A Saga of Online Sales: A Twelve Album Journey (Part I)

It should come as no surprise to anyone in this age of Amazon that online shopping can take you places you never intended to go and wind up with items you never expected to own. The eternal pursuit of Read more […]

RAM – Sharpening the Steel

Heavy metal in its purest sense needs to be heard, seen, and felt to truly understand its forceful impact. Since the late 1990’s Swedish band RAM have been executing their brand of metal to the masses Read more […]

Mysterizer – Hidden Adversary

Finland comes up very often in the conversation of best countries for heavy metal. It’s hard to argue with the output in the power, folk, and extreme sectors – but there are also some straight-ahead Read more […]

Ardours – Reflections from the Last Place on Earth

Some argue the relevance of the use of electronics in heavy metal today, but with the changing of the times, it’s inevitable. We can all enjoy the benefits when a band like Ardours enters the scene Read more […]

ShadowStrike – Valour and Honor Unite

Power metal has been a popular offshoot since the days of Rainbow in the 70’s – but Helloween certainly gave the idea of twin guitar harmonies in a speed context even more musical might during the Read more […]

Dialith – Siren’s Extinction

Watching a band blossom from its initial roots to a full-fledged act is awesome – especially when you are there on the ground level. In the case of Connecticut symphonic metal band Dialith, what originally Read more […]

Hammerfall – Renew in Steel

When you’ve been together as a band for decades, it’s often tough to consistently produce quality output on a high caliber basis record after record, tour after tour. Hammerfall received massive success Read more […]

Lacrimas Profundere – Doom Among the Stars

With a band that has an existence that spans over two decades, it’s likely that some changes are bound to happen over time. Starting out as more of a doomy/death-inclined act, Lacrimas Profundere made Read more […]

FirstBourne – Hold the Torch High

There’s something magical about seeing musicians blossom in a band and understand their vision to execute to the highest degree possible. Such is the case for Massachusetts band FirstBourne. Originally Read more […]

July 2019 Rapid Fires

The summer heat continues to come across the US, so it’s always nice to sit in side and cool down with some enjoyable heavy metal. Something that for us means that we have more than enough material to Read more […]

Destruction – Drowning in Chaos

Touring globally like never before, these are thriving times for Destruction. Consistently delivering blistering thrash to the metal hordes, their catalog contains gems from the early Infernal Overkill/ Read more […]

Vulvodynia – Truth & Justice

Vulvodynia has been a name to know within the extreme metal community, with two prior full-lengths that brought a heavy dose of slam and brutality without feeling like the album was a complete blur. But Read more […]

Hatriot – Nightmares of Madness

Already gaining a head start on other upstarts through Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza on vocals, Hatriot released two full-length albums of Bay Area style thrash, featuring a rhythm section that included Zetro’s Read more […]

Damn Your Eyes – Good and Heavy

In the modern days of classification and new genres rising up faster than one can keep up with, it’s nice to hear a band that just sounds like heavy metal. There’s no other way of stating it. Damn Read more […]

The Offering – Welcome Home

Crushing the scene with a potent outlook past and present, The Offering aim to shake up the metal landscape a bit with their latest album Home. It’s very rare that a group of twenty-something musicians Read more […]

Opacia – Branded for Nightmares

Considering the tools at the feet of metal musicians these days, the skies the limit when it comes to proficiency and creativity- especially if you enjoy multiple genres. Hailing from Chicago, IL – Opacia Read more […]

John 5 and The Creatures – For the Love of Guitar

Notable for his involvement with a slew of bands over the years, including everyone from K.D. Lang and David Lee Roth to Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, John 5 has also spent plenty of time building up Read more […]

Suicidal Angels – A Bloodbath of Aggression

Growing up in the initial wave of thrash during the 1980’s as well as watching its interest wane during the early to mid-1990’s, there was always hope that a resurgence would take shape. Probably due Read more […]

Carnifex – The War Within

One of the biggest names to emerge from the deathcore movement, Carnifex hasn’t been one to stand still. Following a hiatus and signing with Nuclear Blast in 2013 brought about some evolution to the Read more […]

Батюшка/Batushka: A House Divided

Панихида (Independent)/Hospodi (Metal Blade Records) For as long as people have worked together to create (art or otherwise) they’ve similarly subsequently found ways to wind up fighting over Read more […]

Visionatica – Flames of Progress

Two years ago, Visionatica released their first album, Force of Luna. It was a solid piece of symphonic metal, but felt a little too familiar in some regards. Now signed with Frontiers Music, they’ve Read more […]

Morbid Cross – Reality to Insanity

The underground scene is bursting with talent – especially in all metal realms. Hailing from New Jersey, Morbid Cross are another act who take a thrash foundation and flesh it out with death, traditional, Read more […]

Thy Art is Murder – Hitting the Target

Now with over ten years of experience as a band, and four previous full-lengths under their belt, Thy Art is Murder will release their fifth at the end of this week, Human Target. The band has made steps Read more […]

Turilli/Lione Rhapsody – Stepping Forward

Luca Turilli and Fabio Lione are well-known names for fans of symphonic/cinematic power metal. During the 1990’s and 2000’s, their work in Rhapsody set the metal scene by storm – incorporating orchestration Read more […]

Belzebubs – Heeding the Blackened Call

During the spring of this year, we witnessed the release of Belzebubs’ Century Media debut in the form of Pantheon of the Nightside Gods. A lovingly authentic look at the earlier days of the Scandinavian Read more […]

Sabaton – Thrill of the Kill

Twenty years strong, Sabaton appear poised to become one of those legacy bands based on their power metal style and complimentary attention to military history from all countries. This time around for Read more […]

Circle of Witches – A Sinners Riot

Delivering a brand of heavy metal with stoner influences, Italian act Circle of Witches embrace a multitude of influences in their discography. Their latest album Natural Born Sinners for instance serves Read more […]

Memoriam – Fallen Requiems

While Memoriam might be a fairly recent addition to the death metal community, its members are some significant veterans. Formed initially by vocalist Karl Willetts and drummer Andy Whale to pay tribute Read more […]

June 2019 Rapid Fires

The halfway mark of 2019 has brought some form of clarity as to how the year is shaping up. Then again, we haven’t run head-first into the cluster of fall releases that so enthrall and consume our ever-wanting Read more […]

Dissentience – Unveiling the Mask

Genre blending seems more ordinary than ever. Thanks to the proliferation of product available on the internet, musicians gain exposure to wider influences and thus increase the ability to siphon those Read more […]