Bloodbath – Celebrating Death

Hard to believe it’s been twenty years already since the old school death metal champions Bloodbath first entered existence. Much hype circled the act from the onset, considering the wealth of Swedish Read more […]

Unearth – Black Hearts Still Reign

Always a dominant force in the metalcore field since dropping The Stings of Conscience at the turn of the century, Unearth continued to stand the test of time in part due to their intense live shows, thunderous Read more […]

Jinjer – Speaking Words of Wisdom

There is still something to be said for hard work and dedication when it comes to breaking a band. Jinjer have been absolutely skyrocketing in terms of generating a fan base since the release of 2016’s Read more […]

Unleashed – To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Easily the most consistent of the Stockholm death metal bands, Unleashed aren’t as workmanlike as they are calculating and dependable. Whereas their contemporaries were sometimes more willing to jump off Read more […]

Ashes of Ares – Delve Into the Well

When certain musicians touch us with their music, we usually follow them for life. Even when they leave mainstay acts, you care enough to want to hear what’s next in their creative output. When singer Read more […]

Vermithrax – Earning Metal Stripes

Many bands you hear today have decades of seasoning behind them – individually at their craft as well as just soaking in the music at hand from a fan perspective. Pittsburgh, PA is home to Vermithrax Read more […]

Stellar Circuits – An Introspective Haunting

With a plethora of bands coming out of the woodworks each day with a rip-off flavor or spending too much time trying to connect to as many of the current trends as they can, it’s always refreshing to Read more […]

Anneke van Giersbergen – Energy through Melody

One name that seems to come up as being perpetually busy in the metal scene is that of Anneke van Giersbergen. Whether it’s through a variety of her own material that goes between solo work or bands Read more […]

Misthaven – Aces in the Hole

It’s tough for some bands to initially get off the ground and running. Take Italy’s Misthaven, who have been plugging away for a few years before finally releasing their debut full-length, Aces. Read more […]

Psycroptic – Kingdom of Devils

A prominent force in the death metal community since their first lauded release, The Isle of Disenchantment, back at the turn of the century, Psycroptic have made it a point not to stand still. Through Read more […]

Them – Back to the Manor

Developing from a tribute to King Diamond into a full-fledge band, Them brings about a mix of power/traditional metal with some thrash inflections. Also unique in the fact that the members hail from the Read more […]

Shining – Becoming an Animal

While some bands choose the route of identifying an exact sound and more or less sticking to it for a lifetime, some bands continue to tweak and occasionally overhaul their sound over time. In the case Read more […]

Artillery – Fear the Rage

Many bands have gained a stronger foothold in the thrash scene due to their consistent catalog. Past and present, Artillery are always in the mix for their melodic and finesse aspects to a powerful juggernaut Read more […]

Dark Tranquillity – Clearing the Skies

Of the Gothenburg melodic death metal godfathers, Dark Tranquillity has arguably been the most consistent of the bunch, even in their most experimental years. Whether it was that sense of melancholy that Read more […]

Amorphis – A Look Back Through TIme

Ever the consistent bunch in more recent years, Amorphis released what might be their strongest effort to date in this last spring’s Queen of Time. A decadent blend of prog, folk, death, and more, there’s Read more […]

October 2018 Rapid Fires

One month ends, another begins. We try our best to keep up with the busy, busy fall release schedule and thus Rapid Fires gives us a chance to cover some releases that may have otherwise fallen through Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – October 2018

Now running into the latter part of the year, it’s time to start hyping up next year’s releases as well as starting to think about what made 2018 another great year. But there’s plenty of videos to still Read more […]

Downpour – Unite the Flame

For a lot of metal dudes in their 30s and beyond, the touring ship has sailed. Real-life tends to bring forth such pleasantries like day-jobs, bills, health issues, relationship squabbles and the realization Read more […]

Striker – Head First to Glory

Vibrant times indeed for the Striker clan. Totally embracing the DIY aspect on all fronts (especially without a record label for the past three albums), these Canadians prove that adapting to a changing Read more […]

Gama Bomb – Speed and Nostalgia

Seems like everyone wants to tear down a band, as everyone has an opinion and desires to express their thoughts. Singer Philly Byrne of Irish thrash act Gama Bomb starts our Skype conversation chuckling Read more […]

Icarus Witch – Welcome Back to Cruelty

Pittsburgh, PA is nicknamed the Iron City – a steeltown with a blue-collar mentality and work ethic. It’s the area that Icarus Witch call home. A traditional metal band that since 2003 has delivered Read more […]

Arsis – Let the Horrors Commence

While each new Arsis release tends to take somewhat of its own direction, there’s always been some commonality to the mix. The melodic death laced with complex riffing, the dark and murky vibes – Read more […]

Suffocation – A Grand Deathchopping Finale

Without question one of the most influential bands of the death metal scene, Suffocation brought with them a sound that has captivated fans for decades. Not to mention inspired legions to attempt something Read more […]

Impellitteri – Return of the Beast

Guitar playing with fast lead breaks has been part of metal for decades. Especially with the excitement Yngwie Malmsteen developed during the 1980’s, many other axemen felt the need to play with speed Read more […]

Cryptopsy – The Suffering Continues

Always a force to be reckoned with within the extreme metal scene, Cryptopsy has often decided to go their own route instead of following the crowd, or sure-fire successes. Their discography, compared Read more […]

Solborn – Soaring Into the Stratosphere

Sometimes it takes sheer force of will to power through things as a new band. Edmonton’s Solborn had a few singles under their belt before the need for some band restructuring took place, having to replace Read more […]

Outer Heaven – Entering Decaying Realms

So many death metal bands and so little time. Such is the way of the world, and it takes some conscious effort for a band to set themselves apart from the crowd. Be it a stage performance, the way that Read more […]

Horrendous – A Big Death Metal Family

Seemingly making more and more waves with each passing release, Horrendous are one of the death metal acts that are on the tip of any enthusiast’s tongue. For good reason too, as their continued foray Read more […]

Mark Hunter – Down Again

Best known in these parts for his role as the vocalist of Cleveland’s Chimaira, Mark Hunter moved on to other pastures when the band broke up in 2014 after several line-up changes and iterations through Read more […]

Amigo the Devil – Bringing Darkness to Folk

Certainly not the most traditional of moves in the inspiration and creation of Amigo the Devil, but one that sits in-line with his uniquely-styled music. Originally involved in the hardcore and metal Read more […]