Chiasma – Progressive Yet Human Elements

Finding fresh new acts is always something that this scribe takes pleasure in. You never know where you are going to find the next band that will blow you away. One such band is that of Indianapolis prog metal/rockers Chiasma, who rightly got a little boost in the name recognition front when vocalist Katie Thompson was involved with Fallujah’s Dreamless album. But it would be a mistake to think that it’s the only reason the band is getting some attention. Their second album, Human Element, was released last month and showcases a unique voice within the progressive scene. Melodic and gentle atmosphere and electronics swirl around some occasionally heavier riffs, with Thompson’s vocals soaring along…sometimes tastefully enhanced by vocoder effects. So with the album out in the open, we were able to corral Katie Thompson together with guitarists Derek Steele and Ian Inman for a Skype session to further discuss where the band is heading now. Dead Rhetoric: How did Chiasma come together? Katie Thompson: We all kind of knew each other – we went to high school together. Our music scene was pretty small because we grew up in a rural area. So we were pretty familiar with eachother. … Continue reading Chiasma – Progressive Yet Human Elements