Dragonforce – Reaching for the Next Step

Has there been enough time now where when the name Dragonforce is mentioned, Guitar Hero isn’t immediately thought of as well? Of course, a classic track like “Through the Fire and Flames” is going Read more […]

Kobra and the Lotus – Prevailing Onward

Striving to bring melodic hard rock and heavy metal to the masses in today’s marketplace can be daunting. Competing against limitless options and quicker attention spans, what is here today could easily Read more […]

April 2017 Rapid Fires

Per the usual, lots of albums and lots of albums with variety to go around for this month’s installment of Rapid Fires, our short reviews column. As we look forward to a busy summer show schedule, here’s Read more […]

Hammerfall – Keeping the Faith

Long-time flagbearers for traditional metal, Hammerfall rose up during a period of time that was not exactly friendly to the genre. More extreme styles had become en vogue and the thought was that heavy Read more […]

Pyramaze – Hunger for Contingency

Developing their own take on power metal due to diverse influences from the multiple songwriters within the band, Pyramaze keep interest alive due to their high-quality discography. They’ve had the good Read more […]

Liv Sin – A Return to Sin

Sister Sin seemed to be riding a wave for the better in 2015. Coming off of arguably their strongest effort in Black Lotus, they had been touring extensively in both Europe and North America. Culminating Read more […]

Sabaton – Marching Across North America

No doubt one of the most highly anticipated spring tours among the metal community is that of Sabaton’s headlining trek with Leaves’ Eyes and Battle Beast. After numerous support tours in the last Read more […]

Artificial Brain – The Darker Side of A.I.

There are more and more bands moving into the space game – taking a futuristic approach and using it as a launching board to create extreme metal that more ‘at one with the universe’ type of mentality. Read more […]

Life of Agony – The Journey to a Place Where There’s No More Pain

A band that’s seen more than their fair share of ups and downs over the years, Life of Agony has still found a way to come out on top. Here in 2017, they’ve just released their first album since 2005’s Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – April 2017

Amazing how quick the year starts rolling by once the winter ends. Pleasant, spring days – be it rain or shine give off that nice, peaceful vibe. Perfect for ruining or complimenting by blasting some Read more […]

God Dethroned – Passion Ablaze

Always a persistent (and consistent) force in extreme metal since their 1992 debut The Christhunt, God Dethroned should be a recognized name at this point in their career. Always moving forward and enhancing Read more […]

The Mist – Screaming to Deaf Ears

Released at the height of the thrash movement in 1989, The Mist’s Phantasmagoria debut was a grit-filled offering, emblematic of the Brazilian scene in which the band came from. Unlike some of their Read more […]

MindMaze – Commitment, Determination, and Resolve Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: How do you feel about the advancement of your guitar playing over the years? What areas of interest do you focus on to improve or refine your technique and creativity? Teets: Read more […]

MindMaze – Commitment, Determination, and Resolve Part I

For any style of music to thrive, living on the shoulders of nostalgia only gets the movement so far. Artists retire and priorities change, necessitating the need for fresh blood. Coming up on their fifth Read more […]

Nail the Mix – Instructing the Next Generation Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: I wanted to bring that up – in doing some research and trying to find some questions, it seemed like most of the time it comes across that through Nail the Mix, you Read more […]

Nail the Mix – Instructing the Next Generation Part I

Instead of spending too much time waxing poetic about producers Eyal Levi, Joel Wanasek, and Joey Sturgis’ most recent endeavor of crafting an interactive, online educational experience (not to mention Read more […]

Demon Hunter – Weathering the Storm

Rising up with one of the iterations of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball with a video for “Infected,” from their self-titled debut, the band found themselves lumped in with the growing metalcore movement Read more […]

Nightrage – The Struggle Was Grim

Circa 2003, Tomas Lindberg was a near-legend because of his brief stint in At the Gates. Gus G. was a hot commodity, but not quite at guitar hero level. Per Moller Jensen was the respected sticksman for Read more […]

Night Demon – Metal Ambassadors Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: How do you see the state of social media in terms of branding and promoting for metal bands these days? What measures does Night Demon take to stand out from the thousands Read more […]

Night Demon – Metal Ambassadors Part I

They say you have forever to put into the first album – but roughly half to a quarter of that time to make the follow up. Ventura, California act Night Demon knows all too well the rigors of the road Read more […]

Saturn – Unaltered Universe

Otherwise known as the sixth planet from the sun, Saturn also is the namesake of this Swedish quartet. Despite not being alive in the 1970’s, these musicians wish to take their favorite bands from that Read more […]

March 2017 Rapid Fires

Aside from the occasional winter blast, most DR staffers emerged from March unscathed. However, winter weather does have its benefits, most notably forcing us inside to review albums, like this month’s Read more […]

Amorphis – Lighting the Dark Path

On their first full North American trek in what seems like eons, Finnish metal heroes Amorphis have come to remind everyone who truly is Finland’s flagship metal band. Buoyed by their utterly-fantastic Read more […]

Zerozonic – Crushing Propulsion

Developing multiple outlets for all metal interests appears to be more of a regular occurrence these days. Especially if you can manage time and musicians well to make all your ideas become a reality. Read more […]

Trollfest – One Helluva Album!

When it comes to folk metal, few handle the quirky and often goofy nature of the material better than Trollfest. Not to mention taking it to a whole new level! No one doubts the musical genius (and occasional Read more […]

Persefone – Spiritual Evolution

Some bands are able to fire off albums like they are going out of style, putting a new one out every year or two. It’s a process that can work, but it doesn’t fit the mold and style of every band. Read more […]

Cellador – Back on the Grid Part II

Read Part I HERE. Dead Rhetoric: Now that you are in your thirties, when you look back upon your twenties, are you satisfied with everything that you accomplished with Cellador and in your personal Read more […]

Cellador – Back on the Grid Part I

Bursting onto the power/speed metal scene with their 2006 debut album Enter Deception on Metal Blade, Cellador proved that a young US band could compete with the established European brigade in this style, Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – March 2017

Another month bites the dust and we have finally made it to spring. That time of renewal and freshness after the scourge of a dark winter. To help put a little more pep in your step, we’ve got new Read more […]

Amaranthe – Endlessly Succeeding

Ever moving forward and perpetually touring, Amaranthe has tried to overtake the metal world since the release of their first, self-titled album in 2011. While Europe seemed to immediately embrace the Read more […]