Sifting Through Bandcamp – May 2018

Crazy to think how time flies sometimes. For fun, this scribe took a look back to see how long this column has been running for, and it’s nice to say that it’s been a part of the site for over 4 years Read more […]

Nervosa – Beware the Downfall

When it comes to one of the hardest working bands of recent memory, especially in the thrash genre, there’s no one quite like Nervosa for today’s younger generation to emulate. Their tenacity to tour Read more […]

Voices – Dead Emotion (and Feelings)

Akercocke’s well-received reunion last year would appear to put Voices — the band featuring Akercocke members David Gray (drums), Sam Loynes (guitar) and Peter Benjamin (vocals, guitar) with Dan Abela Read more […]

Sumo Cyco – Moving Mountains

In a music scene that’s becoming increasingly homogenous, it’s rare to find a band that is off the beaten path and doing their own thing. Canadian act Sumo Cyco does fit the billing though, with a Read more […]

Boon – Go with the Flow

Authenticity matters, even in heavy rock and metal. Once you gain a follower, that person can sense when a musician isn’t being true to themselves or true to the music they play. Which matters in a world Read more […]

Skinless – A New Age of Savagery

Veteran upstate New York death metal act Skinless put out their first album since the reformation of their ‘classic’ line-up in 2011 with Only the Ruthless Remains. A punishing reminder of the band’s Read more […]

Espionage – Dictating the Future

Power metal with speed and traditional values may not be in vogue in the current scene, but when you hear a quality band like Espionage producing material that rivals that early movement of the 80’s Read more […]

Witch Casket – A New Dawn

New bands sprout up all the time in our digital-friendly world. But not all new bands are starting from scratch. Take Witch Casket, which is mostly made up of members from the symphonic black metal band Read more […]

Bleeding Through – Set Free

Without question, one of the more unique bands to come out of the metalcore/New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement was that of Orange County’s Bleeding Through. Their blend of metalcore was infused Read more […]

Nils Patrik Johansson – Sacred Metalhead

Legendary voices in heavy metal don’t come down the pike too often. Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio- probably the trio most associated with premiere status in the classic/power mold for Read more […]

Kataklysm – Death Metal Outsiders

One of the extreme metal scene’s more unsung heroes, Kataklysm have long been putting their unique touch on things. Whether it was the “Northern Hyperblast” of their beginnings, or the concoction Read more […]

Stevie McLaughlin – Tasteful Empires

Songwriters often write an abundance of material when inspiration strikes. In the case of Sandstone guitarist Stevie McLaughlin, he didn’t want to see the fruits of his labor go to waste – thus in Read more […]

Thundermother – Bringing Out the Rock

Proof that a strong enough band can emerge out of what could have a catastrophe and come out stronger, Thundermother recently returned to deliver their latest self-titled album after losing 4 members in Read more […]

Æpoch – The Inception of Awakening

A band that we at DR have been keeping tabs on since their Æpochalypse EP, Æpoch recently went to the next level and delivered their first full-length album in the form of Awakening Inception. Being Read more […]

Chainbreäker – Merciless Wasteland

Another Bandcamp discovery, Austria’s Chainbreäker mince no words or lose focus at their thrash attack. Their affinity for the US and German bands of the 1980’s makes for a speedy, ferocious cocktail Read more […]

Temperance – The Color of Jupiter

After three studio albums and a quality live DVD release, Italian modern melodic metal band Temperance parted ways with three members in a two-year period – including singer Chiara Tricarico and keyboardist/drummer Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – April 2018

Despite the ups and downs of today’s society, there’s always a guarantee that there will be some new music, and new videos by that same measure, to keep everyone’s sanity (relatively) intact. So with Read more […]

April 2018 Rapid Fires

This very site recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Along the way, we’ve cranked out an insanely high number of reviews, in large part to our dutiful staff, whose knowledge of, and enthusiasm for Read more […]

Derek Hess – 31 Days in May

Even if you aren’t directly aware of the visual art icon Derek Hess, chances are you have seen his work through covers of albums within the hard rock and metal scenes (Sepultura, In Flames, and Unearth, Read more […]

Delain – In It for the Beat

Things have been continuing to rocket skywards for Delain over the past few years. Following their last record, 2016’s Moonbathers, they made their way over for their first North American headlining Read more […]

Battle Beast – The Sky is Burning

This is the second year in a row Finnish metallers Battle Beast scored a prime opening slot here on North American shores. Last year, the Finns had the honor (or good fortune) of opening for Sabaton, who, Read more […]

Inferi – Behold the Revenant

Those hip to the underground scene are most likely familiar with Inferi. After releasing two albums in the last decade before going under for a bit, they returned to some celebrated fanfare with The Path Read more […]

Ingested – Leveling Up

Continuing a steady rise upwards with each new release, Ingested have been making a name for themselves over the past few years within the extreme metal scene. They’ve done it without having to stoop Read more […]

Bonfire – Behold the Temple

During the 1980’s, melodic hard rock and heavy metal became a staple on the North American scene as bands reached arena audiences and sold millions of records. As the genres advanced and evolved, certain Read more […]

Frequency Drift – Cinematic Soundscapes

In modern times, saying that one’s music has a cinematic feel often ends up simply meaning that they use some over the top keyboard and/or orchestrations. But some bands have been setting out to change Read more […]

Amorphis – Timeless Melodies

Few bands within the metal realms are as universally appreciated as Amorphis. Whether it’s their songwriting strengths or their compulsion to experiment and tinker with their sound throughout the years, Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – April 2018

Spring North American tours are beginning to pick up speed now that we’ve successfully left another cold winter behind us. As far as Bandcamp is concerned, it’s par for the course that as the year begins Read more […]

Totalselfhatred – Caught in Silence

This past October, Totalselfhatred posted a Facebook update detailing some lineup changes. A painful necessity of a functioning band, lineup alterations are complex as they are frustrating, something that Read more […]

Shadowkeep – In the Blood

Back in the late 1990’s when the internet began infiltrating the world at a middle-class level, people took solace in discovering new methods of music thanks to the MP3- a digital music file that would Read more […]

Shadowrise – The Chosen Vessels

It takes more than simply being ‘very good’ in order to progress in today’s music scene. A band has to have something to make them stand out against the other bands vying for the same spots and Read more […]