Beneath the Massacre – A Long Awaited Return

It’s been eight years since Beneath the Massacre released Incongruous. There was never any notice from the band that they were going on a hiatus or quit – there was just an absence of new music. Read more […]

Svart Crown – Thermageddon Rising

From their more evil and blackened beginnings through their evolution to the point of today’s blackened/deathly mix, Svart Crown have been a French act to watch. Always engaged in some form of brutality, Read more […]

Fen – The Light That Shines

Fen’s latest studio album, The Dead Light, was released at the tail-end of 2019, which, as we all know, is a time when year-end lists have already been compiled and sorted. Such matters were of little Read more […]

Black Swan – Ready to Shake the World

The coming together of four guys that have had their foot in the hard rock window for decades, vocalist Robin McAuley, Reb Beach, Jeff Pilson, and Matt Starr have crafted Black Swan into something that Read more […]

Hyperia – Striving for Growth

Success comes to those willing to put the nose to the grindstone and do all the little things that make the difference. Even in their relatively short timeframe as a band since the fall of 2018, Canadian Read more […]

Neaera – The Tempest Has Returned

While they never seemed to have the reach of fellow countrymen Heaven Shall Burn or Caliban, Neaera have been a consistent force in the German modern metal scene since the early part of the century. Combining Read more […]

Seven Spires – Traverse the Seas

If you’ve followed Dead Rhetoric at all, you know multiple scribes have been avid followers and consumers of Seven Spires. From their entertaining live shows through their EP’s and full-length efforts, Read more […]

On Thorns I Lay – Ageless Sorrow

It’s almost a prerequisite for a melodic death-doom band to make a severe right turn at some point during their career. Take a look at Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia and even Moonspell Read more […]

Psychotic Waltz – Enter the Void

Intertwining a wide array of progressive metal, progressive rock and outside the box influences, San Diego act Psychotic Waltz didn’t easily fit into any “flavors” of the month during the 1990s. But Read more […]

January 2020 Rapid Fires

The first Rapid Fires of the year means we’re out from under the fervor of year-end list time and last-minute releases. There are complaints with a crowded metal release calender – it just gives us more Read more […]

Godthrymm – Exalted Beings

Pedigree, while always a nice thing to have, doesn’t guarantee a new band’s validity. The supergroup age of recent memory has taught us many valuable lessons, the most obvious being that background, Read more […]

Diabulus in Musica – A Musical Family

Spanish metallers Diabulus in Musica made their first international marks with Secrets a decade ago. Since then, they’ve steadily built up a name for themselves within the symphonic/power metal scene. Read more […]

Annihilator – Going Ballistic

Steadily continuing their mission to deliver semi-technical thrash with power, groove, and potency, Annihilator remain steadfast in approach and attack this deep into their career. Ballistic, Sadistic Read more […]

Haunt – Hoist the Metal Banner

There’s something to be said for prolific songwriting and consistent productivity in heavy metal. These days when bands are spreading out their releases often three to four years as their touring cycles Read more […]

Power Theory – Fire with Force

Establishing their presence with traditional power metal, New Jersey’s Power Theory have assembled a decent buzz while building their following since their inception in 2007. They’ve gone through natural Read more […]

God Dethroned – Blazing their Own Path

With ten albums and almost 30 years of experiences as a band, God Dethroned may not have the fan size of say, Cannibal Corpse, but they’ve always marched forward with their own brand of crushing death Read more […]

Mark Morton – Into the Ether

Certainly known among the metal circles for his work in Lamb of God, Mark Morton started up his own solo act to go alongside it with last year’s Anesthetic release. It was full of big names within metal Read more […]

Delain – Chillin’ At the End of the World

Seemingly growing with each release, the last decade saw Delain rise to become one of the dominant forces within the symphonic metal scene. They’ve been able to take a sound and directed it into something Read more […]

Sepultura – Fear, Pain, and Chaos

Given their thirty-five year plus career, Sepultura no longer worries about establishing themselves in a post-Max Cavalera world. They’ve released fifteen studio albums to date, toured globally and performed Read more […]

Matthew Bowling Top 30 of the 2010s

Ten years and an uncountable number of changes big and small for yours truly. Likewise metal saw numerous creative changes in both the practical (learning to coexist and thrive through the internet) and Read more […]

Rhodium – Delirious with Honor

Greek power progressive metal act Rhodium have been rather productive in their relatively short career. Forming in 2017, their debut full-length Screams into the Void came out a year later – gaining Read more […]

Amberian Dawn – Introducing ABBA-metal

Amberian Dawn has been a productive machine for the symphonic metal genre over the last decade. But what happens when that ambition starts to fade? Some bands try to force their way through, but in the Read more […]

The Metalhead Box: An Introduction

Sometime in early 2018 while I was still in Rhode Island and Rhode Island struggled to emerge from unceasing winter, I became introduced for the first time to The Metalhead Box. Several years before while Read more […]

Matt Coe Top 30 of the 2010s

When looking back at the 2010s personally, a ton of activity happened as I spent most of my ’40s in this decade. Gaining the opportunity to write for Dead Rhetoric from the start, I’ve been fortunate Read more […]

December 2019 Rapid Fires

The year that was 2019 is now in the books, left in its wake countless best-of lists that pointed curious listeners in the right direction. To our eyes and ears, it is simply astounding the volume of releases Read more […]

Temperance – Fascination and Respect

Most musicians strive to attain a level of competence where they are creatively admired and respected. Each song and each album adding to their legacy, growing and sharing their musical ideas to the world. Read more […]

Victorius – Interplanetary Space Ninjas

There’s a lot of power metal that deals in dragons, wizards, and other fantastical elements, but when was the last time you heard about a power metal band singing about space ninjas from the dark side Read more […]

Kyle McGinn Top 30 of the 2010s

In a decade that was defined by music being utilized by streaming services and easy access, it goes without say that there was an abundance of choice for those who wanted to do some digging. An explosion Read more […]

Crusadist – Hammer and Triumph

Certain cities in the United States naturally thrive as metal hotbeds – New York City and Los Angeles probably being in the top tier, but many would also put the Mid-West city of Chicago also in the Read more […]

Konvent – The Crushing Weight of Doom

Konvent may be a recent start-up (their only previous work is that of a 2017 demo), but based on the magnitude of their upcoming full-length debut, Puritan Masochism, it isn’t going to take long for Read more […]

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