Catching Up With Omnium Gatherum

Sunday, 31st March 2013

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Stating the obvious, we heaped quite a bit of praise last year on Omnium Gatherum and their New World Shadows album. World-beating efforts like NWS don’t happen very often, even if the band’s track record leading up to that point was near-flawless. It was (and still is) the culmination of years and years of work refining, honing, and ultimately perfecting their melodic death metal craft. The gradual uptick from their 2003 debut Spirits and August Light through ’07’s Stuck Here On Snake’s Way to New World Shadows is certainly an impressive one, and outside of Kalmah, is unrivaled in Finnish melodic DM annals. Methinks it’s highly unlikely the band has peaked either…

Originally interviewed as part of our Best-of 2011 festivities (where upon this editor was certain OG was to take the top spot until Anthrax joined in on the fun), lead guitarist/founding member Markus Vanhala started off by expressing his happiness with how the year turned out: “We were really, really satisfied for the album that we did it really the way we wanted it, as that’s a piece of really honest music. I’m so happy that the media and fans really took the album for their own and praised it widely. Of course for me, making music isn’t about getting good reviews and good sales, but when you’re honestly happy with your release, then all is a good bonus on top…which is good reward for the work you’ve done in this case!”

Opinions of one’s work tends to change over time, with some artists going to minimize the importance/value of their recent outing. On the flipside, there’s a preponderance of those who pay the company line by uttering how their newest release is the best thing since sliced bread. Now that roughly a year has passed since New World Shadows hit stores, Vanhala’s enthusiasm was hard to mask. “It’s been already a year since the album was mixed and finished and I’m still in love with it, so this is something new and we’re on the right track I think! The first album is of course, magical because it’s th