SkyEye – No Obstacles, Only Challenges

We often wonder where we will get our fix of traditional, classic heavy metal when the veterans retire. It’s no secret that acts like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, Saxon, Anvil, and Raven for instance Read more […]

Zealotry – Dissecting the Nexus

For all of the tried and true death metal albums out there that simply follow the footsteps of those before them, there are still those who look to do something different, something more. Zealotry have Read more […]

Suidakra – Diving Deeper into the Realms

Now two albums deep into the mythos of their Odoric tale, and with an extensive musical discography behind them, Suidakra’s latest release is not what some would expect, given no background information Read more […]

Fall – Ascending Through Dreams

Certainly one of the US underground’s more unique acts in the modern metal scene (and underrated ones as well), Fall have been paving the way with several releases over the past decade, notably their 2016 Read more […]

The Heard – An Island of Mystery

Forming somewhat from the ashes of Crucified Barbara, and featuring Klara Force, Ida Evileye, and Nicki Wikkid in their ranks, alongside Deathstars’ Skinny and vocalist Pepper Potemkin, The Heard, by Read more […]

Soilwork – Facing Reality

Continually bringing new elements to their sound over the years, there seem to be some launching points with each iteration of Soilwork. The most recent point would be that of The Living Infinite, an Read more […]

Torian – Thunderous Storms

Power metal from Germany tends to conjure up images of pumpkins, twin guitar harmonies, speedy double bass and vocal melodies that ring out from the rooftops in angelic, choir-like atmosphere. During the Read more […]

Flotsam and Jetsam – Controlled Chaos

Bountiful times for those deep into the history of metal these days. There’s no shortage of releases, and it seems that many veterans are flying the flag high for creating killer material and capturing Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – December 2018

We officially close the book on 2018 with our Visual Rhetoric column. There’s much to be excited about in 2019, as it is with each new year and the promise of plenty of new metal releases to savor and Read more […]

December 2018 Rapid Fires

Our final installment of Rapid Fires, our short review column, for 2018, this month finds us sorting through some relatively strong releases. In a perfect world, the DR staff would be able to devote space Read more […]

2018 Album of the Year: The Night Flight Orchestra’s Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough

As we now take our first step into 2019, let’s begin with a celebration of what made 2018 such a strong year of metal releases. Below is a sampling of our collective favorites from the year that was, Read more […]

Alchemy Chamber – The Pinnacle from the Pit

Classical music and metal are no longer strange bedfellows. When the likes of Celtic Frost and Therion first started to experiment with the two, there was no shortage of huffing and puffing, finger-wagging, Read more […]

Metal Church – Gratitude in Damnation

History has a way of reigniting interest for heavy metal. There’s a reason why legacy acts like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Metallica generate enough fervor to sell out arenas and stadiums globally Read more […]

Adamantis – Larger Than Life Grandiosity

Dead Rhetoric has always been a website dedicated to various forms of heavy metal with an equal attention to the underground as much as the bigger bands who’ve been signed to significant label deals Read more […]

Triple Kill – Embrace the Genre Clash

How can you not be intrigued by specific descriptions that this Melbourne, Australian metal act Triple Kill put forth from their social media sites? ‘Lusting for the compliments of senpai’ strikes Read more […]

Benthic Realm – Untethered from Agony

Doom metal has a legion of followers quite unlike many other genres. The slower tempos and riffing within the music and the emotional outpouring speaks to the musicians and the people who follow it in Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp Best-of 2018

While time-wise, there wasn’t quite enough hours in a day to get a Bandcamp feature each month this year, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t still a wealth of material to check out. If anything, this list Read more […]

Matthew Bowling Best-of 2018

Another set of seasons passed, another opportunity to reflect and struggle through the best and brightest. Another opportunity to forget about the mediocrity that fills the glut so that gems like these Read more […]

Matt Coe Best-of 2018

2018 will not be an easy year for me to forget. Divorcing in May, living on my own in September – and properly handling all of the life changes in between is not an easy feat. But the power of metal Read more […]

Alien Weaponry – A New Breed of Thrash

Some often speak of thrash as having a sound that can’t be further accelerated or changed too much. But bands like Alien Weaponry exist to prove otherwise. Adding in a genuine tribal presence to their Read more […]

Temtris – Run to Rapture

Since 1999, Temtris has been parading their brand of melodic heavy metal to the legions of fans worldwide. Incorporating everything from power riffs and thrash to occasional modern nods, they never waver Read more […]

Kyle McGinn Best-of 2018

Settling in here at Dead Rhetoric for five years now, there’s still a certain excitement each time the end of the year rolls around. Being in the position to hear a great number of releases from all Read more […]

David E. Gehlke Best-of 2018

Always fun to do these lists, or, rather, take a gander at what has tickled the fancy of other writers. Metal is certainly not a narrow field these days; it’s all over the place, in every corner, it Read more […]

Kalidia – Contenders to the Throne

Power metal is one genre that never lacks for competition. Whether it’s the champions of yore, or new bands that are breaking their way in, there’s plenty to discover for those who want something Read more […]

November 2018 Rapid Fires

In an effort to cover just a few more releases before the end of the year is upon us, our dutiful Rapid Fires column is here to net us a few more releaes to cover. This month we check out the latest from Read more […]

Angel Vivaldi – Addicted to Inspiration

In the last few years, it seems that Angel Vivaldi has been practically living on the road. In addition to tours directly supporting a new release, he has also been conducting Guitar Collective tours, Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – November 2018

It’s the holiday season once again, and before we start to unwrap our top lists for the year, it’s time for another quick video update. There’s a ton of effort put into metal videos, at both the signed Read more […]

Chrome Division – The Final Ride

Originating as a side project for Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir, Chrome Division get back to the roots of blues-based melodic hard rock through their records and live performances. Sure you’ll recognize the Read more […]

Bloodbath – Celebrating Death

Hard to believe it’s been twenty years already since the old school death metal champions Bloodbath first entered existence. Much hype circled the act from the onset, considering the wealth of Swedish Read more […]

Unearth – Black Hearts Still Reign

Always a dominant force in the metalcore field since dropping The Stings of Conscience at the turn of the century, Unearth continued to stand the test of time in part due to their intense live shows, thunderous Read more […]