Visual Rhetoric – September 2018

Alas, the fall has arrived in full-impact. With many DR duties to attend to, we weren’t able to squeeze this column in last month, but just like Sifting Through Bandcamp, the time was right to get back Read more […]

Immortal Guardian – The Revolution Spreads

All it takes is some mystery to draw folks in sometimes. For instance, what is “super metal?” A term that has been floating around the band Immortal Guardian since their onset, it’s a cool way Read more […]

Terror – Hardcore for Life

It’s easy to look at Terror and see the embodiment of the hardcore genre in their bones. Their entire discography has been dedicated to spreading the word of said genre and its strengths. That spirit Read more […]

A Light Divided – Breaking Through

Building up a fanbase over a few releases, including 2015’s Mirrors, A Light Divided had a modern metal vibe brewing up. But what happens when a band wants to reach that next step in their evolution? Read more […]

Soulfly – Empowering the Ritual

Max Cavalera has flown the flag for heavy metal in many forms since the 1980’s. His discography is vast and wide in all forms of extreme metal from thrash to death, industrial to metalcore, groove to tribal – with shades of color in between. No one can dispute his passion and commitment to the cause…

Barreleye – Insidious Missions

Thankfully consumer consumption these days helps in forming internet feeds where newcomers can pop across your radar screen. Such is the case for German band Barreleye – as their presence came into this Read more […]

Xasthur – The Bleakness of Reality

For much of the 2000s, Xasthur was a very prolific one-man depressive black metal act from Malefic (real name: Scott Conner). But in 2010, he decided to end the band in its current form, and announced Read more […]

Livekill – One Step Ahead

With a stunning cover, high quality production, and a killer drum session in tow, LiveKill don’t exactly have the start you’d think of with a fresh act. It’s quite clear that they mean business, Read more […]

Cast the Stone – Darkened Horizons

While many will be sure to shine the ‘supergroup’ light on Cast the Stone, it’s not the usual story you’d expect to hear. The band actually first came to be in the early 2000s, the result of friendships Read more […]

Wolfheart – Valor and Honor

Scandinavia bristles with vibrant scenery amidst its cold, dark winters. A perfect backdrop for musicians to unleash their feelings through instruments in a constructive manner – with Wolfheart being Read more […]

Cellar Darling – Evolving the Sound

With Cellar Darling’s first release, This is the Sound, the trio of musicians loudly proclaimed that they were willing to do what it takes to provide something unique. Which was entirely successful. Read more […]

Idle Hands – Not Wasting Any Time

Things seemed to be on the up and up for the Portland-based Spellcaster. They had signed with Prosthetic Records, and they had put out an album with them in 2016 (their third overall). But not soon after Read more […]

Aborted – A Vision of Terror

Becoming more consistent with each passing release, Aborted have been growing into the veteran status with no loss of energy or excitement. In fact, one could even make the argument that they continue Read more […]

Vicious Circle – Technical Precision

During the 1980’s, if you wanted deeper understanding of heavy metal – it wasn’t necessarily that easy to find at your fingertips. You relied on friends, magazines, radio shows if you had a strong Read more […]

Mob Rules – Beware the Beast

While German metal conjures up images of everything from extreme thrash to uplifting, rejoiceful power – there are other bands willing to expand horizons in a multitude of directions. Take veteran act Read more […]

Pig Destroyer – Grind and Beyond

Gaining a larger fanbase through explosive grindcore with the acclaimed Prowler in the Yard and successive efforts, Pig Destroyer is probably one of the first extreme bands many will give a shoutout to Read more […]

Dragonlord – Extending the Dominion

Those ‘in the know’ will certainly recall Testament guitarist Eric Peterson’s side project Dragonlord. Upon the turn of the century, the first effort, Rapture, was released to some fanfare and praise Read more […]

U.D.O. – Made of Steel

The metal express doesn’t stop for anyone. Especially Udo Dirkschneider, legendary metal vocalist for decades through his work in Accept and his own band U.D.O. Currently finishing up a two-year plus Read more […]

Lords of the Trident – Shadows, Swords, and War Cries

Madison, Wisconsin is home to Lords of the Trident – a metal band unlike any other in their local scene and beyond. Providing a dual emphasis on strong musicianship with a classic, traditional heavy Read more […]

Deicide – Decades of Blasphemy

Few bands in death metal have a legacy that can match that of Deicide. From their early demos as Amon and then the classic self-titled release and beyond, they’ve left a legacy of the extreme. And Read more […]

Revocation – Anthemic Obliteration

Straddling the lines of death/thrash with a progressive and technical prowess, Revocation have asserted themselves as one of the reliable leaders in the extreme metal field thanks to a consistently satisfying Read more […]

August 2018 Rapid Fires

With fall officially getting closer at this point, the surging influx of new metal releases always reaches to incredible heights. Luckily we have mechanisms in place such as Rapid Fires to get a little Read more […]

Metal Allegiance – Channeling Metal’s Spirit

There was much buzz about the Metal Allegiance group formed in 2014. Consisting of veterans Mike Portnoy, Alex Skolnick, and David Ellefson (as well as Mark Menghi), there was an excitement due to the Read more […]

Monstrosity – Invoking Dark Matter

While they may never have shot into the death metal stratosphere like other Floridian bands before them (Obituary, Morbid Angel, Death), Monstrosity have been rolling out their particular form of extreme Read more […]

Chuck Billy – The Chief Branches Out

Well known amongst the thrash and larger metal community, Chuck Billy needs little introduction. Testament was and has continued to be one of thrash metal’s most celebrated acts, and one that has stuck Read more […]

Brainstorm – Haunting at Midnight

Rare is the day that a veteran band could possibly think a twelfth studio album is possibly their best in a deep discography – but after copious playbacks of Midnight Ghost from Brainstorm, many will Read more […]

Dream Child – Burning the Gates of Babylon

Developing out of a need to channel the best of Deep Purple/ Rainbow influences into something to be treasured in the current marketplace, guitar Craig Goldy assembled a killer lineup for the latest supergroup Read more […]

Satan – Conjuring Magic

In the metal realm, rarely do consumers give bands a second chance to make that indelible impression. Satan became one of those latter day British victims of releasing a record at the tail end of the NWOBHM Read more […]

Beyond the Black – Weathering the Storm

So you put out two albums in two years and start to build up a following in Europe. Things are going well and then suddenly all of your band mates leave and you are the only member left in the band. Read more […]

Parasite Inc. – Between Life and Death

For many, Parasite Inc. seemed to come out of nowhere with the excellent Time Tears Down back in 2013. While it stayed within the confines of the melodic death metal range, it was such a well done release Read more […]