Fractal Gates – Behind Space

Melodic death has gone to many places since it came out (stand-a) blazing from Gothenburg in the mid-’90s. It has touched upon virtually all of metal’s sub-genres, exploring terrain both commercial Read more […]

Helion Prime – Cybernetic Power

No one thing determines a successful trajectory for an artist in today’s music scene. Circumstances, hard work, and preparation come into play to make something appeal to the public and build that buzz Read more […]

Ex Libris – Capturing the Essence of Music

The latest from Ex Libris has been a long time coming. Vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen had been involved with Xandria of course, which certainly kept her on the road for a while. But earlier this year, Read more […]

Lord of the Lost – Thornstar Rising

Never an act to stand idly by since their inception in 2007, Lord of the Lost have been making headway through Europe with their brand of metal/gothic/industrial music for over a decade now. Evolution Read more […]

Shylmagoghnar – Navigating the Cosmic Tide

Tongue-lashing name aside, Dutch black metal duo Shylmagoghnar is perhaps one of the strongest bits of evidence yet that you don’t need to be a year-round, album-every-other entity to be signed to a Read more […]

Etherius – Unifying Hooks and Instrumental Metal

Having worked alongside guitar hero Angel Vivaldi for nearly a decade, guitarist Jay Tarantino has certainly been exposed to all aspects of the instrumental metal (and larger metal) industry. Taking this Read more […]

Jungle Rot – On the Hunt

Slugging away in the underground since the 1990’s, Wisconsin’s Jungle Rot have been a staple for their old school blend of death and thrash metal with hardcore and groove twists. Primal hooks, discernable Read more […]

Trivium – Paying it Forward

Hot off the heels of The Sin and The Sentence, arguably the band’s strongest release in quite some time, Trivium have been out on the road consistently since last October. Tours with Arch Enemy, Bullet Read more […]

Primal Fear – Soaring into an Apocalypse

‘I need to shut down Sting…he is singing for me!’ This opens the conversation before our Skype interview with bassist Mat Sinner of Primal Fear. It proves the man’s wide-open tastes in music – Read more […]

Halcyon Way – Still Unbowed

Proof that sometimes it’s a bit tougher than some folks realize to make it ‘big’ in the metal realm, Halcyon Way has been continuing ever-forward for well over a decade with their particular brand Read more […]

The Spirit – Summoning Eternity

We’re just about at the point where The Spirit will be transitioning from unknown-status to full-fledged hot commodity. The German quartet has embarked on what could best be described as a whirlwind Read more […]

July 2018 Rapid Fires

Things are really heating up so to speak (in more ways than one in parts of the world, currently). Summer is at it’s peak, and festival season is well underway. Not much else to ask for except for a Read more […]

Doro – Metal Forever

While Doro has been on the road quite frequently in the past few years, it’s been six years since her last studio album, Raise Your Fist (though there was a DVD within that window as well). Given her Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – July 2018

Another month in the books, just as quick as the last. Though with summer being half-way over, we can all start anticipating the fall deluge. And there’s no better way to start things up than to check Read more […]

Entheos – Ushering in a New Era

It takes effort and drive in today’s metal market to bring something that goes outside the box. To bring in fresh ideas to an extreme sound without alienating your core fanbase is something even tougher. Read more […]

Bonjour Tristesse – Sadness Will Prevail

Quite the profound title: Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare, eh? It doesn’t mince words when pointing the finger at those responsible for the rapid destruction of our ecosystem and various animal species, Read more […]

Exlibris – Painting Dynamic Scenes

Together since 2003, Exlibris hail from Poland – and push a sound that combines traditional heavy metal, power, and progressive shades with orchestration/symphonic elements. The diversity aids their Read more […]

Obscura – Completing the Story

Almost a decade ago, Obscura released Cosmogenesis to the masses. Helping to rush in the tech death onslaught (along with earlier bands like Necrophagist of course), what made Obscura stand out was their Read more […]

Fragments of Unbecoming – Gateways to Perdition

The year is 2004. Melodic death metal was in all of its shining, if not near-saccharine glory, bands seemingly coming out of every nook and cranny of the globe to bastardize At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity Read more […]

The Agony Scene – Damned and Tormented

Coming up amid the metalcore movement of the early 2000s, The Agony Scene was not a band to stand around and offer the same album each time around. The three they released all offered some different takes Read more […]

Rithiya Henry Khiev – The Realm of Execution

Shifting priorities from a more band-oriented situation with Alterius into a solo driven venture that inherently focuses on his instrumental skills, guitarist Rithiya Henry Khiev has a lot to say in the Read more […]

Lucifer – Reimagining Doom

Coming in hot from The Oath, Johanna Sadonis took to Lucifer as the next logical jumping point and teamed up with Gaz Jennings (ex-Cathedral) to pen the band’s first offering. After the release of I, Read more […]

Between the Buried and Me – Fully Conceptualized

When it comes to the progressive metal scene, one of the first bands that people tend to think about has to include Between the Buried and Me. Though it wasn’t always that way, with the band rising Read more […]

Vanhelga – Deeper into the Void

“Psykotisk självinsikt,” the second cut on Vanhelga’s new Fredagsmys full-length, moans and drones alone, suffocating the atmosphere with a rather pervasive feeling of pure black metal melancholy. Read more […]

Violent Life Violent Death – Seething Aggression

One has to admire the directness of a band name like Violent Life Violent Death. It’s direct, it’s pointed, and it tells you exactly what to expect. There’s a reason why the subject of aggression Read more […]

Pink to the Black: A Deafheaven Retrospective

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is much less of a review of Ordinary Corrupt Human Love and instead an autobiographical retrospective for myself and a kind of shared path of development with Deafheaven Read more […]

Otep – Courage and Hope

Otep has never been one to shy away from controversy. If you look at any of the band’s releases, you’ll find a common factor that vocalist Otep Shamaya is going to call it the way that it is. No Read more […]

Diamante – Black Hearts and Blue Diamonds

An artist that seems destined to be crossing over into the larger realms outside rock/metal in the very near future, Diamante has an intriguing blend of sounds on her debut album, Coming in Hot. There’s Read more […]

Powerwolf – Iron-Willed Sacrament

Across mainland Europe, it’s safe to say that two bands that have transformed the power metal market in one shape or another have been Sweden’s Sabaton, and the following German act Powerwolf. Between Read more […]

Atrocity – Diving Back into the Okkult

Forever pulling double-duty with Leaves’ Eyes, Atrocity frontman Alexander Krull is a busy man (as is the rest of the band). With the buzz that Leaves’ Eyes has generated over the years, sometimes Read more […]

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