Michael Schenker – Journey to Resurrection

Premiere guitarists in the hard rock/metal realm don’t just fall out of the sky. Legendary through his unique single-string attack and tasteful riffing / lead play, Michael Schenker established his abilities Read more […]

Kantica – Symphonies Reborn

It’s not always easy to start up a band. That doubles for heavy metal, where it becomes quite clear that one isn’t going to make a glorious living off of it. A large number of change-ups can make Read more […]

Eyes of the Sun – The First Chapter Unfolds

Destruction and doom. Two things that always seem to go hand in hand with heavy metal. The sound of dark heavy riffs just pair well with topics of chaos. The latest proof of this lies in Eyes of the Read more […]

Will Haven – The Science of Noise

One of metal’s more perpetually underrated bands, Will Haven has had to prove their worth repeatedly over the years. Sure, they had some help in the beginning due to some friendship with the Deftones, Read more […]

Light the Torch – Emerging from Shadow

If you were to go back a few years, Light the Torch seemed to be taking the metal world by storm. Of course, back then they were called Devil You Know, and the Howard Jones-led act (which also featured Read more […]

Denied – The Power of Freedom

It’s difficult to distinguish oneself in the metal landscape these days – even with all these categories and sub-sets within those categories. Hailing from Sweden, Denied first formed in 2004 and gradually Read more […]

Phantom Elite – Enter the Wasteland

In a world that has become quite concerned with instant gratification and the need for things on-demand in real time, Phantom Elite has taken a contrasting and honorable approach. They’ve methodically Read more […]

Walk in Darkness – A Faceless New World

Being able to put out two full-length albums in a span of exactly one year is an accomplishment. Being able to put out two albums that maintain a consistent high quality is even more rare. But such is Read more […]

NMK – Nothing Less than Ravenous

In today’s global metal marketplace, there’s always a level of intrigue to see where the next big band could come from. On the melodic death metal front, we have a promising new act from Peru with Read more […]

February 2018 Rapid Fires

Per our habit, the content continues to flow here at Dead Rhetoric, including our always-eventual short review column, Rapid Fires. As has become the theme, variety abounds, with virtually all forms of Read more […]

The Crown – A Cobra Strike

Veterans of the melodic death/thrash extreme metal scene, The Crown started in the early 90’s as Crown of Thorns for two albums on the smaller Swedish label Black Sun, before gaining a deal with Metal Read more […]

Rivers of Nihil – Forward unto the Fall

A band that seems to be able to quite comfortable in adapting and evolving their sound, it’s been quite interesting to see Pennsylvania’s Rivers of Nihil progress since their first full-length release Read more […]

Visual Rhetoric – February 2018

As March begins, the thoughts of spring once again move our way. Time to get out from the couch or computer chair and get outside and catch the slew of spring tours set to begin shortly. But as we enjoy Read more […]

Chris Santos on Blacklight Media Records’ NYC Showcase and Passion for Heavy Metal

Though many more may know Chris Santos through one of a number of different cooking and food avenues, such as his New York City restaurants or judging appearances on the Food Network’s Chopped, he has Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – February 2018

It’s never quiet on the Bandcamp front, so we are going to skip out on the small talk this month and just dive right into the ever-growing number of fantastic bands who’ve released some quality releases Read more […]

Deathwhite – Dreaming in Black

With only two EPs under their anonymous names, the gloomy Deathwhite was picked up by Season of Mist last year, just before their first official full-length was set to hit the streets. An impressive feat Read more […]

Night in Gales – The Sun Still Shines

Forever the German answer to the mid-’90s flood of melodic death bands coming from Gothenburg, Sweden, Night in Gales put together an unheralded, if not wholly impressive discography throughout said Read more […]

Xenosis – Obsessive Innovation

Back story: the first band this scribe witnessed when moving to CT in the fall of 2015 from MA happens to be the focus of this interview – Xenosis. Performing an opening slot set in a small all-ages Read more […]

Starsoup – Lines in the Sand

As echoed throughout this interview, we don’t get a great deal of Russian metal. Sure, Arkona is currently making the rounds, but beyond them, it’s a mixed bag. One act who figures to make headway Read more […]

Knife the Glitter – Closing the Chapter

People always talk about music as having a timeless quality to it. The instrumental act of Knife the Glitter is one that can be used as evidence for said point. An album that was written over 8 years Read more […]

Purest of Pain – Approaching Solipsis

Despite an existence that is a about a decade old, Dutch act Purest of Pain are now on the way towards releasing their first full length. There’s plenty of reasons for this of course, as main songwriter Read more […]

Visions of Atlantis – Setting Sail on a New Voyage

Following Vision of Atlantis’ 2013 release Ethera, there were a number of changes that altered the persona of the band. In the end, only drummer and founder Thomas Caser remained, and Visions was given Read more […]

Saxon – Launching Thunderbolts

Active since 1978 as Saxon, this UK band show no signs of stopping on their metal crusade. Thunderbolt is the group’s 22nd studio record – and in the annals of the genre, there aren’t very many bands Read more […]

Kaoteon – Transcending Hate

Yet more enduring proof that metal is a universal language, Lebanon’s Kaoteon (who have since moved out of the country to Amsterdam) deliver fiendishly heavy blackened death metal that’s right on par Read more […]

Into the Great Divide – A (Guitar) Hero’s Journey

One of the most frequent complaints leveled against instrumental music is how it ends up being directionless and self-indulgent. Nothing more than a musical showboating display. While some live for that Read more […]

Hyvmine – Shaking Things Up

No doubt some are already familiar with the rising guitar shredder Al Joseph, who has been releasing instrumental records for a few years on his own and building up his name within the community. With Read more […]

Vexes – New Beginnings

Comprised of members from a few east coast bands (most notably the metalcore/groove act A Life Once Lost), Vexes represents a fresh start. Originally put together by vocalist Charlie Berezansky and guitarist Read more […]

Audrey Horne – Rock and Roll Forever

Despite the fact that the term ‘classic’ tends to sit in front of ‘rock,’ there’s still bands out there making a go for it. While many may look to the heyday of the ‘70s and ‘80s for that Read more […]

We Sell the Dead – Over and Around

Whatever you think of the supergroup concept, it no longer is unique nor all that enticing, frankly. Advances in technology have made such unions possible to the point where some bands don’t even meet Read more […]

Cruentator – Lightning Fast Through the Minefield

Remember when thrash in its infancy wasn’t about smoothness or catchiness – but purely unadulterated energy and intensity, taking outside influence from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, punk, and Read more […]

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