Leaves’ Eyes – Dragonhead in Sight

After acquiring new vocalist Elina Siirala back in 2016, Leaves’ Eyes quickly set sail across the world to showcase their invigorated spirit. With plenty of live energy pooled from their collective experiences, they dove into the studio in 2017 as they had only released one EP with Siirala at the vocal helm (much of the recording process done in between two North American tours). The band’s seventh studio album, Sign of the Dragonhead sees renewed fire from the act, as they continue to expand and diversify their sound. With an exciting new record to discuss, we were able to have a Skype chat with vocalists Alexander Krull and Elina Siirala, as well as guitarist Thorsten ‘Tosso’ Bauer one Saturday afternoon in December. Topics ranging from details of the recordings to lyrical concepts and orchestrations/choirs all can be found, as well as Krull’s involvement with the Jomsborg Viking scene, what the band members like to do for fun, and what we can expect from them in 2018. Dead Rhetoric: First off, congrats on Sign of the Dragonhead. It feels like it may end up being your strongest effort to date. Alexander Krull: Thanks a lot! We agree [laughs]! It’s the biggest … Continue reading Leaves’ Eyes – Dragonhead in Sight