Forgotten Tomb – Isolation Extreme

For over 20 years, the primary lyrical themes of Italy’s Forgotten Tomb have centered on depression, isolation, estrangement and nihilism. Coincidentally, these themes are dominating the world’s headlines Read more […]

Aether Realm – Redneck Vikings Raising Some Hell

A case of some hard work paying off, Aether Realm have slowly been moving their way up the ranks since first releasing One Chosen By the Gods in the earlier half of the 2010s. It was a melodic death and Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – April 2020

With continued quarantine, it does give some a bit more time to peruse the massive and always rapidly expanding Bandcamp database. So with that in mind, here’s a brand new batch of intriguing releases Read more […]

(0) – Melancholic and Mysterious

Seemingly popping right out of the woodwork and into the Napalm Records family is that of (0). With a previous EP under their belt, the mysterious act’s trippy and atmospheric approach to extreme metal Read more […]

Dynazty – Dynamic Delight

Bands develop from their initial influences, and given time, experience, and seasoning, will grow into a stronger, confident style of their own. Such is the case for Swedish metal act Dynazty. Those into Read more […]

Etherius – From Chaos to Renewal

There are few times where it can truly be said that an instrumental act is not like the others. Etherius being one of those cases, with a sound that is thrashy and altogether energetic while still allowing Read more […]

Trivium – Dead Men’s Tales

Crazy to think that it’s been 15 years since Trivium unveiled Ascendancy, their second full-length album (and first for major label Roadrunner Records) and it basically exploded on the metal world at Read more […]

Wolfheart – Fire and Chaos

Finnish melodic death/black act Wolfheart have been very productive over the past seven years. Wolves of Karelia is their fifth album already – and their touring schedule has gotten busier and busier Read more […]

Aborted – 25 Years of Brutality

Aborted has been quite consistent in the past decade in getting new material out roughly every two years. What’s been more impressive is how consistent the quality has also been, with the band repeatedly Read more […]

The Black Dahlia Murder – A Soundtrack for the Plague

Never a band to rest on their laurels, The Black Dahlia Murder have been fine-tuning their particular brand of death metal for almost two decades now and continue to elevate their material. Upcoming record Read more […]

Wolf – Feeding the Metal Machine

At a time when traditional heavy metal was starting to regenerate interest as Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson returned to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, there was a second generation of bands willing to Read more […]

Testament – Titans Return

When it comes to a thrash band that began in the ’80s still maintaining relevancy in 2020, it’s easy to put Testament in that category. Based on their ability to evolve as times, technology and members Read more […]

April 2020 Rapid Fires

Precarious times these are. The Dead Rhetoric staff hopes everyone is staying safe and practicing proper social distancing and health protocol. For this month’s Rapid Fires, our short review column, we Read more […]

August Burns Red – Metalcore Guardians

Having a discography of eight previous albums, Grammy nominations, and an ever-growing fanbase, August Burns Red have long established themselves as one of the leaders in metalcore. As such, ninth album Read more […]

Candlemass – Swinging the Pendulum

Vibrant times for Swedish doom metal institution Candlemass in 2020. Receiving accolades and Grammy nominations for their last studio album The Door to Doom, they’ve released so many classic albums and Read more […]

Ad Infinitum – The Story Begins…

Ad Infinitum was first announced by vocalist Melissa Bonny a few years back with a crowdfunding campaign. Since then, Ad Infinitum has signed to Napalm Records and has just released their debut album, Read more […]

The Unity – Shuffle in Pride

There’s something to be said about tradition in hard rock and metal. Musicians who stand by their talent, their vision, and translate that passion through their creative endeavors. The Unity have amassed Read more […]

Stallion – All in for Metal

Certain bands embrace the traditional metal mold – creating material that speaks to the heart of the genre. German act Stallion are one of those bands – intertwining songs that can be speedy one minute, Read more […]

Irist – Ordering the Mind

There’s not a ton of bands that can say that they put out their first release on a large label, like Nuclear Blast Records in this instance. Therefore it’s a telling sign of the potential that a band Read more […]

Semblant – What Lies Ahead

Recently, Brazilian metal act Semblant released their latest album Obscura. A mixture of gothic alongside heavy metal and even some melodeath influences, it’s clear that a lot of time when into it’s Read more […]

A Saga of Online Sales: A Twelve Album Journey (Part II)

Little did I know when I submitted part one of this endeavor in late August that it would be months before I was able to revisit it and continue the journey. Such, I suppose, is what happens when you venture Read more […]

Igorrr – Listening vs. Hearing

In the landscape of extreme music, there’s plenty of different directions that it has gone, but few sound as unique as that of Igorrr. Combining death metal, baroque, breakcore, and even Middle Eastern Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – March 2020

With much of the country (and the world) holding down in quarantine, there’s more time than usual to check out what’s going on in the music world. Bandcamp being no exception here, with a bounty of new Read more […]

The Metalhead Box – January & February 2020

Time flies. As February came and went with nary a bit of notice and March is now halfway done, why not combine the two months in one overview? Solid months all in all though there is a particular item Read more […]

Imonolith – The Reign Begins

Due to the high frequency of ‘big metal names’ involved (among them ex/members of Devin Townsend Project and Threat Signal), there’s been a lot of eyes on Imonolith since the band was first announced. Read more […]

Deathwhite – Treading Funeral Grounds

Of the newer breed of doomy acts within the metal sphere today, Deathwhite surely comes to mind as being one of the strongest (and growingly more revered). There’s a good reason for this – the band Read more […]

Runescarred – Minor Progressions

For Texas act Runescarred, they’ve established a diverse sound rather quickly since their inception in 2017. Releasing a three-song EP in 2018 with We Are, the group eventually expanded to the current Read more […]

Michael Alago – Breathing Music

Everyone tends to look directly at the bands, but how are those bands that everyone loves so much found? Michael Alago spent 25 years in A&R, discovering bands and making notable signings like Metallica Read more […]

March 2020 Rapid Fires

Uncertainty and panic, at least in some form, has enveloped parts of the world, but the metal release schedule soldiers on. Perhaps with the recent quarantines and social distancing measures put in place, Read more […]

Heaven Shall Burn – No Truth Without Sacrifice

Long have Heaven Shall Burn putting out their particular message to the metal masses. Over twenty years and now nine albums, in fact. Their aggressive form of metalcore always stuck to the heavier end Read more […]