Nightrage – Melodeath Survivors

Bands that play pure, old school melodic death metal aren’t as easy to come by as they were in the past. Many have stopped playing, or incorporated more commercially-driven material to the point that they don’t sound like they used to. But Nightrage has been standing strong for pretty much two decades. With a sound that instantly grabs your ear – bringing in vicious riffs and catchy melodies, they have made their name on playing melodic death metal the way that the fans crave. We chatted with guitarist Marios Iliopoulos just prior to the release of new album Wolf to Man in order to discuss where the band is at, the revolving doors of members, and being considered one of the current flagbearers for the genre. Dead Rhetoric: It feels like whenever Nightrage releases a new album, you can expect that it is going to be done at a high level, and the band hits all of the marks. Marios Iliopoulos: On the new one, the collaboration between Magnus [Söderman] and I – who are the main songwriters in the band – went even better. We are in a better situation as friends and songwriters collaborating together. We had a … Continue reading Nightrage – Melodeath Survivors