Crimfall – It’s a Long Road

It’s often said that good things happen for those who wait. After Crimfall’s second album, The Writ of Sword, the band found themselves label-less. Instead of rushing out and trying to grab the first available option, they instead decided to wait until they found a proper one. Doing all of the recordings for their third album themselves, they took the extra time to ensure that it would be worth the wait. And low and below, the band found themselves signed to Metal Blade Records. Their third album, Amain, is about to be released at the end of the month. Orchestral, bombastic, and powerful, Amain takes hold with a number of influences, from folk to melodic death to symphonic metal. It’s not an easy classification, particularly when you consider the epic, movie soundtrack-like vibes that also permeate the album. In talking to guitarist/mastermind Jakke Viitala, and vocalists Helena Haaparanta and Mikko Häkkinen, it seems that the band went the extra mile to ensure that Amain would hold up to scrutiny, and one can pick through the details below – everything from discussing individual tracks and the recording process, to live performances and the future. Dead Rhetoric: It’s been six years since … Continue reading Crimfall – It’s a Long Road