Fellahin Fall – Urban Gloom

A band that we at DR have been paying a lot of attention to over the last half a year or so has been Brooklyn’s Fellahin Fall. For good reason, with their melancholic take on gothic and industrial flavors Read more […]

Lamb of God – Opening a New Chapter

Lamb of God was one of those rare cases where there wasn’t any changes to the line-up over the years, as they continued to rise up through the ranks due to their unique brand of American metal. But Read more […]

Marrowfields – Low, Slow, and Brooding

Forming in 2015 originally as a project for guitarist Brandon Green and growing into a full-fledged band over the course of years, Marrowfields is a Massachusetts quintet that perform in the atmospheric Read more […]

Naglfar – Unleashing a Vortex

Snarling melodic black metal act Naglfar have long been a part of the Swedish scene, jumping in with a significant splash back in 1995 with Vittra. While the band doesn’t necessarily make a record per Read more […]

Beyond the Black – Reaching New Horizons

Justifiably moving their way up the ranks rather quickly over the course of three previous albums, Beyond the Black have become a more prominent force within the symphonic/modern metal scene. But what Read more […]

Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins – Creating Continuity

Excelling at your instrument and garnering a reputation for your work allows you to make an impact in your niche, especially within the heavy metal genre. Case in point – Mike LePond. Probably best known Read more […]

Currents – Approaching the End

Having done some rising since the release of their debut, The Place I Feel Safest, modern metal/metalcore act Currents now sit upon the release of their second full-length, The Way it Ends, at the end Read more […]

Warning Sign – Redemption of the Crown

Guitarist/vocalist Maxim Beaulieu of Canadian metal band Warning Sign opens our Skype chat with the following line: ‘You’re depriving me of my last hour of work’. Considering most of the world has Read more […]

Cadaver – Returning to Splatter

Originally coming into existence in the late 1980s, Cadaver released some material in the early ‘90s before the band ultimately folded. But it was briefly resurrected around the turn of the century Read more […]

King Witch – Darkness and Light

Considering their relative short time frame as a unit, Scottish band King Witch are making an indelible impression on the heavy metal scene through two full-length albums. Signing to Listenable Records Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – May 2020

Another month winding down, as we start to see some quarantine restrictions lifting up and the temperatures rising. Here comes the summer, and along with it, a slew of more unknown acts trying to make Read more […]

Her Chariot Awaits – Embrace the Age

Over the past decade, guitarist Mike Orlando hasn’t been whittling his time when it comes to music and production. He owns his own studio Sonic Stomp, has been an integral part of Adrenaline Mob, and Read more […]

Winterfylleth – The Essence of Atmosphere

One of the early bands to emerge from the UK with their own take on atmospheric black metal was that of Winterfylleth. An emphasis on nature and national history helped them to make their mark, and it’s Read more […]

Darker Half – Out of the Shadows

In the six years since witnessing Australian power/heavy metal act Darker Half on their first US tour, a lot of things have happened for these fine musicians. They released the Classified EP in 2016 on Read more […]

Haken – A Viral Message

Unbeknownst to Haken, this progressive metal unit recorded their sixth studio album entitled Virus at a time that would affect the world – and themselves – in an unprecedented manner. Having to pull Read more […]

Alestorm – The Art of Fun

If one metal act exists today that can be associated with having a great time, it has to be Alestorm. Their pirate-themed antics have continued to raise the bar for catchy little songs that find a way Read more […]

May 2020 Rapid Fires

As some parts of the world start to ease out of quarantine, there’s still just as much going on in the heavy metal world as ever (except for live shows that is). So we are continuing our due diligence Read more […]

Bleed from Within – Fracture and Rebuild

Scottish modern metal act Bleed from Within have been playing the long game, having been around since 2005 and are now releasing their fifth album, Fracture. But it’s worked for them, with previous Read more […]

Havok – Critical Independence

Denver, Colorado is home to thrash quartet Havok – a potent force that has through their discography proven that the old guard can’t rest on their laurels when it comes to studio records or live work. Read more […]

Michael Abdow – Sending Organic Signals

Guitarist Michael Abdow may be best known to readers here for his live work over the past two tours with veteran progressive metal band Fates Warning. He also has a rich history in the instrumental field Read more […]

Sorcerer – Lamenting Spirits

Purveyors of a mix of epic doom and melodic heavy metal, Sweden’s Sorcerer are enjoying quite a second run in the scene through their recent albums. Gaining critical acclaim and fan buzz through their Read more […]

The Metalhead Box – March 2020

Whew. The Metalhead Box survives the impact of plague on the world! The normal ship out time for a given box is around the 25th of each month and as everyone that hasn’t been living in space is likely Read more […]

Voodoo Gods – Divinity’s Pulse

International death metal act Voodoo Gods might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of the genre, but you are certainly aware of its band members. Vocalist George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Read more […]

Firewind – Resonate with Consistency

When it comes to fiery melodic power metal with proper virtuoso elements, you can always depend on Firewind. Ever since the early 2000’s, guitarist Gus G. has made this a mainstay of the scene – even Read more […]

Sertraline – Music to Lift You Up

In the quest to find newer acts that don’t mind straying from the beaten path, this current road led to the discovery of Sertraline. Taking progressive and technical elements, massive grooves, and catchy Read more […]

Illumishade – Join the Illumi Order

With so many bands constantly vying for the attention of music fans, how do you stand out? In the case of Illumishade, you come up with a grandiose concept that not only pertains to your album, but also Read more […]

Nightwish – Nature’s Landscape

Easily one of the biggest names in metal here in 2020, Nightwish reigns as one of the most recognizable acts within the symphonic metal scene as well. They also don’t rush an album. In fact, it’s Read more […]

Warred – Mask of Chaos

In today’s global marketplace, people often take for granted how the value of music can be perceived in other countries. Thanks to the global success of Sepultura and to a smaller degree Angra and Krisiun, Read more […]

Bonfire – Hand over Fist

German precision has elevated the country’s hard rock and metal output ever since the 1970’s. There’s something to be admired and studied regarding bands like The Scorpions, Accept, Kreator on through Read more […]

Sojourner – On Premonitions

Conjurers of grandiose yet occasionally somber extreme metal, Sojourner has released two triumphant pieces of atmospheric black metal meets melodic death meets doom to date. Their third album, Premonitions, Read more […]