Exumer – Unleash the Hostility

Ardent followers of the thrash scene probably remember this German act, on the cusp of the Sodom, Destruction, and Kreator roots that elevated the Teutonic style to the world. Their debut album Possessed Read more […]

Allegaeon – Growth and Evolution

Inching closer to the release date of their fifth album to date in Apoptosis, the road forwards for Allegaeon hasn’t always been the easiest one. A number of line-up changes and challenges in getting Read more […]

Ashen Horde – Reveling in Profound Darkness

It’s been a while since we first discovered Ashen Horde on a random click within Bandcamp. It’s been interesting to watch the act, initially a one-man band of Trevor Portz, grow and mature in the Read more […]

Nightrage – Melodeath Survivors

Bands that play pure, old school melodic death metal aren’t as easy to come by as they were in the past. Many have stopped playing, or incorporated more commercially-driven material to the point that Read more […]

Suldusk – Melancholic in Nature

A relatively new force within the Australian scene, Suldusk is the vision of Emily Highfield. With a sound that pulls in several different directions, but with a uniform tone of gloominess and atmosphere, Read more […]

Red Handed Denial – From Wanderer to Redeemer

It’s often hard for bands to come up with something that feels innovative, yet is still relatable to a larger audience. Ontario’s Red Handed Denial have been pushing forward for a decade with a sound Read more […]

Iron Savior – In for the Kill

Guitarist/vocalist Piet Sielck keeps the metal guard alive and kicking through his work not only as a metal producer, but also his original act Iron Savior. Hard to believe the band are now up to their Read more […]

October Tide – Of Melancholy Splendor

October Tide founding member/guitarist Frederik Norrman isn’t the most verbose of fellas, preferring short, to-the-point responses to the below email interview, but maybe he doesn’t have to do a great Read more […]

March 2019 Rapid Fires

After a one-month delay due to a few compounding events, Rapid Fires is back to its usual placement. Despite what goes on in the day to day world, the metal keeps coming. There’s never a lack of material, Read more […]

Eternity’s End – Hotter Than Fire

Guitarist Christian Münzner probably comes to mind for most tech death fans – his playing for Necrophagist and Obscura putting him on the map during the 2000’s. Following his subsequent diagnosis Read more […]

Rage of Light – Fusing Metal and Trance

Rage of Light have been doing their own version of trance and heavy metal for a bit of time at this point. Starting out directly on the Bandcamp front, utilizing professional YouTube videos, and getting Read more […]

Whitechapel – Descending into the Valley

Considered by many to be at the forefront of the deathcore movement, the last few years in the Whitechapel camp have been anything but ‘by the books.’ Mark of the Blade saw the band extending some Read more […]

Forged in Black – Serpent Strike

The UK metal scene has legacy status due to the critical acclaim and influence bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest brought to the subsequent generation of musicians. So Read more […]

Darkwater – All About Perseverance

Active since 2003, Swedish band Darkwater have slowly and steadily developed a fanbase due to their melodic power/progressive metal style. Over the course of their three albums, followers have gravitated Read more […]

Threatpoint – Trajectory to Salvation

There’s something to be said for consistency and resiliency in the metal sector. It’s not an easy ride trying to attain and sustain a following – pouring time, energy, and finances into a marketplace Read more […]

Ex Libris – Bringing History to Life

Now two-thirds of the way through their ANN concept, Ex Libris bring us the tale of Anastasia Romanova for Chapter 2. Intriguingly offering a unique style and feel that is separate from Chapter 1 (Anne Read more […]

Cellar Darling – An Enchanting Spell

With the move from independent stories to a full-on concept album, Cellar Darling has come into their own on their second full-length. With an eclectic yet enthralling beginning in This is the Sound, Read more […]

Evil Conspiracy – Speed Demons

Maintaining a level of true metal while adding in a dash of power and thrash presence to the music, Evil Conspiracy from Sweden made a mighty impression with their second full-length Evil Knows. Keeping Read more […]

Fallujah – Being True to Themselves

Probably one of the most talked about bands in extreme metal in the last few years, Fallujah have made a name for themselves in adapting the fury of death metal into something that can be emotionally compelling Read more […]

Misery Index – A Discourse on the Rituals of Power

With a barrage of extremity that has been seated at both the table of death metal and grindcore, Misery Index has made a name for themselves over the years when it comes to hard-hitting music. But it Read more […]

Sisters of Suffocation – Queens of Brutality

Sisters of Suffocation made a name for themselves back in 2016 with their Brutal Queen EP. Then an all-female death metal act (today the only male member is drummer Kevin van den Heiligenberg), their Read more […]

Queensrÿche – Consumed by the Verdict

One of the standouts in the 1980’s when it came to high powered melodic progressive metal is Queensrÿche. This Seattle-based quintet made their mark through multi-octave vocals and catchy musical hooks Read more […]

Equipoise – Tech Metal Alchemists

It doesn’t really get much more showstopping this year for tech death fans than the recent release of Equipoise’s debut, Demiurgus. Seven members with grade A credentials backing them (and a massive Read more […]

Evergrey – Sailing the Atlantic

It’s no secret that over the past twenty years or so, probably this scribe’s favorite metal band is the one you are currently reading about: Evergrey. What’s made them so monumental to enjoy has Read more […]

Lysithea – Shadows in the Void

Featuring two members of presently hot-to-trot atmospheric black metal ensemble Sojurner, Lysithea is the proverbial sonic respite for Mike L. and Mike W. Whereas Sojurner is ablaze and awash with synths Read more […]

Overkill – Surgical Precision

Much like cockroaches that infest the Earth, metal music and its supporters will never die. Thanks to the output of bands like Overkill, second and third generations of followers develop – latching onto Read more […]

Corrosion of Conformity – Never Current, Never Out of Style

Corrosion of Conformity’s winter 2019 North American run is now in the books, yet another successful tour for a band, who, since the 2014 return of vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan, has basically lived Read more […]

Wednesday 13 – The Horror Rages On

It’s been two years since the horror/punk act Wednesday 13 released their last album, Condolences. They’ve been all over with touring since that time (including some acoustic performances), and now Read more […]

Walls of Blood – Descension to Ascension

Guitarist Glen Drover has been a staple of the metal scene since the 1990’s. Starting the Canadian band Eidolon with his drummer brother Shawn, they released seven albums over their career before the Read more […]

Albums You May Have Missed: Volume I

Welcome to a new feature: Albums You May Have Missed. In truth as I write this I don’t know if that’ll be a lasting title (or a lasting feature) but as a means of exploring things lost and passing Read more […]