Leaves’ Eyes – Storming Through North America

There’s been a lot of excitement in the Leaves’ Eyes camp over the past six months. They finished up a successful North American run with Sonata Arctica last year (their first with new vocalist Elina Siirala), and before completing it, they had already announced they’d return this spring, supporting Sabaton for a second trek across the continent. On top of all of this, they’d began working towards their next album and started the recording process. So there’s much to discuss with the veteran act. Leaves’ Eyes has always had a strong presence in the live setting, which served as a point of discussion with the band’s guitarist Thorsten “Tosso” Bauer, done before the band’s set in Clifton Park, NY. Of course, he was able to chat about the new album and the band’s ambition to top their last one, King of Kings. Additionally, some talk of Atrocity came up as well – with Atrocity also having a new album in the works. Dead Rhetoric: Leaves’ Eyes was just here in the US a few months ago, do you feel you are on the right track in terms of building the band up in North America? Thorsten “Tosso” Bauer: Definitely – … Continue reading Leaves’ Eyes – Storming Through North America