention, let’s not forget musicians who strive to cut their teeth from the Trouble/Candlemass cloth – where Read more […]

Burial in the Sky – Expanding Extremity

It’s an exciting time for tech death metal if you are in seek of forward-thinking, progressive material. Not simply the ‘tech for tech’s sake,’ but those who are looking to advance the genre forward. Read more […]

Dead City Crown – Fury Unleashed

An up and coming act from Northern New Jersey, Dead City Crown play with a distinctively European approach to their material. While most Stateside bands take the melodic death metal approach and either Read more […]

The Hirvi – Reprise the Killspree

Worry sets in when bands resurrect old material and release product decades beyond its initial development. The old school, nostalgia factor can only take bands so far – sure the old-timers may perk Read more […]

The Night Flight Orchestra – The New Classic Rock

Who would have thought that it would take a bunch of established metal musicians to provide just the jolt that classic rock fans have been missing? That’s exactly what The Night Flight Orchestra have Read more […]

Tad Morose – Live for the Music

Deep into their career, Tad Morose continues to put the focus where it should be- on their music. Chapter X as the latest album breaks conventional logic – including 14 songs and over an hour of new Read more […]

Ripe – The Rebirth of Litany

Six years removed from the last studio album The Eloquence of Silence, Danish melodic metal band Ripe return stronger than ever with their fourth full-length The Litany of Fantasy. It’s understandable Read more […]

Gruesome – Spiritual Succession

There’s a ton of bands in the death metal world that pay their little homage to Death. Some would say there’s many that worship the band and what they did for the scene. But Gruesome exist in a space Read more […]