Amaranthe – Endlessly Succeeding

Ever moving forward and perpetually touring, Amaranthe has tried to overtake the metal world since the release of their first, self-titled album in 2011. While Europe seemed to immediately embrace the Read more […]

Substratum – Wielding Mighty Swords

In the old business model of underground music, you had to scour local record stores, attend shows, or get into the tape trading network to find out about unsigned bands if you didn’t have access to Read more […]

Warbringer – Vanquish Once Again

To sustain anything over a decade in metal as far as a band deserves kudos – especially when playing more of an underground form of music that speaks to the people, void of any hope for major media push Read more […]

Fit For an Autopsy – “Angry People Need Angry Music”

Though the band is certainly much more than this, as they’ve proved with each successive album, angry people do need angry music. And they can get their fill from the guys of Fit for an Autopsy, who Read more […]

Without Waves – Limitless Creativity

Chicago, IL is a Mid-Western city known for coldness in the winter, bustling activity in the summer, and what some may consider the best deep dish pizza in the United States. It also happens to be home Read more […]

Katatonia – The Heart Beneath

After a three-year absence, Katatonia is returning to North American shores this March in support of their new The Fall of Hearts album. For a band who has been quite active on the live front since 2006’s Read more […]

Au Champ des Morts – No Comprise, Just Art

Probably, no, definitely, the most exciting French black metal band in recent memory, Au Champ des Morts have crafted what might be the year’s most majestic album in Dans la joie. The band’s penchant Read more […]

February 2017 Rapid Fires

The second month of 2017 provided in terms of new releases to fawn over. As per our habit, here is the next installment of Rapid Fires, our short review column. Bands up for review this month include Black Read more […]

Crystal Viper – The Witch is Back

When looking at the Polish metal scene, most ardent followers probably know of the extreme sub-genre of death/black bands led by the work of Vader and Behemoth who have elevated themselves to headliner Read more […]

The Charm The Fury – Ingredients for Timelessness

It’s hard to keep track of all the different bands coming out of the woodwork in the metal scene today. So many bands with the cookie-cutter approach in full effect, offering only the smallest adjustments Read more […]

Obituary – Three Decades Strong

One of the most revered veteran death metal acts still coming up with fresh material, Obituary is one of the few bands that shouldn’t require an introduction. The band’s celebrated history, and that Read more […]

Arduini/Balich – Men on a Doom Mountain

The “Arduini/Balich” name may not strike fear and/or interest into the average metal goer, but the sounds emanating from the band’s Dawn of Ages (Cruz Del Sur Music) debut should do the trick. The Read more […]

Ex Deo – The Importance of History

Heavy metal has long been associated with Vikings and their lore. Some of it due to European heritage, and some being that many find them to be an interesting culture. Not nearly as much love has been Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – February 2017

The Bandcamp machine continues to roll ahead at full steam. With more and more label-based material entering the waters, it’s even tougher to find the smaller releases, though we at DR are always happy Read more […]

Glare of the Sun – Soil’s Song

“There will be doom” is Glare of the Sun’s calling card, a line that could be used for countless purveyors of ungodly heavy music. The Austrian/German outfit have been a functioning entity since Read more […]

The Evil Dead – Scorching Earth

Heavy metal has blossomed into a worldwide movement. The internet bringing the community and music closer to those who wish to learn, to share, and to discover everything out there from the old to the Read more […]

Seven Kingdoms – Bringing Back Power

How many times in the metal landscape have we witnessed artists that originally develop an explosive style right out of the gate – only to morph into something more watered down, commercial, or off tangent Read more […]

Kurnugia – What’s Old Is New

In Babylonian mythology, Kurnugia is the underworld. When it comes to underground credibility, this Ohio death metal quintet embodies the principles of old school based on their steady development decades Read more […]

Six Feet Under – There Are No Shortcuts

Having a significant presence since their formation in the early ‘90s, largely in part due to then Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes, Six Feet Under is one of those acts that most metal fans are Read more […]

The Final Sleep – Thoughtful Death Metal

With all of the bands available at the choosing of the listener, it’s always a pleasure to find an act that simply walk along the same path as everyone else. Far too often, imitation carries the bulk Read more […]

Thunder and Lightning – Ages Keep Turning

There are some bands that just keep plugging away in the underground. Germany’s Thunder and Lightning have been doing their thing for over ten years at this point, with a resume that includes 4 full-length Read more […]

Habitual Sins – Serial Offenders

Steady inroads continue to develop in the traditional forms of heavy metal going five decades strong. Excitement abounds through the old guard when it comes to new studio albums and tour announcements Read more […]

January 2017 Rapid Fires

With little, if any albums to clean out from 2016, onward we jump into 2017 with the first round of our monthly short reviews, otherwise known as Rapid Fires. Up this month: A Sun Traverse, Aether, Borealis, Read more […]

Firewind – Practice, Discipline, and Patience

If you’ve followed the hard rock and metal realm since the early 2000’s, there’s a solid chance you are familiar with virtuoso guitarist Gus G. His extensive discography includes work with Mystic Read more […]

Scenario II – Approaching Dawn

Clichéd as it may be to say, perhaps we are currently witnessing a new age of melodic death metal. Not of the super modern variety, as that’s been churning out the pipelines for years. But the olden Read more […]

Enemy of Reality – The Myth Comes Alive

Melding together the rich literature of mythology and the wondrous expansiveness available through symphonic metal, Enemy of Reality represent one of the shining newcomer beacons from Greece. Beyond the Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – January 2017

The start of a new year once more. A number of bands fast out of the gate already, with either preview tracks from material to come or short EPs to get a jump on the scene. Always plenty to explore for Read more […]

Xandria – Entering New Dimensions

Seven albums in to this point, symphonic powerhouse Xandria shows no signs of slowing down. Acquiring current vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen around the time of their last full-length, Sacrificium, the Read more […]

Xoth – Escape from the Void

In most cases, the bass is fourth fiddle in the instrumentation scheme. That’s just how it is in metal. The best example would be Jason Newsted’s virtually inaudible tones on …And Justice for All, Read more […]

Battle Beast – No Pain, No Gain

The tide had been rising for Battle Beast for a number of years all the way up to their third release, 2015’s Unholy Savior. Shortly after the album had been released (to even greater successes than Read more […]

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