Judicator – …And There Was Nothing

Establishing themselves through a series of self-released efforts and a fervent following willing to aid the cause through crowdfunding, Judicator are proof that hard work can still gain respect and rewards Read more […]

The Metalhead Box – June 2020

Here in the DC area, it has turned unsurprisingly very toasty. I’m somewhat unusual in that I welcome both the heat and the humidity – living in Rhode Island for awhile set me for life on that. Bring Read more […]

Maelstrom – Destiny Unleashed

Originally developing from Long Island as an underground sensation in the late 80’s, Maelstrom released two demos that gained major critical acclaim including high praise from vital UK metal magazine Read more […]

Winter Nights – Darkness Closing In

A continued presence within the NYC metal scene for well over a decade at this point, Winter Nights recently released their third full-length album. The eponymous release ushers in a dark take on melodic Read more […]

Jet Jaguar – Riding Those Endless Nights

Hailing from Mexico, Jet Jaguar have accomplished a fair amount of buzz relating to their traditional/classic metal platform since their start in 2014. They’ve recorded a demo and EP – toured across Read more […]

Buried Realm – Revel in the Divine

Buried Realm, the one-man band of Josh Dummer, is back for a second serving of melodic death metal with the recently released Embodiment of the Divine. With a slew of high-profile guests, and equally Read more […]

Let Us Prey – Attention Deficit Disorder Metal

Fueling the desire to throw a host of influences from thrash and melodic death to extreme, industrial, and even traditional lines, Let Us Prey comes bursting through the scene at a time when US metal needs Read more […]

My Missing Half – Revel in Decay

It’s been an uphill battle establishing themselves as a potent melodic death metal force beyond the confines of the New England scene – but My Missing Half are a band with multiple DIY tours under Read more […]

Onslaught – Feel the Force

One of the early purveyors in the UK thrash scene, Onslaught have received solid support for their steady discography and current offerings that keep the aggression, energy, and spirit of their roots at Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – July 2020

Already that time again – we now sit in the warmer part of the year (for us Northern Hemisphere folk at least), and even as the world continues to slowly reopen and ‘normalize,’ Bandcamp is as busy as Read more […]

Aeternam – Traversing Celestial Plains

Concocting a style that incorporates symphonic, folk, and melodic death metal elements as well as ethnic Middle Eastern/Oriental textures, Aeternam have been establishing their style since 2007. Releasing Read more […]

Night in Gales – Staring into the Abyss

Momentum and timing are two of the best friends a band can. (Talent is a factor as well.) Germany’s Night in Gales learned this twice in their now-25-year career. Widely regarded as the best Teutonic Read more […]

Thundermother – Burnin’ Up

Need a fun dose of classic rock that is bursting with energy? Thundermother have been pushing their upbeat and rollicking version of classic rock for four albums now, including the soon-to-be released Read more […]

Black Crown Initiate – New Beginnings

If you go back a few years, Black Crown Initiate was a band that was on the tip of my metal fans’ tongues. Rapidly building buzz from their standout Song of the Crippled Bull EP that increased over Read more […]

July 2020 Rapid Fires

This depends on your locale, but it is unfathomably hot at the moment. Like, cook-your-breakfast-on-the-sidewalk hot. Those with the benefit of air conditioning and plenty of fans are no doubt seeking Read more […]

Dark Sarah – Grim Rebirth

With three albums under their belt, it was time for some changes in the Dark Sarah camp. With their first trilogy complete, vocalist Heidi Parviainen and company decided to bring in some changes to their Read more […]

Poltergeist – Living the Truth

One of the early roster bands during the late 80’s and early 90’s for Century Media, Poltergeist kept thrash alive from Switzerland when Coroner was gaining critical acclaim as well. Breaking up after Read more […]

High Spirits – Ever Present

Eleven years into High Spirits, the good times still roll in the hands of Chris Black. He’s been able to deliver endearing anthems chock full of memorable melodies and catchy choruses that go down a Read more […]

Primal Fear – Commando in Charge

After twenty-three years together as a band, Primal Fear really don’t have much more to prove for their status in the traditional/power metal realms. They’ve performed all across the globe, releasing Read more […]

Denied – Chaos Through Disruption

When it comes to heavy metal, a sense of realism creeps in when you find musicians who aren’t necessarily making a living at their craft. They choose to play and perform in the genre for self-expression, Read more […]

Imperial Triumphant – NYC Grime

With a few releases under their belts at this point, New York City’s Imperial Triumphant have made the case for them being forward-thinkers and unafraid to challenge the listeners conceptions about heavy Read more […]

Nomvdic – Euphoric Emotions

Tough times all around for musicians here in 2020. When we first spoke to Nomvdic about their upcoming, first full-length album Euphoria, it was back in mid-March. Since then, the band’s album was Read more […]

Destruction – Agony and Ecstasy

When life throws lemons, many individuals make lemonade. Case in point – the COVID-19 pandemic that took over the world by the spring of 2020 – essentially shutting down the live music business for Read more […]

The Metalhead Box – May 2020

We arrive anew in a new month and a new set of opportunities to be devastated by the work of the good folks over at The Metalhead Box. Much closer to the pre-COVID timelines (and not obstructed by my own Read more […]

Dead Rhetoric Halfway Through 2020 Best-of

Hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2020! As always, we at DR have gathered our thoughts about the state of metal and mustered up a list of our very favorite releases for the year to date Read more […]

Afterimage – Executing Temperance

Forming at college and gelling together through a mixture of college house parties and outside New England gigs, Afterimage developed an engaging progressive rock/metal sound that incorporates a mixture Read more […]

Paradise Lost – Solidity and Grace

Over the course of sixteen studio albums and thirty plus years as a band, Paradise Lost have gained appeal and support from the death/doom and gothic communities in metal due to their originality and steady Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – June 2020

The Bandcamp world continues to turn rapidly, and it’s a particularly important time as delays with physical media have become more evident. A quick stream/download from Bandcamp is all that it takes Read more […]

Voices of Ruin – Seeking Immortality

Blending melodic death metal with Scandinavian touches together against some traditional heavy metal and thrash nuances, Southern California’s Voices of Ruin have made quite an impression prior to signing Read more […]

Withering Surface – The Wolves Have Been Fed

Flying just ever-so-slightly out of radar’s view during the late ’90s/early ’00s melodic death metal boom, Denmark’s Withering Surface pulled together a string of albums that warranted further Read more […]

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